Racial Tensions Create Concern

Ed Lewis, Times Leader, February 19, 2012

Some students at Wilkes-Barre Area’s GAR High School say the assault involving a freshman who nearly lost his hand from a machete attack 10 days ago was the result of rival tensions between students of African-American and Dominican heritage.


City police officers warned privately about hostilities between the different races that have moved into the neighborhood in recent years. During a break at a hearing in Wilkes-Barre Central Court two months ago, a casual conversation involving officers, a district judge, a lawyer and a reporter centered on racial tensions in the GAR neighborhood.

Those officers predicted some sort of violence, especially with teenagers and young adults whom they described as “gang wannabes.”


Law enforcement authorities are still investigating what role—if any—gang rivalry played in the machete assault near GAR.

“Gang members are dangerous no matter what sect they come from,” said Robert Maguire, chairman of the Lackawanna County Gang Task Force. “Wannabes are the most dangerous of all. They want to be part of something; they want to do something to get noticed.”


Unfortunately, the violence that city police officers predicted in late 2011 involved a 15-year-old boy near GAR on Feb. 9. Police said the victim is black and the attacker, Juan Borbon, 19, is Hispanic.

Police late Friday night charged Borbon with swinging the machete and Yansy Abreu, 16, as an accomplice for carrying the weapon in a bag, according to the criminal complaint. Borbon remains at large.

Abreu was charged as an adult with multiple charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy. {snip}


Police said Abreu and Borbon are from the Dominican Republic. Abreu, a student at the Alternative Learning Center in Plains Township, has been in the United States for about a year and was residing on Wyoming Street, Wilkes-Barre, police said.


The witness claimed Abreu, Borbon and others were outside GAR and ran toward a group of black juveniles. A fight erupted as a black juvenile was on the ground being kicked, the criminal complaint says.

The victim attempted to pull the boy away from the group when Borbon came from behind and swung the machete, severely slashing the 15-year-old’s wrist, police allege.


Students, on the other hand, say the assault was about power and control among the young people.

“At times there are racial tensions, yes,” said Wilkes-Barre Area Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Namey. “I can’t say we don’t have racial tensions. Is it something out of our control or are there gangs in the school? When someone asks me are there racial tensions, I have to say yes. Not only at GAR but other schools, too.”


Inside the school, the frequency of scanning students entering GAR with hand-held metal detectors has been stepped up since the machete attack.

Namey said screenings are randomly conducted in the other two city high schools, Coughlin and Meyers.


A contributing factor that leads to increased violence and delinquency in and around schools is the influx of families moving to Northeastern Pennsylvania from the bigger cities, experts say.

“With the culture moving into the area from New York and New Jersey, some of these kids are exposed to gangs in the bigger cities,” Maguire said. {snip}

Old Forge Police Chief Larry Semenza said families from bigger cities are attracted to the region due to the lower cost of living.

“The demographics in Northeastern Pennsylvania have changed in the last 20 years,” Semenza said. “The home-grown families are dying off or moving away, leaving their houses to be sold and turned into apartments and duplexes. When families from the bigger cities move here because it’s cheaper to live and work here, they bring that bigger city lifestyle and mindset with them, having grown up in that culture.”

Maguire, Marinello and Semenza believe the problem of turf battles between different ethnic groups, especially in schools, has been growing for years throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania, fueled in part by the illegal drug trade.


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  • The_Bobster

    It’s better if Whites step aside and let the minorities kill each other. Look what happened to some White kids who mixed it up with an ugly squat monster invader over his rutting with underage White girls.


    • I’m Grateful for the Jury and their Common Sense but I fear that now, because of this Not Guilty Verdict, “outreach” to “minorities” and the “demonization” of White Country Folk will begin.

      Also, even though it is The Towns Folk who invaded no one, it will be them who pays for the invaders, as is the case in all of America.

  • JackKrak

    Coming soon to a town near you if it isn’t there already.

  • Our Diversity Is Our Strength (an official trademark of the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Additional reproduction without permission and a requisite contribution is strictly prohibited).

    Never mind that black American adolescent Ebonics speakers and black Dominican adolescent Spanish speakers can’t get along.  Huzzah, both groups are black!

  • Heinrich24

    My God, now Wilkes Barre is gond too?! I haven’t been there since the early to mid 1990’s, but it was a very, very White place at that time. Then again, so was a lot of America, though it’s hard to believe at this time! America’s suicide continues apace…

  • MrGJG

    If forced to pick a side, I’ll go with the Hispanics. Ultimately, as long as whites aren’t involved, I say have at it.

    • Anan7

      I don’t think that’s the best idea.  I feel the same way, but it makes the rest of the race-realists look bad when we say things like that.

      I prefer the peaceable solutions, like voluntary separation so each group can respect the other and their differences.

      Advocating violence, even if it supposedly helps the Whites, ends up hurting us in the end, both morally and politically.

      • MrGJG

         Where am I advocating violence?  I’m apathetic about the whole thing.

  • Anan7

    Peaceful separation is the only answer.  Some groups are inherently different than others, and mixing them has produced all sorts of problems.  Remember that the First World War was started because of a Serb-Austrian conflict.  This led the seeds for WWII.  Multiculturalism is a very old idea.  It was ridiculed in the old Austro-Hungarian Empire and it is the reason it fell.

    There is nothing wrong with “prejudice”.  Indeed, “prejudice” and “experience” often go hand in hand.  The races are inherently different and it does not matter if this is considered “hate speech” because it doesn’t fit with the 21st century brainwashing about equality.  It is the truth and you can’t be like an ostrich sticking its head in the sand because you don’t like it!

    I do not hate blacks. 

    I resent what they are doing to us. 

    I resent interracial marriages and the fact that my race is disappearing from the face of the earth and there is NOTHING I can do about it.

    I resent that the vast majority of blacks and Hispanics support laws affirming legal preferences for THEM but criminalizing such preferences AGAINST them.  They are hypocrites of the lowest sort.

    I want a future where the races can exist “separately and equally”.  This phrase has nothing inherently wrong with it.  People must recognize that some groups are inherently more violent and destructive than others and that separation is the best for both.

    The multicultural “kum-bay-ya” approach has failed.  Even Merkel and Sarkozy have admitted that.

    Embrace diversity!  Embrace peace and respect!  Separate!

  • libertarian4339

    “Maguire, Marinello and Semenza believe the problem of turf battles between different ethnic groups, especially in schools, has been growing for years throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania, fueled in part by the illegal drug trade.”

    How about considering the turf battles are the result of primitive peoples not wanting to share their space with those of a different race?

    Or, is that too far fetched to regard as a viable reason for all the trouble?

    The corporate and government elites want to flood the country with tax and consumer units to keep their Ponzi scheme of perpetual growth going on a continuing basis in order to increase their money and power.

    And the best way to shut those up who might criticize the process?  Well, just intimidate them with buzz words like “racist,” “hater,” “mean spirited” and the like.  But most of all preach to them about how wonderful it is to have an attitude of “love and tolerance.”

    It’s worked beautifully so far.

  • But I thought multiculturalism and diversity is our greatest “strength!”

  • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

    Ah I see, it’s the “big city lifestyle and mindset” now!  Well I’ve lived in a big city all my life and it never occured to me that I should use a machete to remove appendages from those I don’t care for.

    No, this “lifestyle and mindset” wasn’t incubated in the big bad city.  It was incubated in West Africa where it seems to be endemic.

    Where’s radical7 to tell us they all learned it from the White man, just like the scalp-taking Indians?

  • ViktorNN

    Still wondering what the benefits are of living amongst underclass third world types who are flat out incapable of living productively in a modern, advanced society. Where do they fit in exactly? What are they contributing? What will they and their descendants ever contribute? 

    At least when you go to a third world country on vacation there’s nice beaches.

  • I’m Grateful for the Jury and their Common Sense but I fear that now, because of this Not Guilty Verdict, “outreach” to “minorities” and the “demonization” of White Country Folk will begin.

    Also, even though it is The Towns Folk who invaded no one, it will be them who pays for the invaders, as is the case in all of America.

    • Anan7

      Different cultures are, well, different!  White Europeans tend to abhor violence (as do I), even when it is justified.  The same can be said about the Oriental Asians. 

      Blacks and Hispanics, as they are much more predisposed to such behavior, have much less inhibition against it.

      Remember it is “racist” to apply non-White standards of behavior to non-Whites!

      Embrace the diversity!  Whether you want to or not haha.

      Seriously, what was wrong with segregation?

      • The_Bobster
      • Sir/Ma’am,

        I do not abhor Violence when it is Justified.  It is because “We” abhor that “We” find ourselves being beaten without consequence to our Offenders’.  In short, our abhorrence is what brings on our beatings.  “We” don’t fight back and they count AND plan on that.

        • Anan7

           “Sir/Ma’am” well, I’m male haha.

          anyway what would you suggest?

          Concerning common crime, every White man and woman should get a pistol, a carry permit, and learn how to use the item.  However, they should live in a place far away from the riff-raff that is invading our nation.  Cities like Detroit, Philadelphia, and East St. Louis are no longer inhabitable.  Generally rural areas are much safer.

          We should be deporting these people en masse, namely the Somalis and Mexicans.  We should resurrect apartheid here in order to protect us from the non-Whites that we can’t ship out.

          We should end Welfare except in extreme cases of need, and make for more than 6 months use require sterilization.  I think we all remember Angel Adams.

  • Sonya610

    Police said the victim is black and the attacker, Juan Borbon, 19, is Hispanic.

    Domincans are black. The accomplice in this attack is definitely black.


  • seek

    The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Wyoming Valley area historically had been “Reagan Democrat” territory — heavily Irish, Polish and Slavic Catholic; liberal on economic issues; conservative on social issues.   Times are changing, and quickly.  Isn’t diversity grand?     

  • A “visible number” because such relations are highly visual. I agree with your overall assessment: I was shocked myself by the ignorance of many Pennsylvanians (particularly my then-girlfriend) when I used to spend time around there. I was shocked that people my age would (as a collective) scorn me for course racial language. I am a Long Islander and a Jerseyite (lifelong in between the two areas) and have never encountered so many young people who ACTUALLY BELIEVED in the egalitarian nonsense of our day.

    It makes me sad, because unlike my home region (s), the coaltowns and farmlands of PA retain so much of the genuine American character. There are even billboards at some of the crossings into PA proclaiming “America starts here!” I am so sad to see such ignorance amongst people who otherwise are the image of the true American.

    (I have had similar issues with Southerners, but they normally wake up with a vengeance once I give them a cold splash of salt water to the face. They want to awaken.)

    Fortunately, that was several years ago. I have met a few men and women now from the region (Stroudsburg area) who have a level of racial consciousness. A lot of men from Hazelton impressed me similarly, since that area became so invaded by the Mexican horde that their hospital shut down. That includes boomer-generation men who I am used to being most tragically PC.

  •  Homeschooling is always a good idea, but we nevertheless still need to stop retreating and surrendering our streets to the machete-wielding thugs.

  • True, Dominicans are Blacks- for us & anyone with even an average eyesight. BUT- they despise Blacks & do not consider themselves Black.

    Strange but true.

  • Blacks have no allies, only liberals.  These ongoing, monthly Hispanic-black school fights prove that us Whites were NOT the racist, trouble-makers. The blacks can’t get along with anyone, not even their mixed-with-black Dominican counterparts. At this point, I don’t think it can be said that one particular group despises blacks any more than the other group. Whites, Asians, Hispanics….nobody can have peace in the presence of blacks.

  • 2000 Census.

    My Town was white until after the Year 2000.  After that, non-whites, ALL kinds FLOODED My Town.  It’s still mostly White, don’t get me wrong but when you have 2+% asian, you’re Flooded.  This doesn’t count the indians, muslims, hispanics and blacks.

  • PAWarrior

    I’m from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area and things have changed so dramatically in the last couple of years I can hardly believe it. I grew up in the area and it was always predominately white- I had only one black in my entire high school and that was in 2003. It has gotten progressively worse since about  2007 and it has really deteriorated in the last  3 years especially to the point you can’t walk certain streets at night in the towns between Wilkes-Barre and Scranton which were always safe when I was growing up. We have the Hispanics spilling over from Hazleton and the blacks from Philadelphia and New York. The number of robberies, assaults and drug crimes by this “out of towners” have skyrocketed. I hear Spanish more and more when I go out and ghetto blacks are coming out of the wood work. I’ve heard the there are advertisements for local housing here on the subways and transit systems in Philly and NYC and in the “diversity rich” neighborhoods of those same cities.Also the population of the area us generally elderly so when these old folks pass away slum lords take over and buy the homes and fill them with city scum.  A few months ago we had a devastating flood in the area and there were many reports of these people looting the abandoned homes. I personally knew a number of people who returned to their homes to find wiring stripped from the walls and their homes emptied. They stole what the flood waters didn’t destroy..

  •  I won’t doubt what you say, but I never detected a “Catholic” angle. The region I have grown up in has a significantly greater Catholic character, and most of the folks I describe had surnames of German origin. I even met a number of “Heathens against Hate”… pardon my internet-speak, but all I could think was “lol wut?!”