Vermont Race Crime, Prison Data Troubling

Wislon Ring, Burlington Free Press, February 27, 2012

With its small but rapidly growing minority population, Vermont’s top law enforcement officials and lawmakers are trying to ensure the state’s African-Americans, Hispanic immigrants and other minorities don’t feel the sting of discrimination.

Yet discrimination appears to be finding its way into the actions of at least some members of Vermont’s law enforcement community, and the percentage of African-American inmates in the state’s prisons is 10 times their rate in the population, a figure that has doubled in the past decade, statistics show.

So state police are setting out to improve training to ensure that there is a legitimate reason for troopers to come into contact with minorities—and when they do, that minorities are treated the same as white Vermonters.

The Legislature is considering a bill that would require Vermont’s criminal justice system to keep detailed records of the race and ethnicity of the people who encounter the system. It’s hoped the study can help determine whether bias is at least partly responsible for the disproportionate number of African-American prison inmates.

The same bill would also require all of the state’s police departments to adopt “bias-free” policies.

The 2010 census showed 95.3 percent of Vermont’s 626,000 people are white.


Yet thousands of refugees and others have moved to Vermont, and the same census found minorities made up 36.8 percent of the state’s new residents.


Similar issues are seen in Iowa, which like Vermont has a small but growing number of minority residents and a black prison population whose proportion is much greater than the state’s in general, said the Rev. Keith Ratliff of the Maple Street Missionary Baptist Church in Des Moines, Iowa. Police there understand the changing demographics and the risks of discriminatory behavior.


The study of 50,000 traffic stops done by the Vermont State Police for the year ending last July found minority drivers were more likely to be stopped and ticketed and their vehicles searched than white drivers.


“We’d like to think we are an enlightened state and in many ways we are, but if you talk to people who are members of the communities of color . . . there are numerous examples of bad experiences that you and I as white folks wouldn’t have,” state Rep. Suzi Wizowaty said. The Burlington Democrat introduced the measure now being considered that would require the criminal justice system to keep detailed records of race and ethnicity.

“The only counter to bias is looking at data and making the facts more available to your consciousness and taking into consideration the fact that you might be biased,” she said.

The same bill would also require all of the state’s police and sheriff’s departments to adopt “bias-free policing” policies designed to ensure people don’t come into contact with police because of their race or ethnic makeup. {snip}


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  • Frank Sinatra said it best.  If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

    I guess the contrapositive is also true.  If you can’t be “non-discriminatory” in arrests, traffic stops and incarceration in the Anti-White Anti-Racist People’s Republic of Vermont (aka an extension of the Upper East Side of Manhattan), then it’s not possible to be “non-discriminatory” anywhere.

    Just a hunch, but I bet there’s also a racial achievement gap in Vermont schools.

  • “Yet thousands of refugees and others have moved to Vermont, and the same census found minorities made up 36.8 percent of the state’s new residents.”

    Vermont is importing crime. If you look at the crime rates from where these black refugees come from you will see it is much higher than Vt. Illegal invaders are much more likely to not have registration,(expired sticker alone is a reason to pull over) & insurence. Some things like going 5 mph over the speed limit cops can let go with a warning, but things illegals get pulled over for are automaticly tickets.
    There is no reason to think that if you import people from the highest rape rate areas of the world that they will conform to a region with almost none.

  • JohnEngelman

    The police in Vermont and elsewhere should be less concerned with respecting the rights of crime prone minority groups, and more concerned with protecting whites from those crime prone minorities. 

  • Anon

    minorities made up 36.8 percent of the state’s new residents.

    So whites are 95% of current residents but only 63% of new residents?  Is there any reason to assume that the whites and minorities are moving to VT for the same reasons?  Sounds like VT needs to crack down on welfare, subsidized housing and leech-like “resettlement charities” for 3rd world refugees. 

  • MikeofAges

     Most people in prison have pleaded guilty. Usually (but not always) because they are. Might be as high as 80 percent. In some subsets of society, including some whites, doing time is regarded as a rite of passage. Kind like serving in the military used to be. They don’t always resist  it. 

  • radical7

    The cops are victims of  a form of cognitive dissonance. They are unaware of the fact that they are engaging in racial bias.

    • How about that.  It’s a disease so sly and devious that it infects people yet the victims present with absolutely no symptoms.

    • Are white female rape victims in the US also “victims of a cognitive dissonance” when tens of thousands of them each year report being raped by black men whereas fewer than 10 black women report being raped by white men???
      Table 42 at:

    • Is this ths same type of cognitive dissonance responsible for the infamous black flash mobs that have attacked peaceful whites?  The youths are just unaware that beating an old white woman or man is engaging in criminal behavior?  I like your thought process, simple and humorous.

    • Clight12

      Well..well…well…lookey here.

      In 1956 the US psychologist Leon Festinger introduced a new concept in social psychology: the theory of cognitive dissonance.
      When two simultaneously held
      cognitions are inconsistent, this will
      produce a state of cognitive dissonance. Because the experience of
      dissonance is unpleasant, the person will strive to reduce it by
      changing their beliefs.


      Isn’t it very telling all this psycho babble started in the 50’s more or less, since most White Americans had common sense and KNEW  homosexuality and desegregation was BAD?  So “they” had to do something to change the “attitudes” of normal White people.

      Gee, who would have guessed?  Leon Festinger and all those creepy psychologists just like him, all came out with all this  gobblygook to put a word to something that they haven’t a clue about in the first place.  How else are they going to create a “problem” if you don’t have a “solution” and a word for it?  Just like “racism” is now going to be (mark my words) considered a “mental illness” so they can drug us all with their zombie like meds. Problem solved.

      At one time in saner days they also said homosexuality was a mental disorder, then they changed that 180 degrees since so many of them themselves are homosexual.  Problem solved again.

      See how it works, radical7?

      • curri

        Don’t forget Adorno’s  “The Authoritarian Personality”: 
        “At the website The Inverted World, The Realist has written “The Origin of the Myth: The ‘whites as cancer’ myth is rooted in the Holocaust.” It is an interesting and disturbing discussion of the wacko and poisonous theories of Theodor Adorno of the Frankfurt School, who in his best-known book The Authoritarian Personality equated all Western normality with Fascism and Nazism. ”
        “Paul Gottfried writes:

        You should read my last three books, all of which stress that The Authoritarian Personality profoundly affected American political thinking. ”
         “Prof. Gottfried replies: Christopher Lash’s True and Only Heaven includes a long section detailing the mainstream liberal support for The Authoritarian Personalityin the 1950s and 1960s. Lipset, Hook, Daniel Bell, Arthur Schlesinger, Richard Hofstadter and the members of American Jewish Committe, who sponsored Adorno and Commentary magazine, were among the anti-Communist liberals who admired TAP and who thought that it had relevance for our country. Although you and I may be to the right of these celebrants, it would be hard to argue that no anti-Communist had any use for Adorno’s ideas.”

        • curri

          It shouldn’t be forgotten how easily most white Americans succumbed to It shouldn’t be forgotten how easily most white Americans succumbed to the postwar leftist brainwashing:
          January, 1959

          SHOULD HATE BE OUTLAWED? Most Americans, hearing this question, would answer promptly, “Yes, by all means, hate should be outlawed!” Their eagerness to reply can be accounted for all too easily. During the last decade and a half, they have been pounded with a propaganda barrage calculated to leave them in a state of dazed affability toward the whole world. Those advertising techniques that are normally used to encourage Americans to be choosy in matters of soap and toothpaste are now being enlisted to persuade them that there is no such thing as a superior product in matters of culture and creed. On billboards, on bus and subway posters, in newspapers and magazines, through radio and television broadcasts, Americans are being assured and reassured, both subtly and boldly, that “Bigotry is fascism … Only Brotherhood can save our nation … We must be tolerant of all!”The long-range effects of this campaign are even now evident. It is producing the “spineless citizen”: the man who has no cultural sensibilities; who is incapable of indignation; whose sole mental activity is merely an extension of what he reads in the newspaper or sees on the television screen; who faces moral disaster in his neighborhood, political disaster in his country, and an impending world catastrophe with a blank and smiling countenance. He has only understanding for the enemies of his country. He has nothing but kind sentiments for those who would destroy his home and family. He has an earnest sympathy for anyone who would obliterate his faith. He is universally tolerant. He is totally unprejudiced. If he has any principles, he keeps them well concealed, lest in advocating them he should seem to indicate that contrary principles might be inferior. He is, to the extent of his abilities, exactly like the next citizen, who, he trusts, is trying to be exactly like him: a faceless, characterless putty-man.Along with everyone else, American Catholics have been hammered with the slogans of the “anti-hate” campaign. Additionally, they remember the stories of how prejudice against Catholics oftentimes made America a very uncomfortable place for their immigrant Catholic grandparents. And so, they too, if asked, would declare unhesitatingly that hate should be outlawed.What American Catholics do not stop to reflect on is that the Catholic Faith, by its very nature, fosters indignation, intolerant positions, and strong utterance. The Church is set up to continue the divine ministry of Jesus Christ, Who avowed that He had come on Earth, “Not to send peace, but the sword … to cast fire on the Earth, and what will I but that it be kindled.”(…)

  • Well said.  I have never lived in Vermont but have visited many times.  I was always impressed with that white, wonderful kingdom of northern New England.  Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine:  Heaven on Earth.  Not anymore.  The explanation I got from a man that traces his family in that area of NE all the way back to the early 1700s is that the end was evident when New Yorkers and them people from Mass. began moving there.  Not content to just enjoy the pristine landscape they got involved in politics and rolled over the locals.  Vermont may be just a little unique in that there was a radical movement to take over the state that began with a marxist writer in an article in the communist magazine called Ramparts back in the late 60s.  The writer declared how easy it would be to take over an entire state with a small indigenous population.  If I remember the article correctly, it was called a takeover by the people in order to provide free health care, education, legal recreational drugs, etc.  That might explain the socialist Senator Sanders.  In addition I remember the mentioning of encouraging people of color to come and share the state.

  • JackKrak

    I can almost smell the tie-dyed, pony-tailed liberalism coming out of my computer screen from this article.

    “Yet discrimination appears to be finding its way into the actions of at least some members of Vermont’s law enforcement community, and the percentage of African-American inmates in the state’s prisons is 10 times their rate in the population, a figure that has doubled in the past decade, statistics show.”

    This has to be the best litmus test I have ever seen for determining whether or not someone is a guilty white liberal. Tell me what you think about that sentence & I will know everything about you.

    • Alexandra1973

      It flies in the face of their notion that “we’re all the same except for melanin content” so they’re scrambling to find some explanation.

      And they accuse people like us of being closed-minded.

  • Apparently they are too stupid to grasp the obvious. They import crime and poverty and then wonder what happened.

  • Christopher_Nelson

    Maybe if they started labeling some of the blacks as white, like they do with hispanics, then that might help the issue.  That way, we can live in the twilight zone and blame everything on whitey. Oh wait, we already do.

    Because logic and common sense do not come with diversity and multiculturalism. You are forced to use assinine thinking to accommodate them.

    Instead of KISS, keep it simple stupid. They come up with convoluted reasons for the obvious. The obvious being that minorities are more crime prone than whites.
    End of story. There is nothing else to be said.

  • Anan7

    It is illegal to import many things into the United States, or transport them across state lines.  Guns would be one example.

    Instead of whining and complaining about discrimination, how about you prevent the discrimination and violence in the first place by banning Black and Hispanic immigration?

  • CidMartel

    It amazes me to watch these brainwashed PC robots look at empirical evidence showing that minorities are more likely to commit violent crimes than whites…. yet they continue to try and find a way to blame whites! 

  • JJ

    I love this particular paragraph:   

    “They get calls from community members saying there are three African-American men standing in the park wearing baggy shorts, please send a cruiser,” Appel said. “In the old days, they would send a cruiser, but there’s no reason to send a cruiser without some indicator that they are engaging in criminal activity.”

    OK, but let’s think this through, shall we. 

    First, “baggy shorts” are the uniform of inner city thugs and gangsters.  That doesn’t make me a thug or gangster if I choose to wear my shorts that way it doesn’t mean that I AM a thug . . . but it sure means that I am trying to identify with a criminal culture.  Association with a criminal enterprise or known criminals is sufficient probable cause to send out a trooper.

    Loitering.  Are they studying for their SATs?  The profile of drug users and drug salesmen is “standing around with baggy shorts.”  Again, probable cause.

    45% of black males don’t make it out of high school.  Most either earn no living or do so dishonestly.  Good chance that at least one of the three is unemployed and earning money nefariously.  One in three go to prison, so there’s a good chance one of the three has a record of some sort.  More probable cause.

    C’mon Vermont . . . show some testicular fortitude. 

  • MartelC

    Wow, are they really this stupid? Once realitively crime free VT has sky rocketing crime and they blame it on racism, not mass minority immigration?

    Also remember these immigrants were INTENTIONALLY brought to the whitest states in the union – the globalist/ internationalist want to eliminate any hope of national resistance.

  • Refugees=Scam Voluntary Agencies/Volag garbage done by Catholics and Lutherans. The entire fraudulent, graft-ridden “refugee” system in this country is disgusting and should be scrapped.

  • gemjunior

    God how I wish you were right.  I wish you were our President because you sound sane.  But the fact is they are consuming our money more and more and will soon be licking their chops to devour us so we have no choice but to try and stop the pouring of resources and our eventual total displacement, which I would put at about 60% complete.  We’re up against a powerful media, gov’t, education system with a rock solid position on race and we intend to do our best to change it. 

  • The only troubling thing is that 5 percent of the population is 50 percent of those tried, convicted and imprisoned for heinous crimes.

    Look at that celebration of diversity. If Vermont was solely White the crime rate would drop 50 percent over night. 5 percent of the population could be removed and crime would drop 50 percent in an instant.

    This is one of the shadow costs of “diversity”. The cost of all the crime in life and money and then the cost for the entire justice system from police to catch them, public defenders to defend them and prosecutors to prosecute them, judges and juries, all the wardens and doctors and psychiatrists for those in jail, all the probation and parole officers after the crooks are done in jail, etc. Man, the cost of just that one aspect of diversity just has to be staggering. What a burden that 5 percent of the population is on 95 percent of the population, just with their criminality!

  • occa0577

    Please post a link to the latest crime statistics, if possible. That would be an interesting read for all of us, as well as new data to share with the general public.

  • occa0577

    The comments section of the original article are mostly realistic. They are toned down because they only allow Facebook. One man posted interracial crime statistics from “The Color of Crime”. Some white liberal commented, “That’s terrible! Those statistics come from a racist organization, blah blah blah!” She couldn’t disprove them with facts, she could only scream racism..typical. 

    • Alexandra1973

      I noticed that too.  Whenever someone calls me a racist for pointing that out, I’ll say “What did I say that wasn’t true?” or I’ll say “If all you got is to call someone a racist, you must not have a very good argument.”

      • occa0577

        It’s part of their religion, and a hard-wired response. They can’t handle the truth, as the saying goes. Their existence is a form of double-think. Go to Hollywood, SF or similar, spot a few liberals drinking cappuccinos at their little cafes, etc. They are so comfortable in their protected worlds, and they are not used to any dissent or inconvenient facts. Present to them a race realist fact, or any conservative viewpoint. Watch them short circuit, it’s quite hilarious. They will hurl childish insults at you, but will not be able to contradict your statements with facts. I imagine their reaction is even more extreme when they are on meth.

  • Alexandra1973

    I think you hit it on the head there.  These DWLs aren’t happy unless they’re crusading for something, it seems, so what I think happens is,  they’ll say to some non-white, “Aren’t you unhappy with that?  Of course you are…here, we’re in your corner, now go get what you’re entitled to.”

    They can’t (or won’t) leave well enough alone.

  • IstvanIN

    One can only have a liberal society if that society is white.  End of discussion.

  • Part of the reason the libs are flocking to Vermont is because the libs all figure that Vermont is a wonderful place for white liberals to be.  The more left wing a place gets, the stronger a magnet it becomes for left wingers. See also: Boulder, Colorado.

  • bubo

    In every state in this country blacks are “over-represented” in prison.   That tells the right thinking person that blacks are more criminal than whites.  

    If you don’t believe that then you must believe in the most far reaching, absurdist conspiracy in history, which is that blacks, if left unmolested by white racism, are every bit as capable as whites in building a stable, modern society.   Even though no such society exists or has ever existed in black history.

    I honestly can’t imagine a human with a functioning brain could believe that.