Something’s Rotten in the Republic

John Derbyshire, Takimag, February 23, 2012

If you hang out at dissident-right websites you surely know the Berthold Brecht quote: “Would it not be easier…for the government to dissolve the people and elect another?” This is offered on those websites—I mean to say, on those shameful digital cesspools that no decent-minded person would even think of visiting—in the context of Britain and America’s ongoing demographic revolutions. As the story line goes, a secretive cabal of elites, insufficiently stimulated by our nations’ inadequate diversity, or irritated by their demands for better wages, or shocked by their insistence that their interests trump those of foreigners, has decided to replace them with as much stealth as such a project can muster.

I wish I could believe it. Being allergic to conspiracy theories, I can’t. Being also at an age when I can regard the future beyond the next few summers with calm indifference, I think if the root stocks of Britain and America—nations blessed with representative government—were so stupid as to let wily elites drive them to minority status in their ancestral lands, the fools deserve the race war that’s probably coming to them. I do feel some mild regret on behalf of my kids, who I suppose will spend some of their adult years in a continent-sized version of 1970s Lebanon or 1990s Yugoslavia or 1960s/70s/80s/90s/00s Congo/Sudan/Somalia/Ethiopia/Zimbabwe, but at least I’ve taught the little Derbs (him and her) how to use firearms.

So I’m not normally an easy sell for the evil-elites story line. I believe that rank, unorganized human stupidity and selfishness explain well-nigh all deplorable social phenomena. But there are times when I wonder whether the conspiracy theorists might be onto something. There are times.…


Item: At least one US government agency is willing to break the law to ensure that Somali goatherds, Iraqi daughter-killers, and Uzbek terrorists keep flowing into our towns. The agency is the Office of Refugee Resettlement, demon spawn of the US Department of Health and Human Services. The law is Title IV, Chapter 2, Section 413 of the Immigration and Nationalities Act, which requires that Congress shall receive “report on activities under this chapter…not later than the January 31 following the end of each fiscal year.”

As Ann Corcoran notes, the administration is now running three years late with these reports. Gosh, you might almost think there’s something they don’t want you to know about refugee resettlement, mightn’t you? Such as, oh, that the whole shebang is fraud-addled and that genuine refugees are a tiny minority of those resettled. Or that refugees are dumped on the welfare system ASAP and mostly stay there while fat-cat executives of the “nonprofit” agencies running the scam purchase gold-plated Jacuzzis with their high-six-figure salaries.

And where is Congress’s amour-propre? Aren’t any of the Congressreptiles miffed that Kathleen Sebelius’s pet beagle is eating reports they should, according to laws their eminent selves passed, be getting annually? You might almost think—you might almost think—the Congressroaches are in on the racket. Nah, can’t be.


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  • Whirlwinder

    America needs immigration reform very badly. This refugee program should come through the Immigration channels not HHS. Before we can have immigration reform, we need congressreptiles, as you say, who truly represent us and can speak intelligently to immigration reform, and not just of the southern border variety.

    Before we native Americans (WASP variety) become a minority in our own country, we must find a solution. However, the multiculturalists, socialists, progressives, democrats and their willing assistants, the main stream media, will fight this narrative tooth and nail.

    We must press on if we want our children and grandchildren to live in freedom and liberty.

    • better_times

      This can only be fought as a “Health Issue.”  That is their chosen field of battle & that is where we must engage.

  • kjackson1974

    I also am highly resistant to conspiracy theories.  The thing is that what can’t just be explained by incompetence and stupidity is the ruthless silencing of any dissent about the matter.  That doesn’t just happen.  It seems like Western governments have already decided that mass immigration will proceed no matter  what.  If it were just a good faith experiment in universal humanitarianism, they would allow people to talk about whether it is really working  out or not.  But we are not  allowed to have that debate, and that leads me, much to my chagrin, to suspect that there is some sort of conspiracy afoot.

  • Trying? The anti-White, pro-globalist new word order lovers and central planners already have in U.K. and U.S. and now they are trying in Australia.

    Even if things stay the same as they are and not one more non-White goes into a White country, it is pretty much over. They breed too much and Whites have to pay for it all.

  • holyflower

    Ann Corcoran’s RefugeeResettlemetWatch web site is a must for monitoring the targeting by the refugee industry of unwary U. S. communities for lucrative placements. Corcoran writes from direct experience

  • There have to be conspiracies of some sort.  If you don’t believe there are, the only alternative is that human beings are that grossly and consummately incompetent.  And while we humans can be incompetent, if we were so incompetent that incompetence explained everything in order to contort one’s mind not to believe that conspiracies exist, then we would probably still be crawling on all fours.

  • It is the nature of conspiracies to be invisible and deniable. If I were
    planning to take over the world and mold it to my liking, the last
    thing I would do, literally, is advertise it, until it was all over but
    the crying. Then, I would introduce myself.

    I wouldn’t even introduce myself, for I know “coming out” would mean painting a target on my back.  Instead, I would take a different tack — I would use my vast wealth and resources to convince as much of the world as possible that I didn’t have the kind of power and wealth that I really did, and to impugn the character of those who said I did (i.e. the truth).

  • Whirlwinder

    Hank, it is extremely difficult to have any culture assimilate into America in these times. But, when we let Islam in, there is and will never be any assimilation for their goal is a ‘stealth jihad’ to overthrow our government. They will set up their own shadow government and then a parallel government as their numbers grow and by that time there will be rioting in the streets such as is now going on in Europe. If we do not act soon to shift these stupid liberal policies, we will rue the day we let the socialists continue their suicidal policies.

  • I figured you were being sarcastic.  As someone working toward a Ph.D. in sarcasm, I think we both know that most people don’t get it.  An obvious hint that you were being sarcastic is that your article appears on Taki Theodoracopulous’s website, one of those “beyond the pale shameful digital cesspools.”  (As loath as Taki is to ponder that, I’m sure).

  • rusty

    It all boils down to this very simple principle: People tend to get the kind of government they deserve.

    If you don’t like the direction this country is headed, fix yourself first, then your family, then your community. Cut off the TV, absolutely, permanently. Homeschool.  Cut off all monies to any liberal institutions, causes, companies, as much as you can. Build a parallel society with one hand while you fight off the corrupt liberal one with the other. You reap what you sow. Everyone is bitching about how awful everything is. Who doesn’t know this? Get busy building alternatives, get busy building leaders and institutions for tomorrow.

  • Heinrich24

    I remember when I was naive enough to still snort indignantly at “conspiracy theories” and such. And admittedly, it did take a while until I reached the uncomfortable but equally undeniable conclusion that the only “delusional” person in this equation was ME!!!!

    The chief reason many refuse to acknowledge “conspiracy theories” is that many of the most effective and indeed, most dangerous, don’t lurk in the shadows and aren’t run by cabals who meet in secret underground lairs or what have you, but they are the proverbial evil that “stalketh man in broad daylight.” In other words, we dismiss the conspiratorial nature of many things becasue of the seemingly obvious, even brazen nature of these schemes and schemers. But that doesn’t mean the conspiracy isn’t very, very real.

    What is the old joke – just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean that everyone isn’t in fact out to get you…or something to that effect.

    • What is the old joke – just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean that
      everyone isn’t in fact out to get you…or something to that effect

      You’ve been listening to too much Metallica.

      That phrase is true if you look at the glass of water from the other side.  It only seems like some people are out to get you and me and the rest of us.  The better way of looking at it is that just about everyone is out for themselves, and they’ll pave over you and me in the process if we happen to be an impediment.

      • Heinrich24

        No, I have to at least somewhat diagree here. First, I haven’t listened to Metallica since the 80’s…when they were still good!!! ; )   

        And as to the other, if the only real issue were the “every man for himself” issue of reckless selfihsness alone, the results would be much more random. The issues the White race face haven’t come to pass strictly because of narcissim, or the mindless pusuit of individual desires by the greater herd, or by the “elites.”
        I will say that the bahaviors you note certainly contibute to the overall problem – and mightily so. But surely there is a more organized, or loosely-organized conspiracy behind this anti-White movement. They count on the selfishness you note – and they exploit it readily.


        • I don’t think we’re disagreeing here.

          My response to you is also a response to Engelman above.  He is right when he says that conspiracies aren’t viable in the long term because people will talk, because he’s using the quintessential definition of “conspiracy.” 

          Now, in the way we define it, the concomitant desires of a hostile globalist and univeralist elite, the reason their “conspiracies” (not really a conspiracy) have survived long term are:

          1.  They have manipulated people such that their acting in their self-interest, which almost everybody does almost all of the time, accrues to their benefit.

          2.  They have manipulated popular society and culture to assign positive virtue to their treachery and treason, while at the same time assigning treachery and treason to populist and nationalist virtue.

          • Heinrich24

            Indeed! No, no disagreement there at all!!

          • Maybe it is my desire to nail the one’s responsible for this happening but what is described to me here is the basic strategy of the Comintern, right down to the small details.  But whatever the case, none of us will deny we are in big trouble and sorry for the pessimism, I am seeing less and less of a peaceful conclusion over the horizon for all of us.

  • KenelmDigby

    In reply to John Derbyshire, it’s not ‘conspiracy theory’ it’s ‘conspiracy fact’.

    In the case of Britain, for example, the Andrew Neather article clearly, incontrovertibly and explicitly proves that the Labour Party had a deliberate policy of encouraging mass third world immigration purely for poltical reasons.
    Andrew Neather, by the way, was a very senior and high placed Labour Party apparatchik with the ear of the Prime Minister.

  • JohnEngelman

    Nearly everyone who posts on this website agrees with me that all immigration to the United States should be reduced, and that third world immigration should be strictly curtailed, if not ended completely.  
    This does not happen. The reason is the not the existence of a small but powerful elite that prevents it from happening. The reason is that most Americans either do not want it to happen, or they lack strong opinions on the subject.
    For example, a poll taken December 5 – 7, 2011 by FOX News indicates that 63 percent of Americans favor increased immigration of those who meet certain standards, and that 51 percent favor allowing illegal immigrants to remain if they behave and perform adequately. 
    If one feels something strongly it is easy to overestimate the number of people who feel the same way. It is easy to underestimate the difficulty of converting others to one’s persuasion. Nevertheless, one does not get places in politics by changing people’s minds. One gets places by articulating and channeling sentiments that already exist. 

  • JohnEngelman

    I have difficulty believing in a conspiracy involving large numbers of people and lasting for more than a few years. Sooner or later some members of the conspiracy will leak information about the conspiracy. 
    The United States is one of the freest and most democratic countries in the world. Information on any subject imaginable is readily available. Opinions of all sorts can be expressed. Those opinions that resonate soon find large audiences. Government policy in the United States either reflects majority will, or the will of a large and committed minority on an issue where the majority lacks strong feelings. 
    Conspiracy theories are the refuge of those who want to blame tragic events, like the killing of President Kennedy, on those they dislike. Conspiracy theories are also the refuge of those who do not want to admit that most Americans, for perfectly legitimate reasons, disagree with them. 

    • Alexandra1973

      The idea, though, is to make sure that whoever’s in on your little secret is highly blackmailable or vulnerable in some way.  “Tell anyone about this and everyone will know what you do behind closed doors.”  Or, “Tell anyone and your family is gone.”

      • JohnEngelman

        Daniel Elsburg leaked compromising documents about the War in Vietnam to The New York Times. He became celebrated as a result. Nothing terribly bad happened to him. He may have become richer.
        By exposing the Watergate Scandal Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward destroyed the Nixon administration two years after President Nixon was reelected by a landslide. They did become rich, famous, and powerful as a result.  

        • Alexandra1973

          Keep this quote from FDR in mind:  “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

        • JohnEngelman

          Keep this quote from FDR in mind:  “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”                                                                                                                                               
          – Alexandra1973                                                                                                      
          Franklin Roosevelt probably did not make that statement.                             
          It is certainly not true. No one planned the Stock Market Crash of 1929, and the resulting Great Depression. No one planned the current Great Recession. 
          Social changes often have a momentum of their own, disappointing those who looked forward to them. In his book “An American Dilemma” Gunnar Myrdal predicted that when blacks were no longer discriminated against they would rather soon behave and perform as well as whites. After the civil rights legislation was passed there was very little improvement in black academic performance. Black crime and illegitimacy increased.

    • razorrare

      Conspiracy Theory is a term invented by evil-elites to mask the truth to further their agenda. Conspiracy Theory is a word used by others who are afraid of their own shadow,who fear the truth….taking the path to least resistance by denying certain truths exist when your instincts tell you it isnt so, is folly….”There isnt a truth existing which i fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.”–Thomas Jefferson

  • usapatriot1776

    Only white countries are are taking in massive numbers of foreign immigrants. This is being done on purpose by ‘our’ governments, and it is being done globally. It is so totally obvious what the elites are doing. But the story isn’t on television so therefore most people can’t digest it.

  • JohnEngelman

    The “third world” is generally considered to be Latin America, Africa, the Islamic world, and perhaps Indonesia. China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan have thriving economies. Chinese, Korean, and Japanese immigrants and descendants of immigrants perform and behave well in the United States. Because their economies are thriving, they are not immigrating to the United States in large numbers. For that reason, and the fact that they are quality people I see little reason to restrict their immigration here.
    If you refuse to accept facts presented by credible organizations there is little point in trying to reason with you. 

    •  Well- would you be OK with 50% reduction of legal immigration & regarding the legal migrants, 60% East Asians,10% White phenotype, and the rest others ?
      Just curious.

    • ed

       If you think S. Korea and Taiwan are third world countries, then you are
      ill educated and have little idea of what is going on in the world.

      • JohnEngelman

        Read my post again. I said that the South Koreans and Taiwanese are not in the third world. 

        If you look at this website, you will see how well they are doing academically:
        If you look at this website, you will see why:    


    • Prima_Morte

      Two words why we do not need more Chinese immigrants: economic espionage.

      • JohnEngelman

        Two words why we need more of them:  good genes. 

  • JohnEngelman

    I used to think that whites who associated blacks with crime were irrational bigots until I was robbed at gun point and mugged several times by blacks. 

  • better_times

    Don’t feel bad.  He was rude. Writers like Derbyshire don’t make very much money sweating out their articles & rely on people like you to at least recognize their “fame.” He probably thought this was a pretty witty piece & his wife, who proof-read it, agreed so you hurt his pride. I mean, I think you’d have known a piece by Mark Steyn was tongue in cheek.  It’s a sad world here in Conservative Land where all the guys with JDs & PHDs in math are getting their butts kicked by a bunch of lefty communications & fine arts majors from second tier colleges. The problem is that these second rate intellects are really good at manipulating the masses with simple mantras & simple images. Something the Windy Right never gets. Ridicule works but you have to be really talented like Steyn or Coulter  
    and even then it’s not “Hope & Change” on a really awesome poster.

  • Incredible14U

    True and to the point, also in greece they are shortly to have elections. The party/ies that took all the EU loans and subjugatd to the EU would be voted out of office, with the far left and right parties that would get in say they will not repay the debt. But WOLLA the powers that be in brussels have cancelled the elctions saying it is not a good time to hold elections. So this is a coup by stealth. The same is shortly for Italy too. This is how elites control the minority. While majority are too busy with day to day living they don’t care.

  • gemjunior

    Yeah Clight12 he was a little pompous but I pointed that out before.  You wer SUPPOSED to beg for his autograph.  I’m trying to go to the conference so if I manage to get there I’ll ask him for his autograph and when he writes it I’ll say “Oh I thought you were one of the guys from Monty Python’s Flying Circus”  sorry Sir, I don’t need it now, don’t know who you are….LOL!

  • It has been one of my greatest fears that the governments, at all levels, will deny access to significant data as that data have a political use.  One doesn’t need to look far into the obama administration’s handling of such to discover a nefarious end.  Wasn’t it not obama’s brilliant idea to move the Census data under the White House’s control?  And now this, simple reporting on who is coming to our country?  But let’s go back further and hit on a local venue.

    My medium-sized Southern city decided that it was time to appoint a negro police chief as we just simply didn’t have one for the last 150 years.  Of course it helps that this is also a state capital crawling with state employees, university employees and socialists of all stripes.  Funny thing, the negro chief stayed about 7 years on the job while during that time some of us started to notice that the city PD were not exactly helpful in trying to report crimes.  In one instance that happened to me, my car was burglarized.  Upon calling it in I was heavily lobbied to not have an officer take my report but give it over the phone to a negro lady responsible for doing such.  I spent the better part of two weeks trying to get up with this person, finally with major work demands approaching I dropped it.  I know, my choice my fault.  Some time later I was telling this story to a local business person who then related a similar experience with a personal issue.  We began talking to others and found out that they too seemed to have a similar experience.  The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program of the FBI exists to track what crimes are committed by whom to whom, where, etc.  So was this program getting correct and valuable data?  What if the local data is being manipulated, not only to look better for local law enforcement but to shade crime overall, everywhere?  Hey there is a conspiracy theory that Derby might look into. 

    This is what I fear, that even those of us interested in reality are denied it.  We know that collecting data is a job for only the most honest among us and that does not include manipulating the data either before it arrives (as in the above example) or after, such as including hispanic crime stats in with a general white category.  Oh, in my city the negro police chief was replaced by a white police chief who promptly announced we had a vicious gang problem, the Crips, Bloods were small time, we had us an active cell of MS-13.  And all along we thought the negro police chief had that special touch to help guide “our young mans” into productive life styles.

  • Are we not struggling to maintain a white, Christian nation or not?  That is the question, oh you could shade it differently as in are we not wont to remain a Western civilization?  I do not think that includes orientals.  Their culture is different and I do not want my culture to die.  Reason dictates that you preserve the culture and the quality of life that so many have worked so hard to hand down to us.  John is one of those that still does not get it for if FOX was so wonderful, where is the big deal that should be given to Pat Buchanan after he was fired from CNN?  You know, just as the Juan Williams deal?  Naw, we know better.  Immigration must end now except for such Europeans and  refugees(white South Africans) that fit our culture and values.  For ever.

  • razorrare

    Conspiracy Theory is a term invented by Evil elites and used by useful idiots who are frightened by their own shadow.

  • Derbyshire is going way over the heads of some posters when he writes that he doesn’t ordinarily believe in conspiracy theory but…and then documents a gov’t coverup on refugee immigration.  This is a rhetorical strategy going back to Thomas Aquinas: “It would seem that God does not exist….on the contrary, He does.” But clight needs to be feed blunt baby sentences w/no sense of irony. And he addresses JD as “fools such as yourselves” then starts his crybaby act when JD responds. gemjunior & better times continue the Beavis & Butthead act. “Hey, Beavis, you ever hear of this guy? Me neither.heheheh.” For most readers JD is a well known conservative journalist & mathematician. He wrote  a brilliant history of math, “Unknown Quantity,” among others. In light of the jobs lost by individuals who associate w/AR, it is a mark of integrity for JD to post comments here.      

  • razorrare

    Charles..well stated.For clarity,rest assured ,i recognized John’s use of sarcasm as well,for the reasons you have so eloquently stated.                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • In order to make it all seem more foolish they add in JFK and of course aliens and blood drinking lizards or reptilians.

    Ever see those supermarket tabloids?  They’re all assembled in the same office park in South Florida, and I’m convinced their purpose is to put 90% obvious nonsense and 10% controversial truths in the same magazine to smear the controversial truths.  This is why I’m not grokking someone like Alex Jones, in his case, 50% nonsense and 50% truth, because if you’re going to look for controversial truths, you should only focus on truths and not speculation or the space goobers from Beta-5 giving Reagan the blue prints for supply side economics.

  • JohnEngelman

    Something else – American society’s morals, tastes, beliefs, and especially religious observances have done a full 360 degree turn in about 50 years from what they were for 2 or 3 centuries – and it couldn’t have just been mere coincidence.  It was deliberate and for a reason – to break up the family, wreck the foundation of civilization (Christianity) and loosen up people’s morals and ethics so they’d be so much more comfortable committing sins without even giving it a second thought.                                                                                                                                                                       
    – gemjunior                                                                                                                                                       
    I regret the changes you mention. Nevertheless, there was nothing conspiratorial about them.  No one forced Americans to have more sex outside of marriage and to go to church less often. They decided to do that on their own. 
    Hugh Hefner popularized the sexual revolution with his “playboy philosophy,” which he articulated in his magazine. He made a fortune the old fashioned way: he found a demand and satisfied it. In his case the demand was for high quality soft core pornography. No one forced people to buy his magazine. 

    • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

      No one forced Americans to have more sex outside of marriage and to go to church less often. They decided to do that on their own.
      No actually your friends at the New York Times editorial page and various other liberal fifth columnist outlets told them for decades that if they didn’t they were squares who wanted blacks and gays and Jews and puppies to suffer the slow agony of starvation but live just long enough to be fed alive to alligators, or something along those lines. 

      You obviously have a hard time squaring the diametrically opposed ideologies to which you adhere. 

      • JohnEngelman

        I subscribe to The New York Times, and do not recall any enthusiasm there for The Sexual Revolution.  
        Those who bought Playboy and Cosmopolitan magazines and who bought into that value system did so on their own volition. 

      • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

        Haha well OF COURSE!  They didn’t come right out and say it so they don’t advocate it.

        NYT didn’t run a column titled “Why Whites should embrace the Sexual Revolution” so according to you there’s no way they ever advocated it!  We’ll just pretend this abrogates the contributions of the armies of lefty feminists they’ve given a platform over the years.

        Just like they never ran a column titled “NYT hates Whites and wants to race replace them,” so there’s no way you’d think they were on board with it, would you John?

      • JohnEngelman

        Haha well OF COURSE!  They didn’t come right out and say it so they don’t advocate it.

        Just like they never ran a column titled “NYT hates Whites and wants to race replace them,” so there’s no way you’d think they were on board with it, would you John?         
        – This_Name_Doesnt_Exist 
        If “The New York Times” wanted to replace whites they would need to replace nearly all of the journalists who write for it. 

  • razorrare

    A conspiracy of sorts exist right here on the pages of Amren by a moderator who has a certain chip on his or her shoulder..My civil comments pertaining to this article have been erased..this link i am providing that provides perspective to this article and readers comments will vanish just as quickly…Aesops Fables and the Rules of Engagement..

  • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

    Articles like this one clearly show who actually reads the daily Amren features and who shows up to click on the headlines and vent their spleens.

    • razorrare

      Yes,i think you are on to something..Here is an example..A recent Amren Article titled ‘An End to Racial Preferances?’ as posted with instructions,”Be sure to read latest opinion piece HERE.Please leave your comments on that page.”…..regardless, 12 posts can be found on the page by posters that clearly didnt read the instructions….

  • John Maddox

    Of course the elites are trying to remake this country. They have pretty much given up on blacks except to keep them pacified  through entitlements and such to ensure a secure voter base. The only way they can establish their totalitarian utopia is to continue to flood this country with third world immigrants from the back waters of the world who have absolutely no idea what freedom and liberty mean in this country. That way they can blot out the greatest resistance and threat they have to their progressive agenda of change: White Americans of European descent. Of course we are the ones that still cling to God and Guns and understand and value what it is that we are about to loose.

  • I have come to the same conclusion, resistance is all we have left.  Everything else that was available: gentlemen agreements, elections, university studies, governmental boards; everything we have known to work in the past society in dealing with our problems is either not available or frankly, rigged.  However, there needs to be some way that the resistance can be designed to keep followers out of jail and enemies from using the courts to steal their personal wealth through law suits.

  • Sounds like you are a stooge for the SPLC An old goof who thinks he is “TRUE” and runs his mouth about AR w/o making any positive contribution; not to mention no financial contribution. “Oh, I’m on SS and can’t afford my catheter.” An old goof who calls JD a “fool” & then pretends to apologize. And then whines when JD correctly calls out your decrepit stupidity. So glad you are “pure.”  And “TRUE.” AR will survive w/o your fecal posts.  

  • JohnEngelman

    Just because blacks have a higher crime rate than whites does not mean that they are all criminals. A black woman who knows me and likes me stopped one attack, perhaps saving my life.