Pat Buchanan Out at MSNBC

David Bauder, Yahoo! News, February 17, 2012

MSNBC dropped conservative commentator Pat Buchanan on Thursday, four months after suspending him following the publication of his latest book.

The book “Suicide of a Superpower” contained chapters titled “The End of White America” and “The Death of Christian America.” Critics called the book racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic, charges Buchanan denied.

MSNBC President Phil Griffin said last month that he didn’t think Buchanan’s book “should be part of the national dialogue, much less part of the dialogue on MSNBC.”

The network said on Thursday that “after 10 years, we have decided to part ways with Pat Buchanan. We wish him well.”

Buchanan, in a column posted on Thursday, called the decision “an undeniable victory for the blacklisters.”

The former GOP candidate had seemed increasingly out of place on MSNBC as it emphasized liberal commentary in recent years. {snip}

Buchanan wrote that advocacy groups like Color of Change and the Anti-Defamation League brand people as racists or anti-Semites if they dare “to venture outside the narrow corral in which they seek to confine debate.” They seek to silence and censor dissent while proclaiming devotion to the First Amendment, he said.


[Editor’s Note: Read Mr. Buchanan’s full column here.]

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  • Anonymous

    Oh c’mon. This is MSNBC after all, the cable network of far-left lunatics, who get all their talking points from Media Matters. They’re anti-white, anti-male, anti-straight, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, anti-legal immigration, anti-traditional values, anti-American, anti-conservative, anti-everything which America used to be. The only thing which amazed me is that Pat Buchanan was there for so long. It would be as if Calypso Louie Farakkhan wrote on a regular basis for AmRen.

    MSNBC President Phil Griffin said last month that he didn’t think Buchanan’s book ‘should be part of the national dialogue, much less part of the dialogue on MSNBC.’”

    Does anyone REALLY need a comment on this?

    • Anonymous

       There was but ONE of your ‘anti’ entries that caused Buchanan to be terminated……Alas, we’re not allowed to mention which one…….

    • Napollitano and FBI, read me first…


      Has anyone ever lost a job before  or been destroyed in America for writing a book?
      How can we live here anymore in the nation with what is going on?  An uprising in America against the rule of the Liberal would be a Just War by definition and a act of Self Defense by the natural law of God.  We have the right to live in freedom in liberty, as humans and if not in the United States then in a North American homeland of our own. 
      If the US Liberal no longer has use for us, then we have use for ourselves in our own homeland.

      • anarchyst

        Fred Leuchter, an expert on execution methods, was financially destroyed with job loss and charged with “professional misconduct” for investigating the so-called “gas chambers” at Auschwitz. 
        He surrepititiously obtained “samples” of the walls of the “gas chambers” carefully preserved them and had them tested at respected analytical laboratories.  His findings were that these “gas chambers” could not have been possible, given the trace amounts of “methylene blue” (which should have permeated the walls of these “gas chambers” had they actually been used for that purpose) that were NOT found in the samples. 
        In addition, there were no “gas tight doors” or ventilation systems.  It seems that in their condition, the “operators” of the so-called “gas chambers” would have perished with their “victims”. 
        From an engineering standpoint these “gas chambers” are fake and could not have been used for the purported purpose.
        Upon releasing his findings, the state of Massachussetts prosecuted him for “practicing engineering without a license” a “crime” in which no one else had ever been convicted of.  He lost business as a designer of execution equipment as a result of his quest for the TRUTH.
        Yes, seeking the TRUTH can get one into trouble.
        Ask David Irving, a noted World War 2 historian who DARED to question certain aspects of the jewish “holocaust”.  Like Galileo, he was FORCED to recant before European courts and their “holocaust commissions” but was still imprisoned for seeking the TRUTH.
        Arthur Butz was imprisoned in Canada for the “crime” of questioning certain aspects of the jewish “holocaust”.  The “holocaust commissions” still have authority in Canada.
        Ask any politician who speaks out against (the interests) of Israel.
        He is guaranteed defeat at the next election . . .

        • Marcy Fleming

           Great points, all true, thanks for raising them AND we will win !

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Marcy:  It seems when the thread gets too long, there is no way to reply.  I wanted to comment on the rape of German women after the Soviets overran Berlin at the end of WW II, which is well documented here:  History IN Pictures: 


            March 24, 1945, the Soviet army entered Danzig. A 50-year-old Danzig teacher reported that her niece, aged 15, was raped seven times, and another niece, 22 years old, was raped fifteen times. A Soviet officer told a group of women to seek refuge in the cathedral. When they gathered there, the Soviet soldiers went in and accompanied with the sounds of bells and organ, “celebrated” foul orgy through the night raping the women, some more than thirty times. A Catholic pastor in Danzig, testified: “They raped even 8-year-old girls, and killed those boys who tried to shield their mothers.” His Eminence Archbishop Bernard Griffin, British (Bernard Griffin) who toured Europe, reported: “In Vienna alone they raped 100 000 women, not once but many times, including 10 year old girls and old women.

            Alexander Solzhenitsyn, an ex-captain in the Soviet Army, recalls, “All of us knew very well that if girls were German they could be raped and then shot. This was almost a combat distinction”. (Details of these, and other atrocities, are contained in the Eastern Documentation Section of the German Federal Archives in Berlin).


          • blight14

            Marcy, please reconsider leaving AR, we both need and want your great comments…..I hope you get the email response to this comment…B

          • Marcy Fleming

            Reply to Blight14, thank you very much. You can see my response to Taylor (whom I assume is the moderator here) at the top of the thread’s Comments section here. I don’t think they will publish me anymore but I’m glad to have their specious reasons on the record. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] anytime.
            Maybe we can get a new forum going.

        • blight14

           A brilliant post, thank you…..B

  • Anonymous

    I am a democrat and liberal on many issues. I was awakened to politics through environmental concerns of the dangers of increaesed population would put on America. When I discovered the 1965 immigration Act and how it had opened the floodgates of immigration, that was a turning point for me, I had always been told we are a nation of immigrants and thought our current immigration tidal wave was normal, not a policy driven by people with an agenda.

     soon, I began looking for people who shared my concerns of massive immigration, and to my surprise, it was a paleoconservative, pat Buchanan that really opened my eyes.

     I don’t agree with pat on everything, but on the things that matter the most, such as the immigration time bomb, our one sided trade policies that favor the one percenters and hurt the working class,, our foreign policy that seems to always carry the heavy lifting for Isreal, our insane policy of having troops on trip wires in North Korea and in eastern Europe. Pat has indeed been right from the beginning. I am sad I discovered pat so late and there seems to be no one to take his place.

    This latest insult to pat, is another turning pouint for me. I have never heard pat say that those that he disagrees with need to be banished and silenced like they do to him. Those that attack him never attack his ideas, only try to smear him and shut him up so they will not have to respond to his positions.  His critics are very un American.

     …Then they came for pat Buchanan, ….and did i do nothing?

    The time has come to focus on what I can do as a individual, to educate myself, to join with like minded individuals and to legally take action whenever an opportunity to advance our cause presents itself. and never,never,never give up.

     Except for ann Coulter, I can’t think of a single media person that is left  on Tv that speaks out about the deomgraphic time bomb endangering america. Soon, they will get her too.

     when did the culture war start for you?

     For me, it starts today.

    • His first journalism job out of college was with the St. Louis Globe-Democrat (long ago went out of business), in fact, the man who hired him hosted a public affairs roundtable show on local public TV until recently.  His first residence in St. Louis was the city neighborhood that is a short walking distance from my boyhood home.  One of his few winning states in 1996 was Missouri, caucuses in which yours truly participated.

      We’ll call him a “homeboy.”  Close enough for government work

    • Anonymous

      Love your Avitar….the guy from Falling Down.  I feel that way some days.

      When did the culture war start for me.  There were several moments of enlightenment for me. 

      1.  When the jailed two old white cops here in Detroit for “murdering” a young life-long black criminal and drug addict during a struggle over a gun.

      2.  The OJ Simpson trial.  Many of the “people of color” I worked with knew he was guilty but wanted to see him get off anyhow.  I can still see them cheering and Robert Kardashian looking stunned when the verdict was read.  

      3.  Tawanna Brawley case.

      4.  Duke La Crosse player circus.

      5.  1967 riots here in Detroit.

      6.  LA riots.

      7.  London riots

      8.  Being run out of every neighborhood I lived in Detroit proper….before we fled to the burbs.

      9.  Hearing white people made out to be villians on NPR (National Politically-correct Radio).

      10.  Listening to pseudo intellectuals tell me that I am the benefactor of something called “white privilege” ???  

      That’s just off the top of my head….lol  

      • Anonymous

        hello detroit wasp, the emma West video on youtube was also a wake up call. A woman speaking her mind about how her country was being over run via immigration and telling people to leave and go back to where they came from gets thrown in jail for weeks for hate speech, don’t think it is not going to happen here.. The video got 12 million hits in a few weeks and tens of thousands left youtube messages she should have been raped or murdered for speaking out while she suffered in jail and nothing was done to them.
        The labor party actually admitted they allowed millions of unassimilating immigrants flood the once homogenous white country just to, in their own words, to rub the rights nose in diversity. These criminals guaranteed generations of ethnic strife just to punish those they despised for wanting to maintain their national identity.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      when did the culture war start for you?

      When I got a good look at modern high school textbooks.


    •  Nepollitano and the FBI, read me first…


      Those people you talk of would do the same to us if they could.  They are all so bold now that they speak of getting rid of us, we should not be here, we are demons…  If we were not armed and able to protect our home and loved ones with weapons what would they be doing to us right now?  Look what they do and say to our police.  These are college educated people, professors, news media, and wealthy people, listen to them.  When the Liberal threatens us we must take it seriously.  Look at what the Liberal has done to people they do not like all over the world.  They are now attacking 4 year old girls over what they eat for lunch. 

      It will be a just war and a war of self defense.

    • Anonymous

       This position seems very “Green” to me. I have long thought that there has been a potential for some nationalist sentiment within the American Green movement. Stay the course, please.

      Not to mention that the “demographic bomb” massive immigration represents, along with its handmaiden, globalization, have undermined all efforts to help the long-existing and economically depressed black minority. At least white America had some obligation to blacks, natives and the small Hispanic underclass which existed here before 1970. In the face of a new “nation with a nation”, how can we (the historic majority population) consider any obligations to anyone else? Most of our own people are undereducated and underemployed themselves outside of the small hereditary upper middle class.

    • Anonymous

      Delmar, it takes guts to call yourself a liberal around here so I give you points for that. It’s hard for me to see how you can reconcile being a Dem and a liberal and still take Buchanan’s side on this, but you’ve got your reasons I guess. One thing I must point out though, with all due respect, is that it is ALWAYS the liberals, Democrats and MSNBC-ers who yell and scream for all opposing viewpoints to be banned. Leftists are always the first ones to scream about how they are being “censored” if taxpayer money isn’t used to fund some bizarre “art” or pet project of theirs. They are the ones who make us listen to endless teary-eyed tributes to so-called victims of so-called “blacklisting” in one leftist industry sixty years ago. But when the president of MSNBC openly states that someone was fired because of the opinions he expressed, all we can hear from the left is cheering and applause.

      If you’ve been voting for them, I think you’ve forfeited your right to complain about it. 

    • seek

      I don’t even think Ann Coulter raised this issue; she’s too busy baiting “liberals” to see the larger issue.  The truth is that keeping a job in major media is virtually impossible if one goes the route of advocating immigration restriction.  Lou Dobbs, one of us in a mild sort of way, kept his job for a while, but at the cost of being neutered.  

  • Anonymous

    Pat was essentially castrated there anyway.  He still appears on McGlaughlin Group and Fox on occasion.  He was on Hannity’s radio show once as well.  This may be a blessing in disguise, particularly if Fox gives him more appearances.

  • i think his book “Suicide of a Superpower” should be part of the national dialogue.

  • Anonymous

    I’m just glad he went ahead with the book…after seeing him on MSNBC I was afraid he’d become neutered.

  • Even Mark Levin, who despises PJB with a passion, lauded Suicide of a Superpower.

    There was the first of what will be a multi-part series in The Daily Caller about Media Matters, this past weekend.  That’s relevant to this story because I think that’s the key to solving this caper.  What mystified me is that Suicide is the reason MSNBC cut him loose, but Suicide is far from his first book.  PJB had numerous books under his belt when MSNBC hired him, including A Republic, Not an Empire, which “went there” as far as WWII and GNSWP-era Germany went.  They would have never hired him if anything he wrote as “repugnant.”

    I think the only reason MSNBC ever really liked him is because he liked to criticize other Republicans. That’s why Fox has Pat Caddell.

    No, the book is an excuse.  The real reason is that MSNBC and Media Matters are so linked at the hip that MSNBC cut him loose just for Media Matters to be able to brag about a big cat they skinned.

    • Anonymous

      And don’t forget… It’s ELECTION year. And you know how MSNBC, Media Matters, and the entire Left shill for NoBama.
      They will brook NO dissenting opinions.

    • Anonymous

      Cannot stand Mark Levin……..a true  babysit-the-world, Republirat-Phonycon.

      • Anonymous

         Its called DNA……and yes, Levin is a vile cretin…………..

      • That makes this whole matter more jaw-dropping.  Even a contemptible knave like Levin, who has had nothing but vicious hate for PJB over the years, (much the same kind of venom he saves up for Ron Paul), liked Suicide

        • blight14

           Golly, I wonder why?????? lol………..can you IMAGINE a Paul/Buchanan 2012 ticket?

    • Anonymous

       Mr Buchanan crossed the ‘line’ that can’t be crossed…….and he’s right!

    • Marc B.

      It was his appearance on the Political Cesspool radio program that ultimately did him in. Color of Change now dictates what the acceptable arenas of national discourse are to large cable tv networks. I’ve admired Pat ever since when he was on the original conservative voice on the extremely volatile Crossfire tv show in the 1980’s.

  • Anonymous

    It is a certain subset of a great culture that is the source of most of the problems in the world today. They are the “movers and shakers” that control the world’s
    finances, cultural institutions, wealth and, in general reserve cultural insularity and cohesiveness for themselves while promoting (and demanding) “multiculturalism and
    diversity” for the rest of us. They start small, infecting a society with their presence, use their previous “suffering” as a wedge to insert themselves into society, and
    then take control while feeding the masses “bread and circuses”. Any deviation from (their) official policy (for the rest of us) is looked down upon with grave
    consequences. Political and social careers have been destroyed for merely questioning our supremacist masters . . . no, it’s not white supremacism, but originates in a
    small country (land grab) instituted in 1948 . . .

    • A country with 0.1% of the world’s population, 0.3% of the world’s GDP and 0.8% of the world’s military spending is causing “most of the world’s problems today,” and indeed seeks to run the world.


      • Anonymous

        Thank you for your kind comment, “Question Diversity” . . .

        • You’re welcome.  Anytime.  You know I’ve got your back.

        • Marcy Fleming

          Reply are missing for many entries after Engelman’s last disinformation blast on Israel. I have already explained why the UN Partition was wrong, both morally and legally. There was no ‘competition’ between Ashkenazim Jews and Arabs from 1880-1948 because the Zionist organizations had a policy of no hiring Arabs, no renting or selling to Arabs and in general not doing any business with Arabs. What we would label today as pure, unadulterated tribal racism.
          There are Muslims and there are Muslims. Muslim terrorism is directly a result of two horrible US policies, blank check support for barbaric, vicious Israeli State Terrorism and support for barbaric, vicious Arab Reaction. Basically Saudi Arabia.
          SOA, moderm Middle Eastern terrorism was started by Israel, WW1 is irrelevant in this regard except for the Balfour Declaration.

      • Anonymous

        Those who claim that Israel is the root cause of the problems of the Mid East reveal their hatred of Jews. If the Arabs finally destroy Israel and kill most of the Jews there, as they have wanted to do since the UN Partition of 1947, they will celebrate for a year or so before discovering that there is still no food in the kitchen, no jobs, and that the only prosperous Arabs are the ones with oil under their sand.

        • Anonymous

          Hello John Engelman, (and AmRen readers)
          It is certainly NOT “hatred of jews”. . .  Israel has done remarkable things with that strip of land (that was forcibly taken from its inhaitants) and would (still) be the place to be in the whole middle east. . . Israel is to be commended for creating an “oasis” in the desert . . .

          That being said, I would suggest that you research how many dual-nationality israelis are embedded in our government and influence OUR country’s “foreign policy”.  You may be surprised to find that most of our “foreign policy wonks” ARE dual-nationality israelis that hold israel’s interests above our own. 

          Google “dancing israelis at 9-11”.  You will be surprised to find out that Israel had prior knowledge of 9-11 and were filming it “for posterity”.  Upon subsequent investigation, the israelis told the investigators that muslims were “our problem now”.  They were summarily deported and their files sealed under “national security” auspices.

          There are many other instances where the interests of Israel have taken precedence over what is good for OUR country, the USA.

          The Lavon affair (1954) comes to mind, as it was an attempt to embroil the USA into a war with Egypt.  Bombs were set off, one at the American interests section, hoping that the USA would get involved.  The israeli plot was uncovered when one of the bombs went off prematurely.  The perpetrators were israeli mossad and tried to make the attack look like a muslim operation.

          The deliberate attack on the USS Liberty (1967) was no “accident” as was initially reported.  The USS Liberty was attacked (once again) to provoke an American response against Egypt and to cover up an israeli massacre at an Egyptian city.  President Lyndon Johnson initially denied help for the stricken ship. 
          The Liberty incident (actually an act of war)  is the ONLY incident in American history to NOT have a Naval Board of Inquiry investigation.  Why??  What did the israelis have on Lyndon Johnson??

          It is known that the 9-11 perpetrators were saudi arabians.  WHY did we go after iraq instead of saudi arabia??

          Israel has a first rate military and intelligence operation and is quite capable ot taking care of itself without American “assistance” (dollars).

          One point–Israel is NOT our “friend”.  One cannot blame Israel for looking out for its own interests (every country should do the same), but to drag America into wars and to subjugate “what is good for America”  for Israel’s interests is insane.
          There is much more political plurality in Israel than is (permitted) in this country.  There are “hawks” and “peacniks” and political persuasions of every stripe in Israel, but we never hear about them.  Why??  It seems that ANY viewpoint that is contrary to the “official” position is ridiculed; charges of anti-semitism are usually the result.

          Jews and arabs (both semitic peoples) have been at each others throats for centuries.  Let them settle their own differences without US “help”.

          The present drumbeats for “war” against Iran are sponsored by Israel.  We would do well to steer clear of it.

          One last point–I would take AIPAC, ADL, ACLU, $PLC and CAIR and other such organizations and require that they register as “agents of a foreign government” with our State Department.  These groups are un-American and need to be closely scrutinized.

          If being a true American patriot make some think that I am “anti-semitic”, so be it.  I have no use for any country, culture, etc. that puts its interests above that of MY country, the USA.
           I would add that one way to negate one’s position in an argument is to resort to name-calling. 
          I trust that this will not be the case here. . .
          Best regards,

          • Anonymous

            Israel has done remarkable things with that strip of land (that was forcibly taken from its inhaitants)                                                                                                                                                                  
            – anarchyst                                                            
            At the beginning of the Zionist movement Jews returned in peace to the land of their ancestors. Violence only happened when Arabs, who could not compete with the Ashkenazim  intellectually, attacked them physically. The Jews fought back and won.
            If the Arabs had accepted the UN Partition of 1947 the area would be at peace. Again the Arabs tried to annihilate the Jews. Again the Jews fought back and won. 
            Psalm 129: 1-2 Many a time have they fought against me from my youth up, may Israel now say; Yea, many a time have they vexed me from my youth up’ but they have not prevailed against me. 

          • Anonymous

            In Peace?? 

            I recall the bombing of the King David Hotel and the Irgun and Stern gangs fomenting (the first modern acts of) terrorism to force the British out of what was then known as Palestine. 

            The Balfour declaration was a big mistake–you don’t take land from indigenous people to give to immigrants without expecting an undesirable reaction (blowback).  There were other ways to secure the “jewish homeland” . . .

            What the west is discovering is that the “blowback” has been going on since 1948.  A little-known fact is the massacre of arabs by israeli forces (that was covered up by the western news media) which so shocked the indigenous people (arabs) there that they “left of their own accord” never again to be able to (re)acquire their property. 

            The 1967 “six-day war” was a pre-emptive strike by Israel in anticipation of an attack by the arab forces.  The USS Liberty was attacked because “it saw too much” and was seen (by Israel) as a way to get the USA involved against the arabs. . .only it didn’t work the way Israel wish it had . . .
            There are many reasons for the animosity that exists in the midle east . . . our unconditional support of Israel is seen by many as the USA being the “big brother bully” that enforces Israel’s will. 
            These are not exclusively my thoughts, but are endemic throughout the rest of the world . . .and do little to endear other countries to us. 
            Although I don’t particularly care what other countries think about the USA . . . we should follow Thomas Jefferson’s advice . . . trade with everyone, political alliances with NO ONE.

            I have absolutely no problem with Israel handling its own affairs, just keep the USA out of it . . .

            Those woh do not remember history are doomed to repeat it . . .
            Best regards,

          • anarchyst:

            My only caveat to that is that wherever Muslims go, they’re trouble.  The existence of Israel cannot explain Muslim terrorism in the Philippines or Indonesia.

            As far as the world hating us, that’s a given.  That’s because the world is mostly comprised of low IQ perpetually impoverished non-white losers.

          • Anonymous

            About muslims, you are absolutely correct!  They are trouble, no matter where they are.  They want to impose their “culture” on us.  They do not belong in present-day non-muslim countries. 
            However, what you perceive as “hatred” of jews is not necessarily “hatred” but concern for one’s own culture. 
            I recognize that hatred of jews is real, but, most people do not “hate” jews. 
            Many people object to certain aspects of judaism, zionism, for instance.  Disdain for zionism is NOT “hatred” of jews.  Zionist control of American foreign policy is REAL, not a figment of someone’s imagination . . . Ron Paul was misunderstood when it came to his position on American “foreign policy”.  His stance on “foreign policy” would actually strengthen Israel’s position on middle eastern affairs.  Too bad he was disinvited from the Jewish Conservative debate . . .
            Those jews that see “anti-semitism” behind any disagreement with gentiles do themselves a disservice and actually weaken the “cause”.

            Best regards,

          • Why do so many people go through such extraordinary gymnastics to portary the fact that they dont “hate” jews? I DO hate jews. I hate them passionately. They have turned this country into a pile of excrement. They hate US!  Have they ever stood with US? Have they ever not stood against us?? Joe Kenne dy ahd it right: they destroy everything they touch. theyre filth.

          • Anonymous

            The existence of Israel cannot even explain Muslim terrorism in Islamic countries. Most of it is directed toward other Muslims. 

          • How moronic to say Israel has not inflamed Muslem terrorism. How can you know that?? By what Magick does Israel not affect muslem thought?? Maybe if there  were a  parallel universe where there is no Israel (not a bad idea) this hypothesis could be tested. Would there be an Al Qeda?? Pure speculative horse-hockey.

          • anarchyst:

            Not all Zionists are Jewish.  Most in the United States are Christian.  It’s just that some people use “Zionist” and “Jewish” interchangeably, incorrectly so.

            Too bad he was disinvited from the Jewish Conservative debate

            In his own comedic way, Jon Stewart (Leibowitz) defended Ron Paul and bashed all the Republicans who went to that debate.  As much as the philo-Semitic pandering on the part of many Republicans turns you and me off, most Jews are even more repulsed by it.

          • A)Re-read the post by anarchyst,it is an excellent summation of the truth. B)As for Israel,why were the British such ardent zionists? Because they feared the terror and the horror that the jews brought about in Europe. Send the jew murderers to the mid-east,let them carry out their inborn need for slaughter on the hapless Arabs.  But the jews havent let go of the West. Look at what your people have done to America!! C) “Remarkable” things? Yes,using irrigation to create farms. Wow. Thats  astonishing!!!

          • Anon

            Are you one of them, John?  Maybe you are.

            These people think they are the true Israelites. According to them they are not Jews. They are black, latinos, and Indians who are the chosen and we Whites are of the devil.


          • Selection bias.

            If you’re in the market for a new car, and you really fall in love with a fluorescent green Saab and buy it on Monday, you’re going to notice on Tuesday that damned near everybody has a fluorescent green Saab, while nobody had one on Sunday.

            Get my point?

            Your point about the plurality in the Israeli body politic needs to be understood far better than certain people do.  Because of the sources to which we pay attention regularly, we sometimes walk away thinking that Likkud is the only political party in Israel.  In reality, (at least in the realm of American politics that are “pro-Israel,” and not all of them are), the Republican Party lines up pretty well with Likkud, and the Democrat Party lines up well with Labor.  Republican-Likkud is mostly “make war with the Arabs,” Democrat-Labor is “try to make peace with the third world stone throwers so our politicians can win Nobel peace prizes.”

            I really don’t have a developed opinion either way.  I’m way over here, and they’re way over there next to the problem.  I can only presume that first world adults in charge of a first world representative democracy can see threats and respond to them, and that if they sink or swim, that will be their own affair.  Furthering my neutralitarianism here is that I am not an evangelical Christian, and I don’t read any physical future prophecy into Revelation.

            To net it out, to me, Israel is a country that starts with “I.”  Comes between Ireland and Italy in the dictionary.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Good points but Israel never created an oasis in the desert. Palestine oranges were known here at the time of the American Revolution. As well as figs, grapes and several other fruits.
            95% of Israelis live in the same non-desert areas that the Arabs lived in in Palestine.
            If the Palestinians were given a quarter trillion (250 billion)
            in US tax dollars they could accomplish quite a few ‘miracles’ too.’

          • blight14

             WELL STATED! 100% factual……thank you!

          • blight14

             Lets postulate how long the ‘experiment’ would last sans billions in ‘aid’, plus untold billions in military hardware, garnered from the United States, Germany, etc….

        • Marcy Fleming

          You have revealed your total ignorance of the Palestine Question.
          Israel displaced Palestine by forcing out 750,000 to 1 million Palestinian Arabs from late 1947-June 1948.
          The UN Partition was illegal because Arabs owned 94% of the nonstate land in Palestine and were 67% of the population at the time when the UN
          only consisted of 33 nations. The Forrestal Diaries by Truman’s Secretary of Defense goes into great detail as to how the US pressued countries like Liberia and the Philippines to vote for partition when they were leaning the other way. It was the lowest sort of bribing, threats and dirty politics.
          There are many books by Israeli Jewish, American Jewish, English Jewish and Palestinian Arab authors that go into the whole history of Mandatory Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict since then. Most people here can read and do appreciate good books.
          Palestinians are among the most productive people in the Near East, they have always been farmers and tradesmen in great numbers. They are starving now in Gaza due to Israeli blockades and they receive very few benefits for the very high taxes extorted from them. Your racist assumption that they depend on Jews to live is the exact opposite of the truth as I discovered living two years in central Tel Aviv.
          As a people they were the ones who started the oil wells running in the Gulf. 

          • anarchyst

            South Africa was criticized for its imposition of “apartheid”.  “Apartheid was necessary to keep the normally warring tribes from slaughtering each other and made it possible for South Africa to prosper.  South Africa was so prosperous that immigration by blacks from other countries was rampant, despite “apartheid”.  There was a sizable jewish community that supported the repeal of “apartheid (just like jews that supported the so-called “civil rights (for some) movement in the USA).  This South African “jewish community” is now “singing the blues” because “the chickens have come home to roost”.  Their “kinship” with the “oppressed has become a “kinship with their oppressors.  Sauce for the goose . . .
            I have no kind words for israel or zionists but have had to temper my remarks as I have been banned from several so-called “first amendment-loving sites” for pointing out the TRUTH.

          • anarchyst

            You are absolutely correct about the displacement of Palestinians.  Israeli forces massacred all occupants in an arab city to force the Palestinians out.

          • Beloved Comrade

            Wonder how white South Africans feel about their former “friend” Israel now:

            According to Israel’s largest newspaper, Jews were dramatically overrepresented among white anti-Apartheid activists. Despite Apartheid being an important ally of Israel. The paper also describes how South African Jews were instrumental in the formation of the South African Communist Party (which launched the ANC) and the South African Progressive Party.

            From Jerusalem Post…

            In the struggle against South African Apartheid, according to one of the commemorative sheets, it was estimated that Jews were overrepresented by 2,500 percent in proportion to the governing white population.

        • Marcy Fleming

           Go to today (2/21) and read an interesting piece that first appeared in the Israeli press. A shepherd in Tha’Lah on the West Bank received an order from the Israeli Supreme Court ordering a stay of the Israeli demolition of his home. He showed it to a Civil Administration
          official, who then slugged him and gave his family one minute to get out of  the house which they demolished along with the water tower and the sheep pen, killing the sheep in the process. They have been temporarily stopped from bulldozing the whole village but who knows for how long.
          The article by Jason Ditz is worth looking at because this has long been standard Israeli practice in Arab areas including inside Israeli Green Line itself. The ignorance of US Jews and even worse Christian Zionists on this subject is astounding.

      • Anonymous

         Sad, isn’t it…….

    • Anonymous

       WOW!!!!  The truth will set us free…..great comment……sadly, you and I won’t last long here…..poof! ‘this site has blocked you from posting further comments’……

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see that MSNBC is open to a diversity of opinions!!  The calendar says 2012 but it is definitely 1984.

    How much longer until they start burning copies of Pat’s book?

    Wonder who is going to replace Pat on MSNBC…Al Sharpton?  Rosie O’Donnell?  Mileek Shabazz? 

    I’m sure that all 7 of the MSNBC viewers won’t even notice that Pat is gone. 

    • The only MSNBC show I could tolerate (before PJB made his last appearance) was the Morning Shmoe, and that was because PJB was a regular on the roundtable.  I don’t think PJB had his own show, I think he was a regular panelists on the Shmoe and other shows when the screaming libtard needed to bring in an oppositional viewpoint.

  • Anonymous

    “Anti-Semitic,” lol. I read the book (and bought a couple copies for friends). He only mentions “Jews” insomuch as to harp on their refusal to procreate enough to replace themselves (outside of Orthodox exceptions) and how that would have a dysgenic effect on Western civilization. Apparently if you’re not Jewish and you use the word “Jew” in a sentence (even in a positive way) then you are an anti-semite.

    Remember when people like Tipper Gore and Joe Libermann would criticize movies, video games, and albums, without having seen, played, or listened to them? That is what is happening here. I would wager dollars to donuts that none of those who condemned Pat bothered to read his book, from cover to cover.

    • Anonymous

      Crazy isn’t it? I remember back a few years ago when the AR Conference was cancelled in Charlotte, and it was the lead story in a major newspaper here. People who admittedly had never even heard of Jared Taylor or AmRen, never read a single thing he has written, or listened to him debate, were saying the most terrible things on the comments section of the story. I just found it incredible that people could form such opinions with a few buzz words from the media, without so much as doing a little research for themselves, or asking questions. Have we really become that gullible?

      • Alexandra

        And they’re the same ones that cry out against prejudice.  Go figure!

    • Anonymous

      The yahoos at Yahoo, no doubt believing that all Buchanan books are the same, probably have this book confused with the one on WWII.  Pat thought that the Brit iron-clad guarantee to Poland (which was meaningless since the Brits had no means to  rescue the Poles) was quite the blunder.   Anyway, I guess expressing any reservations about entering a world war which would eventually result in 50-60 million deaths is considered  an “anti-semite” by some. 

      • Anonymous

        Another reason he is labeled an anti-Semite is that he accurately recognizes that Hitler did not want war with the West. This goes against decades of propaganda that if we didn’t intervene, we would all be speaking German right now. Hitler admired the British and Americans because at that time we were largely of Germanic or Anglo- Saxon stock. He offered peace to Great Britain several times. From Hitler’s writings and stenographic records, it is clear that Hitler wanted Russia. Not the world.

        That being said, portraying history accurately doesn’t make you an anti-Semite. Unfortunately, many people are irrational when it comes to this topic. A result of decades of media and Hollywood brainwashing.

        • Anonymous

           Jerry, 100% correct……Alas, be careful, certain truths are not allowed to be uttered…..

          • I better cut this train off at the pass before it speeds on down the track.

            PJB’s firing had nothing to do with “the Jews.”  If that was the reason, he would have never been hired to begin with.  Soros simply wanted a scalp, and MSNBC said “yowza boss.”

          • Anonymous

             Thanks QD, whew, for a minute I thought Soros WAS of the description…..

          • Marcy Fleming

             Response to Son of Abraham, Soviets raped every woman in Berlin over ten. Soviets kidnapped millions of Germans, both soldiers and civilians, to send to Russia. Soviets purged 15 Sudenten Germans out of their satellite countries in east or
            really central Europe after WW2 and killed 3 million of them in the process. Soviets massively looted enormous German industries and kidnapped German scientists. Soviets presented bogus ‘gas chamber,’ ‘bars of human soap, ‘human lampshades’ and other patent lies at the Stalinist Nuremberg ‘Trials’ and concocted the 9 million Auschwitz figure, later reduced to 4 million, then 1.5 million, then 1 million, then 750,000 and will be radically reduced in the future. Soviets killed 70-80 million in the former USSR in 71 years, Mao killed 110 million Chinese in 27 years, Ho killed millions in Vietnam, Kim killed millions in Korea, Pol Pot killed 3 million, half of Cambodia and Ethiopian Reds another million in the 70s.
            So why do we hear this Shoah stuff only all the time ?

          • Marcy Fleming

             Alex, no one denies they did as that was the whole purpose of the concentration camps.
            Have you read Thomas Dalton ?
            Gee, I don’t know if they did an exact head count of the raped girls in Berlin but every historian including Establishment ones like John Toland have recognized this massive rape and there are Soviet broadcasts by Ilya Ehrenburg advocating this.
            What’s your problem ?

        • Again I ask: Why is being an “anti-semite” a bad thing? What is our message to jews: You hate our guts, You’ve trashed our future,you’re in bed with our enemies,you’ve opened the floodgates to a third world tsunami,you’ve murdered us time and time again,there is NOTHING you wouldnt do to us if it was good for you,you’re a hostile elite that dominates our government…but that doesnt mean we dont LIKE you…

  • Anonymous

    It’s interesting how the left and mainstream America in general is supposedly fine with the free and open debate of a wide diversity of opinions, except they draw the line at “racism,” “bigotry,” and so on.

    Leaving aside the question of whether Buchanan as ever said anything racist or bigoted (I’ve never heard him say anything like that), as far as I can tell there are really only two good arguments for not allowing such speech on TV:

    1) Allowing bigoted and racist things to be said has the effect of encouraging people to go out and say bigoted and racist things, and maybe even commit bigoted and racist acts.

    2) People should not have to hear speech that is so offensive as bigoted and racist speech.

    As far as #1 goes, this is the same argument that feminists use to try and censor pornography. It’s also the same argument that fundamentalist Christians have used to try and censor heavy metal music, for example. Both groups are wrong, and so are people who use this argument against Buchanan.

    People can watch porn without running out and becoming rapists just as people can listen to heavy metal without running out and becoming satan worshippers. It’s a stupid, paternalistic argument which says that some elite group knows best what the rest of us can see or hear, because we’re too dumb and easily influenced by whatever we see on TV.

    As far #2 goes, there aren’t any laws against being offended in this country. Not only that, but there are holes that you can float aircraft carriers through in what passes as standards for what’s considered offensive or not by the powers that be in the mainstream media. They have the moral consistency of melted cheese.

    “Offensiveness”  has become the new “obscenity.” 

  • Impertinent

    Can’t risk that Fat Al’s thugs and illiterate minions would burn down One Roc center or the hip shops on 5th Avenue where Rachel Maddcow and the other swells on MSNBC shop…can we?

    Fat Al is MSNBC’s answer as to why there was never a black ( scowling ) face on their cruddy network. They’ve been called on it so they hire an illiterate, Jew murdering, mob inciting, mob ruled, unprincipled silk suit wearing poverty pimp and fraud ( tax evader too like his pal Charlie the “I’m a rich Harlem Negro” and you’re not ) huckster.

    Sad…sad….that they to have been blackmailed by the slickest, indecent lying criminal they could get to …”represent”…black culture and opinion.

    •  Actually MSNBC had Alan Keyes on — for a little while. Then they fired him (and replaced him with the airhead Phil Donahue) because his ratings were too high. Couldn’t have a principled black conservative getting too popular, after all.

  • Impertinent

    Right on…..all one has to do is listen once…to Debbie Wasserman Schmutz…..the latest whore for the demonrats.

  • Anonymous

    As a Canadian, sometimes I’ve gotten irritated by Pat Buchanan’s comments in the past regarding my country.  But actually I like him alot and admire him.  He is a patriot and his interests are are those of the United States.  Not many have the courage to stand up and speak the truth like he does.  If he’s not at MSNBC, big deal… that’s their loss.  Nobody wants to tune in to a station that just has a bunch of PC talking heads.  There are people that want to hear what Pat Buchanan has to say.

    • Marcy Fleming

       You ought to be more irritated at the socialism and holocaust denial and other bad laws in Canada.

  • Well, now that he’s been cut free of that rotting corpse, perhaps we can hear him speak at the upcoming conference.

    • blight14

      Sadly,  I don’t think Mr Taylor, et al, will EVER allow Mr Buchanan to speak at any event…..

      • Marcy Fleming

         That’s really shocking if true……………

  • Anonymous

    Yep, the filthy liberals LOVE free speech………as long as it is speech THEY believe in.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Pat Buchanan was never a good fit with MSNBC.  He was surrounded by hard leftists and socialist, used for the purpose of putting down Republicans.  What did Pat expect?  Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.  He had to know it was not going to end well.

    BUT, I’m glad Pat is standing his ground, not licking boots and refusing to apologize all over the media.

    MSNBC President Phil Griffin said last month that he didn’t think Buchanan’s book ‘should be part of the national dialogue.’MSNBC should not be considered a news organization given its advocacy of censorship.The book ‘Suicide of a Superpower’ contained chapters titled ‘The End of White America’ and ‘The Death of Christian America.’ Critics called the book racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic, charges Buchanan denied.Pat is a member of the damned race.  He is concerned about the displacement and demise of the White race and the country their ancestors built in direct defiance of PC-mandated multiculturalism and diversity.  The White tribe is not allowed a voice.Pat was safe as long as he was attacking Republicans, other than that, he served MSNBC no purpose.

    • Detroit_WASP

      Your comment made me think….maybe they got rid of Pat because he constantly made fools of the leftist.  I’ve see Pat throw out black crime stats at people and they ALWAYS change the subject and/or simply don’t refute the numbers. 

      Isn’t it a shame that men like Pat are considered “old fools” by many today.  When I was a kid, he was they type of realist we looked up to.   

  • Anonymous

    Pat Buchanan is a great man. He’s always been a part of my life. I really loved it when he took down George Bush Sr. His speech at the GOP convention in 1992 was outstanding…

    I’ve had a hard time understanding why Pat has lasted as long as he has on the MSN. Many people put this down to his gracious manners.

    The reality is the US has a Soviet style media – anyone that speaks the truth for too long gets purged.

    Put a brick through your TV.

  • They ran Lou Dobbs off of CNN and Lou was the MAN!  He was getting daily death threats from La Raza activists!  Lou Dobbs was the one that opened my eyes to the mass immigration tsunami….

  • Beloved Comrade

    he disagrees and hates you.  Forever.

    If it were only that simple.  He can hate my guts for the rest of his life and I could not care less.

    If a liberal disagrees, he will not just hate you, he try to destroy you — by threatening your livelihood, by suing you in court, by smearing your name and reputation far and wide.  If powerful and/or rich enough, he will use his influence to have you tossed off the air, complain to your sponsors, contact the anyone deigning to publish your book.

    Ask Jared Taylor.  Literary agents searched for two years to find a publisher for White Identity.  For two years, hotels and their employees have been threatened when AR tried to hold a conference. 

    This is what liberals do.  For them the First Amendment only pertains to them, not to you.  They are fascists.

  • Zorro

    I have been advocting the same things. Making and handing out fliers with the websites for AmRen and the Council of Conservative Citizens, among so many others, is a good start. People are being purposely lied to, and are unaware of these other websites that offer them a different opinion on these issues.

    Next, people have to actively get involved in all the Political and Social processes, that include becoming vocal at their PTAs, running for School Board seats, calling their local Board of Elections and asking to become Election Inspectors during the Primaries, and General Elections, to ensure their is no voter fraud or intimidation, and considering a run for a Town or City Council, County Clerk, or Sheriff.

    The School Board positions are vital because these people hire and fire Teachers and Administrators, and also approve the Text books our children are using for their education, or Indoctrination.

    Men need to think about organizing to escort women, the elderly, and Handicapped to their Polling Places, to make certain that no Thug deters these people from their Constitutional Right to Vote.

  • jackellis

    That’s an over reaction. Pat Buchanan’s position on homosexuality has been OK . He had noted gay supporters in his ill fated 3rd party Presidential bid. 

    Healthy White societies have less open homosexuality that societies in chaos and decline (see Weimar Germany). As long as White gays are responsible and private, these people should be left alone and they can live happy, positive lives – happy they don’t live in Saudi Arabia or some sub Sahara Black African hell.

    Right now – way too many homosexuals have joined the hate straight White people Axis of evil. We White British Americans don’t have a single Supreme Court Justice – there are currently more New York Lesbian Supreme Court Justices than WASP Supreme Court Justices and this isn’t an accident and it isn’t something good for White people.

    Elena Kagan is not going to be issue Legal opinions that are good for White Western civilization.

    I know that American Renaissance has lots of responsible White “gay”/homosexual readers. I ask that they try to live responsible, productive lives and work extra hard to just take the White side in politics, every day life.

  • If we boycott MSNBC, then nobody will watch it.


    • Marcy Fleming

       Not too many people watch it now. Lowest rated of the cable news networks.

  • Zorro

    I can’t boycott what I have never watched.

  • anarchyst

    Hello Anon . . . you are correct . . . giving foreign aid to israel (or any country for that matter is like throwing money away . . .NO country makes friends by throwing money around . . .I have been banned on other sites for stating the TRUTH. 

  • anarchyst

    Son of Abraham, you are mistaken . . . the first world war was fought from 1914 to 1917.  The first act of modern terrorism WAS the bombing of the King David Hotel.  The hotel was bombed without regard for innocent human life.  THAT, my friend, is terrorism . . .

  • razorrare

    Not so strange is the silence and non-support for Pat Buchanan by the talking heads of Organized Christian Religion which is proof that the Death of Christian America has become a reality..Pat Buchanan wants  America to remain a Christian Nation and the sounding boards of CHURCHIANITY does not protest in his defence….

  • razorrare

    Why They Hate Buchanan–1996 audio-by William Pierce..

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Amazing how little we REALLY know about WW II, isn’t it?  Little by little and with help from the FOIA, the truth is trickling out, such as Pearl Harbor, and General Patton.  There is a lot more the government has marked “classified.”

    At the end of the war, America’s “most fightingest General” started thinking about what had just happened and knew that something was wrong with the outcome of WWII.  In writings to his wife and diary entries  it is clear that Patton realized that these new “allies” were more of a danger than the Germans ever were.  

    After a visit to ruined Berlin, he wrote his wife on July 21, 1945: 

    Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good race, and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages. And all Europe will be communist. It’s said that for the first week after they took it (Berlin), all women who ran were shot and those who did not were raped. I could have taken it (instead of the Soviets) had I been allowed.

    Later diary entries and letters to his wife reiterate this same conclusion.

    September 2: What we are doing is to destroy the only semi-modern state in Europe,  so that Russia can swallow the whole.

    I too believe he was murdered to silence him.


    Image:  When Patton saw how much destruction had been wrought on Germany, and recognized the communists as our real enemies, he was as devastated as Berlin.

  • rentslave

    Pat is being whitelisted.

  • jeffaral

    Good news!  It shows that Pat is really on our side, and create more polarisation, and anger among Nationalists.  

  • anarchyst

    Hello anon . . . I don’t “love” israel or zionists for that matter but have had to be careful as I have been banned from various (other) sites for making the comments that I have made here on AmRen. 
    The best course of action would be for the whole middle east to be turned into a “glass (trinitite) parking lot”.  Get rid of the whole “kit and kaboodle”, arab and jew alike. 
    As for our politicians, ANY politician who has taken money from any “foreign interest group” (ADL, AIPAC, $PLC, CAIR, ACLU) should be brought up on charges of treason.  In addition, those that run these groups should be deported.  NO one with “dual nationality” status should ever be permitted to “serve” in any capacity in OUR government.

  • anarchyst

    It is laughable (and tragic at the same time) how Israel can dictate to the rest of the world how we will conduct ourselves.  From injecting themselves and influencing elections in foreign countries (Kurt Waldheim in Austria comes to mind) to demanding that Iran subject itself to IAEA inspection of its nukes while putting itself “off-limits” to inspection of its own nukes (around 300 of them),  the jewish “double standard” is alive and well. 
    Israel has been a rogue state ever since its inception. 
    Jewish “reminders of the so-called “holocaust” and “anti-semitism” have been their “race card” and have served them well. 
    As to “holocaust” reparations, when will it (ever) end? 
    It seems that as far as Germany is concerned, the sins of the father are indeed being visited upon the children and (grandchildren). 
    It is sad to see the jewish “holocaust” rammed down our throats at every opportunity while conveniently ignoring the much larger (jewish inspired) communist “holocaust”. 
    It is no secret that many eastern european countries initially welcomed the Nazis; anything was better than being subjugated, controlled and murdered by the jewish commissars in those communist regimes.
    Europe is so cowed by jews and the “holocaust” that it is a crime to question the “official version” of the holocaust.  WHAT ARE THE JEWS AFRAID OF?  It seems that if the (real) truth ever gets out, the jewish holocaust “house of cards” will fall.
    It is also a little-known fact that there was collaboration between high-ranking zionists and the Nazis to “encourage” emigration to what was then known as Palestine.  A way had to be found to “encourage” emigration to what would become the future state of Israel.  In 1930s Germany, there was much political and social unrest caused by communists and other unstable elements.  Hence, during that time, it was easy to marginalize jews, as they dominated the top positions in government, the media and finance (sounds familiar?)  The marginalization of jews WAS a collaborative effort by tha Nazis and zionists and was successful in helping form the state of Israel.

    For further reading:
    “51 Questions and Answers, Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis” by Lenni Brenner
    “The Wandering Who?” by Gilad Atzmon
    “The Holocaust Industry” by Norman Finkelstein
    “The Invention of the Jewish People” by Shlomo Sand
    “One Nation Under Israel” by Andrew Hurley

  • I’ll give you a third option:  Sarcastic.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yes. Will post.

  • jackellis

    Thanks BobC. 

    Yours was a great and noble post and I wish you and all those like you, only the best. 

    Ever see that TV show (I watch almost Zero TV) “Queer eye for the straight guy”? The concept is a good one,where a team of successful gay guys come to the rescue of a regular, straight (White) guy, help him in things like fixing up his home so his (white) girlfriend will appreciate him. That’s what we need here – and it isn’t that big a stretch as straight, straight, White WASP guys like me have been demonized as the enemy of all PC groups, which strange as it sounds has included “Irish Americans” for most of the 20th and 21st century.

    One of the main reasons Ted Kennedy and the Kennedy family sponsored the 1965 immigration (open the flood gates to the NW 3rd world) was to get back at the WASPs for supposedly looking down on Irish immigration, Eastern European (Jewish) immigration, Southern European (Sicilian immigration).

    With the “gay” issue – I suggest people just try to respect privacy, don’t push cultural Marxism on the gay issue – like demanding that Gay males can serve equally as Boy Scout Masters. Most Americans don’t want straight males taking a pack of teen Girl Scouts out to the woods and they don’t really want Gay men doing the same with boys. 

    And all Whites (straight, gay, or bi) reading American Renaissance should understand that we’re all $*&#*$(@ if the US goes the way of Zimbabwe, or Algeria or Detroit.

  • Some on AR have advanced the theory that Tim Wise is really a white nationalist subconsciously, and that his over-the-top screwball leftist/”anti-racist” act is him overcompensating for “guilt.”  Or, to put their theory another way, someone who is publicly that crazy-left can’t really be for real.

  • anonymous

    I’ve always agreed with about 99 percent of Pat Buchanan’s positions, but he typically seems to stop just short of saying everything that should be said. His recent book was the best he has written, but it still doesn’t go far enough.

    Plus, Pat lost a tremendous amount of credibility in 1999 when he selected a Black woman, Ezola Foster, as his running mate in the face of the usual accusations of racism. I had planned to vote for him until then. Out of all of the deserving conservative White males to choose from, he picked her.

    Blacks are fond of saying that no one but a Black can properly represent them or their views, which is why they maintain that the Congressional Black Caucus and gerrymandering are vital to their interests. I share the same views in that I do not believe a Black person could ever represent me or my views.

    For that reason, I would never vote for Ezola Foster, Colin Powell, JC Watts, Herman Cain, Michael Steele, etc. I’m sure they are all cordial, nice people, but in choosing a political representative, I have to fully trust that the person will act in my best interests and on my behalf. I would never be able to fully trust a Black person to do that because we are from completely different backgrounds and experiences. I would never know if the Black candidate truly represented me or was simply faking it to get elected.

    • And how.  I don’t think to this day PJB understands what a disaster his choice of Ezola Foster was to his campaign.  Even disregarding the obvious, she was nowhere near qualified.  And then there’s the philosophical angle:  Would you seriously trust someone who used affirmative action to choose a potential Vice-President to dismantle affirmative action as President?

      What I’m about to say is all I’ll say on this particular matter.  But I know for a fact that before Ezola Foster, all of the members of the Board of Directors of a certain large national organization with which AR regularly overlaps were voting for or leaning PJB.  After he chose her, every single one said they would not vote for him.  Now, extrapolate that kind of thing to a whole country.

  • razorrare

    Clight;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Decades ago i had purchased a book concerning Polish History that was actually published just a few years after World war II. Within its pages i read about the Katyn massacre of Polands intellectuals  by the Russians.The Poles have always known this truth…am pasteing a  link to an audio by William Pierce that expounds on  Katyn and those who were responsible for the cover-up..nearly 20 yrs later after reading that book of Poland the Russians admitted that they were responsible for the massacre..dont know how long this will stay posted..seems like another related post of mine was deleted here(Why They Hate Buchanan)…

    • Clight12

      Thank you very much. There was so much covered up after that war and just downright lies shoved down our throats.

  • razorrare

    BTW…its his last recorded speech in 2002..numbered 308.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble
  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yes, but I’m afraid it’s now “Game Over” as more and more Pat Buchanan-types are silenced.

    Pat used to write a regular column for the LA Times.

    Don’t think the authoritarians won’t come after our last bastion of non-statist information, the Internet, they will.


  • Christopher_Nelson


    Sharpton can be left alone on MSNBC to talk about the evils of white racism, without worrying about white Buchanan and his “hatefacts”. 

  • Anon

    Quit with your attempt at ridicule. We know that is one of the tactics used to discredit what you may not like. That is also as old as time….

    Last I looked this is still Amren.

  • Of course he wasn’t going to win.  Actually winning wasn’t the point, affecting the two-person dynamic was the goal (like Ralph Nader did).  Unfortunately, his dunderheaded choice of a running mate turned a lot of white people off.

    The Obama analogy?  FAIL.  Almost no white people that voted Obama would ever vote PJB.

    • ageofknowledge

      I believe the primary reason why Americans don’t vote for Pat is because they are victims of the smelly hippy modern liberal public education and homosexual media programming that teach them bad is good and good is bad.

      The second greatest reason is they are either on welfare or public employees and looking for more taxpayer money to spend which Pat isn’t going to to give them.

    • Using that line of reasoning, nobody would ever vote for any Republicans, yet Republicans often win elections.  Actually, a PJB-type Republican is more likely to win than a boilerplate conservative.

  • seek

    Phil Griffin, by the way, personally hired Al Sharpton as an MSNBC evening anchorman last year.  Talk about a clueless white CEO.

    • blight14

       Hmmm, per my search, Mr Griffin appears to hold dual citizenship……Surely he isn’t biased in any form……

  • Marcy Fleming

     Babi Yar never happened, see Debating The Holocaust by Thomas Dalton, Ph.D, available from Amazon. Lidice did happen but it was more than balanced out by massive Allied atrocities, Eisenhower had the same
    shoot ten to one that the Germans had.

    • Marcy Fleming

      Response to Alex, Dalton did not merely assert the myth of Babi Yar, he proved it. Did you read him ?
      Pravda was the first to push the Babi Yar lie but as you agree they have no credibility.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Hey, truth is truth, regardless of source.

    • anarchyst

      So many stories coming out of the jewish “holocaust” defy belief.  If I were in Europe, I would be charged with “holocaust” crimes for what I am about to say . . .
      It seems that there are many more “holocaust” survivors than there were at the end of World War 2. 
      Eli Wiesel (the “official” curator of all things “holocaust”) does not have a number tattoo although he claims to have been in a concentration camp. 
      If “extermination” were the goal of the Nazis, WHY would they go through all the trouble of arranging transportation, building “camps” and doing the things that were necessary to house, feed and care for supposed millions of people?
      The “six million” figure is a fabrication of the Soviets along with the “soap” and “lampshades” and is constantly being revised downward, despite the protestations of the “holocaust lobby”.
      The extortion will stop once the TRUTH about the holocaust comes out.
      The holocaust lobby has been expert in suppressing any questioning of the holocaust, calling those that do, deniers and worse.
      Holocaust orthodoxy has become a religion in which its dogma is not to be questioned.
      I guess, “there’s NO business like SHOAH business” . . .

      • Marcy Fleming

         Exactly !

      • blight14


  • Marcy Fleming

     First there is nothing ‘gay’ about homosexuality. The very term is an affront to decency and common sense.
    Second, many of us are heartily sick and tired of hearing about and from these folks and their orientation or preference or whatever.
    They need to practice their perversion in private and stop publicizing it.

  • Marcy Fleming

     The widespread public practice of homosexuality is a threat. Just keep it private and in the closet and no one will care. You are never going to get broad public acceptance but maybe simple tolerance if it’s not shoved in everyone’s face.

    • Marcy Fleming

       Zorro, many thanks for the link.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Great post, Zorro. As an Irish-American Jewish atheist I entirely agree with you. Thanks.

  • Marcy Fleming

     A fourth option:TRUTH.

    • anarchyst

      Hello Marcy Fleming,
      You are correct . . . The “foreign aid” that goes to israel is at the expense of our own, and is used for armaments against the original occupants of the land. 
      Who can blame the Palestinians for wanting their land back?
      In israel (and the occupied territories), there are roads that are for “jews only.  Palestinian settlements and homes are routinely razed because the proper “permits” have not been secured . . .  It seems that the israelis learned well from South African “apartheid”.
      I refuse to see the jews as the “chosen people”.  It sure sounds like jewish supremacism to me.  These misguided “Christian dispensationalists” do not realized that they are being used . . .
      Of course, jews think they are the “chosen people”. 
      Most people are unaware that the jewish Talmud regards non-jews as no better than livestock, to be used for the advantage of the jews. 
      In the same context as the islamic koran, jews are permitted to lie, cheat and steal from non-jews. 
      A non-jew may not testify against a jew.
      I have no love for israel and the jewish lobby in OUR country.  
      If speaking out with TRUTH makes me an “anti-semite” or “racist” I wear those badges with honor. 
      If I had my way, “dual national” American citizens would be banned from any political or government position.
      No more wars for israel . . .

    • blight14


  • ageofknowledge

    We love you Pat. What’s left of the America we all grew up in loves you. You are a good man, a good Catholic, a good American, and that rarest of creatures: a good politician. We support you whatever you decide to do.

    The decline of America is not your fault. You’ve done all you can above and beyond the call of duty. The fault is that of the American people who have languished in a deceived state, self-absorbed, lost in ignorance and escapism.

  • anarchyst

    Looking through newspapers of the time, there was rare collaboration between the Germans and the Allies at the time with the International Red Cross as intermediaries which finally placed blame on the soviets.  We know that Churchill and Roosevelt were dismayed that it was not the Germans that commited this horriffic act . . .

  • anarchyst

    Joseph McCarthy was right about communists infesting American government.  See the Venona papers for more info.
    I wonder how many of these communists were (and are) zionists?

  • blight14

     Indeed, correct again………..let the teeth gnashing begin!

  • blight14

    Oh that’s right, muzzle up boys and girls, nothing to see here, move along……

  • blight14

     Lets don’t forget the requisite monikers to quell dissenting views…….’A/S’, ‘racist’, etc……

    • Marcy Fleming

       But the principle of inflation works here too. The more it is used the less it means just as more printed dollars unbacked by gold make each existing dollar worth less.

  • blight14

     NO THREAT? I would beg to differ……..

  • blight14

    Note the large number of comments on this article……it appears there IS a lot to be discussed regarding Mr Buchanan, etc…….

  • Marcy Fleming

     Excellent points. Ben-Gurion talked of Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates several times.
    See The Zionist Connection by Dr. Alfred M. Lilienthal. He lived 94 years and was the leading American Jew opposed to Zionism.

  • Marcy Fleming

     The Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn documents in three volumes the Soviet Communist murders of many tens of millions in the USSR.
    Lethal Politics by R.J. Rummel documents at least 63 million Soviet Communist murders though he concedes that it could be much higher. This is just in the USSR itself and does not factor in the millions of Soviet murders in central and eastern Europe.
    The Soviets committed murders against the Germans from 1945-1950 at least and possibly beyond. Kant’s hometown has been in the USSR since the war and is still in Russia. Soviet overall murders started in 1917 and went on until at least the 80s.
    As A.J.P. Taylor document in The Origins Of The Second World War Hitler’s foreign policy were strictly to recover German territories lost to the Versailles and St. Trianon Treaties. That’s what the four major foreign policy crises’ of the 30s were about, the Rhineland, Austria, Sudenten Germans and the Polish Corridor & Danzig.
    Hardly a world conquest plot !
    Roosevelt lied about a ‘map’ for Nazi world conquest. Of course he lied about everything else too, domestic and foreign.

  • Marcy Fleming

     But look on the bright side, the feelings are mutual.

  • I don’t think you’re for gun control in the way Sarah Brady means it.  What you seem to want are a panoply of process crime firearm violations, ranging from felon in possession, to carrying without a permit, to (proposed in Baltimore) failing to register as a “gun criminal,” and many similar in between.  That way, the cops and prosecutors in big black cities have two things:  (1)  Swords of Damocles to hold over the heads of “stop snitching” recalcitrant thugs, to extract information, and/or (2) Safety fallback violations to ensure some prison time, either as part of a plea bargain, or an easy guilty verdict from a jury, or like you said, a parole violation.

    Don’t let Guest’s point escape all of you, this is crucial — Whenever a big city mayor, cop or prosecutor is calling for additional process crimes relating to guns, that’s the unspoken intent.  S/he isn’t thinking of you and me in the suburbs and boondocks, s/he wants it for his or her city’s own mostly black and Hispanic miscreants.

  • Marcy Fleming

     I think your neutral position makes sense in that your main emphasis is racial.
    However given the AIPAC control of Congress and the Executive, there can’t be too much discussion of this issue as the mainstream Jewish organizations are the strongest pushers of coercive integration everywhere except in Israel.
    Most threads here don’t discuss this issue but it makes sense that one on Pat Buchanan does.

    • blight14

      Marcy, that’s because we’re not allowed to ‘discuss’ certain extremely important topics… least not here……B

      • Marcy Fleming

         You certainly have been right as regards the past history here. It seems at least that since the New Year it has been a much more open forum.
        As a Jew I will not put up with censorship on the subject of Israel from anyone.

      • Marcy Fleming

         I know, my previous response to you was censored as well as my last responses to Alec and So-called Son Of Abraham three times, I’m out of here.

  • blight14

     My goodness, that was a well stated comment…Thank you! B

  • blight14

     Not in the ‘literal’ sense…..he IS though, a person of purely evil, corrupt DNA….I can assure you his birth name isn’t ‘Phil Griffin’…….

  • jackellis

    Excellent post – my positions and thoughts on these subjects are the same.

    I would just add that I suggest White readers of consider working with their local White communities and understanding and respecting prevailing opinions about religion, foreign policy everything from community standards about porn, gay rights, gun rights, what sports local White follow. We want to become leaders in local communities and this will entail compromises about other subjects – so if any of our readers live in the Bible Belt, consider keeping your pro abortion views for underclass Blacks, 3rd world countries – keep these views to yourself and instead focus on increasing the local White birth rate and working to counter the view that the world is going to end in the next few years and all the good (White) people are going to get RAPTURED so there’s no real purpose in working on immigration, crime, culture etc.

  • Marcy Fleming

     You are really dense. I’ve read this in numerous books and articles over the years.
    Just for one book only read After The Reich:The Brutal History Of The Allied Occupation  by Giles Macdonogh.
    Look in the back index under ‘women’ and starting on pages 25-27 it goes into Ehrenburg’s broadcasts (I see you can’t even spell his name !) urging Soviet soldiers to rape women.
    Your last sentence is typical of the Know Nothing Left. As if Duke had to make up Soviet atrocities !

  • Marcy Fleming

     Son Of Abraham, you have been bested on the subject of Israel every time that you were foolish enough to bring it up including the fact that you are not a son of Abraham. The Stormfront libel is on a par with your fellow gutter leftists who have tried to recycle that New Deal era smear against all rightists.
    If the AIPAC Lobby gets us into a world war there will be lot more than bones sticking in many throats here.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Ask him. You misspelled it Ehrenburg’s name. These broadcasts have been well known facts for 67 years. Just do your homework here.
    You are not worth wasting any more time on.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Some fool deleted my response to your Nazi libel.
    If AIPAC gets US into another war there will be more
    than fish bones sticking in some throats here, NOT
    Son of Abraham.
    You have been bested every time you have brought
    the subject of Israel.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Some one deleted my response to you and to the Nazi libel by SOA.
    Go check it out yourself. Bon also gave a ref on this near the bottom
    of this thread. US Govt, Soviet Govt, UK Govt, German Govt all have records of this. You misspelled Ehrenburg’s name.
    You will have to ask Macdonogh directly or just read the book.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Your third sentence is per se libel. Your last sentence shows you for what you are.

  • Marcy Fleming

    This lunatic moderator here has now censored THREE TIMES my last responses to Alex on Soviet mass rapes in Berlin at the close of WW2 AND Son Of Abraham’s linking me with a Nazi publication ! So leftists here get free range to libel and rightists who respond get repeatedly censored. Jared Taylor who I assume is the censor here is a cowardly weasel who is in effect working for the other side or is such a craven coward that he might as well be.
    If any of you want to contact me my email is [email protected] It’s a waste of time to further post here as these people are born losers. I was warned by many folks before I began posting here of their ferocious censorship. I mistakenly thought this had changed with the New Year. You wonder why the Right is losing, you have your answer right here. And, no, there were NEVER any good intentions from the Left to begin with. I suppose that I should take it as the supreme compliment that cowardly little men are forced to censure one.


  • blight14

     Mr Buchanan crossed the sacred line for which there is no forgiveness….Although Glenn Beck was essentially fired for the same reason. Alas, his non stop grovelling, pilgrimage to the ‘holy’ land, and donations likely totaling in the millions bought him the ‘privilege’ of continuing his work, albeit neutered.

  • Marcy Fleming

    I’m glad that some of you saw my response to the weasely moderator here who censored my responses to Alex and Not Son Of Abraham. Appreciated hearing from you and again my email is [email protected]  I’m not posting here except to periodically give out my email for the intelligent folks here, not the Engelman boobs, ad nauseum.

    • Marcy Fleming

       Reply to Moderator, so now you are an expert on who’s Jewish or not ? And we all have
      the same Engelman-SOA view of things, eh ? Even my Communist Ashkenazim Mother,
      whom I’m still closest to, has always regarded Zionism as a low form of tribal racism and
      because she’s a Communist understands the Soviet invention of the Shoah Business.
      So apparently being Jewish isn’t genetic, it’s having an approved politically correct point of view. Interestingly enough the same PC types use the same logic in branding you a racist. Being an ‘anti-semite’ no longer means hating Jews or Arabs qua Jews or Arabs, it means being opposed by certain Jews or Arabs.
      Thanks for revealing your true colors, Mr. Taylor, we all appreciate having it on the record. By the way, having a Jewish Mother makes me a full Jew, unlike say Barry Goldwater.

  • Marcy Fleming

    I see our cowardly moderator Jared Taylor excised his libel against me and my answer.
    Wonder which of my statements here were ‘proctocoly’ ?!
    That AIPAC controls both houses of Congress and the Executive ?
    That there is a good possibility that Ashkenazim Jews are not descended from the ancient Hebrews ?
    That Israel is a racist, apartheid state ?
    That the Soviet-originated ‘holocaust’ (the very term is a lie) has not been thoroughly debunked
    and that in all countries but the USA people go to prison for questioning it ?
    That the Old Testament Hebrews were an especially barbaric tribe ?
    That the Christ Cult is the Jews’ revenge upon the Gentiles as Nietzsche said ?
    That 90% of the world’s Semites are Arabs and that anti-Semitism is directed against them mainly ?
    Usually if your a Gentile you get labeled an ‘anti-Semite’ for any of the above statements and if your a Jew you get labeled ‘a self-hating Jew’ but now Jared Taylor gets to decide who’s a real Jew !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jared, cry me a river the next time the JDO busts up one of your conferences.

  • Marcy Fleming

    I see our moderator here deleted my list of specific questions regarding his Protocoly libel.
    How this clown is different from his antagonists on the race question is what I’d like to know ?
    My email is [email protected]

  • I no longer watch MSNBC.  I enjoyed Pat Buchanan’s editorials and have read most of his books. He is the best thinker in America today.