Extreme Left in Germany ‘Confused That They Are Not Attacked by Nazis, But by Immigrants’

Nicolai Sennels, Gates of Vienna, February 17, 2012

If an anti-fascist multiculturalist is threatened, blackmailed, and attacked by Muslims, will he become schizophrenic? Reality knocking at the Left’s door — with baseball bats.

Wedding, Berlin, is a Muslim neighbourhood, and the Street Fighters is a immigrant gang consisting of predominantly Turkish members.

Translated from The South German, February 11th, 2012 “Social tensions in Berlin Wedding. Attack from the wrong direction.”:

In the Berlin district of Wedding a Leftist housing project has been attacked by immigrants of Turkish origin. The anti-fascists do not quite know how to respond: ‘They are neither Nazis nor cops, so the usual activist methods are not applicable.’ The worldview of the Left staggers…

The young artist has just moved to Wedding, as the rent in Berlin Central (Mitte) had become unaffordable. Now she is nostalgic for the perfect world at Hackescher Markt. She gets on her bike, visits an exhibition opening in Mitte. She says: ‘This place is ruled by the Turkish and the Arab mafia.’…

What is new is that that Berlin anti-fascists fear the street gangs, for example the residents of the Leftist residential project in Schererstraße 8. Located directly across from the Street Fighters headquarters.

Last weekend they were attacked, as about thirty members of the Street Fighters entered the building. The police reported that the Street Fighters smashed windows with baseball bats and destroyed furniture in the anti-fascists’ pub and information shop. A day later, two musicians who were to give a concert in the Leftist housing project, were attacked and injured…

A police officer, whose name can not be mentioned here because he is not authorized to speak to the press, comments on the attack on the Leftist housing project: ‘If it had been the Nazis, they would have told the public.’…

The lack of reaction from the anti-fascists to the violent and predominantly Turkish criminals has an apparently absurd reason. On the Internet this request from the anti-fascists circulates: ‘They are neither Nazis nor cops, so the usual activist methods are not applicable. When we know what to do, we will ask you for assistance.’

A social worker knows some people in the housing project. He says: ‘They are confused that they are not being attacked by Nazis, but by immigrants. It does not fit into their world view.’ It is said that the Street Fighters had extorted protection money from the anti-fascists, but this has not been confirmed by the police.

Links to more German articles on the subject:

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  • Anan7

    “They are confused that they are not being attacked by Nazis, but by immigrants. It does not fit into their world view”

    Looks like something happened which is not supposed to happen.  This is outside of the allowed thinking that the Multicultural Thought Police have imposed on the rest of us.

    Some Turks are good people.  I have a Turkish friend who taught me most of what I know about Linux.  But that doesn’t mean his people should be allowed into every country that they wish.

    The Germans made a huge mistake by letting these people in in the 1970s.  Their children and grandchildren are reaping the rewards of their naivete.

    Another thought to the moderator: “Minority-on-White” crime may soon become an oxymoron in the next few years.  Especially as Whites go on not having children.  In the next few years it should change to “Majority-on-White” crime or something along those lines.

    But seriously, why keep whining about this?  What are we going to do to CHANGE IT!?!?!

  • They made this madness, this Muslim-loving bed. Now they can sleep in it, perhaps permanently.

  • The extreme left is confused why that their precious non-white immigrants and not Germany’s (two) NNs are attacking them?

    Well, that’s redundant, because the extreme left is confused about everything.  Put the 12-by-12 multiplication tables in front of their snoots, and they would be confused.

    • Oil Can Harry

      The left is very confused after being attacked by Turks because after all, who ever heard of Muslims committing violent acts? 

  • Boereseun

    Not often I get a chuckle out of an article on Amren but I couldn’t help myself with this one. The left truly sometimes get what’s coming to them. However, tomorrow they will wake up and come to the conclusion that the only solution to this dilemma is more multiculturalism. Pitiful really. 

    • JackKrak

      Yep – the only conclusion their minds will allow them to come to is that the incident is proof that they’re just not trying hard enough…

  • Dirk_Pitt

    Cheered me up no end. Thanks.

  • jackellis

    Go Turkish street gangs! 

  • Johnny English

    The reaction of these leftist halfwits can be summed up in two words: cognitive dissonance.

  • John McNeill

    I expect that we will see more Left vs. immigrant battles in the future. The Left may see immigrants as useful cannon fodder, but the immigrants aren’t stupid. They know they are being used, and will turn on them when they have the numerical strength. Norway is a case in point, since many immigrant communities are voting out indigenous leftists and replacing them with their own. And the local leftists are not happy about it.

    And let’s say that wide scale conflict breaks out between the Left and immigrants. Who should we side with? The forces of Western rot and decadence that are of our own blood, or the invaders and colonists who bring with them a much more traditional society? Could we successfully pursue a neutral relationship with both sides? Could we find a way to stay out of such a war and build our own safe  communities?

    • JJDKII

      I think it’s imperative that we side with the whites, even if they’re leftists. However misguided, they are still our people.

    • We side with our own blood first (always) and then sort out the mess therefter.

  • When your group’s population reaches a critical mass,  and your host is a politically correct white guilt liberal, you have no inhibitions when it comes to biting the hand that feeds you

  • RJS

    This is so hysterically funny.

    These leftists have no idea why the Turks attacked them?  And they wonder why the “nazis” never seem to bother them? 

    Lenin was so correct about “useful idiots”.

    What is even funnier is that these “useful idiots” truly do not realize how vulnerable they will be in the coming racial chaos.

    As they continue to see their fellow leftists attacked, raped, killed and strung up on lamp posts, they will still no doubt wonder, “Gosh – why are all these non-whites doing this to “us”?

    It simply does not seem possible for anyone, even these leftists to be so clueless.

    • And when the dung hits the fan, they will need the nazis to protect them, but they won’t.  The Left has alienated the only protectors they have.  The cops won’t, because cracking down on immigrants just wouldn’t be allowed. 

  • Steven Bannister

    Now here is a great opportunity: German white nationalists should rush to the anti-fa’s defense. Yes, I’m serious. Perhaps such an action will finally make the anti-fa’s realize that white solidarity does have it’s benefits. 

    Further, it is a good policy for white nationalists to defend any whites (even leftists) that are being attacked by non-whites. It would be a public relations win for us. 

    Any Germans reading this or has this website been outlawed in the Deutschland? 

    • pfic

       I actually really like this idea.

    • ViktorNN

      I like your comment too.

      I would just add that while it’s hard not to have a chuckle at these leftist’s expense, I would also remind folks that incidents like this are how a lot of race realists and racially re-awakened white folk are born.

      Many start out as left-wing idealists who finally wake up when the cold hard truth of reality hits them in the face, so to speak.

  • ncpride

    A social worker knows some people in the housing project. He says: ‘They are confused that they are not being attacked by Nazis, but by immigrants. It does not fit into their world view.’ It is said that the Street Fighters had extorted protection money from the anti-fascists, but this has not been confirmed by the police.

    Fools. All of them. They may not have any sense of racial or ethnic unity and awareness, but how blind and stupid do they have to be not to see that those ‘immigrants’ DO?  As another poster stated, it seems impossible for even these fools to be so clueless. 

  • People’s Exhibit #2,079,838 that liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • JohnEngelman

    During the Cold War the sympathy many Western radicals felt for Communist governments had a kind of logic to it. The Communist governments paid lip service to many of the values of the Western radicals. The sympathy many Western radicals have for Moslems and Islamic culture can only be explained by the hostility Western radicals have for their own culture, their own civilization, and their own people. 

  • What happened after Nazi Germany is that western civilization whites have become overly compassionate.  Of course there is nothing wrong with compassion, it is necessary,  but compassion without logic or reason is not compassion at all,  it is insanity.

  • KenelmDigby

    To be a leftist (of the modernday variety at least), is to be mentally retarded.
    It’s as low and simple as that.

  • KenelmDigby

    One day, I can envision, once the third worlders have gained the upper hand, due to the leftist control of immigration policy, third worlders reducing Whites to the level of walking blood/organ banks, sex slaves and slaves in general.
      When the child of a lefty is sliced up on the operating table, harvested for organs and the body discarded I can just hear the lefty mommies cry “Oh pleas,e oh master darkie, why don’t you use my 5 year old son too”.

  • saxonsun

    Agreed; people must suffer the results of their actions.

  • saxonsun

    I am a gay woman. I am fully aware that most blacks, latinos and muslims hate gays. I wish gay people would wake up to this.

  • Kurt Plummer

    Chaining Dragons and Cooking Dinner…

    If white liberals are truly so fearful that they ‘harness the hate’ of other ethnocentric groups to do their fighting for them then they deserve the very things which happen to all peoples who lose their warrior natures and begin to use mercenary forces in their place: disenfranchisement and extinction.

    Rome and the Goths comes to mind here.

    What we know is that genetics rule intelligence.  It used to be said to be along the lines of 50% but the latest from the likes of Jensen is that it’s ‘conservatively’, 60-80%.

    What we don’t know is how the genetics and developmental issues related to high IQ (High oxytocin response, in combination with excellent prefrontal development = high filtering of aggressive impulses = low warrior response.) functionally retards the ability of nominally intelligent people to acknowledge the realities of dealing with (as opposed to accomodating, a female behavior whose evolutionary psychology is one of introducing new genes to the group) ugly behaviors with hard and unremitting responses.

    In this, whites are divided by our very social conformism as an -enlightened- means of ensuring civil order by not rocking the boat.  And it is a case of both sides damaging each other’s functional purpose.  The liberals not being challenged in their aberrant behaviors and the conservatives not wanting to be seen as ‘radical’ themselves.  The one pushing for social dominance the other afraid to lose any social relevance as PC ‘moral authority’ than they already have.

    It is ruining us.

  • Kurt Plummer

    Irony#1: Martin Bormann’s ‘Flight Capital Program’, outlined at the Strassbourg Conference of 1944, outlined a scenario whereby German capital would be evacuated and then brought back (to prevent Allied pillage as in WWI) to rebuild her to the preeminent position she now enjoys. One of the precepts of said effort being that the Fourth Reich would look beyond racial divides and attempt to amass power through multicultural means so that everyone was part of the plenty and nobody could stand against it.
    Given that the importation of non-ethnic European labor derived directly from the empowerment of Soviet Communism (effectively cutting off cheap labor from Eastern Europe by erecting an iron curtain across it) as much as a means to compensate for the losses of 1940s German reproductive cadres which began to show up in the ‘next generation’ of the 60s workforce. It increasingly looks like WWII, or at least it’s outcome was a direct setup for The NWO and that -both sides- were playing the world off the middle of their power shaping.
    Remove Colonial Europe from the playing field by wrecking it, unnecessarily. Strip their colonies to make rebuilding nearly impossible. Make the USA compete for ‘socialist legitimacy’ as the moral world leader (against the USSR) by ‘being better Lysenkoists’ raising up the genetically as much as economically impoverished. And empower the UN as a means to breed ENORMOUS numbers of ‘migrant worker’ slaves in the third world with ‘aid’ that serves only to create burgeoning overpopulation.
    And you are creating the forcing issues by which national governments collapse from their own actions and we all end up codependent, intermingled and disenfranchised in the followon global-corporatist miasma.
    Irony#2: The Germans, ethnic purists, began the war with only ‘Aryan’ (Nordic/Teutonic) requirements for their most elite S.S. forces, including proof of ancestry. By the end, they were using volunteers from all nations, including an SS division from the Balkans which was largely Islamic. I believe it was Himmler who said that Islam produced ‘the very finest’ in warrior mentalities and even went so far as to give a mufti/mullah honorary Officer rank (Colonel?) in the Waffen SS so that he would issue a fatwa supporting the German cause.
    Maybe if Liberals didn’t continually try to ‘live beyond history’ they would not be so rudely shocked when the present repeated it.

  • This is so typical of the left.  They live their entire lives  rejecting reality over the fantasy world in their heads that when faced with stone cold reality, they still can’t understand why reality trumps their sad, pathetic, inaccurate beliefs about how life really is.   

    “Why are muslims beating the hell out of me and not nazis?”

    Because there are hardly any nazis anymore  but millions of muslims in your country fool.

  • MikeofAges

    Has it occurred to anyone, maybe the lower strata and Islamist Muslims are fascists too? Just because they don’t get along with nativist German fascists, that doesn’t mean they’re not fascists. Where is it written in stone that all fascists have to get long with each other? Especially when one group is moving into the territory of another. Of all of the allies of the Axis, the pro-Nazi Muslims escaped the de-Nazification process after World War II. Partially, that was because they were regarded as so backward they weren’t worth paying attention to. The other reason is that the situation was muddled by the fact that many Muslim countries were colonies or protectorates of Britain and France and therefore nominally Allied territory during the war. And some Muslims did fight with Allies. Still, the Nazis regarded them as potential allies. Some fought with the Nazis, and I am sure more sympathized with Nazism as a force which could liberate them from Western European domination and share their aggressive anti-Semitism.

    What’s wrong with these kids? The communists used to be formidable street thugs.

  • Gary Simpson

    …………….. they are on their own, we cannot allow these left terrorists to promote multi-cult terror on non-conforming whites….. and then come running to us for protection!

    Good on the facists attacking the real terrorists……. the Far Left nutters!  

    leftwing folk usually are genuinely friendly and dont resort to violence just like many right wing folk like me are friendly and dont take up violence……….. they just critisize each other and fight it out in elections or at protests…. for and against.

    The far left are the drug soaked problem………….. so tough sh*t on them and their families.

    I second the comments that they created their beds………. not lie in it!  it’s also turning on the UAF/IRA aka Cork Agaisnt Facists fundraisers in the UK and Ireland 🙂

    Made me day 🙂

    Gary BNP Member & BNP Veterans member