Navy Seeking More Minority SEALs

Mark Thompson, Yahoo! News, February 24, 2012

In nature, most seals are black, with relatively few white ones. The Navy’s SEALs have exactly the opposite problem—they’re overwhelmingly white, with hardly any blacks. So they’re trying to do something about it.

It’s a fundamental challenge in a democracy with an all-volunteer force: recruits may be drawn from all segments of society, but elite military units—and none is more elite these days than the SEALs, following their dispatch of Osama bin Laden last May—tend to draw from small pools of talent. For the SEALs, that includes athletic young men who are smart and good in the water. For whatever reason, that has led to an overwhelmingly white SEAL force.

Say the SEALs:

Gaps exist in minority representation in both officer and enlisted ranks for Special Warfare operators. Diverse officers represent only ten percent of the officer pool (for example, African Americans represent less than 2% of SEAL officers). Diverse enlisted SEALs account for less than twenty percent of the total SEAL enlisted population. Naval Special Warfare is committed to fielding a force that represents the demographics of the nation it serves. This contract initiative seeks effective strategies to introduce high potential candidates from diverse backgrounds to the opportunities available in Naval Special Warfare.

The SEALs are considering hiring help to attract thousands of “minority males in the 16—24 year-old target age range” to become SEALs. “This contract will create a mechanism to enhance Naval Special Warfare’s ability to conduct outreach, raise awareness, mentor, and increase self-selection to a career as a SEAL within minority communities,” a recently-posted draft contract solicitation says.

The Navy isn’t seeking only black SEALs: “Challenges for minority recruitment also exist in the Hispanic, Asian Pacific Islander (API), Native American, and Arab American populations among others,” the announcement notes. “Given shifting demographics, these gaps in representation need to be corrected to ensure continued access. There are sustainment, societal, educational, and operational drawbacks to failing to correct this disparity.”


On the cover of the latest issue of Newsweek are 10 SEALs. All of them appear to be Caucasian. That’s the reality.

But when you go to the SEALs’ recruiting website, there are only two SEALs. Both of them appear to be African-American. That’s the desire.


The SEALs are seeking a contractor to generate SEAL-related contacts with at least “a thousand (1000) minority males aged 16-24 per metropolitan region” over a 12-month period. {snip}


The Contractor will be required to develop and sustain an appropriate level of mentorship for HPCs identified during the specific events and regional campaigns conducted under this contract . . . Since the waterborne feature of SEAL training is often the most formidable obstacle for many prospective candidates, especially among minorities with little swimming experience, the swim training program is usually the most challenging of the mentoring components and the largest.


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  • White Swimmer

    You know that old “stereotype” about blacks being bad swimmers?  Yeah, that’s another stereotype with more than a grain of truth.  Some blacks swim well, but most sink like rocks. 

  • Up to my neck in CA

    An Elite fighting force is compromised when soldiers are added to their ranks just because of their skin color and not by their merits. What’s next, let the hard working, law abiding, highly intelligent blacks control the nuke codes?

  • For the SEALs, that includes athletic young men who are smart and good
    in the water. For whatever reason, that has led to an overwhelmingly
    white SEAL force.

    Special forces and elite units have to be athletic, intelligent and good swimmers.  Yet, for some odd reason that the media and the Pentagon can’t figure out, those units are almost all white.

    The SEALs are considering hiring help to attract thousands of “minority
    males in the 16—24 year-old target age range” to become SEALs.

    And when they try attracting 16- and 17-year olds, watch for the Code Pink and the Occutards to start screaming about “recruitment” and “exploiting minorities,” which is what they do every time a military recruiter is spotted in a high school.

    I can’t say that what I’m about to say is spoken “out of school,” because I was never “in school” metaphorically speaking.  But it says here that 16-24 year old minority men will be targeted in this advertising putsch (probably timed with that Act of Valor movie).  Isn’t 24 a little late in the game to be joining the Navy then expect to become a SEAL?

    Just because you join the Navy doesn’t mean you’ll be accepted into the SEAL program, much less become a SEAL.  I mentioned that Act of Valor movie.  Remember Top Gun?  I bet there are thousands of men in their mid-40s today who joined the Air Force after watching that movie expecting to be MiG-flying heroes, but the reality was that most of them became medics and tarmac sweepers.  That’s what will probably happen with this movie, and the minority recruitment effort — A bunch of young men, and young minority men, will join the Navy thinking they’ll all become SEALs, and most of them will wind up cleaning grease vats in the kitchens, or something else mundane.

    Since the waterborne feature of SEAL training is often the most
    formidable obstacle for many prospective candidates, especially among
    minorities with little swimming experience, the swim training program is
    usually the most challenging of the mentoring components and the

    The only way this marketing putsch will result in more minority SEALs is if the Navy lowers the standards.  The other alternative is that they’ll become SEALs, but not really SEALs; they’ll be diversity bureaucracy commissars.

  • Hirschibold

    Patriotism, the belief that one should die for a larger concept than self or profit, is one of those uniquely Western concepts like charity or nature preserves which will disappear for eternity, if those Western peoples disappear from the Earth. End of Story.

  • Detroit_WASP

    “that includes athletic young men who are smart and good in the water.”
    Oops!  Smart and good in the water?  Don’t count on getting very many black in in the SEALS.  the “stereo type” of blacks not being able to swim very well is a simple truth.  They can’t shoot very well either.  I have seen it first hand.

  • Cullen Jones.  Other than Michael Phelps, he’s probably got the most lucrative endorsement deals of all American professional swimmers, and definitely not as a result of wins or medals.

    I think there was a quarter-Abo who made the Australian Olympic swim team when Sydney hosted the games in 2000.

    But that’s it.

  • Greg West

    Sorry but low IQ and the inability to swim can’t be waived for a SEAL.

    Almost no blacks  would be in the military  if they did not ignore standards.

    That’s just a fact.

    • Whoa, whoa here….. There are in fact the same percentage of capable minorities as there are whites… There are a smaller number of minorities (including blacks) that go into the military, smaller still the number that volunteer for special forces (spec war for the navspeak), and fewer still that would make the final cut. Truth is almost no one is good enough to be a seal… you guys aren’t. Dont pull that white supremacist race war crap. I had a 130 GT score, a 97 AFQT, and I can swim, run (no i’m not a sprinter), and do all of the things that are indicative of a candidate for that job. I’m an american first, not black…. and my duty it to protect and defend it… If you don’t get that don’t talk about it. you just sound ignorant… just because you havn’t seen many yourself…. doesn’t mean we don’t exist…. and you should be happy that we all fight on the same side. It has nothing to do with obama… It’s well documented in military history that countries fall that don’t have adequate representation in their military for the respective members of their country. Also… white guys running recon in Africa gets people killed. No one said anything about lowering the standards for anyone…. And I wouldn’t want it that way… what this article and the minority recruitment initiative (which started under Bush) are actually geared to do is to attract quality recruits, from different walks of life to enhance the operational capabilities of the US military. Get it?

  • Oil Can Harry

    I find the intro quite fitting since I’ve spent the exact same amount of time worring about Navy SEALs being mostly white as I have worrying about regular seals being mostly black. 

  • Oil Can Harry

    If the SEALS were an all-black unit they never would’ve found bin Laden.

    Then again, they probably wouldn’t be able to find a pigeon in New York City.

  • Greg West

    I say we let anyone that passes the standards in, regardless of their race.

    we should give the candidates a compass and drop them 5 miles from shore at night.
    The ones that make it go on the complete the coarse.

  • I would imagine he joined the Marines in his late teens or very early twenties.  The SEAL training program isn’t going to accept some wet-behind-the-ears 17-year old who just finished the induction oath, I understand they want you to have a very good record and a number of years under your belt before they even consider you for the training program.  Special forces are full of 30-35 year old men (esp. white men), because that age range is the sweet spot between virility and experience.

    And that goes back to my point:  The Navy is begging those black 16-year olds to join because they could become SEALs just like in the movie so they can kill the next big time Muslim terrorist that gives us trouble.  So what, they turn 18, graduate from high school, then join the Navy?  What is the young man’s reaction going to be when they don’t make him a SEAL right away?  We all know how impatient blacks can be.  No way he wants to wait around ten years paying his dues, and in case he is a subpar enlisted man, and the SEAL program turns him down at 28, what will his reaction be especially since he’s been told all his life that white racism is to blame for everything?  Think:  Asan Akbar, Nidal Hasan, etc.

  • Let them do it.  It’s going to get them killed and as far as I’m concerned, it serves them right.

    For as long as Color and Gender are included as “qualifications”, I say, let it all fall apart.

  • The reality of the situation is that non-whites don’t join the military so they can give their lives away in a battle for a country they constantly complain is “racist”. They join the military for the paycheck and benefits and they are more then happy to collect those paychecks and benies in the rear echelon. Joining some elite fighting unit holds not interest for them. I was in the army I saw this with my own eyes. There is very little “diversity” on the front lines, with most of the dirty work being overwhelmingly done by white males.

    • You just made me think of another reason why this AA recruitment push will fail in the long run.

      We will never know the identities of any of the Seal Team Six members that knocked off Obama.  As it should be…if their IDs became public, AQ murders their wives and children.

      If by some miracle, some 16-year old “Da’Quan” whom the Navy would like to target makes it to the Team Six one of these days, and in 2028, he’s part of the operation which assassinates Osama bin Laden III in retaliation for his imploding the Sears (sorry, Willis) Tower in Chicago a few years prior, how is Da’Quan going to like it that he has to keep his identity a secret?  After all, Official America begged him ever since 2012 to go into the Navy and kill terrorists in order to be a hero, yet his heroism can’t be recognized?  No ticker tape parade along Broadway in New York City?  That’s not going to whet his ego very well.

  • Funny you mention that ’cause I thought EXACTLY that when I wrote those words but I chose to ignore that 100% probability in favor of making the point about Affirmative Action instead.

    Sir, please Trust me when I tell you, I know what the non-whites will do to Whites should they ever get their hands on Military Style Weapons.  They attack us with their bare hands as it is.  I know what they’d do to us given any chance.

    • Periapsis

      I have a very good idea, look no farther than the Beslan massacre in Russia for a clue. Hundreds of children and teachers were massacred by Chechen Muslim terrorists with bombs, and automatic weapons before Russians killed all but one of them. Or how about the massacres MS-13 committed in El Salvador where they killed entire families? What should frighten you is the fact Hispanc gangs already has military weaponry such as plastic explosives, grenades, machines guns and body armor. Huge caches of this and other weaponry are being found all along the border, and the cartels are even better armed. They have RPG’s capable of destroying an M-1 Abrams tank, or the heavily armored limousines used to protect our high ranking officials. They have .50 caliber sniper rifles that can kill a person 2,500 yards away, or take down almost any aircraft. A Hispanic in Mexico can call a street gang here in the U.S. and have you and your whole family killed inside of 24 hours. That is no exageration. So yes, I have no doubt what the non-whites, especially the gangs can do. They are getting military training in our armed forces, with the intention of using it against white Americans. Already white Americans have been murdered this way.

      • Sir, I know.  I wish I could stop it but like everyone else, I am alone.

        Sir, if things were my way, non-whites wouldn’t have weapons or training.  I prefer to take care of them then to allow them to have anything.  I don’t mean to sound “stingy” because that’s not what’s it about, it’s partly about what you wrote.

        I’m one of those who thinks:  Never give your Natural Enemy (non-whites) ammunition and for me, this means everything from Education to Freedom to Weapons.

        The above does not mean I’m willing to watch them die of starvation or be homeless, jobless, dirt poor to where they can’t take Vacations or Live Right, it only means I wouldn’t arm my enemy.

        An example of what I mean would be how the non-whites have tons of Non-White Privilege over and above White People.  This is Wrong and so many Levels, I can barely put it into words.

        Our Freedoms and Our Education that “We” extended to our enemies are now being used against us.  muslims have more rights here than Christians.  That is an Abomination and worse, it’s UnGodly.

  • anarchyst

    The Navy will have to lower the standards to make it possible for blacks to pass BUDS UDT training . . .

  •   Very true.  I can speak from direct experience in regards to the
    importance of being able to trust your fellow Marine, Soldier, etc. As a former member of a elite fighting unit I witnessed numerous unqualified, incompetent Africans being pushed through various training regimens. Failure was the norm. The fact of the matter is, a significant portion of the black population in the USA is  dysfunctional. No amount of swimming lessons will change that.

    The portion of the Black males that are not completely lost have easier avenues to pursue a better life. For a black male, simply going through the motions will enhance their career prospects as a civilain. Whereas a European American male  (who lacks connections) has to go above and beyond to find success.  A Euro American man has to to be twice as good as a white woman or Black guy to obtain a equal level of respect.

    Therfor, the only way they will be able to see a significant rise in African male participation in the Special forces is to lower the standards. In fact I would say the standards would have to be lowered so much as to disqualify said unit from even being special forces any longer. 

    Anyhow, on a sidenote, from a personal point of view. There is not much left for the European American male to defend. We are discriminated against legally through Affirmative action legislation . We are demonized in Academia for Being European and male. We are portrayed as sick, weak, feeble minded, criminals by the news and entertainment industry in the United States. No my Euro American brothers, the nation of the United States deserves nothing from us as men. Not our love, not our labor, and most definitely not our loyalty. I am 360 degrees against any able bodied, physically and mentally healthy European American male from serving the United States of America in any capacity. The time we consider ourselves “American” before we consider ouselves European must end.  We should consider ourselves Euro first, and American a distant second. (If at all).

    • WhitesRdumb

      “Very true.  I can speak from direct experience in regards to the
      importance of being able to trust your fellow Marine, Soldier, etc. As a
      former member of a elite fighting unit I witnessed numerous
      unqualified, incompetent Africans being pushed through various training
      regimens. Failure was the norm. The fact of the matter is, a significant
      portion of the black population in the USA is  dysfunctional. No amount
      of swimming lessons will change that.”

      That is the way it was in the ARMY at Fort Benning. Blacks got a free ride to higher rank. The free ride convinced them they had the ability to lead men into battle. If they made a mistake, it was never their fault. They looked for any white person to blame.

      I was a Life Guard at Fort Benning for the Rangers. There were very few black Rangers because blacks could not swim: They sank. Navy Seals are not suppose to sink. I wonder how they are going to solve that problem.

    • loyalwhitebriton

      “We should consider ourselves Euro first, and American a distant second (If at all)”
      May I humbly suugest the following alternative:
      White Americans should consider themselves ‘Euro-American’ FIRST AND FOREMOST!.
      As for White Americans not serving in the Military, surely military service will give White Americans the skills that they will undoubtedly need in any upcoming Lawful Rebellion?.

  • Afrikanerhart1

    It’s not just elite Spec-Ops units like the SEALs.  In the military as a whole, blacks tend to congregate in the support arms rather than the combat arms.    I served in the US Army, and my last MOS was 19 Kilo: Armored Crewman. (tanker to you civillians)  In the first Gulf War out of my entire platoon, we only had one black.   It’s always been like that.  You of course have heard the stories about casualties in Vietnam fell disproportionality on blacks?  Well, the actual percentage of blacks killed was only around 12%….that is to say very close to their percentage in the overall population at the time.

    So the lack of blacks in the SEALs is not the result  some evil “racist” plot to keep them out.   It’s caused by the fact that blacks tend to choose non-combat MOSs to those of the combat arms.

    Afirmative action has no place anywere of course…but it’s especially out of place in something as important as the military.

  • Read the original article.  You may think you’re speaking tongue-in-cheek, but the Navy is taking your idea seriously in a way.  To wit:

    — Sponsorships and engagement with athletes and coaches of predominantly African American collegiate swim teams.

    I didn’t know Howard and Morehouse had swimming teams.  Truthfully, the scant few blacks that are good at swimming in high school are going to get scholarships from mainstream colleges.  One more thing, being a Navy SEAL isn’t just about swimming fast. 

    — Inner-city schools initiative providing mentoring to high school
    students in a “help those help themselves” program; focused on giving
    back to America, becoming better citizens, developing skills to become
    responsible and respectful adults, and developing community leaders.

    Sure, because inner city high school students have a reputation for altruistic patriotism.  If they were so patriotic, the Navy wouldn’t need to beg them to enlist.  Once again, it takes a lot more than “giving back,” being a good citizen, being a responsible and respectful adult, or being a community leader, to be a SEAL.  All those listed virtues are what we expect of the average person, but it doesn’t make the average person qualified to be a SEAL.

  • Heinrich24

    “For whatever reason, this has lead to an overwhelmingly white SEAL force.”

    Yes, for “whatever reason” indeed! You just cannot imagine what those “reasons” might be, right Mr. Author. This is supposed to be journalism? Pretend that you simply cannot conceive of WHY the SEAL teams are so very, very White?!  The United States military is one of the most (embarrassingly) Politically-Correct instituions on the planet – at least administartively and officially speaking. How then could this dreadful “whiteness” occur, unless the most obvious reason is in fact THE real reason – notably that Whites are most qualified…period?

  • MikeofAges

    Sometimes things just work out they way  they do. Considering all the issues swirling around, if two percent of Navy Seal officers are AA and 20 percent of enlisted members non-Anglo that is pretty good. I can only imagine that the numbers are higher for other special ops forces, especially in the officer ranks. Can there ever be a time when people stop crybabying and accept that reality is what it is? For all we know, maybe there is a reason why every Div. 1 cornerback in college football is black. Many people think there is discrimination in college recruiting, for example. But all anyone hopes for is that capable individuals get their opportunity. No one expect the big picture to change greatly. I think the U.S armed forces are already doing that, making sure that capable individuals get their opportunity. Sometimes more than their fair chance.

  • crystal evans

    How about some Asian American seals. Asians are as intelligent as most white seal recruits and they can swim?

  • Christopher_Nelson

    When the standard is too high for minorities, then it will be lowered. So much for elite fighting forces.  Here comes the Tuskegee seal men.  An all black “elite ” fighting force that  furture generations can make myths about. 

    Oh, but they can’t do that, can they? That is evil segregation. So, they will have to lower the standards  or let minorities skip over some of the standards, and make the white seal team members carry their weight. And ofcourse, that won’t cause racial tension at all.  It better not, if the whites complain, then they are out of there.

    • Guest

       I’m a little late getting into this conversation, but it seems to me that the standards should be raised, not lowered.  Afterall, we’re told relentlessly on TV, in sports and in the movies about how physically superior black men are in comparison to whites.  If anything, the standards must have been lowered in the past in order for whites to qualify and that it’s only racist recruitment policies that have excluded blacks.

  • Lowering the bar to meet diversity qoutas, who cares if more of our troops are killed as long as we meet the quota.

  • Yale2001

     Can’t speak for the SEALS, but as a Green Beret I can. Blacks generally do well with the plain physical aspects of testing, but when we did more fearful tactics, it became an issue. Height’s, closed in spaces, underwater, dark environments, etc… There was/is also alot of intelligence involved with map skills, rationing, and study of survival skills. These became the issues that appeared difficult for them to overcome. I am not here to belittle anyone. I welcome anyone that truly excels, but do not put my a#@ in a horrible situation with someone that was given ANY special treatment. This is my issue, and this goes with ever other aspect of life, as well (jobs, college, financial assistance, home ownership, etc….).

  • anmpr1

    Notice the premise, or theme of the article.  Usually, if an elite fighting team has a “problem” one would presume it has to do with tactics, or weaponry, or their ability to stealthily encounter an enemy, and so on and so forth.  However from the article we find out that the REAL problem of this elite fighting team is an affirmative action “social problem.”

    In a way this is good.  Our current multi-cultural empire deserves to die.  With Amos and Andy, and Laverne and Shirley fighting our wars, decline will happen that much sooner than one might otherwise expect.

  • JohnEngelman

    Affirmative action means lowering standards that need to remain high, and discriminating against whites, and particularly white men. Those who argue otherwise lie. 

  • RobRoySimmons

    A Nat Geo channel hour long special about a Marine infantry unit in AfPak and the units were whiter than when I was in 81-85.  Its a volunteer thing these days, and blacks are not choosing combat arms.

  • Anonymous1397

    The RAND Corporation conducted a study in 1999 as to why there weren’t more minorities in SOF. It covered the range from Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) and General Technical (GT) scores to swimming ability to biases to lack of desire by minorities to service in special operating forces.  There was one very telling paragraph and this was the reaction Special Forces members had in the front of their minds.
    “Many participants were vehemently opposed to quotas or the lowering of standards to achieve greater diversity. This was true across majority and minority personnel, operators and source population. Minority groups especially opposed lowering standards and instituting quotas because such policies create an atmosphere where ALL minorities are viewed as substandard and suspect. The following quotes from both majority and minority participants highlight these concerns”:
    ·         Can’t have people who give up in the middle of a hump in the jungle
    ·         You can’t force people into it; quotas are very bad. No guarantee a guy will carry out his job if forced into it…..lives are at stake
    ·         Take whoever is most qualified. Cannot compromise someone’s life because of minority representation issues
    ·         If you make it easier on minorities, there will always be a stigma that they made it through only with help
    “Finally, a related question that has plagued the military to mirror society.  How does one define “enough?” Should SOF mirror society or the service with which they are associated? Should we set some other representational standard?”
    To qualify for any of Special Forces positions (including SEAL), a recruit must earn a score of 110 on the General Technical (GT) composite score, a weighted average of Arithmetic and Verbal Expression.  34% of applicants meet this minimum score. Only 14% of African American Applicants and 21 % of Hispanic potential recruits met minimum score while 60% of White recruits met minimum scores.
    The issue isn’t lowering quality for Navy SEALS.  No matter how many people enter Basic Seal training, of any race, only those who are qualified will complete the training and be designated SEALS. You can’t fake physical and mental agility, determination, swimming and other physical measures and the critical thinking and analytic reasoning skills demanded of every SEAL. Everyone, regardless of race, will still have to meet the same high standards to even begin SEAL selection.
    However, the real winners will be the diversity industry being paid big bucks to “recruit” qualified minorities. At the end of the day, how much will it have cost the taxpayers for each successful minority SEAL to both recruit and provide remedial training (like swimming) over what it costs now to get a qualified White SEAL? Of course, the diversity bullies and this administration don’t care because 1) minority run companies/bubbas will be making a ton of money for what few numbers they produce and 2) it is “other people’s money” i.e. taxpayers and costs be damned. It will be interesting if the Navy ever produces honest numbers as to how much each new minority SEAL ends up costing taxpayers over White SEALs.
    In fact, since everyone who fails SEAL training has to be already enlisted or commissioned, the overall impact on the Navy should be good; Even if minorities fail training (80-90% of everyone does), they will still be of a much higher standard and quality than the standard minority who comes in the Navy.

    • That’s probably the angle to all this – Money.  You’re right – Nobody involved in this diversity hustle really expects the racial composition of the SEALs to be any different.  It’s just that the Federal government will shower a lot of money on the industry that fools people into thinking there could be more non-white SEALs if you only give them more money for this or that program.  Other than qualifications and standards, the reason the SEALs will remain almost all white is that if the “problem” is solved, then the “we need to diversify the SEALs” cottage industry gets defunded.  It’s like Morris Dees and “hate” – If “hate” ever went away, Dees would go bankrupt.  That’s why his poverty pimp employees keep inventing more “hate.”

  • The original article suggests that we need more non-white SEALs because white SEALs would look too ostentatious in Fillintheblankstan while they’re hunting The Next Great Terrorist.  I didn’t know the SEALs were doing CIA-style covert/clandestine operations.  I always thought their missions were almost always along the lines of exfiltration.

  • ageofknowledge

    And once again, it’s not the best person for the job…

  • Beloved Comrade

    There have only been three African Americans to ever qualify for the US Olympic swim team.

  • It won’t happen. Bigger problem is White willingness to enter in such a demanding drill & life for… what ? Whom ? Why ?

  • slobotnavich

    Hey, what a great idea.  Black SEALS could get by without black wet-suits!

    Sorry, folks, getting through SEAL school takes more than just physical strength and endurance.  It takes a huge level of determination, courage, and the ability to function under extreme physical hardship, to include numbing fatigue, utter exhaustion, hunger, acute discomfort, and frequent states of extreme disorientation.  It’s probably the most intensive military training regimen among the US armed forces.  I say that as an old Army SF guy.

    I just don’t see too many blacks being able to cut it. 

  • sbuffalonative

    Yes, what are these guys fighting for and is it worth fighting for? Corruption, empire, aggression, and liberal ideology.

    The United States is a shell of itself. Liberal ideology has transformed this nation in less than 50 years. Most of these young men joined to defend America but do they really know what they’re defending?

    Our Founding Fathers warned  us about foreign entanglements but that’s all we seem to do anymore.

    Long after Vietnam, we’re still destroying nations in order to save them.   

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      My family has vowed that NOT ONE of our males will EVER fight in ANY overseas wars in Third World hell holes that are no threat to us.

      This government hates our people, especially our males.  NO White male should risk his life for or support a government that upholds blatant policies that openly discriminate against him.


      • It was around this time, forty years ago, that my father a heavily decorated WWII hero, demanded that I give up my interest in a military career.  He knew that Viet Nam was a bad deal for the fighting man and that something was just not right about our country.  He told me that the evening that the bombing halt of N Vietnam was announced.
        Both of my children are very interested in a service career.  One is not far from what will be her ROTC days.  So, it is stories such as this and the encouragement of homosexuality that allows me to frame the arguement to stay away.

  • Alexandra1973

    What did Jupiter7 say that was hateful?  I’m sick and tired of people spouting off “that’s hateful” or “that’s hate speech” every time they hear something they don’t like, I don’t care if you’re talking about race, gender, or whatever.

    “Some would simply beat the stuff out of you”?  I guess some people are intolerant of people that don’t agree with them, wouldn’t you say?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    General Smedley Butler should be remembered, honored and quoted often, at every opportunity!!

    He called it as he saw it.

    Here are a few other great quotes:

    There are only two things we should fight for. One is thedefense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any otherreason is simply a racket.

    I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bankboys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen CentralAmerican republics for the benefits of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.

    Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.

    Hear, hear, General!! AND for good measure:

    Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? … Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. 

    — Leading Nazi leader, Hermann Goering, at the Nuremberg Trials before he was sentenced to deathWhat’s that old expression about the more things change?…


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    In nature, most seals are black, with relatively few white ones. The Navy’s SEALs have exactly the opposite problem—they’re overwhelmingly white, with hardly any blacks. So they’re trying to do something about it.

    Bar None, this is THE most asinine statement I’ve read all week.

    Quotas over quality is the new Amerikan way.  In this case, quotas will get good men injured and killed.

    If swimming disqualifies blacks, look for the SEALS to be pressured into dropping the swimming qualification.

  • Christopher_Nelson

    To an F? That is still raciss. They need to not give ANY entrance exams to minorities. Just to the white ones.

  • I totally agree.  I’m a White woman and I too know that America is our
    enemy and we should not defend it. We owe nothing to the United States. 


    No. The current suicidal “liberal” mindset is the enemy , not the US. This ideological tyranny has to be dismantled & defeated. And it will be, as all lies are unmasked, sooner or later.

    Much, much worse things had happened to various peoples & they survived. Have faith.

  • Laurencealmand

    This is yet another example of the bureaucratic lowering of standards in order to create “diversity” or “equality” – whatever that is supposed to mean.  I worked for the San Francisco Police Department in the 1980s and I know what a serious effect lowering of standards can have upon a paramilitary or military organization. ( I wrote a good and truthful book entitled AND GUN THEM DOWN, which no one will publish because it is “politically incorrect”.)  When will this favoritism of incompetence end?  When the USA goes the way of the former Soviet Union?

    • MikeofAges

       No doubt your book is politically incorrect. But there also are certain ways a book has to ordered and formatted before publisher will touch. I have read many self-published books in my life which were published because of how they were written and formatted, not because of their content.

  • Worry not.  I’ve watched enough movies and TV to know what “need to know” means.  I’ve used it quite a number of times to end irritating conversations with dullards, the type for whom, to use another phrase, as Samuel Johnson once said, a little learning can be a dangerous thing.

  • Joeblow

    I was a nuke machinic on submarines 20 years ago, and the boat was almost entirely white. The nukes were all white, with the occasional hispanic or asian. I did meet a black chief petty officer nuke who was capable and deserved his position. The few blacks that were on subs tended to be non-nuclear rates with less stringent requirments

  • c w

    Having seen Seal tv programs and of course fictional movies, the only thing I take from them is this: If your brain cant do it, you wont make it. Maybe you folks will get yourselves blind seals, wheelchair seals, fat visible minority seals, but only problem is that to do so, the eagle and trident will mean nothing.

  • every last thing i had read so far.. is beyond racist and incompetent and you call yourselves “AMERICANS”???? MORE LIKE KLANSMEN