Police in Riot Gear Break Up Shoe Melee at Florida Mall

Susan Jacobson, Orlando Sentinel, February 24, 2012

The launch of an expensive new basketball shoe—timed to Orlando’s hosting of the NBA All-Star Game—triggered a melee Thursday night at Florida Mall that was quelled by deputies in riot gear.

The wild scene erupted about 9:45 p.m. as hundreds of people packed the mall’s parking lot, hoping to buy the new shoe at midnight. As the crowd grew, a large contingent of Orange County deputy sheriffs arrived, braced for problems.

Similar shoe releases have caused violence at shoe stores across the country.

Two people were arrested on trespassing charges Thursday at Florida Mall. A third person—a woman—was arrested this morning for fighting outside Foot Locker.

Witnesses told the Orlando Sentinel that the crowd was asked to wait across the street when the mall closed at 9 p.m., but one person made a mad dash toward the Foot Locker where the shoes were to go on sale, and hundreds followed.

“I saw hundreds of people running toward me. I thought I was going to get trampled,” said Amanda Charles, 20, who was among a group of a half-dozen friends who drove from Jacksonville to try to buy the glow-in-the-dark Nikes.

Witnesses said more deputies quickly arrived, decked out in riot gear and fortified by still more deputies on horseback, on motorcycles and in patrol cars. A helicopter with a spotlight hovered overhead.


The deputies formed a line and used shields to push back the crowd, witnesses said. They said the deputies threatened to use pepper spray but did not.


More than 100 law-enforcement officers from the Sheriff’s Office, the Orlando Police Department and Florida Highway Patrol responded to the mall and were continuing to disperse the crowd as of midnight. {snip}


Several people said they coveted the $220, limited-edition shoes for their resale value, which some estimated at up to 10 times or more than the retail price.

“It’s all about the swag,” Gomez said.


[Editor’s Note: More video footage is available at the original article link below.]


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  • This is the easiest game of GUESS THE RACE! ™ ever.

    The obvious joke has already been made hundreds of times, but I still like it…

    “Nike is taking a bold step to stop black rioting over 200 dollar sweatshop basketball shoes. They are stopping the entire line and replacing it with work boot production.”

    • It was just a joke picture on my Facebook profile. I changed it back to me in a stylish tuxedo. OOOOH

      • I didn’t know what your picture was.  I never saw it until I read The Moderator’s comment!

      • I’ve been trying to change my name on FaceBook to a nickname and it keeps telling me it took but it has yet to display it.

    • JohnEngelman

      An avatar like that would be welcome at Stormfront, but not American Renaissance. 

      I have to admit that I laughed at the joke, however.

      • I was banned from there, though.

        I can’t believe my Disqus profile isn’t using my picture from Facebook that I changed about 2 days ago. Jeesh. I didn’t think Swastikapizza would piss people off so much.

        Maybe if it was Lomeinswastika you wouldn’t care so much?


        • JohnEngelman

          I was banned from Stormfront too. I said nice things about Jews and criticized Hitler. There are some weird people over there. 

          • Alexandra1973

            I’ve visited that site…they tend to be on the blame-the-Jews-for-everything bandwagon big-time.  I also wonder how many there are against socialism/liberalism but have no problem with Nazism…which is a form of socialism.

            I have no problem with white pride or anything like that…but IMO it shouldn’t translate into “hate everyone else” or promote genocide.  I don’t hate other races, but it doesn’t mean we should all mix and mingle.  I believe in each race having its own nation(s).

          • Blaak Obongo

             This constant litany of “(fill in your favorite love-to-hate site here) is a pack of deranged maniacs” gets very old very fast.  How many respondents to black websites get upset because other black websites are too undignified or lacking in gentility?  In fact how many blacks criticise problack sites at all?

            But look at the so-called “White Nationalist” sites, where everybody sneers at everybody else.  Amreners mock Stormfront with every other breath.  Stormfronters desipise VNN.  And VNN devotees jump on virtually every other Whites except themselves.  They all spend at least as much energy attacking each other as they do our common enemies.

            White liberals are notorious for looking down upon Evil Racists in order to bolster their own feelings of moral superiority.  It’s depressing to see the same sort of finger-pointing right here on one of the major proWhite sites.  “Oh, we’re not Evil Hateful Racists, not us.  It’s those crazed troglodytes over on that other site who’re inbred hillbilly Nazi White trash scum.  We’re respectable.”

            Jared Taylor himself has said “The only distinction that matters is who is, and who is not, part of the European struggle against oblivion.” (in his essay Why We Fight), and I second that sentiment.  The only distinction that matters to me is who is and is not struggling against the campaign to displace White people.  I may disagree with some of them–and often do–but they are still on my side.  We need no internecine squabbling to give cheer and comfort to our already-powerful opponents as they go about their deadly work.

          • Blaak Obongo:

            I read the Stormfront boards regularly.  As much as I might disagree with this or that little thing, it really is a good repository for “diamond in the rough” race stories.  I agree — Let our enemies bash Stormfront, it doesn’t need any more piling on from us.

            Just like any medium, whether it’s some lamestream conservative sites, Alex Jones, Stormfront, Daily Kenn, Countenance Blog, etc., with me, it’s always caveat emptor.  Paul Kersey made a good point in the last few days that the Alex Jones types should heed carefully — The black undertow, not black helicopters, are what’s going to get us.

          • JohnEngelman

            I found Stormfront to be surprisingly civil. Using obscene words and flaming other posters are prohibited. If I was the admin of an internet forum I would have many of the same rules as Stormfront. The rules would be clearly stated and strictly enforced. However, unlike Stormfront, if a poster obeyed the Rules, the poster would not be banned.

          • VNN is where it is at. 😀 It isn’t civil at all and doesn’t beg for money. Alex Linder might be a nutcase but at least he doesn’t make money working for hispanics. 🙂

  • $220 sticker price, 10 times that in the secondary market, meaning $2,200.

    Nike will be accused of provoking these riots by overpricing these things, but really they’re deliberately underpricing them.

    I noticed a few white people in that crowd, though I doubt they were making much trouble.  I suppose when I said on AR tongue-in-cheek that not rioting when new basketball shoes are released is a form of racism, that they read those words and took me seriously.

    • The_Bobster

      The crowd in my area was mostly White. Why they would want these things is beyond me, unless they want to sell them on the black market. Naturally, it was a peaceful assembly.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    They do this over shoes….shoes! Just imagine what will happen when their EBT cards quit working. Anyone of these fools on guv’mint assistance needs to have it revoked.

    On a positive note, the shoes glow-in-the-dark!

    • chad570

      They are some ugly [email protected]@ed shoes! Why would someone pay $20 for them let alone $200. Oh, I know, because they are sparkly. Nike, “Keeping the underclass distracted with shiny objects since 1964.”

  • Hirschibold

    For a people who like to rail against the past evils of slavery, they very much seem to enjoy the fruits of slave-child labor, don’t they?

    • Detroit_WASP

      How ironic that intelligent Asians make shoes so these half-wits (white and black) can riot over them.

    • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

      They’re the biggest hypocrites on the planet.  Give them a little power and they become the most rank abusers imaginable.  But it’s ok for them “cuz da Man duz it.”

      I watched two documentaries the other night, The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia followed by Crips and Bloods: Made in America

      The Whites own their degeneracy and seem to take pride in it.  But the latter was all about how it’s all the White man’s fault that there have been 15,000 gang murders in South Central since it all started. 

      The White man’s fault that Blacks couldn’t transition from automotive manufacturing to aerospace.  Historical injustices in education of course. 

      Black children have no fathers?  White man’s fault for putting them in prison.

      So you can rest assured that some how, some way, if Black people can’t be held responsible for offing each other over someone from 10 blocks over wearing the wrong color in the wrong hood, it must be the White man’s fault that they riot over shoes. 

      • C&B, Made in America — Is that that smarmy documentary whose oh so brilliant premise is that blacks who went to Boy Scout meetings in Southern California in 1960 were whispered about in hushed tones by the white parents, and that was the “discrimination” which forced them to go out and form violent murderous street gangs?

        I noticed that both those documentaries you mention are available on the online streaming service from the red envelope movie company, so I’m guessing that’s where you saw them.  While you’re there, check out Gang Tapes.  I’ll give you a hint:  Carjacker, murderer and murdered all before turning 14.

        • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

          That’s the one, and yes you guessed correctly.  I’ll keep that one in mind but I’ve had more than I can stomach for now.  I need a week or so to recover. 

  • anmpr1

     This is out of the ordinary for Orlando.  But like everything else, things always start small.  The black presence in Orlando is not oppressive such as you might find in parts of Oakland, or Detroit, but there are areas you have to stay away.  In fact, the environs are rapidly becoming Hispanicized.  In certain areas they are the largest majority, and Spanish is about as common as English. 

    Orlando downtown is attempting to court (with some success) the “homosexual community.”  This has the effect of keeping the “hood” away, since generally blacks are not fans of these folks.  Also, the homosexual community tends to have a lot of expendable dollars (no kids to raise), meaning that they can regularly eat out, etc.  And that helps support local merchants.  Plus, they are typically artsy and compulsively clean (good feng shui).  So, if you don’t mind the rainbow crowd, and the humidity, it may be OK for you.  I plan on leaving in a few years, never to return.  But that’s just me.

  • If only there was a cliff you could throw on of these shoes off in florida. At least florida has a castle law.

  • As the article noted, the NBA All-Thug Game is in Orlando this weekend. That event draws gangbangers, looters and other assorted trash like roadkill draws vultures. The game was in Las Vegas a few years ago and crime went trough the roof for several days.

    Meanwhile, ~100,000 white NASCAR fans are gathering just up I-4 for Sunday’s Daytona 500, and crime is all but non-existent.

    There are definitely parts of metro Orlando you want to avoid. Parramore has been a black ghetto for ages. Pine Hills, east of Ocoee, used to be nice until blacks moved in; now it’s known locally as “Crime Hills.” Other areas have deteriorated in the last ~15 years due to the Puerto Rican invasion. Think of PRs as blacks who speak Spanish — the same social pathologies, only not as severe.

    Fortunately there are still plenty of nice places to live around here. Seminole County (except for Sanford) is good, as are Maitland, Winter Park and Winter Garden in Orange County. Forget Osceola County unless you can afford a place in Celebration — the PRs have pretty much taken over the rest. A lot of nice apartments were built in southern Lake County (near the US 27/US 192 intersection) during the real estate mania; with the downturn, they should be quite affordable. Despite the overbuilding, many parts of the county are still rural. Since you’ll be homeschooling, you don’t have to worry about the uniformly lousy schools everywhere.

    • anmpr1

      Because of the NBA circus, we got the hell out of Dodge for the weekend.  The place we stay has the Gainesville newspaper (one of the worst papers in America, evidently).   This morning there is an article calling these low IQ black thugs “sneakerheads” and “sneaker fanatics.”  The only part of the article that mentions anything that could be even be remotely associated with race is the description of the shoe:  they have “white” sparkles on them.

      At the same time there is an article about two “ex” Gainesville HS students that posted a “racist” video on line.  Students were said to have met somewhere to “express racial solidarity” with their black brothers.  The pictures show an almost white crowd proclaiming their collective guilt.  The school brought out a negro from U of F to admonish the students, and encourage them to become doctors and lawyers, but not thugs and prostitutes (did he mention not becoming sneakerheads?).  Thugs and prostitutes?  He was obviously talking about the white students!  The article relates that after the girls received death threats (!)  they withdrew from the school.  The school administration quickly whipped up student “activism” and is said to have handled the situation well.  Welcome to the People’s Republic…

      • The_Bobster

        The Gainesville paper is owned by the New York Slimes and it shows.

      • There is no better fare to be found in North Florida anymore, with one exception and I am keeping that to myself.  Even Jacksonville has a negro mayor, a carpet bagger from New Jersey.  Friends there tell me they will be moving soon as they see the writing on the walled community.  Another example of “demographics” we are told.

        The state newspapers in Florida, every last hometown owned, were bought up over the last several years by northern and Californian socialists who found the easiest way to build multiculturalism and destroy the traditional South was to deny the white folk the use of the media.  Then a little research shows that througout the nation hometown newspapers no longer speak for the traditional American population and are pushing socialistspeak in the coverage of anything remotely related to race.  If you are a subscriber you have to choke down the better part of that famous month of February is somone else’s history month and as white people did and continue to do nothing of historical significance except deny negroes enough shoes.

  •  Well, there are several piers overlooking the Atlantic (very popular with fishermen). Perhaps those would work in lieu of cliffs. It would certainly give new meaning to the epithet, “Take a long walk down a short pier.”

  •  Too bad Barbara Billingsley is n longer with us. She made a great translator.

  • Christianfaith2k

    Imagine if they formed a line and the shoes were sold for $20…

  • Sonya610

    When the scouts of the local tribal chief reported that slavers were only about 20 -30 miles away, the  tribal chief no doubt would have used the opportunity to get rid of the people in the village that he didn’t want around. 

    Huh? What utter NONSENSE! Get rid of the people in the village? If the local tribal chiefs wanted to get rid of the people in the village (not sure why a chief would want to get rid of all of his followers but regardless) he would have them butchered.

    Neither Arabs nor Whites would dare enter beyond the coasts of Africa because of disease and violence. The African slaves that were sold were delivered by other African’s to trade in safe market places. Most of Africa was held in slavery. In fact when other African’s started going on the war path the victims were LUCKY to be sold into slavery as else they would be sold as meat.

    And you appear to be trolling Simonetta. Tell us more about the “Slavers”.

    • Rocky Mountain

      Sometimes “trolling” is just having another opinion or do you want everyone to think exactly the same?  They “knew” they could be sold as meat?  Tell us more Sonya610.

  • Heinrich24

    I can’t help but wonder, just how many White Americans(or just White AR readers for our purposes here) have ever owned or worn $220 footwear? I always purchase and wear quality footwear, the price is always worth it in the long run –  and I have NEVER paid over $200 for a shoe or boot, let a sneaker for heavens’ sake!   

    • My best pair of dress shoes cost me $120.  I must be a square or other kind of social deficient, because they weren’t endorsed by any athlete.  Of course you don’t wear dress shoes on the basketball court, so I shouldn’t have expected that.  However, they couldn’t even get the celebrity endorsement of the CEO of PricewaterhouseCoopers — The ideal footwear for doing an audit.

    • better_times

      I don’t think it’s any of your business how much I pay or don’t pay for any legal thing I want with my own money. That used to be the beauty of America.  

      • Heinrich24

        Oh please – save the affected indignation for someone else! The videos of these sneaker riots looked like something out of Haiti or the Congo!! These are the same “inner-city” types we are reminded daily, are all wallowing in desperate “poverty” and want – but somehow $220 glow-in-the-dark sneakers are well with their budgets!!

        • better_times

          Okay, I agree that rioting looks bad but what’s so disturbing is your $200 line in the sand on the price of shoes.  If people are lining up & rioting to buy something that’s $220 , then the price is too low. Let’s hear what your ceilings would be for gold, oil, cars, IPhones, houses & healthcare. If an AR reader can get huffy about NEVER spending more than X on Y, then Obamacare should make total sense. One of the reasons our economy is so screwed up is that the sages in our government distort prices by manipulation. Including the artificial support for black labor which in turn creates a market in peculiar-seeming commodities like Nikes. I give up on you. At the very least, you should talk to a few women about shoes & at some point in your life buy a pair of custom-made shoes for yourself.

          • Heinrich24

            There is something very bizarre going on on this website. You and posters like you, ever since the change in format, continue to pop up and engage in all manner of peripheral arguments that have nothing to do with what we are here to discuss – what AR is all about…and that is RACE! The White race to be specific.  

            My post wasn’t ultimately about the cost of footwear(or anything else) and any experienced AR reader, race-realist, White-Nationalist etc, could clearly see that from the beginning.(Note that “Question Divesity” one of the site’s more prolific posters got the point immediately.

            The issue here is that American Blacks, who are continually made out by the media, government, entertainment establishment and lord knows who else as impoversihed wretches barely able to scrape by, line up by the hundreds and indeed RIOT over the opportunity to purchase a pair of laughably flamboyant SNEAKERS – which happen to cost over $200, while much of WHITE AMERICA(you know, the folks that don’t live on the coasts, the Northeast, etc.) would rarely if ever spend that kind of money on ANY footwear, let alone gaudy Chinese-made sneakers!!

            This isn’t about “Obamacare” and all that other talk-radio oriented nonsense. This is about ludicrous racial double-standards, and the obvious lies and propaganda that surround and define Black America. It is about the fact that Whites are supposed to endlessly feel sorry and guilty for these poor, poor, “underprivileged” who think nothing of lining and even attacking one another to get their ludicrously over-priced sneakers…while most Whites would hardly RIOT over a shoe for ANY reason, and are quite content to wear sensible, reaosnably priced footwear – as civilized people do.      

          • Heinrich,

            I’m reading this contretemps between yourself and “better times” here and “Guest” below.  I really don’t see the great rift of disagreement.  My only point of contention is that when better times states makes the implication that these riotous blacks are using their own money to buy these things.  Really, many of them are using our money.  If they’re using “their own” money, it’s from jobs they wouldn’t have but for the white racial pity system, aka affirmative action.

            Also, I do think that Obamacare will have many racial connotations down the line, if it is allowed to stand.

  • Christopher_Nelson

    Blacks are forever rioting about something. Forever violent. Forever angry. Even about silly shoes.

    I wonder, in those crowds, how many of them had debts that they needed to pay? Child support, electric bills, food,  car insurance, bail. How many of them are on welfare? How many of them got the  money for the shoes doing some illegal act?

    But we gots toe look gud. 

  • Welcome to Zimbabwe.

    • chuck_2011

       and the nature of black people who have little of what is takes to make a safe society…there needs to be an end to welfare and ebt cards…let them fend for themselves.

  • The_Bobster

    I don’t know where you got your info, but the NOLA Blacks should have higher IQ’s, based on their higher White admixture. The French did not consider breeding with their slaves to be a sin, unlike their English masters in the original colonies.


    Earlier estimates of higher degrees of white admixture were based on cruder blood type
    studies done before the advent of genetic testing. The highest white mixture was found in New Orleans African Americans (22.5%) and the lowest in Charleston (11.6%). That New Orleans was the most mixed is hardly surprising because for many years it followed the Latin model of a Color Continuum rather than a Color Line.

    • Rocky Mountain

      Isn’t your subscription to “The National Inquirer” about up?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    More fallout and destruction from The Great Society which created a class of people that defines its self worth through a pair of shoes.  Well, after all they DO glow in the dark.  Isn’t that worth dying for?

    Imagine these savages when there’s no food.

    The $220 purple and blue sneakers are made from an extra-durable material and glow in the dark.

    Like glowing beacons for the cops!!

    Wasn’t Obama in Orlando the other day?  Is THIS why he went there?  Did I not see his mug in the video?  He wanted to be the first in the White House to sport the latest ghetto kicks.

    Looks like someone heavily edited the video to fine the ONE White guy in the crowd.


  • usapatriot1776

    This is so easily solved. Let them all in the building, with a free buffet table – be sure to include lots of steak knives.

    Then drop a half dozen sneaker boxes into the crowd and turn off the lights…

  • jackellis

    I don’t use this word very often, but in some instances, I have to say it’s time to “call a spade a spade”:

    Who are these people? Are they…

    African Americans…..


  • MrGJG

    And like most of these types of articles, you can’t comment. Wouldn’t want the house-of-cards that is multiculturalism to collapse  on itself.

    Anyone who lived through Hurricane Andrew in South Florida back in 1992 will confirm to you what this crowd will do during an extreme crisis. The horrible events of that disaster were made worse in the following days by “gangstas from de hood” arriving to not help the victims but to rob them and hurt them. Funny thing about Florida, we do exercise our 2nd Amendment rights. For at least the better part of a week, when evening came and all throughout the evening, gunfire could be heard as residents fired on the “visitors” for coming to take their property. This went on until the Army Reserve got checkpoints established and access control. Contrast this with what happened in NO with Katrina. So where is this going?

    For those not fortunate to read Amren or to have a thinking bone in their body, take heed, these flash mobs for the shoes are giving the rest of the population the warning, what would happen if there wasn’t any food?   

  • razorrare

    Anyone know how much money a pair of these Nike glow in the shoes,signed by John McCain,could fetch in the U.S. market?

    • Exactly one $3 bill, the denomination with Morris Dees on the front.

      • razorrare

        Appreciate the witty comments..just to clarify for those who didnt detect my sarcasm.John McCain voted and signed to “normalize” relations with Vietnam so U.S. based multi-national corporations could invest and build manufacturing plants there.Most NIKE products are now produced in Vietnam where the cheapest labor is available,even though it is still a communist country.

    • better_times

      A 2/27 sale on ebay for a pair of  Nike Air Jordan Galaxys (of riot fame) closed at $1750 but the “John McCain” might force you to sell it at a discount in the US. The irony might not translate for the Japanese & the McCain brand would be way too stale for them.  You could try mounting them & selling the object as “Art” especially if you create a political text to support it.  This is a completely unregulated market in the U.S. but difficult entry & not very liquid. 

  • bluffcreek -a few comments below- said a wise thing: unpredictable nature. I don’t know anyone but Blacks who behave like this:

    * they’re restless. Even when cops on the crime scene say to them- not criminals, just onlookers- not to interfere, they cannot. They move around, try to cross the line, blabber, gesticulate… and they’re not even suspects or relatives.

    * schools- ADD in the extreme. They’re incapable of 5 minutes long concentration on a mildly abstract topic.

    * with a few significant exceptions- absolutely not interested in anything global, but non-black. Heck, a Czech philologist & orientalist deciphered Hittite language; an American (white) wrote the definite, 5- volume biography of Russian literature giant Dostoevsky; French Jesuits composed contemporary Vietnamese alphabet …. Blacks simply don’t give a d*** about everything non-Black.

    *  Soviet Unions was a consumers’ Inferno. No panties of any quality, no nylon, no movies – except a few Tarzans & John Wayne’s movies that were hugely popular-, no lotions, no lipstick, no nothing. But- when some goods appeared, people immediately formed a line – and quietly waited.

    Perhaps the only way to deal with savagery as displayed on this vid is corporeal punishment from early age, and proceed with it, mercilessly & without hesitation.

  • Rocky Mountain

    I used to live in Salem, Oregon and for a small town it was one of the scariest places I have ever lived because of all the prisons close by populated mostly by low IQ whites and their low IQ white hangers on.

  • Rocky Mountain

    Look, this is all very nasty stuff  and I completely agree.  But let’s not forget some of the violence at college and pro sports riots that seem every bit as foolish and then it’s by people that we seem very fond of thinking of as having high IQs.

  • Heinrich24

    No, no I’m not. The point is made clear in the post above. I am not even believing many of these posts here are made by regular AR readers at all.

    These petty, silly and distracting squabbles were never a fearture of the old site. It is s shame it has come to this. More foolishness to distract from the racial crisis that Whites face.

  • If you mean Palm Beach County, the calm, white paradise?  Unfortunately, that train left over 30 years ago, when I did too.  The problem is as you have stated, Cuban Hispanics are more than able to fit in to our society as most can trace their heritage back to Spain.  It is the later Cubans, the Mariel boatlift Cubans that Castro (with the help of the addled-brained Jimmy Carter) dumped his prisons and mental hospitals on the US that despoiled the image of Cubans.
    As you point out, the problems today are partly with blacks from Africa and the Caribbean(Haiti, Jamaica, Bahamas, etc).  What is also interesting about the Hispanic problem immigrants from Central America or Mexico is that they are instantly recognizable as either having strongly indian-traits as squat, particularly unattractive features and personality or, heavily black, probably slave descendents.  It just so happens that these two varieties are the trouble makers from whence they come.  And their host countries have in the past attempted to rid them either by pushing them on the US or just outright killing them.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Was it Cops? I watched an episode once were the perp ran from the cops with the shoes with red blinkers in the heel. Every step he took they flashed. The cops laughed and had no trouble following him in the dark.

  • WStryker

    Hundreds of “people” rioting.  Well hundreds of animals maybe.  White people don’t riot over shoes.  And how many of those “people” were planning on stealing the shoes?

  • Athling

    Yes, I clearly noticed the Swastika avatar a couple of days ago on another thread. I started to say something but didn’t. My grandfather and several uncles fought in WWII. I’m no fan of the Nazis. Neo or otherwise.

  • jeffaral

    I liked the piece where you state that the rejected slaves would not be killed thanks to the churches’ intervention.    It makes me think that these same churches simply don’t care about the ongoing onslaught of White South Africans.   Think about that…..

  • schmenz

    When you have one of your adolescent boys buggered by one of these wretched souls you might form a different opinion.

    With the black crowd you have to endure crime; with the poof crowd you have to endure unnatural vice and call it normal.  Some choice.