“Linsanity” and Race

Jason Daugherty, American Renaissance, February 17, 2012

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  • I think people are noticing because he’s not the typical black illiterate thug that is the face of the NBA. I used to be an NBA fan back in the 1980’s before the thug culture took over. The NBA’s promotion of the current crop of feral blacks turned off many civilized people. I was pleasantly surprised at how nearly all the NBA arenas were half empty through the 2000’s whenever I was flipping channels and came upon an NBA game.

  • Anonymous

    There might be parallels after all between what Lin and Tebow are doing for their respective sport, but as players their histories are different. Jeremy Lin probably was  overlooked  as a Div. I recruit because he was from Palo Alto and therefore considered a “soft” player. Beyond that, he was not dedicated to playing in a front line program. The rest followed from that. He wasn’t drafted because he didn’t come from a front line program and didn’t play because he wasn’t drafted. Let give him a full season and Tebow another season before we judge either of these situations.

  • razorrare

    If Tebow had behaved  like Michael Vick he would never have been allowed to play Pro football again.

  • But then, 100k consistently at the football stadium to watch the same aforementioned sloven, hyper-sexual, self-centered thug-a-roonies.

  • generalquagmyer

    Some of the less militant of us put in an occasional good word for Asians and even for Latinos, maybe because in comparison with blacks ANY other ethnic group seems tolerable.

  • The_Bobster

    Slurs? LOL!


    ESPN sorry for offensive headline on Lin story

    NEW YORK (AP)—ESPN has apologized for using a racial slur in a headline for a story on Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin.

    ESPN ran the headline “Chink in the Armor” after Lin had nine turnovers in New York’s loss to the New Orleans Hornets on Friday night on its mobile website that could be seen on phones and tablet computers.

    • I guarantee you that you’d never see a headline on ESPN claiming that “Miami Digs Giant Hole with Big Spade.”

  • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

    The solution to your puzzle is we’re not all “White Nationalists” here.  Some of us don’t burn with hatred, and think we should be able to point out actual merit and grant credit where due without being branded as traitors.

    • Interesting that you can so easily conflate “white nationalism” with “burn(ing) hatred.”

      • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

        Well isn’t it obvious in some?

  • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

    You’re talking about people who will hire White actors to hang around them in social situations because it makes them appear important.  In their own country, nonetheless.  Trust me, they understand the pecking order the same way we do.  My mom was in China for her job last year and was fawned over and treated like royalty.  Perhaps living there is different, I don’t know.  I can only relay my own anecdotes on this subject, maybe others have different experiences. 

    And they aren’t ever going to outstrip the breeding rates of Hispanics in this country.  At least in my neck of the woods the breeding patterns of NE Asians mirror that of Whites; their culture presses them to become highly educated and financially successful first.  And when TSHTF here the ones with the means who are still tied to the old country will go back, they won’t sit around here and fight it out.

  • MikeofAges

     There are some intriguing ideas here. Many people believe that watching sports encourages laziness and obesity. Television in general, in any form, does that.

    Some years ago, I heard a story about a feminist economist who published a paper arguing that major league professional sports franchise represented a net economic loss of the communities which had them. I do know that most of the jobs they produce are marginal, low wage temporary and seasonal jobs. Public money often is spent to subsidize professional sports. Athletes and especially their hangers on can contribute to the crime statistics and sordid nightlife. Gambling damages careers and families. The time spent watching sports is time taken away from any other potentially productive activities a person could engage in whatever those might be.

    I don’t know about poaching wildlife. Poaching when undertaken for an economic motive, it seems to me, is one those potentially lucrative categories of crime which crosses all cultural boundaries. Of course, demand drive poaching. If Asian demand for exotic animal products drives some North American poaching, then the customers are accountable along with the merchants and the actual poachers, who probably are white men.

    Idiot white men who acquire exotic animals or plants and then dump them also are contributors to invasive species problem. So are Asians who release marine and aquatic animals that are food species in their home countries into North America waterways. As if there isn’t enough to eat here already.

  • La Santa Hermandad

    I think that some people here are totally out of touch with reality. When we walk the streets of our cities, our chances of being attacked by Chinese or Koreans either foreign born or native born are nil.
    This will never be nor has it ever been a totally White population.
    I personally find it refreshing to see an educated, average height Asian kid showing up all those raping, assaulting, knuckle dragging Black thugs who are presently dominating  the NBA and NCAA.
    I’d guess that they probably hate him because he’s showing them up just as they show them up academically.

    Concentrate on the REAL threat to this society.

  • Solutrean1944

    I do not mind giving my real name. My name is Stan Hess. I am the author of European American Heritage Month Heritage which is celebrated in 6 California school districts. I played lots of sports in my younger days. Basketball was my favorite. My father was partly responsible for integrating sports in Texas. He was from the Philadelphia, Pa. area (now Killadelphia). My father pushed for the University of Houston to recruit blacks from the South and whites from the North and Midwest because UH was getting the leftovers of the white athletes in Texas. My father was president of The Big Red Roundtable , the UH booster club, for awhile.

    Then I went through the mid 60’s and the antiwar movement. I was 1Y because of a bad back. I jumped into the movement , because I saw no reason for young guys my age to fight a war in the jungles of South East Asia. I was working at the bookstore at the student center of UH. I lived right off campus in 3rd ward between TSU and UH. I lived in an area that was 99% black.

    I started going to YSA (Young Socialist Alliance .. Trotskyist) forums on campus , because the Trots were the only group on campus that were against the Vietnam war. I became a member of the YSA.
    At the same time I was fired from the bookstore , because I was becoming too militant for management.
    I helped organize  the workers at my next job Harris County News Company for the Teamster Union.. blacks, browns, and whites. I was imbued with the passion of civil rights and fighting for the working class.

    Then , I had a black guy stick a shot gun in my back with a stocking over his face while I was delivering magazines to a Safeway in south Houston south of Hermann Park. I purposely picked a predominately black area so that ” I could serve the black community”. I survived this, but even though I was traumatized by the incident, I still was a believer in the cause.

    I jumped on a Trailways bus in Houston and left Houston for good before the company could fire me. I got off the bus in Oakland California and took the A.C. Transit bus to Berkeley. I eventually lived at the Berkeley Inn across from China Books(Maoist Bookstore) (Robert Sheer’s old hangout) and up the block from The Mediterranean Cafe…the meeting place for movement people.

    Sorry about the diversion folks.. it is called therapy! Anyway, I had guns put on me two times in Oakland working as a union cab driver and shoot in the face one of these times. After I was shot , I said in the ambulance.. never again .. ( I became a white man!)

    I hardly ever watch any kind of sports anymore basketball or otherwise. I do not see enough white guys on the court. I have an adversion to thumping of chests and making faces at the camera. I exercise at the gym, shoot baskets, and do water aerobics. The tv has become the donkey and elephant in the living room.

    • http://takimag.com/article/the_day_i_left_the_left/print#axzz1msYnIAzb

      Your story about waking up to reality is similar to Jim Goad’s.

      One of the underreported stories from the Vietnam era was the opposition to the Vietnam War from the right.  The reason it wasn’t much reported is that the right wingers so opposed were (by then) either “untouchable” “isolationists” or “racists.”

      • Solutrean1944

        thanks for the heads up and the link

  • Is Amren a white nationalist website? Does white nationalism mean white supremacy? Arrogance and pride will be the downfall.

  • What’s interesting about Lin is that he never received one college scholarship out of high school.   This just goes to show you that racism is as much about failure to see what is there as it is about seeing what isn’t there.  I guarantee you that there were black ball players who received full ride scholarships out of high school the same year Lin graduated that didn’t have anywhere near Lin’s talent.  The college scouts just wrote Lin off too quickly either because he was asian or because he was not black. 

    Plus, a scholarship for Lin wouldn’t have been wasted, since he managed to graduate from Harvard with a BA in Economics carrying a 3.1 GPA while being a walk-on hoops star all by himself.

    • Lost the source, but I read somewhere credible that he was part of team in high school that won the state championship.  When the champions rolled back into the school, the school was like “Feh?  Who cares.  Good for you.  Did you see what the robotics club did?”

      Makes one remember the days when school used to be about education and not about sports.

      If this were a black school, a state championship in football or basketball would have been the only “accomplishment” all year.

    • MikeofAges

      The fact that he was from Palo Alto probably had a great deal with his failure to be offered an athletic scholarship. Not to mention that he might not have displayed much interest in the “lesser” programs. I have constantly iterated that anyone from Palo Alto would be regarded as a “soft” player. The rest was cumulative. He wasn’t drafted because he did not come from a front line program. Then he didn’t play because he wasn’t drafted. What is so astounding about this story is that it is virtually impossible to hide star-level basketball talent. You will never see a story like this again no matter the background of the player. Not unless the NBA is making a habit of overlooking high-caliber talent.

  • Thank you for some SANITY in response to the LINsanity we have been seeing. Lin is a bright,hardworking guy;Big deal! The endless flow of Chinese into our country is a disaster for white men;why on Earth glorify one shmuck because he seems to be playing a good game in an injury-plagued NBA season?  I dont care about Lin and i get no thrill from his success. Intersting that acouple of guys were punished,(one fired,one suspended) for use of the word “chink”,as in “chink in his armor.” Chink is a perfectly normal English word,and that expression is used commonly. The guy who was suspended cried and supplicated,and promoted his Asian wife as a shield.  So now Asians are black,too??? The C word??

  • The REAL ‘linsanity’ is the attitude of philo-Chinese that is so often displayed,here on Amren and in the greater community. I bet the Rush Limbaughs of the world are orgasmnic and cant praise this guy enough. Chinese immigration is a disaster! yet its welcomed…

  • I doubt any of them became fans. It just piqued their interest to see a fellow East Asian in the NBA when it is so rare. I don’t think you’ll see the NBA arena seats filled up with Asians anytime soon. 

  • Dave4088

     Jupiter is correct.  When I was researching immigration I came across Wayne Lutton’s book “The Immigration Invasion” and that is where I learned elderly Asians are the most likely to be collecting social security without paying into it.  But to add insult to injury, these elder Asians arrogantly believe it is white America’s duty to financially support them.  They are (or can be) as parasitic as the blacks and browns.  Granted, they are much less violent but that’s little consolation since they are still ethnic competitors and showing signs of racial militancy as their numbers increase in the general population.

    Concerning the Lin affair, I’m glad that he is succeeding only insofar that he is just another “chink” in the armor of black racial superiority in basketball.  Tebow and others are doing that in the NFL and if Toby Gerhart would ever get a fair shot the myth of black superiority at the running back position would be shattered as well.