Man Killed for Singing ‘We Are More American’ at Houston Karaoke Night

WFAA (Dallas), February 27, 2012

A man who was singing karaoke at a southwest Houston restaurant early Monday was shot to death because another patron did not like his song choice, according to Houston police.


Police said the victim had just finished singing “Somos mas Americanos,” which means “We are More American,” when someone began to argue with him about the selection.

“Apparently the choice of music caused an altercation, which led to the shooting at this location,” said Sgt. J.J. Wilson, HPD Homicide.

The suspect shot the man in the head, then fled the scene in red Chevy pickup truck. {snip}

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  • crystal evans

    The guy who shot the singer was probably an illegal who is now back in Mexico.

  • Must have been a drunk hispanic illegal invader showing his contempt for this country. La Raza would be proud….

  • Oil Can Harry

    A Mexican-American killed another one for being pro-American?

    I refuse to believe this story; after all, National Review, Reason Magazine and  American Conservative publisher Ron Unz say that America is a melting pot and Latinos are assimilating faster than any previous immigrants ever have.  

  • blight14

    I cannot believe that any ‘hispanic’ would kill another for singing that song……I would imagine 99% of them, regardless of socio-economic status would agree with the lyrics…..Its more fitting that an actual American did the deed though why would they have been in that bar in the first place? If it WAS a ‘gringo’, his picture/description/license number/SS number/favorite food/etc would have already been plastered from here to the south pole……a mystery!

    • Memphomaniac

      Anglo Texans do not segregate their bars, they will sell to anybody. The only segregated bars in Texas are Hispanic……as in Hispanic ONLY. The Anglo bars in Texas always have plenty of Hispanics, though usually these are the English-speaking variety. Heck, even the strip joints are integrated audiences…..even when the girls are all Anglo.

  • Natassia

    That was an Hispanic-on-Hispanic shooting, guaranteed. The bar is named “Ostioneria Mazatlan.”

  • jackellis

    Yes, this was my position – and the 9/11/01 Islamic terrorists, illegal aliens (over stayed their student visas) are the perfect propaganda enemy to push for strict immigration controls to keep out all dangerous, 3rd world people (of color). Unfortunately we run in to the problem of the idiot/insane conspiracy theory folks who haunt the American Right Wing – these kooks, cranks insist that the 9/11/01 attack never really happened and Muslim extremists had nothing to do with the attack – everything was an inside job done by all powerful conspiratorial elites who CONTROL EVERYTHING.

    These kranks, kooks infest the Ron Paul campaign and they contributed to Ron Paul supporting the Muslim’s right to build an in-on-face Mosque on Ground Zero to celebrate their 9/11/01 terrorist attack on our country, mass murder of our people in our country. 

    Anyone new to American White nationalism – please be on guard for these idiot, conspiracy mongering kooks who will try to argue for alliances with Al Qaeda, go off on fantasies about hard money policies and deny that mass Arab/Muslim immigration is a problem as everything is the fault of…..


    • Take a look at this poster:

      I voted for Ron Paul, but I’m not going to the wall for Ron Paul.  A poster like this is a public relations clusterfudge.  Thankfully, as far as that goes, the “apple” that is Rand Paul rolled far enough away from the tree, and he opposed the Ground Zero Mosque.  Because son understands what father never could, public relations and nuance, he has a much better political future.

      • jackellis

        Thanks for the link to the Ron Paul campaign litterature in Arabic – distributed in Dearbornistan MI! Really pathetic! The Ron Paul campaign will pander to all non White immigrant groups including Arabs, Muslims just to get the chance to spread a little of their gospel of “free markets”, a return to the Constitution etc.

        I agree that the younger Rand Paul is a lot better than the 76 year old father Ron Paul and it’s a good lesson for WN activists here to try to go for more youthful leaders; our ancient warriors tend to make huge compromises, sell us out on crutial racial issues in an attempt to  have the MSM (Mainstream Media) not call them “RACIST” – it never works. 

        • I think I can say with some high level of confidence that to the extent that Ron Paul is getting any Arab-American support, (other than Justin Amash) it’s not because of free market ideology (except for a free market in explosives), or support for the Constitution (except slyly to slip Shari’ah Law underneath the Constitution.   Personally, I don’t think many Arab-Americans are supporting Ron Paul, or any Republican.  If it’s Ron Paul vs Generic Democrat, most Arab-Americans vote for the Democrat.

  • jackellis

    Thanks for the translation. 

    There are a thousand ways to *&%*#% with someone that don’t involve killing him. We have to spread the message that this song starts a fight and causes bad things to happen to the arrogant A* who sings it. Let’s learn some Spanish. There are lots of pretty Latina gals who will marry us and take our side against these ugly, insulting Mestizo men.

  • MissBonnie123

    What a false song. Mexicans cannot be more American than White people because White people founded America. Mexicans founded Mexico.

    Some nonwhites will do anything to express their racists beliefs.

  • MrGJG

    Sounds like he was asking for it. You wouldn’t go into a bear den and poke the bear.

  • When you enact a “Security and Prosperity Partnership” with Mexico, you get neither security nor prosperity.

  • steve1red

    Hispanics and alcohol don’t mix. They’re the worst group when it comes to handling alcohol. They lose their minds when they drink and often times become violent. Anyone who serves them alcohol needs to have their head examined.  Anybody who stocks tecate, corona, and dos equis while getting a lot of hispanic customers is nuts.