President Obama Announces the 2012 Launch of African Americans for Obama

YouTube, January 31, 2012

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  • Euro-americans for Ron Paul!

    •  Blacks did not end slavery, white men ended slavery.  He is now the President of Black America, only Black America. 

    • Anan7

      I will be happy to vote him as a write-in if he doesn’t win!

      side note: very brave to use your image and name on a controversial website like this.  I didn’t do it haha.

  • Anonymous

    It’s always about race to the Africans. Their votes, their jury verdicts, their reaction to everyday events is all about race. Remember the O.J. verdict and celebrations?  Every comment on current events is all about race. They are consumate racists.


      These people do not know it but they are becoming a threat to the entire world.  The German people never realized  what a threat to the world they had become.  They destroyed Germany.   Well we are not going to sit by and watch these Obama followers destroy our nation and the whole world. 


      These people do not know it but they are becoming a threat to the entire world.  The German people never realized  what a threat to the world they had become.  They destroyed Germany.   Well we are not going to sit by and watch these Obama followers destroy our nation and the whole world. 

  • “African Americans for Obama”  Fish for water?  Tobacco farmers for smoking?  Ski resorts for snow?

  • Anonymous

    Actually I tried to comment on this story on YouTube. The comments are being moderated. I would not be surprised if Obama was not making some of the comments himself.

  • Anonymous

    I guess they really need to grab that 5% of the black vote that he failed to get.

    • Impertinent

      Don’t worry…they’re working on the felons, dead voters and lowering the voting age to 15…to accommodate all the unwed “moms”.

    • Anonymous

      Good points. But Opama has been trying to flood the US with Blacks from other countries – the West Indies, Black Africa – remember Obama’s father was African – was in the US on a student visa, he was never a US citizen. Obama is trying to use the support of hundreds of millions of Blacks in countries like Kenya, Nigeria – under some bizarre twists of the law, these huddled masses of Blacks throughout the entire world are being recruited to help Obama’s re-election.

    •  Little is made of the fact that Obama won 95% of the black vote but I think if race were taken out of the picture, any freedom loving human would be in fear of the future had the country as a whole voted nearly unanimously for one candidate. Smacks of Hitler, Stalin and Mao. I don’t blame blacks as I consider them to simple minded to see the danger but whites should know better. It’s observations like this that make me realize the average white might be smarter than the average black but he’s still pretty clueless.

  • Impertinent

    Are blacks really this ignorant and stupid? If so…why do they vote for the very frauds that keep them stupid and enslaved to their gimme culture?

  • Anonymous

    Whites for Romney!
    Whites for Paul!

    Call me crazy but… I just get the feeling it will be call racism.  

    • Anan7

      “Racism” is code word for “truth” or “anti-reality”, the same way “anti-racist” is a code word for “anti-white”.

  • I’m confident Obama, will win by a historic margin. I say this with confidence because I’m realistic about the lack of real intelligence of the average white.

    • Drew

      The minds of voters (nothing to celebrate, to be sure) are functioning better than the system
      that “selects” the nominees. 

  • Anonymous

    Obama will certainly support the racial interests of Blacks.  Romney (and the other Repubican canidates) will do nothing to support the racial interests of Whites.

    • Anonymous

      Please don’t be so negative. 

      We Whites have won some solid victories in the last 20 years. We took back New York City, lots of other urban areas. Compare the situation now to when Washington D.C. was run by Black crack smoker Marion Barry, Los Angeles allowed open Black riots, Detroit was Coleman Young. The OJ Simpson verdict – South Africa going over to Black Communist rule.

      Communism has fallen in Central and Eastern Europe – that’s a good thing. The US South looks solid on racial issues, immigration – OK the South is very bad in Presidential politics thanks to Bible Belt Religious Right/Religious Wrong idiots – but we’re doing OK, pretty well in many areas.

      Please don’t ever give in to despair – our people suffered much worse things under Reconstruction, the 60s Black urban riots, forced busing. Look at Eastern Europeans who survived Bolshevism, the collectivization of land/mass starvation, World War II. Our people are a tough people, we going to do better – the Heavy Weight boxing champions are all White.

      Don’t ever give up.

      • OK the South is very bad in Presidential politics thanks to Bible Belt Religious Right/Religious Wrong idiots

        Don’t forget, those same voters generally vote for politicians who give us the castle doctrine and a bunch of other laws and legal mechanisms that have the disparate impact of really going hard after black criminals.  Even when one is wrong, one can do a lot of right in the process.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed. The South is generally solid on 2nd Amendment rights, lots of crime issues. It’s just so disappointing that these same White Southern voters have these huge defects – they mostly fall for Neo Con wars that have nothing to do with White American interests and yes, the Religious Right/Religious Wrong Evangelical Protestants are obsessed with all kinds of nonsense that make it difficult to impossible to get Whites to unite and simply vote and act White.

          Oh Well. 

          We struggle on.

  • Anonymous

    So openly race-based appeals for support coming straight from Obama’s mouth are OK but Pat Buchanan suggesting that whites should come together for political purposes is a scandal and an outrage that demands his immediate firing-resignation-whatever so he cannot further poison the airwaves with his hate talk?

    Oh, ok.

  • B

    If your record won’t win you votes, you can always appeal to race out of desperation.

  • Germany could have never won WWII.  They were simultaneously fighting the three biggest empires on Earth (British, American, Soviet). 

  • While I commend you on your ability to dismiss the wishful thinking of both the left and biblical right that think they can educate the ghetto out of them, we must still be respectful of each other. Blacks are simply less evolved or environmental pressures caused them to devolved to survive. Either way they as a group are highly destructive to the western world and with the billions in western aid, destructive to Africa as well.

  • Anan7

    I read it was only 95%, and 4% for McCain.  I will either vote for Ron Paul or a 3rd party.  Romney/Santorum/Gingrich are just awful.

    • Be careful when you see reports of anything less than 98-99% of the black vote going to a Democrat.  Sometimes, the political analysts assume that every voter in a ghetto precinct is black, and assume that the 95% Obama vote there means that 5% of blacks voted McCain.  In reality, there are still a few white people stuck in those ghettos, and they’re very unlikely to vote Democrat out of pure reactionary verve.

  • Anan7

    I was amazed by your patience.  I wouldn’t have been able to sit through all of that.  I generally turn a show off if there is any more than a token black or Hispanic character.  I stopped watching House after Olivia Wilde made out with the affirmative action doctor (I don’t recall his name).

    And it was spelled “Tuskegee”.

    • Anon

      Thanks Anan7… usually I don’t. I watched one hour of it because I knew exactly what was going to be said and I wanted to confirm it for myself.  It confirmed to me about the AARP and they are as anti-White as any org. out there. I pray all White seniors stop paying and having anything to do with them.

      Here is a link about the AARP and how liberal they are.

      Here is an alternative for seniors.

  • guest

     Idiot whites and Hispanics , who voted for him 2-1 (or more) .  .  .

  • Zorro

    This is why Patton was murdererd, because he knew the truth, and was ready to talk about it. He would have commanded a huge audience.

    Patton wanted to re-arm the Germans and have them fight alongside his Troops against the Russian Communists.

    • MikeofAges

      As a teenager, I talked about this idea with a friend’s  father, who had been an infantry sergeant in World War II and later became a university professor. He had some pithy things to say, which I will not repeat. I don’t think it would have been a popular idea among the troops.

      Not to mention, didn’t we rearm the Germans under NATO command? I recall, the Federal Republic maintained a 500,000 man army, but not its own general staff.

  • Another vote pandering sam.

  • Christopher_Nelson

    More  anti-white double standards in our “post racial” Nation.  If a white president did this, he would be heavily critiqued.

    Hopefully next , the “president” will launch the  2012 Bi racial, abandoned by a black father, raised by a white mother and white grandparents  Americans for Mmm Mmm Mmm, Barack Hussein Obama.

    • Sonya610

      Heavily critiqued?  If a White President said that his own party would turn on him and tear him to shreds like a pack of feral dogs.

      Today we announce the 2012 launch of White Americans for Mitt Romney!
      Every day I think of the generations of White American men and women that overcome challenges and even gave up their lives to help this country live up to it’s founding principles.

      • Christopher_Nelson

        Now would these dogs be poodles or pitbulls?

        I am certainly not a supporter of George Bush tho.

  • Can you e-mail me please?  I want to ask you a question about that White Only thing.

  • Imagine Bush during his re-election.  If he would have said American Whites for Bush 2004…..what would have happen? My gosh this guy is the biggest racist I have ever seen.  Its time to send this racist back to the Trinity Church and his fellow racist Mr Wright.  Brain dead people can vote for a racist if the wish but I will vote for the guy that has the best chance of beating him.  Who ever that is.