One hundred U.S. and Canadian scientists and other scholars are protesting the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) decision to revoke the permission given to Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), a non-profit organization that advocates for lower U.S. population growth by reducing immigration, to sponsor an exhibit booth at the AAAS annual meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, February 16-20.

The list of protesters and an account of the AAAS decision to revoke CAPS’s permission to sponsor a booth, appear in the current issue of The Social Contract quarterly.  Authors are David Schindler, Killam Memorial Professor of Ecology at the University of Alberta, Madeline Weld, President of the Population Institute of Canada, and Stuart Hurlbert, Emeritus Professor of Biology at San Diego State University.

CAPS board member Hurlbert said the AAAS was engaged in the unethical suppression of speech and open debate. “With world population surging past seven billion (up from 6 billion only 12 years ago) debate over the implications of population-migration pressures is both urgent and timely,” Hurlbert said. “We need to ask why the AAAS fears any discussion of stabilizing U.S. population by lowering immigration, as recommended by many environmental scientists and population experts, to the point that they openly censor speech and access to information,” he added.

More evidence of the fear permeating the AAAS over the population, immigration, and environment debate came when the AAAS subsequently rejected another booth application by the Population Institute of Canada (PIC), submitted by Schindler and Weld.

The Social Contract is a quarterly journal of public affairs, which focuses on population and environmental issues. It is published by U.S. Inc., a Michigan-based 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational foundation.

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  • Anonymous

    “for lower U.S. population growth by reducing immigration”

    If they were advocating abortion, then that would be OK.

  • 1) My guess is that illegal immigrants (primarily Latinos) and esp their many kids, are also a major factor in distorting the increase of obesity in America and its children. Most Latinos are squatty bodies w/barrel shaped torsos. They have a TON of fat around the midsection. That is visceral fat, physiologically the worst kind that has been implicated in Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

    Latinos, with their higher rates of chronic diseases and unwillingness or financial inability to pay for health insurance, have financially destroyed most of the small hospitals and clinics in California’s Central Valley. They abuse the fact that ERs are legally required to treat anyone who shows up regardless of their ability to pay for the goods and services provided.

    The destruction of health facilities will be happening around the country unless mass deportation takes place and/or removing the requirement of ERs to serve everyone w/o charge is changed. 

    If those do not happen, the financial ruination of our health care market will be used to impose socialized medicine, which means you can no longer get all of the health care you can afford, you can only get the health care some gov’t bureaucrat says you can get. The gov’t will then decide whether middle aged and elderly white people will get the care they need, or whether it should go to treating obese Latinos….

    Goodbye freedom. We’ll then be at the mercy of the gov’t if we get sick, in an accident, some weird infectious disease, etc.

    2) Another un-PC science related topic: Various minorities claim that world-wide white cultural hegemony has made “People of Color” (POC) (i.e., anyone non-white), suffer from inferiority complexes, esp their women, re their looks and drive them to look “white”, including resorting to plastic surgery. 

    Solution: Studies were done showing that babies prefer looking at the faces of handsome men and pretty women over their more average or homily counterparts. This showed that prior to cultural indoctrination, humans are hardwired to be attracted to attractive people (Duh!).

    Just set up similar studies w/a cross section of babies of various races and see if they prefer looking at good looking whites vs good looking members of the other races. N.B. we’d have to be very careful in selecting blacks who do NOT look merely like whites dipped in chocolate (Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, etc.), but rather blacks whose faces and hair reflect distinctive black qualities. Same with Asians. Then see if babies of different races have similar responses to the various faces or if, in fact, good looking whites are preferred by babies of all races. 

    • Anonymous

       My guess is that illegal immigrants (primarily Latinos) and esp their many kids, are also a major factor in distorting the increase of obesity in America and its children.

      As someone who rides mass transit and works downtown, that’s been my observation.

      Older Hispanics and blacks are dispassionately obese, often extremely so. Younger Hispanics and blacks can be of normal weight but once they reach about 25, they get very large.  The current alarm over ‘the epidemic of obesity’ in recent years parallels the explosion of Hispanics in the US. Of course, a racist health care system is often cited as the problem and not personal responsibility. That’s one of the driving forces of Obama Care and new food regulations in schools and the general public. Minorities can’t or won’t make healthy choices so the government has to impose restrictions on everyone.

  • Anonymous

    This says it all.   MUST WATCH !

    Even better.

    Like I always say, Detroit is the future of the USA.  

  • Anonymous

    I think our government is hell bent on increasing immigration because they/we believe “growth is good” and that means more and more people.  That thinking needs to change.  Money is at the root of this, immigration is the “fix” in their minds.  God help us all.  

  • Any thought of White Man Survival wreaks complete havoc does it not?

    Stand Together is our ONLY Option.

  • Anonymous

    I love the way global warming fanatics tell me that science is incorruptible, irrefutable, ect etc. – when in truth, like the most of our other institutions, and disciplines, its rife with corruption and politicization. EVERYTHING has been first cleansed in cultural Marxism.

  • Anonymous

    No, it’s a grey area. At the start of the pregnancy it’s nothing. Only near the end of the pregnancy does it resemble murder. In between is in between nothing and murder. It’s a grey area.

  • Hello Gavrick,

    You still need to be careful.  Many Turks in Germany are muslim and they’ve been financially draining and taking over Germany for a long time now.

    mosques in Germany is as Alien as Alien can get and I wish The Germans would stand up against that but they won’t.  They’re afraid.  Hitler still Haunts…

    • Dear Moderator,

      Sir, you capped mosque!  I don’t like capping anything to do with islam but I reckon if you’re gonna make me….

      Are you asking me to write correctly?  If so, I will.

  • Hello Jupiter,

    I understand but I don’t.

    I’ve called everybody from Police Chiefs to Mayors to Governors to Congress and I get NOWHERE!  Please know, when I call, I’m not hard.  I just ask why the Double Standard (why do groups like laraza get Federal Funding but White Groups don’t, why does everybody get Affirmative Action but White Men don’t?, why am I being forced to help pay for Aliens to not learn English, etc.) and for the most part, all I get is hung up on.

    How do we get together and Stand as One Voice?

    How about:  Amren being the Headquarter, one of us writes a letter and all of us sign it with copies going everywhere?  Send copies to Congress and to all of our Local Politics, Authority (Police Chiefs, etc.) and our Local Media outlets?  What do you think?

    I’d also like to see a March of sorts.  If Blacks can do it, why can’t we?  Surely “We” count too?  The March could be framed as a March for Equality.  Stuff like set-asides and Affirmative Action of course, is the farthest thing from Equality and maybe, if we squeak loud enough and Demand Equality, maybe those types of things can be quashed.

    Am I wishful thinking or is it possible?

  • Anonymous

    I’d prefer that they’d be spayed and neutered.

  • “Third Position” – I will not accept this.  For me to say “Third Position” is to accept America as being in Third Place and I can’t do that.  I know that’s not what is meant by it but it’s how I feel about it.

    I have a Great Affinity for England and I’m completely Heart Broken.  What The Brits have allowed is, I can’t find the appropriate word(s) to describe their Actions.  I’m just Heart Broken.

    tea party – Please don’t be excited about this group.  If you look back, every time one dared to be Honest, they were fired and every time they were accused of racism, they exerted all kinds of energy on proving they weren’t but worse, they went so far as to put non-whites in leadership positions.  I can’t support that.

    Please pardon me but I find folding over nothing but some non-white or white person calling you “racist” to be unacceptable.  The tea party folded.  They have that black guy on Fox News all the time and he’s a “leader”.  My area (an hour and several Towns away Thank God), has an IMMIGRANT from BRAZIL in “charge”.  No Sir, I cannot allow a non-white to lead me.

    March – I’m not asking for a Million but man oh man, wouldn’t that be SWEET!!!  I just thought, maybe it could be done.  At this point, I’m willing to try anything.  There’s nothing like being pushed out of your own Existence to get one going.  I want, I need for us to Speak Now.

    Also, “We” and We (you Europeans) can Flood our Politicians with Phone Calls and Letters.  We seriously need to get steppin’.  If we do have Majorities in our Countries, it’s by a thread and it’s being stretched.

    boost morale – Absolutely!  One point of focus can be detailed information about White Achievements.  Philosophy, Art, Music, Science, all of it but with Emphasis on the White Created part.  White People have done such Great Works, we actually have a Never Ending Flow of Great White Achievements.  Much to be Proud of.

    • Anonymous

      You need to chill out and stop attacking your own side. This isn’t a contest for who can be the most angry about trivial points.

    • anon-amren,

      White People must be confronted.  They fold far too easily over a word.  A word!  Nothing but a word!  You must understand the significance of this.

      White People need to scoff at these feeble attempts to shut them down.

      Race Traitors and Non-Whites count on us folding and they will continue to use this “racist” weapon until “We” render it useless.

  • Anonymous

    No, they aren’t. Global warming doesn’t refer to observed warming that they’re trying to explain. It refers to the theory that CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions would lead to future warming. That theory was made many decades ago, and it’s predictions have so far come true. Which shouldn’t be surprising, since the predictions were made by impartial scientists who knew their stuff.

    You’re right about China, India and forest burning. But our contribution is still large, and we’re the only ones with the intelligence and decency to do something about it.

  • That’s Natural.

    America is for Americans, Germany is for Germans and England is for England.

    Non-Whites get their Countries too.  White “Africans” will just have to come home and etc.  That, or stay and deal with what’s handed ya on your own.