Asian American Journalists Association Releases Guidelines on Jeremy Lin Media Coverage

Dylan Stableford, Yahoo! News, February 23, 2012


Following (justified) outrage over several examples of racially-insensitive coverage of Lin—including a headline published by which resulted in the firing of one staffer and suspension of another—the Asian American Journalists Association has issued a set of guidelines for media outlets salivating over the NBA’s Asian-American sensation.

“As NBA player Jeremy Lin’s prowess on the court continues to attract international attention and grab headlines, AAJA would like to remind media outlets about relevance and context regarding coverage of race,” the group wrote in an advisory. “In the past weeks, as more news outlets report on Lin, his game and his story, AAJA has noticed factual inaccuracies about Lin’s background as well as an alarming number of references that rely on stereotypes about Asians or Asian Americans.”

Among the “danger zones” identified by AAJA:

“CHINK”: Pejorative; do not use in a context involving an Asian person on someone who is Asian American. Extreme care is needed if using the well-trod phrase “chink in the armor”; be mindful that the context does not involve Asia, Asians or Asian Americans.


“ME LOVE YOU LIN TIME”: Avoid. This is a lazy pun on the athlete’s name and alludes to the broken English of a Hollywood caricature from the 1980s.

AAJA urged caution “when discussing Lin’s physical characteristics, particularly those that feminize/emasculate the Asian male (Cinderella-story angles should not place Lin in a dress). Discussion of genetic differences in athletic ability among races should be avoided. In referring to Lin’s height or vision, be mindful of the context and avoid invoking stereotypes about Asians.”

The group added: “Stop to think: Would a similar statement be made about an athlete who is Caucasian, African American or Latino?”


[Editor’s Note: The full guidelines are available here.]


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  • Bo_Sears

    “The group added: “Stop to think: Would a similar statement be made about
    an athlete who is Caucasian, African American or Latino?”

    Resisting Defamation took exception to the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) decision to embrace its supremacist inclination as expressed in its naming all the diverse white Americans with the hate label “Caucasian.”  (We really don’t care about the other petty little points AAJA made.  We just draw the line at our having the right to name ourselves.)

    Notice that their choice of label for themselves includes the entire Asian landmass as a place of origination all the way from Israel and Turkey in the west to Korea and Japan in the east demonstrating great concern for their own diversity, as well as a claim to have an American nationality.

    But they tell journalists that our label is a single word “Caucasian” which is explicitly designed to strip our identity of its diversity and its nationality.  The AAJA is made up, obviously, of supremacists, verbal thugs, and bigots.

    Resisting Defamation has sent out no fewer than 350 email messages to reporters and writers from the Santa Cruz Sentinel on the west coast to the New York Times on the east coast denouncing the AAJA for its decision to tell us what our name is.

    • crystal evans

      What the AAJA is saying is that if Jeremy Lin were white, he would not be subject to any racial slurs in the media. That is all.

      • anonymous_amren

        Then what the AAJA is saying is obviously false.

        • I’m stealing too…  Sorry!


          That’s right!!!!  I am EXTREMELY Offended over non-whites who CHOOSE to live in a White Country and then demand “representation”.  And of course, they always demand “We” accept them and “We” change for them.

          By the way, I’ve never seen these white people of ours hammer on their favored non-whites to give up their Country for us.  It always goes only one way.  Why can’t those who like asians go live in Asia and leave us alone?  Why do we have to accept asians for them?  I can’t accept this one-way.  Always, it’s only White People who have to accept and change.  Well I can’t.

      • Why are you so quick to give the AAJA the benefit of the doubt? I tend to agree with Bo_Sears. Also, perhaps you can explain why it is that Asian “Americans” feel the need to have an association for journalist based upon race/ethnicity?

        • Because she’s asian.  She wrote that on another Article Thread.

          • That figures. Just goes to show Stephanie, when push comes to shove, they ALWAYS side with their own race. Let that be a lesson out to all the Asian lovers out there, who think these people are so virtious, living in OUR country; while forming groups  to advance the cause of their race exclusively!

            Why do we even allow a group like the  AAJA to exist, to be the 
            arbiters of what we can and cannot say in our country!! The AAJA can take a hike!

        • crystal evans

          Because they provided accurate information on Jeremy Lin and on Asian Americans. I am a third generation Japanese American. This information that they provided is not known by the general public. 

          • What information is “not known” to the general public? That we shouldn’t use the “lazy pun”, “me love you Lin time.” That’s a little  condescending and pretentious don’t you think. I don’t need the AAJA to tell me how to handle any situation, as I will say what I please.

            Got it?

  • As far as this whole “chink in the armor” non-troversy, I think it’s highly possible that the ESPN website employee who put it up honestly didn’t know that “chink” was a racial slur.  When you’re livin’ the non-racist lifestyle, you’re so set apart from the real world where people really do say these words that you have no idea which words are and are not pejoratives.  A similar situation would be certain kinds of prudish religious people so consummately and fanatically protecting their children from smut that they won’t know what real smut is and isn’t when they confront it.

    BTW, who died and left the AAJA in charge?

    • Perhaps, but it does not
      really matter. If you’re White, there is already a presumption of guilt
      (racist) whereby the burden of proof is not innocent until proven guilty, but
      guilty until able to prove your innocence. This is done by apologizing incessantly,
      attending multicultural and diversity indoctrination, donating community
      service hours to the local minority supremacy organization, and promising you
      will never utter such words again.

      Then and only then, will
      reinstatement be considered.

  • So much for asians being American.


    Cracka, Honkey, Flour, White Bread, “white man”, and whatever else is said about White People is fine with asians but NO chink, NO lin, NO TRUTH about asians, NO NOTHING shall ever be spoken about those ever so “American” asians.

    asians are NOT American, they don’t believe in The American Way and they are all too happy to shut down MY American Way because they find it “offensive”

    I cannot accept asians.  I can’t.  Every time I turn around, they’re making demands, have “groups” ONLY for them and of course, it’s not “racist” to do so and setting “guidelines” for Americans to follow.  NO!, I cannot, I will not accept asians.

  • Oil Can Harry

    ” DRIVING: This is part of the sport of basketball, but resist the temptation to refer to Lin as an ‘Asian who knows how to drive’. ”

    LMAO! Thanks for the material, AAJA.

    • Alexandra1973

      I got a chuckle out of that.  I’ve heard it said that Asians don’t know how to drive…but I myself don’t know if it’s really true because there are very few Orientals where I live.  Virtually none.  And I didn’t pay much attention during my 20 years in the Detroit area.

      • crystal evans

        This is true in California. Especially Asian immigrants, they will cut you off in a heartbeat!

  • Yeah!

    This Age is:  Worship everything meaningless, non-whites, brutal criminal non-whites (micheal vick) and race-mixing and demonize any smell of White Solidarity, America and her Ways, Christianity and of course, White People.

    And the Purpose of The Age is:  Extermination of The White Peoples.

  • Were I to accept Reality for what it really is Today, I’d agree but I can’t let go of the Fact that White Peoples were not meant to mingle with non-whites.  It’s Unnatural.

    Now, to Accept Reality:  YES!!!  And that is why White People need to Stop being Quiet.  I’ve said many times “We” need to Speak and Loudly so!

    I don’t have any shame in Demanding White People Get the Same Privileges Non-Whites Get.

    America is about “Equality” right?  I have no problem throwing it right back in their face.  None.  “Equality”.  They keep telling us how “equal” everybody and everything is so let’s all be “equal” then..

    • As you well know Stephanie, when Whites try to exercise our “equality,” we are demonized as “racists,” hate mongers,” and a whole list of other  pejoratives,  meant to supress our efforts to compete in this new racially defined “battle.”

      We are trying to fight this battle with one hand tied behind or backs, while the various ethnic groups have aligned to deliver blows ,are given free reign to do so. Something must change…..

      • I change tactics all the time.

        Sometimes I’m gentle (no name calling) and other times I call them the same names they call us (racist, bigot, etc.) and other times, I call them out on their Double Standard and other times, I remind them that it was they who chose to live among “racists”.  I use whatever I think will work at that moment.

        Not calling for Violence here but, I get a sneakin’ suspicion that this thing is not going to end via conversation, negotiation or even via giving non-whites everything they want.  They want us completely gone and they’re gonna do it no matter what we do for them.

        I feel this way because Non-Whites have everything now as it is yet White People are still “racist” and they’re still “oppressed”.  It’s not going to end until we make it end.

        One thing I’ve never tried is writing a letter and gathering signatures.  I’m going to do that.  I will submit it to Amren and see if they’d be willing to post it for signature gathering.  Of course, given I’m talking about America here, it can only be signed by Americans since it would be going to Congress.

  • Excellent Point!  Words are indeed Cause for Murder in the Non-White Community are they not?

    I tend to forget that most important Fact in my pursuit of Protecting Free Speech but let me write this:

    To Give Up Free Speech for Fear of Violence is to Submit.  Not to mention giving your Enemy Power over you.

  • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

    I hate seeing people who should be above these things get taken in by this leftist dogma.  It’s conduct unbecoming a successful people.

    Reminds me of when The Sopranos was the biggest thing on TV and there were about a grand total of five “Italian-Americans” (notice how these sorts are always PC regardless of which race) who were incensed over the portrayal of Italians as boorish gangsters.  Now they’re on to Jersey Shore.  It was only five because all the rest were busy contributing to society, letting their actions define them in a positive sense, and don’t have time to get hung up on such trivialities.  If the Asians are serious people they’ll rise above this nonsense. 

    Confident people don’t derive their identity from external forces.  I know there’s not a single thing the Mayweathers and Whitlocks of the world can say that would lower my opinion of myself.

  • crystal evans

    I read the entire article and found it very factual. One thing that I would add is that Chink is a derrogatory slur against Chinese Americans only. Also that Lin is not the first Asian American to make it to the NBA Wat Misaka, Raymond Townsend and Rex Walters made it there before him. He is just the first one to make it big in the NBA.

  • MikeofAges

    The story of Jeremy Lin present a problem to the established media. He is breaking a barrier, so far, but not an identified one, not one set up out of spite against his race, color and ethnicity. In his failure to be recognized as a potential big league talent, he was not exactly a victim of discrimination. Coming from Palo Alto did not help him. You have to know the area to know why, but if nothing else anyone from Palo Alto would be considered a “soft” player by college recruiter. Then he did not bend himself to seek a Div. I opportunity. Apparently, he was interested in Cal and Stanford, and wanted to attend a top academic institution in any case. So he made his choice. I can only assume he could have found a stronger Div. I program to play for, but did not want to go down the academic ladder to do so.

    The bigger issue is nationality. Obviously, ethnically he is Chinese. But in mainstream journalistic terms, he has to be called of Formosan  descent. Frankly, I think the AAJA is Maoist in its sympathies, and that is why they are attempting to draw the guidelines in the heavy handed was they are.

  • MrGJG

    I honestly never had problems with Asians, but it’s never too late. Hey, if they want to be the next cry-baby race, the line starts over there. 

  • Hi Slyvie!

    The Mailman told my Mother-in-Law she’s a minority in her Apartment Complex.  It’s majority indian.  She told the management to keep them in the back but they told her they couldn’t do that.  Funny isn’t it?  The only People who are not allowed to be left alone is White People.  She’s from an All White Germany, I mean the Germany before the turks were allowed to invade it.

    Aussie Flags – I know you remember that indian “professor” who thought it right to tell you Australians how “racist” it is to Wave Australians Flags.  That was a Hard Slap in Australia and Australians Face.  What should have been asked is why that indian CHOSE to live in such a “racist” Country in the first place.

    non-whites need to be reminded and often, it was they who CHOSE to live among “racist” White Folk.  We need to make the words “chose” and “choice” more common than the word “racist”.

  • Alexandra1973

    My young son likes watching Boomerang (mostly old Hanna-Barbera cartoons from the late 60s, early 70s) and one cartoon is a super-hero dog known as Hong Kong Phooey. 

    I wonder how long before there’s whining about that?  Or if there has been?

    I also remember a little ditty from when I was a child, “Hong Kong Phooey, sittin’ in chop suey.”  How long before that’s considered hate speech?

    • The Pekin H.S. (Illinois, near Peoria) sports teams used to be called the “Chinks,” as Pekin was named for Peking (Beijing), China.

      • Alexandra1973

        You say “used to.”  Let me guess:  there was much whining and hand-wringing…?

        • According to Wikipedia, it was changed in 1980.  I don’t know how loud the row was that finally forced them to change.  A three-year old in St. Louis couldn’t have been expected to pay close attention to intricate details of news from Peoria, Illinois, not even this three-year old, who explicitly remembers the front page of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in his baby crib even before that.

          • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

            You’re three years old?  Knew you were a smart guy, but damn son you’re some kind of wunderkind!

          • I was three years old, once upon a time, and increasingly longer and longer time ago.  Actually, my mother putting the Post-Dispatch instead of the Globe-Democrat in my crib (PJB’s first journalism job, the Globe didn’t fold until 1986), could have been grounds for child abuse.  But I forgave her.  That, and she was sorry about it, even though thankfully it didn’t harm me in the long term.

  • crystal evans

    I am not putting any whites down. Jeremy Lin is the first superstar American born Taiwanese athlete in the US and the general public does not know to deal with this. Asians are not known to be good athletes in sports like basketball.

  • crystal evans

    Raymond Townsend is part Filipino and Rex Walters is part Japanese but considers himself Japanese American. He now coaches the University of San Francisco Dons men’s basketball team.

  • razorrare

    Who here remembers this PC Chinese tale…Georgetown  Basketball Players Brawl with Chinese Team…video and comments included…would the AAJA care to comment….

  • Michelle Malkin had a column about this a few days ago.  Reading between the lines, the AAJA is basically a vulture group that comes out every time there’s a suitable carcass lying on the highway.

  • Like you, I find all non-whites to be utterly opposite of all that is us.  And you’re right, for literally every single non-white group, there are several groups and several different forms of set-asides for each of them.

    It doesn’t end there though, we’re also expected to allow these Third World Spawn to be our Doctors, Police Chiefs (I saw one in a crime documentary but don’t remember Town) and our Politicians.  I can’t handle it.

    It would be nice if people could understand that these people aren’t here to partake in, they’re here to take it over.  My favorite example of this is the indians whom are only supposedly 5% of the Population yet own HALF, get that, half of ALL our Hotels and Motels in the ENTIRE Country.  OUR Country.  Does that sound like “partaking” to you?

    I didn’t even mention the “dunkin’ donuts”, gas stations and our once great IT.  Third World Aliens bring nothing but Third World Wage and Third World Culture.  And no, I don’t separate asians from indians.  They’re non-white and they’re here to take us over.  All non-whites are after us.

    I’m afraid that if we allow our fellow whites to get us to accept certain non-whites, the destruction of us is only going to start over.  They will want to Breed with us or they will want just a few more who look like them or some extended family to be included or they’ll want places in Power so they’re “represented” and as you so rightfully put, on and on….

  • “They are only here to disenfranchise White people  from their own nation and to silence us from responding in kind. They ALL want us to die off and then they can have our lands and everything we built and invented, then rewrite history and take credit for everything that we built, even take credit for creating OUR civilization and everything that goes with it.”  – 

    You have LITERALLY written, word for word, EVERYTHING I’ve always said!
    I’m very glad to know I’m not the only who knows this.  I say “know” because it’s True.

  • Looks like you’re right- I’d just add a comment that Obama is Black, he looks like a Black & that’s it-  a lighter Black than his father. But, this Walters guy is here:

    Doesn’t look Japanese at all. So, yes, a part of the game.

  • And sadly, they don’t see how those “smart” asians will take them over at first chance.

    Non-whites don’t like being under White People no more than most White People like being under them but that’s hard to get people to see that.  They generally only see it when they feel it.  Like losing their Job to a less able but “smart” and cheaper asian.

  •  And this entire nomenclature thing is absurd.

    Russians own a big chunk of Asia (Siberia) but are not “Asians”.
    Some White Middle Easterners like Lebanese or Syrians are in Asia, but also aren’t “Asians”.
    “Tanned” Caucasoids like Iranians are not “Asians”, nor are Armenians and all true Caucasoids-people living in the Caucasus region.

    Indians are “Asians”, but they’re ethnically and linguistically very different from East Asians like Koreans or Chinese or Japanese. Especially Punjabis and other northern Indians who are visually, let alone culturally, a world apart.

    This is a good looking Indian young woman:

    And this one is a Chinese:

    As I said- worlds apart.
    And they lump everyone, i.e. Orientals & Indians under same umbrella, for instance in a miscegenation page at  “Asian-American” site:

    And, of course, historical, cosmic, intergalactic  …issue is for all to see: