3 Teens Charged in Jailhouse Inmate Attack

Jim Peppard, WTSP, February 29, 2012

Three teenage inmates attacked a fourth at the Polk County jail Friday and face enhanced “hate crime” charges in addition to attempted felony murder, the sheriff’s office said tonight.

The three are identified as Trevon Leondra Hendrix, 16 , of Haines City, Devin Terrel Watlington and Michael James Hector Jr., both 17 and of Lakeland. They are adult-charged juveniles with a history of multiple arrests in the county.

The victim of the attack is Travis Eugene Winemiller, 16, of Bartow, who also has a large arrest record.

The sheriff’s office says the incident, according to Winemiller, began last Friday when Hector demanded Winemiller fight him. “Are you kidding me?” Winemiller responded. Hector then punched him and began fighting.

“Watlington then came up behind Winemiller and held him while Hector hit him in the head several times. The two then slammed Winemiller onto the floor and Hendrix wrapped a pillowcase around Winemiller’s neck and strangled him until he was unconscious, according to the statement made by Winemiller,” the sheriff’s office said.

Winemiller said the three men hogtied him on the floor with a sheet wrapped around his hands, arms and neck and threatened to kill him if he told deputies. He said he was punched several times and whipped with wet towels.

Winemiller alleges that one of the suspects said, “this is how you slave a real cracker” after he was tied up with a sheet around his neck and a section run through the a bar on the window.

He further stated that one of the suspects said “well it was your ancestral background that did it, so now we’re going to show you how it [explicative] feels.” These alleged statements are the reason why the charges against the suspects were enhanced/increased from a first degree felony to a life felony, the sheriff’s office said.


Hate Crime enhancement was brought because of “racially-based prejudiced statements made by the suspects,” the sheriff’s office said.


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  • The victim of the attack is Travis Eugene Winemiller, 16, of Bartow, who also has a large arrest record……He further stated that one of the suspects said “well it was your
    ancestral background that did it, so now we’re going to show you how it
    [explicative] feels.”

    The white victim’s surname is Winemiller.  I am not aware that that is a common English/Anglo-Saxon surname, so I bet that the original patrilineal surname going back some time is Weinmüller, and some time in the past, maybe WWI era, they decided to translate it into English. That said, this means the victim is at least of partial German ancestry, and most German-Americans eschewed or were outright opposed to slavery.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      “….so now we’re going to show you how it [explicative] feels.”

      As if they have ANY idea what it feels like to be a slave or really oppressed.

      •  I guess they were showing him how it feels to be at the mercy of savages.

    • MikeofAges

       German kept Missouri from seceding at the start of the Civil War, and fought in the Union Army.

    • Matthew Winemiller

      Your synopsis regarding the Winemiller surname, its subsequent change in spelling, and our outright opposition to slavery is entirely accurate.  While I am not directly related to the victim, I thank you for your objective clarification.

  • Bring back lynching. If ever there were 3 that deserved it, here they are.

  • Not every German surname is Jewish.  Many of them are German.

  • StivD

    Sorry, I have to say this, but Michael Hector doesn’t look fully human to me. It’s no wonder that he was the one to instigate the whole attack.

  • Mgb

    Whites took blacks out of the stone age. The result is blacks hate Whites.

    Racial separation is the only realistic solution for inter-ethnic peace. Anyone who disagrees is promoting vampirism where one race, eternally sainted (blacks) gets to win by fiat over the productive but “majority” race (Whites).

    This is the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement.

  • Jtc3537

    There are virtually zero Jewish kids in incarceration in America.

  • Anan7

    We should be at least grateful that these “kids” will spend the rest of their lives in jail where they can’t breed.

    News coverage like this will not last forever.  Sooner or later attacks against Whites will be completely legal.

  • How is it wimpy to get beaten by 3 blacks that most likely sucker punched? 2 where older than him as well.

  • Hirschibold

    In the Human Rights Watch report “No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons,” one white prisoner confessed that due to being grossly outnumbered, it does not matter how tough or hard a white prisoner is. There are no Queensbury rules in effect. If a white man fends off ten offenders, there are twenty or thirty more to take the place of the absent black/Hispanic antagonists. No one should judge this white man as “weak” for losing in a three-on-one melee.

    • Anonymous

      That’s why people think black guys are tough.   Today I saw a young white man at my gym easily bench pressing 225 without a spotter. Next to him, I saw a black guy that could barely bench 185.  Black males give off a tougher demeanor (aka swagger) and usually fight in groups or use weapons.  That’s why they generally win when they attack whites or asians or hispanics or any other race they hate.  I will repeat it-black males are really no tougher or stronger than most white males.  They fight in groups and give off the appearance of strength which intimdates most whites and nonblacks.  If you look past their fake, macho attitudes, they are weak.

      • StivD

        They fight in the strangest way sometimes too. 

        They’ll also fight for a bit and then run/backup..come back and then give up completely.

  • IstvanIN

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg rules in a majority opiinion that it was against the civil rights of blacks and latinos to be imprisoned seperately from whites.  I believe it was California that wanted to separate prisoners by race.  In his dissent Clarence Thomas said that the courts were bascially offering up white prisoners to blacks for rape and murder.  he also stated that prisoners did not have the same civil rights as free men.

    It is a certain group that works feverishly agianst us.

    • Sloppo

      If that’s true, she is guilty of murder herself and should be incarcerated with blacks and latinos herself.

  • I’m reminded of the judge that ruled it was ok for a muslim to attack an atheist who was mocking muhammad.   How long will it be before some lefty judge rules that blacks are justified in attacking whites?  I’m amazed it hasn’t happened already.

    • Anonymous

      And how many times has that atheist liberal ripped on Christians and called them evil and racist and oppressive and backwards?  I hate to bring up religion on this form, but that really irks me with atheists.  They are all in favor of religious freedom and say “I can think on my own” yet they all spout the same anti-Christian nonsense.  They don’t have the guts to attack muslims or black bigots or any other politically correct group. I remind them, “It is white Christian countries that gave you the freedoms you have.  Try going to Iran and saying this stuff about god or muslims and you’ll be dead.”  To my gay friends who have said they hate Christians but like muslims more,  “Go to Iran and hold hands with a guy and have a ‘I’m here and I’m queer’ sign and see how long you last there.”

  • JackKrak

    Mr. Watlington seems to have more than a little white blood in him – more proof that even criminal low lifes observe the one-drop rule.

    Crime has a face & that face is black.

  • ViktorNN

    Let’s take a spin over to the SPLC – America’s leading organization fighting racist injustice and reporting on race-motivated hate crime – to see if this incident is being reported.

    Nope. Nothing.

    Yet another example of how if you want to know what’s going on with real incidents of hate crime in this country, the last place you should turn to is an organization which claims to be most concerned with it.

    • Sloppo

      That particular “anti-hate organization” doesn’t like to say anything when the victim is from the racial group that they hate.

  • Cogitator

    This is why inmates in jails and prisons should be segregated by race. Fights such as this could not occur if this were done.

    What sort of specious reasoning concludes that people have a “right” to be incarcerated with people of other races? They don’t have a right to be locked down with members of the opposite sex. Their friends cannot just drop by anytime for a visit. They cannot order up a pizza whenever they want. Why this “right” and not others.

    Our judiciary is ruled by fools.

  • R P

    It’s starts with a lawyer and Winemiller’s family suing the families of the blacks for Civil Rights violations.

  • grandmacrack3r

    FYI-Travis Winemiller is actualy 15 years old and shouldnt be in  jail in the first place. they should have taken him to jdc. 

  • StivD

    Just looking at Michael Hector’s face gives me the impression of the very obviously typical black that does this sort of thing. He would do this only because he sees a white face, no other reason. 

    The one in the middle looks like the kind of kid who has been constantly told whites are his problem: the defiant pout.  

    The third one looks mixed and resentful because of it.