Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Obtained Missouri Driver’s Licenses

Tony Rizzo, Kansas City Star, January 11, 2012

Thousands of illegal immigrants living across the United States used fraudulent paperwork to obtain Missouri driver’s licenses in St. Joseph, federal authorities said Wednesday.

A federal grand jury in Kansas City indicted 14 defendants, including six members of a St. Joseph family, for participation in the conspiracy, which allegedly allowed more than 3,500 illegal immigrants to obtain Missouri driver’s licenses and other state identification documents.

Prosecutors allege that defendants made more than $5.2 million in fees charged to illegal immigrants since November 2009, when the defendants allegedly started the conspiracy.


Authorities intend to track down and deport those who obtained the fraudulent licenses or documents. They plan to consider criminal charges against each on a case-by-case basis.


The St. Joseph residents charged were Deborah J. Flores, 46; her sister, Sherri E. Gutierrez, 45; and Flores’ children, Stephen Eugene Vanvacter, 24; Sara M. Gonzalez, 20; Christina Michelle Gonzalez, 23; and Jessica Mercedes Gonzalez, 21.


Also charged were three residents of Carthage, Mo.: Elder Enrique Ordonez-Chanas, 30; Nelson Dariseo Bautista-Orozco, 26; and Ranfe Adaias Hernandez-Flores, 22. {snip}

According to the indictment, customers of the scheme were recruited from around the country. Each customer paid $1,500 to $1,600 and received a birth certificate and Social Security number in the names of other people. Those documents typically came from conspirators in Texas who bought them from people willing to sell their documents, according to the allegations.

Those documents, along with Missouri residential addresses provided by the defendants, were used to obtain driver’s licenses or other state identification cards from the Missouri Department of Revenue license office in St. Joseph.


“The individuals involved in this conspiracy orchestrated an extensive identity fraud scheme on a grand scale,” Gary Hartwig, head of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations office in Chicago, said in a written statement.

Identity and document fraud poses a threat to public safety and national security, Hartwig said, calling it a “burgeoning problem” in the United States.


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  • The STL Post-Dispatch version stated that nobody in the Revenue Department was in trouble.  Of course, because all they could do is operate on the information given to them.  Now, they would have been in real trouble if they would have cast doubts or aspersions on the documents that Hispanic drivers license applicants would have presented.  Then it would have been “racial profiling” and “civil rights,” and then it would be big news in this state.

    • Anonymous

      You’re right on target, QD.  Great comment.

    • Anonymous

      Whites are often a minority in staffing state offices, particularly in clerical administrative functions. What usually transpires is the whites, often women, are afraid of losing their jobs and along with that, their benefits so they must act PC. Above this group are always supervisors whose main role is to keep producing work, keeping the blacks and hispanics from fighting amongst themselves and with each other. And the supervisor must satisfy a boss, usually a senior manager. Now what is important to a manager is calm and no public complaints. This means looking the other way and ignoring poor work and behavior performance of minorities and never, never find and bring up the line, problems. Problems like illegals obtaining DLs or state ids. I have been told that in the old days (1970s and before), most state and governmental offices were tight ships or as much as could be expected. Mostly white workers did have an older work ethic in mind and would report criminal activity. No more. While everyone has been worried about their families and the economy, government incompetance and corruption has had a hand in arranging for the collapse of America.

      • anon lady

        “Federal prosecutors said the indictment does not allege wrongdoing against any fee office worker.”—–

        So it is not a case this time of government employees taking bribes this time.   Possibly not being competent in detecting forged documents, but maybe the documents were well done.

  • The same newspaper had an article about how a Republican legislator from suburban KC wants to put the pics of food stamp recipients 16+ on the food stamp cards, mainly as a deterrent to selling/giving EBT cards.

    Fine, but even with my photo on my bank debit and credit cards, the cashier never cross checks.  Will any cashiers ever cross check the EBT picture against the user?  They would have to mandate it in this proposed legislation.

    If this bill passes and is enforced, then this should put to bed the whining about blacks not having government issued ID for voter ID laws.

  • Anonymous

    illegal mexican beats and robs teenager graphic video

  • Anonymous

    I have the feeling that that’s what TPTB want….

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s fair to wonder why a headline like “Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Obtained Missouri Driver’s Licenses” isn’t plastered on every news site in the country. Maybe it’s because there’s no space left over after all the Kardashian updates.

    Also, if the number is 3,500 in Missouri, what is it in California, Texas and New York?

    • John Maddox

      Nero is playing his fiddle while Rome burns.

  • Anonymous

    The people who aided and abetter the criminals are traitors. We used to have an effective way of dealing with traitors. Too bad we’ve become so week that if we tried to carry out the sentences they deserve, there’d be dozens of organizations demanding that this “isn’t the American way!” Perhaps we need to return to the days of the Rosenbergs and it would stop some of this insanity.

    • Anonymous

      Correction: abetted

  • $1500 to $1600? That price has really gone up since George Ryan went to prison. I think it only cost $100 extra to get an Illinois DL with out a BC and SS card.

  • SKIP

    GOOD GOD! did this entire family work at the driver license division there? Perhaps some investigation should be directed at whomever is responsible for such hiring! AND! one would think that if these people are using another person’s SSI number that a flag would pop up indicating multiple deposits into that account like one being made in Maryland and another in Arizona…don’t you think that should catch someone’s attention in the SSI office, like Shaniqua, Sholanda, Jesus, Juan, Miguel, Dushuan, Leroy? Someone!

  • Thoughtcrime1933

    If North Korea had smuggled nationals from their country into ours and then for profit or no, used Korean’s who already hold citizenship here to obtain false identification…it would be considered and act of war;  especially since N. Korea is considered by the mass media as “openly hostile” to the US. Consider the fact that not a single of the “unofficial leaders” of Mexico, the super wealthy and uber violent drug cartels, are not known as being particularly friendly to the US, it can be said that Mexican citizens are also hostile towards the US and should be considered as enemies of the state or enemy combatants; especially since the tens of millions of illegals ARE openly hostile to their host nation with their demonstrations that are increasing violent and call for violent seizure of land and property from Whites. 

    So these folks who assisted these illegals should be held on treason charges and the phony documents be used to track down all the illegals that received them. Deport them and their entire families. This process should be repeated for any Mexican national.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Writing as a Californian, where unlicensed illegal alien drivers are VERY common and now able to drive without having their cars impounded, I hope residents of Missouri and  any other place where illegal Hispanics are colonizing carry uninsured motorists as part of their auto insurance.

    Here are GOOD reasons, from AAA, to carry uninsured motorist:

    8,000 people die each year in driving-without-license crashes (20% of fatal crashes)Unlicensed drivers are 5 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crashUnlicensed drivers are 4 times more likely to be involved in hit and run crashesIn California, over 1 million drivers are driving without ever being licensed, 720,000 have suspended licensesCheckpoints Save Lives Driving without a license kills people.

    Good luck if one of these illegal drivers crashes into you, or God Forbid, kills you or one of your loved ones.  Remember this case from last April?:
    A little four-year-old boy, Christopher ‘Buddy’ Rowe’ was struck by a car in a Santa Rosa crosswalk Thursday afternoon as he walked to soccer practice with his mom and two sisters, one of whom was his twin. He died the next morning in the hospital.The driver turned out to be an illegal alien, Marcos Lopez Garcia, who had two prior arrests for driving without a license. The most recent arrest was just five days before the hit-and-run; at that time Garcia was merely told not to drive until his court appearance in October — rather than be deported. Bon