St. Louis ‘Knockout Game’ Victim Enraged that Suspects Walked Free

Jennifer Mann, STL Today, January 12, 2012

The middle-schoolers were looking for a random person to beat up on Oct. 21, hoping to prove their mettle to a group of teens at Roosevelt High School who called themselves “TKO” or “The Knock Out” clan, police say.

They found their victim in Matt Quain, kicking and punching him in the face, breaking his jaw and knocking him down on South Grand Boulevard before walking off.

The 13-year-old girl who relayed this to police became the key witness against seven juveniles, ages 12-14, all from Fanning Middle School. But at the last minute before trial this week, she failed to show up, and the case fell apart, as was first reported Wednesday on

The witness has refused to cooperate any further, forcing prosecutors to drop the second-degree assault charges against the six boys and one girl, court spokesman Matt Murphy confirmed. {snip}

Mayor Francis Slay and his bodyguard, a city police sergeant, happened by as the teens walked off after the attack. But they didn’t get a good look, nor did Quain, who was knocked unconscious.

“It’s disturbing,” said Quain, 52, of St. Louis, who is still recovering from the attack. “They got away with it. Our case just didn’t hold water.”

The adjudication hearing Monday in which the girl failed to show was the equivalent of a trial in adult court. Afterward, the teen defendants, who had been held in detention until then, were free to go.

Quain said that during the hearing, the teens “were looking me over like I was a piece of meat.” Afterward, he watched as they celebrated in the hallway outside the courtroom. “They were cheering and high-fiving,” Quain said. “It was like a big game to them.”


The “knockout game” involves random, unprovoked attacks on unsuspecting victims, usually by teens who have no discernible motive other than to beat someone up. The Oct. 21 attack was one of seven cases last year that police identified as being motivated by the “game.”


Slay, who said he was “very disappointed and angry” about the case being dismissed, echoed O’Sullivan’s sentiments.

“I feel for the young girl,” Slay said. “I mean, clearly, she was intimidated (into) not testifying. We need to support witnesses like we support victims.”

Slay added: “The police know who these thugs are. They know where they go to school, and they know where they live. Neither I nor the police are going to forget about this.”


Matt Quain

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  • This witness was within the age range of the Knockout Martin Luther Kingers, so she herself must have been black.  Why didn’t she show up?  Easy:  She didn’t want the white justice system to prosecute her black friends for beating up a white man.  I don’t buy the “she was intimidated” line. 

    Mayor Slop is indignant, but he’s the last person who should be indignant, because everything else out of his mouth is black loving and black pandering, even though he, supposedly a white man, gets only a small percentage of the black vote every time he ran for something city wide.

    Mr. Quain:  You can get a CCW permit in St. Louis City now, in fact, you have been able to get permits ever since 2005.  More, Schnucks, (he was walking home from the grocery store late that night) started letting CCW permit holders carry in their stores.

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps Matt Quain can ask the Obama justice dept to open a federal civil rights investigation. I’m sure holder does not want HIS PEOPLE to get away with beating random white men in St. Louis. Even though he deserved it because of slavery and institutional racism and how whites prevent the brilliant creative and industrious black man from succeeding by racism. We all know that they would have discovered and invented everything from Newton’s laws to Maxwell’s equations to the periodic table were it not for the EVIL WHITE MAN holding them back. Even today they still cant contribute because we just keep holding back their inventive genius by our old boy network, right?

  • Where are the Guardian Angels? Are they still in business?? I used to admire Curtis Sliwa when I was a teenager. If I win the Powerball I would hire trained people from this site to patrol and escort our people on buses and trains, I would even provide bullet-proof vests for added measure. If that did not work, I would buy private buses. Let’s make a deal on this site. The first person to hit the lottery from this site would start a group like the Guardian Angels, deal?

  • guest

    Concealed carry.  If a bunch of thugs are punching you and kicking you in the head, it no longer matters that they are teens.  Drop them cold.

    • Anonymous

      I predict there will be another Goetz-type-incident, probably a lot worse too.

       Urban American Yutes will pick the wrong person…………then…….bang, bang, bang. Oh my, the libs will wail and gnash their teeth.

      • Anonymous

         video of blacks spitting on and attacking a 14 year old girl in portland a few weeks ago caution  GRAPHIC VIOLENCE

        • Anonymous

          Nice link, thanks.

          Must be a stealth posting…..Youtube has been pulling this video down left and right.

          Welcome to Mad Max America!!!

        • “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech.”

          • Anonymous

            I just got the same message as John Fuller, even though I managed to watch the video yesterday. Seems that now, even the facts–an unaltered video of the actual happening, is “Hate Speech”. After all, mustn’t let anybody know what’s really going on–they might get upset at the left’s pet minorities. 

        • Anonymous

          The video was pulled as a violation of their hate speech rule.  By YouTube’s definition, “Hate speech” refers to content that promotes hatred against members of a PROTECTED GROUP.  In other words, bashing whitey in general, or white males in particular, is a-okay.

  • Someday, when whites get sick of “the knockout game”, some may up the ante to the “blow your friggin’ head off if you come within 20 feet of me” game. 

  • Gotta love St.Louis. I’m still moderately young, early 30’s and it seems as tho St.Louis was much better to live in when I was a kid. Now I cant get far enough away from the city and consider it child abuse to force white kids to go to STL city schools.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    “I feel for the young girl,” Slay said. “I mean, clearly, she was
    intimidated (into) not testifying. We need to support witnesses like we
    support victims.”

    I have a suggestion, how about giving victims and witnesses the same amount of support that criminals have been receiving for decades now? I have yet to see a witness or a victim of a basic crime being protected by officers on the way into the courthouse as I have seen being utilized to protect the perpetrator.
    I realize that I am being hyperbolic there but what kind of safety guarantee does the offended really have when a jury of the criminals own peers boils down to a group of black racist supporters and a handful of bleeding heart Whites just itching to shake off the stigma of past racism? Being juveniles they would probably get simple probation and victims/witnesses alike get to watch over their shoulders for years to come.

  • Anonymous

    This is another perfect “What if it was the other way around?” scenario.

    A middle aged black man is quietly going about his business on the streets of St. Louis.  A pack of seven white 12 to 14 year olds who are trying to impress a group of older white kids who call themselves “TKO” brutally assaults him (I know, try not laugh), leaving him unconscious and with a broken jaw. The black man was singled out because he was black – no other reason.  As the white kids walk away, the MAYOR OF THE CITY and his bodyguard “happen by” but they “don’t get a good look”. A lone 13 year old white girl decides to inform the police and the case against the attackers rests on her testimony. When she does not appear in court to testify, the case against the seven white teens is dismissed and they celebrate in the hallway outside the courtroom. The white attackers are known to the police and incriminating statements on one of their Facebook pages helped to tie them to the assault (original article).

    Now, what happens after this? Well, first of all, a tidal wave of media attention focuses on St. Louis. Of course, to cover the story the media will have to somehow make it through the huge protest groups massed on the steps of the courthouse. The story leaps from the local news to national networks with the usual talking heads expressing “concern” for what happened and darkly suggesting that evil forces are at work to deny a black man justice. The FBI and the Justice Department show up within days to investigate the investigation and look for civil rights violations. Lawsuits to start to fly and questions start about how the Mayor can stay in office in light of his involvement in the affair, no matter how incidental or accidental.  The victim appears on television shows nightly until the big invitation to appear on Oprah finally comes. He is then added to the list of people whose name alone is supposed to be enough to evoke teary-eyed tributes to the fight against racial injustice in this country.
    Did I miss anything?

    • Perfectly well put. 100% on the mark. Thank you. Having been a victim of hate crime legislation myself, that’s exactly how it goes.

      • Zorro

        The Law cannot regulate Hate, as it is protected by the First Amendment covering Free Speech.

        What if you say that you hate this weather we are having? Are you guilty of a Hate Crime? You hate drug abuse, pink polka dots on yellow shirts, and red cars. So what?

        You can hate anyone you want, but you just can’t commit a violent act on them, because that is a crime.

        These idiot Politicians have taken common sense out of the Criminal Procedure Laws and Penal Laws, and have inserted a Marxist bent to them.

        Instead of Equal Protection Under the Law, the Special Classes of people that are the pets of the Politicians have more rights, not Equal Rights.

    • Anonymous

      yes you did. he also suffered a fractured skull meaning if he falls during the rest of his life even once he could die. also he said hes having vision problems memory problems and headachs which also might be permenant.

      • Anonymous

        I hope all that doesn’t affect his aim too drastically.

  • Anonymous

    A nice thing about the internet is that news like this goes viral even if the national news media do not cover it. 

    • Zorro

      That’s why the moved to control it through the Net Neutrality law.  I would look into a HAM radio if I were you.

  • Anonymous

    Since 1991 the rate of violent crime in the United States has declined. The reason is not that we “got to the root cause of crime,” by ending poverty and racial inequality. It is because millions of potential criminals were aborted, and millions of actual criminals have been put in prison. 
    Many people are born for a life of crime. There is no point in trying to rehabilitate them. The only thing that works is punishment. 

  • Anonymous

    The names, addresses, photos and other contact information of these Black thugs who got away scott free, this information needs to be gathered. In 3 or 4 years some enterprising Hispanic gang bangers trying to make the move from simple street gang members to more organized crime figures should be contacted and hired to dispense some street justice to these Black thugs who thought they got away.  This racial sorting out seems to be working rather well in Southern California these days – don’t see as many Black gang bangers rioting, getting on TV being arrogant.

  • Horrible. God bless this man. Guess who paid the bill for their game (attorney, medical, police); either, he or the american taxpayer. We are doomed unless we take a stand and end this and unfortunately this has risen to a point where I would not know how to stop it. They will always blame someone or something else. I was raised in poverty they could not live with (shallow well with limited water, no heat or air (except cutting our own firewood). We lived respectful lives only helping others (never hurting others). God Bless What is Left of America.

    • MO has a robust crime victims compensation fund, mostly funded with seized drug money.  Unfortunately, because there is and will be no criminal conviction based on the crime which battered him, he might not be able to get compensation from it if he needs it.  I don’t think a mere arrest is proof enough for the CVCF to cut a check.

  • The local news showed video of the seven suspects leaving court after their case was tossed.  They were laughing among themselves and at the victim.

    Ten years from now, one of these seven will be dead, five will be in Jefferson City (and not because they won an election), and the other one?  Well, there is the law of averages.  But I can assure you there are no future nuclear physicists among them.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t be so sure……Morgan Freeman invented that dolphin’s mechanical tail.  And those black airmen won WWII single handedly.  Plus, remember when Obama developed the vaccine that reversed the virus created by Hillary Clinton that turned the whole world into zombies?  It was really sad when his dog died……

  • Anonymous

    funny. every video i posted to youtube that shows whites getting beaten by mobs of blacks gets pulled so i wont be sending any more here. looks like a lot of people dont want whites to see whats really going on. anyway i will try posting them on other sites .

    • Anonymous

      i meant i will post any vids i find to some video sites other than youtube because youtube is antiwhite..

      • Zorro

        Then try White Nationalist Tube .com .

    • Zorro

      We can’t have the truth on You Tube, now can we?

    • Cid Campeador

      That doesn’t surprise me in the least. The problem is that those who want to remain ignorant will not be visiting AMREN. 
      YouTube was the one site where we thought freedom of speech was still honored.

    • why are you even using youtube ?


      The fact, however, that Russian web sites now allow you to say what you can’t say in the US should be a cause for concern.

  • Woddy Woodpecker

    Luckily I have never been in a situation like this, but I have to ask,  is it unthinkable that a 52 year old man can fight off seven 12 to 14 year olds? Now I know that blacks mature early and a few of them may have been big ones, but perhaps if he simply “beat the hell” out of one or two of them, the others would have gotten scared & ran away?

    No knock on the victim here, mind you. I am sure that many bad things can happen real fast in a mob situation, and perhaps he had health issues going in. But I would really hate to think that he was capable clobbering one or two of them but chose not to due to their ages.  People (especially whites) really need to start thinking about only their own safety in these situations. 

    Yes, I know that then the wonderful criminal justice system may have turned on him if he fought back, but is it better to allow the thugs to permanently damage you on the chance that the prosecutor might disallow a self defense claim?

  • Joe6pak

    Can those ‘youfs’ be prosecuted for violating Mr.Quain’s civil rights?

    • They should, but the U.S. Attorney based in St. Louis is spending all his time lobbying for Shari’ah Law.  He’d probably toss the Quain matter into File 13.

      • Horribilicribifax

        I used to live in that neighborhood back in the early eighties. It was almost all white, had lots of older people with German names, and ‘hoosiers’, what we call working class (white trash). Once the older German folk died out, the ethnics moved in. I remember the local high school was one of the last to be integrated, and the school pleaded not to be, but bussing is a national fiat and religion.  Whites moved out, and things caved.

        Now I walk through Tower Grove Park, still a beautiful place, but where once all I saw were whites is now a mix of blacks, Muslims in robes, lots of Hispanics with their loud salsa music, and of course the ‘gay pride’ festival is held there.

        It’s the end of a world.

        • I’m not going to say which one, but “the old neighborhood” for me is a little bit to the east of that.  It was real hoosiery at one time, too, but the hoosiers gradually moved out, and the remnants were fairly good people.  The neighborhood itself remained majority white even when surrounding neighborhoods were falling to the blacks one after another after another.  Then, when the yuppie gentrification craze hit almost ten years ago, my mother back in the old house hit a big pay dirt of luck.  Now, some of the rehabbed houses in a short walking distance of her sold for as much as 300K during the height of the yuppie craze, but that mainly coincided with the easy mortgage credit subprime circus, save in its case, it was white liberal yuppies, not blacks, buying there.

    • Zorro

      He’s  White. He doesn’t have any Civil Rights.

  • Frank

    The girl witness should be held in contempt until she testifies.

    • Zorro

      She can also be held in Custodial Protection until she testifies.

  • I’m not usually one for solving problems via violence, but when a group of people violently attack you and the police shrug their shoulders, “vigilante” ceases to be a pejorative term.

  • Anonymous

    It is hard for me to understand why in a state that allows you to carry a firearm and you live in a area were N’s live and you dont then I think you are careless and naive.(side bar)they claim the n word but we get the letter n.

  • Breaking news:  Quinn harassed yet again by two of his assailants late last week:

  • Up to my neck in CA.

    It’s stories like this that make me wonder, just who will Obama pardon on his way out?