‘Minuscule Threat’: Radical US Muslims Pose Little Danger, Study Says

Scott Shane, MSNBC, February 8, 2012

A feared wave of homegrown terrorism by radicalized Muslim Americans has not materialized, with plots and arrests dropping sharply over the two years since an unusual peak in 2009, according to a new study by a North Carolina research group.

The study, to be released on Wednesday, found that 20 Muslim Americans were charged in violent plots or attacks in 2011, down from 26 in 2010 and a spike of 47 in 2009.

Charles Kurzman, the author of the report for the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security, called terrorism by Muslim Americans “a minuscule threat to public safety.”

Of about 14,000 murders in the United States last year, not a single one resulted from Islamic extremism, said Mr. Kurzman, a professor of sociology at the University of North Carolina.

The report also found that no single ethnic group predominated among Muslims charged in terrorism cases last year—six were of Arab ancestry, five were white, three were African-American and two were Iranian, Mr. Kurzman said. That pattern of ethnic diversity has held for those arrested since Sept. 11, 2001, he said.

Forty percent of those charged in 2011 were converts to Islam, Mr. Kurzman found, slightly higher than the 35 percent of those charged since the 2001 attacks.


The decline in cases since 2009 has come as a relief to law enforcement and counterterrorism officials. In that year, the authorities were surprised by a series of terrorist plots or attacks, including the killing of 13 people at Fort Hood, Tex., by an Army psychiatrist who had embraced radical Islam, Maj. Nidal Hasan.

The upsurge in domestic plots two years ago prompted some scholars of violent extremism to question the conventional wisdom that Muslims in the United States, with higher levels of education and income than the average American, were not susceptible to the message of Al Qaeda.


By Mr. Kurzman’s count, 462 other Muslim Americans have been charged since 2001 for nonviolent crimes in support of terrorism, including financing and making false statements.

The 2011 cases include just one actual series of attacks, which caused no injuries, involving rifle shots fired late at night at military buildings in Northern Virginia.\


Other plots unearthed by law enforcement last year and listed in Mr. Kurzman’s report included a suspected Iranian plan to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States, a scheme to attack a Shiite mosque in Michigan and another to blow up synagogues, churches and the Empire State Building.


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    •  I always knew I was a bad boy.  I need a leather jacket and a sneer.

    • I’m an Instant Terrorist for I dare to Wave the Flag that makes me Happy!

      Eugene Lane provided the Texas Most Wanted and they have hispanics listed as White Men.  Please help me call and complain.  We need to constantly complain.  Complain and Complain.  Everybody else does and they receive.  Somebody else also mentioned New Jersey.
      “We” (White People) are not to be lied about, misrepresented, misidentified nor ignored.

  • Anonymous

    Radical Muslims are not a problem.  They blow themselves up and that the end of that. The real danger is the quite hard working ones that come here. They have 10 or more kids and soon turn their neighborhoods into mini Islamic states. They find ways to force Sharia law onto the the rest of us. They give money to charities so radical Muslims can blow up things. They push a pro Muslim / anti Israel agenda.

    But don’t worry they are not a threat to our lives, just our way of life.

    • Anonymous


    • This has happened in Europe, in France, Germany and the UK. Millions of arab Muslims own entire parts of these nations. They are called “no-go” areas. Any White who goes in there is liable to get beaten, raped and killed, to include cops. The police used to go in with full riot gear, body armor, shields, water cannons and armored vans, the works. Now they don’t even bother. There are de facto splinter states with their own religion, law and the like there. The nations have the same sort of nanny state multi-trillion welfare system that America has. It is like the Whites give their non-White enemies transporation, food, clothing, shelter, education, employment and occupation, medication from womb to tomb. From WIC payments to a burial stipend for a pinewood box to have whatever is left of the serial rapist or the suicide bomber when he is dead.

      • “from womb to tomb.”

        My Lord.  If that doesn’t LITERALLY, say it all, I don’t know what does.

  • m e

    Reckon we can disband the Department of Homeland Security, since there is only a miniscule threat now.

  • Anonymous

    These ignorant people running their surveys do not understand Islam. Islam is campaigning against America with a ‘stealth jihad’ and if these pundits took the trouble to study Islam they would then understand how America is to be subverted to muslim rule. Islam is not strong in America and while it gains strength, it is slowly placing sharia law in the country. There are so many things that Islam is doing in America to pave the way for their ultimate dominance. They do not want to destroy our country but just make it subservient to Islam. Once they gain strength, which will be soon enough, you will see the murders, rapes and other forms of muslim warfare that in our Constitutional Republic would certainly be against the law.

    America, if it stays ignorant of Islam will boil just like the proverbial frog in the skillet. The sad part about Islam is that our government is aiding and abetting them in the overthrow of our country.

  • Please tell me, if muslims mean no harm then tell me, why is it when they emigrate that they then proceed to DEMAND “Religious” Favor at the expense of the Natives?

    I mean to ask, why do they demand tolerance and acceptance yet give none in return?  Is this Domination or “White Privilege”?

    Just your Friendly Apostate (Ali Sina) Reminder:

    “This is the difference between
    “moderate Muslims” (in reference to Dr. Mahathir) and extremist Muslims. It’s all in the timing of

  • No Sir, many of us understand islam very well.  Very Well.

    For instance, a great number of us know that islam’s Number One Goal, the only Goal they’ve ever had, is World Domination.

    You only need to graze The History of Islam to understand, all they’ve ever done is to try to force their way upon others.  There is nothing but that and it’s still going on except now, there are no Battles, there is only Dhimmitude.  

    Department of Homeland Security is Dhimmitude.  The Perversion of our First Amendment is Dhimmitude.  Being forced to spend Money on saving mudlims in muslim Countries while ignoring the plights of Christians in same said Countries is Dhimmitude.

    Being constantly attacked by muslims while being told and EXPECTED to not “judge” is Dhimmitude.

    There’s alot of Dhimmitude going on were “We” to really look at it.

    • Anonymous

      Stephanie, I like your thinking. If we could replicate you and put you in every city in the country, we could probably stop Islam dead in its tracks. Americans are willing to take back their country, they just need some good leadership; not the kind that puts muslims in critical positions of our government.

  • I’m sure I’m not the only who Trusts Not, these so-called “figures” showing how “We” can feel “safe” now…

    Here we have obama doing everything and anything he can to completely and totally, DESTROY our Military and why?  What is the reason to weaken oneself?  For to allow the “enemy” aka obama’s brethren, an easier strike of course!

  • 2 to 4 violent terrorist attacks a month doesn’t equal a “miniscule threat” to me. This will only get worse as more and more Iraq and Afghanistan “refugees” and Somali “refugees” come in and the colossal amounts of blacks in prison start converting to this anti-White, anti-West hate philosophy plagiarism pretending to be religion.

  • Anonymous

    Terrorism isn’t the main threat from importing Islam, but it is still a serious one. The lie about none of the murders being due to muslim extremism is absurd. Did he actually check each one of the 14,000? I very much doubt it. The media and authorities cover up any crimes by protected minorities and describe them in generic mainstream terms instead.