TIME Magazine Cover Asserts Latinos Will Decide the Next President

Cristina Constantini, TIME, February 23, 2012

TIME Magazine is making a bold claim: The Latino vote will decide the 2012 elections.

Their cover story, written by Michael Sherer, argues that the Latino vote has grown in certain parts of the country that may determine our President in 2012.

Sherer says that new voters in the Southwest are largely Latino, and that if Obama is able to win “heavily-Latino Western states like Nevada, Colorado and Arizona,” he would be able to afford losing industrial Midwestern states like Ohio and Wisconsin.

The author calls it an “awkward coincidence” that the last of the Republican debates is occurring in Arizona—a state known for its controversial immigration laws. Many believe the GOP’s harsh rhetoric surrounding undocumented immigrants has alienated Latinos from the Republican party, and may in turn cost the party the election in 2012. {snip}


During recent campaign stops and debates, some Republican candidates have ratcheted up their anti-immigrant talk, pledging aggressive measures to discourage illegal immigration. Romney suggested making life so difficult for undocumented immigrants that they “self-deport,” Gingrich called for a “double fence,” and Ron Paul pledged to “attack their benefits,” such as “free education” and “birth right citizenship”.


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  • anon

    Why don’t they just break off and take those parts of America with them and leave us alone?  I can live with that.

  • Already controversy:  The Time cover has an identifiably non-Latino person on it:


    As for the content, it’s not that there are enough Hispanic voters nationwide or in enough swing states to decide the outcome by themselves, it’s that it’s the magazine’s wishful thinking.  They’re trying to construct an alternate reality narrative that they hope the political class (especially Republicans) will eat hook line and sinker.

    By the way, either OH or PA have more electoral college votes than Nevada and Colorado put together.

  • Detroit_WASP

    I have no doubt that this is true.  I think the days of two white men as President and VP are over or nearly over.

    If Romney doesn’t pick Marco Rubio as his running mate, you can look forward to 4 more years of Obama. Most Cubans are Republicans…believe it or not.

    • The_Bobster

      The younger Cubans are becoming less and less Republican. They happen to like the Democrat freebies more than a Cuba they’ve never seen.

      Rubino doesn’t meet the qualifications to be VP. Even if he did, I wouldn’t vote for someone who was a Reconquista a couple of years ago and initially opposed SB1070.

  • Well there you have it, no since in voting at all anymore, we will all just sit back and let our new masters-hispanics-decide who will lead the country.

  • Expect Change of Tone in Non-White Majority Areas.

    By the way, can anyone please tell me why non-whites are called “minority” when in Fact, they are not?  If a School, Community, Workplace, what have you, is Majority Non-White, how is it then, still “minority”?

    Please don’t get technical on me and say it’s about Ethnicity because they never break us down.  We’re just “White” so if we can be lumped, so can they and that’s where my question stands.

    • The_Bobster

      Why are women lumped in with minorities when they outnumber men?

      • That’s my question!

        I have No Respect for Women.  I can’t.  They call themselves Able and want “Equality” yet they “need” all these Privileges.  I find that to be nothing more than a scam.

        I am adamantly against any and all forms of preferences, help, groups, anything and everything that is explicitly for non-whites and/or women and I’m like this because White Men are not allowed to have anything.

        Citadel.  Let’s not forget about Citadel, Hundreds Year Old Tradition and BROKEN because of who?

  • crystal evans

    I agree that Hispanics are seen as a big monolithic group that vote one way. Puerto Ricans,Mexicans, Dominicans and Central Americans tend to vote Democratic because these groups are at the bottom economically and socially of the Hispanic ladder. Whereas, Cubans and Argentines who see themselves as white and tend to be more prosperous then other Hispanics vote Republican. Also, there are a huge group of Hispanic non-voters who cannot vote because of their immigration status. Nonetheless, they are able to mobilize groups of Hispanics who can vote to vote for Democratic causes. A good example of this is the illegal immigrant students who have mobilized to get the Dream Act passed that would allow them a path to citizenship after attending college or serving in the military.

    • The problem is that the vast majority of hispanics in this country are from Mexico and we know how they vote, even the “non-voters.” Why else would our politicans continue to pander to this volatile group, unless they were receiving something in return.

      Moreover, I’m reasonably certain they will not allow their immigration status, or lack thereof,  get in the way of their “right” to vote; especially since politicians remind them at every opportunity how special and important they are to the political process and future of this country. Politicians dangling the amnesty carrot in front of invaders for a reason….

  • JackKrak

    Cuban “conservatism” will end about 30 minutes after Castro dies. After that, they will all start organizing the flights of their 26 brothers, sisters and cousins to Miami.

  • ageofknowledge

    All I saw on Time covers at the news stand the entire year of the last election were pictures of Obama on the cover with stories basically urging voters to vote for him. Oh they had a picture of the other guy once too. Once.

  • Pauldrimmer

    The Democrats have rigoursly built a constituency v. self reliant, tax paying, decent white men. Sexual deviants, every shade of color, everyone dependent on big govt. has been coralled into the democrat camp. The Republicans still focus on policies & character, but identity & dependency trump both. The Whites seem unable & unwilling to assert their ID & still prefer self reliance. Their only hope is one last big effort to push back the state & end the incessant whitebashing.

  • TIME magazine just likes to write shocking headlines so people buy the magazine.   People are increasingly  turning to the internet for their information  because blogs correct the errors in the news articles.

    • Not just Time.

      When they came out with this a few weeks ago, my reaction?

      “Has Andrew Sullivan stopped beating his boyfriend?”

  • John Maddox

    Time magazine is just putting in a different way what progressive activists have been chiding for months now: extending the right to vote to all persons holding a job.

    The problem for them is that there may be an overwhelming majority of Hispanics in many areas, but they are not qualified to vote because they are not citizens. If I remember the stats correctly in Dallas Tx Hispanics make up about 40% of the total population– Whites are a decided minority having moved to suburbs like Arlington and Plano–of that 40% only about 20% to 30% would be eligible to vote in November. The Dems might carry Dallas proper but it is unlikely that they would carry the whole metro plex and the county. That seems to be the norm throughout the country where there are large populations of Hispanics.

    What I suspect might happen is a movement to get otherwise unqualified people to vote or cross precinct voting. Voter fraud is likely to be a real problem this year. Of course it won’t be for a couple of elections yet that Hispanic children born in this country begin reaching voting age in significant enough numbers to make a difference.      

  • Dave4088

    If whites voted as as block the Latino vote would be meaningless.  But this article raises another important questions and that is: are illegal aliens voting in U.S. elections?

    • John Maddox

       I can almost guarantee that some did in the last  election. Part of the solution is voter ID, but that doesn’t keep resident aliens from voting. I once asked our county clerk if they verify that a person is a citizen and qualified to vote before issuing a voter registration card. The only requirement they have when they suspect someone might be an alien is to have them swear an oath that they are a citizen. That is why there has been so much fuss over voter ID laws.   

  • MikeofAges

      Interesting, not that I agree completely. The Democrats greatly fear slippage in the Hispanic vote. What Time is trying the promote is the idea that it is socially necessary for all young, upwardly mobile Hispanics to be Democrats. Some will fall for it. That’s what preventing slippage means. In earlier era decades, young whites were the object of the same kind of propaganda.

    Slippage among blacks, Hispanics, white, protestant blue-collar workers, and Catholic ethnics (Irish, Italian, Polish) is a great fear all the way around for the Democrats. These groups do not need to turn entirely. They only need to slip a couple of points and the Dems are great trouble, especially in “swing” states like Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin. Even Pennsylvania and Michigan.