Cops Warn Restaurants About Orders Called in from Cell Phones

CBS Local (Chicago), December 29, 2011

If your cell phone is your primary phone, you might be out of luck the next time you try to order in.

Some restaurants are now refusing to deliver to cell phone customers following a rash of robberies of their drivers.

Police say lots of food delivery drivers in Chicago are getting robbed by people using cell phones to target them.

So, Chicago police just issued a business alert. It warns business owners in the Chinatown and Hyde Park areas not to take any cell phone orders.


Michael Bjordal, manager of Leona’s in Hyde Park, says he had a driver shot a few years ago and he’ll take the new warning seriously. He stopped short of saying the restaurant will ignore all cell phone orders.

“We don’t know if we’re going to go to quite that extreme yet,” he says. “We’re going to use our common sense. A lot of it is just literally sizing up the area.”



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  • I’m expecting sometime in the next year that it will be considered a constitutional right for black people to get pizza delivery, even when 5% to 10% of the time, the intent is to rob the delivery guy or simply take the pizza without paying. 

    • Anonymous

      Why not?  I hear having cellphones is now a civil right.

      (Which goes to show how clueless people are about what liberty really is.  It’s not the right to have what you what when you want it.)

    • Flylady71

      Having worked in the pizza business for a number of years you quickly discover which areas you don’t even want to drive past, let alone go up to the door. There were even housing projects that we delivered to- no surprise that they were majority white and Asian.

  • Anonymous

    Michael Bjordal, manager of Leona’s in Hyde Park, says he had a driver shot a few years ago and he’ll take the new warning seriously. He stopped short of saying the restaurant will ignore all cell phone orders.

    “We don’t know if we’re going to go to quite that extreme yet,” he says. “We’re going to use our common sense. A lot of it is just literally sizing up the area.”

    ….good reply Michael Bjordal….NYC black cabbie drivers don’t have to tread on vocal eggshells in the same manner, they will just simply state the obvious without any fear of  retribution.

  • Anonymous

    “We don’t know if we’re going to go to quite that extreme yet,” he says. “We’re going to use our common sense. A lot of it is just literally sizing up the area.”

    I’d say this is code for,  if a black calls in an order, we will evaluate whether we want to risk delivering to them.

    …Mike Harrigan

  • Anonymous

    Lovely.  We only use cellphones, not a landline.  Oh well…at least one can order online.

    • Anonymous

      It isn’t a nationwide policy and it won’t affect most people. If you live in a decent area, or if you have ordered pizza before from them you are fine.

      • Anonymous

        Just saying…it’s just like people like that to spoil things for the rest of us.  Banks now have signs on doors asking that people remove hats, hoods, and sunglasses…I wonder why that is…?

        • iforgot

          Because little old white ladies have been known to use hats, hoods and glasses to disguise their appearances and make themselves appear to be black “youths” while robbing the banks.  Don’t you know anything?

  • Anonymous

    All of the big pizza chains have areas they won’t deliver to due to crime, in addition the LP execs at those companies share info with each other regarding problem areas and robberies. I think I read about a black guy suing one of those chains (might have read that story here) but I don’t think it changed anything.

    • anon

      IIRC that was in the San Francisco Bay area…what changed is there is no longer ANY pizza deliveries in that municipality.

  • Everyone where this is going on is black.

  • Smartalex411

    Pizza delivery is already a thing of the past in many black neighborhoods. In fact, the Little Cesar’s in my city’s ghetto has a cashier protected by bullet proof glass. Another fun fact is that they don’t even serve PIZZA, on chicken wings. I know, it sounds incredible but it’s absolutely true.

  • Reasonable Discrimination

    A slight reservation may be in order.   Part of the genesis of ADA law is not alien to AR values.
    The law in part–and occasionally in implementation–requires employers to do what an
    additional 20 IQ points would have prompted them to do anyhow–namely, to compensate for
    handicap and make a full person-employee out of a genuinely handicapped person.  As with so many other virtues in our (“our”?) society, this is illustrated far more easily at the skilled trade stratum than at the verbal manipulative stratum.  Some employers (in my region of the nation,
    often devout Christians implementing “As yet do unto the least of these…” ) well before government intrusion had the smarts to utilize compensatory practices to the advantage of both their otherwise handicapped employees and their own profit margin.    The reciprocated
    loyalty of such  employees  was a huge asset to the firm.   It worked just fine without government intrusion. 

  • jack

    I wonder what the workers’ comp premium is for pizza shops delivering in black areas?

  • Mshaarman

    The pizza scam has been going on for a long time and is just another example of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” when dealing with Africans. Don’t provide delivery they scream racism, deliver and they kill you.

  • Pbmaltzman

    We live in the high desert north of Los Angeles, California.  Down the street from us are Section 8 housing buildings.  There are pizza companies that won’t deliver to our street at all, and some others who won’t deliver past 8:00 p.m.  We have a landline.  Good luck with that. 

  • Welcome to Thunderdome America!! Now is the time to put aside childish thinking and face up to the times we live in. {Stay sober and stay strong.} Have you seen the films [Red Dawn & the Road Warrior]movies? Those films were made as a warning and they have finally come true.  Take your vitamins, say your prayers and train everyday!!

    • tickyul tickyul

      Spot on, welcome to Mad Max America.

  • Anonymous

    Come to think of it, there *are* a lot of Amish around here, and they wear hats….  LOL

  • Anonymous

    Worker’s comp?  I’d be demanding combat pay!

  • Shawn_thefemale

    It’s truly a quandry created by a sign of the times.  I live in a rural area that is too far off the beaten path to be catered to by anyone’s pizza delivery, so it’s a moot point to me.  It’s hard enough to those businesses to keep delivery drivers, let alone a minimum wage job plus tips being worth getting shot over.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    My neighborhood is about 85% black, 10% latino and 5% white.  I can still get pizza and Chinese delivery but I’ve never been able to receive cable TV or internet.  I use a wireless carrier to obtain internet use and even then I had to have the equipment delivered to another address.  Further, my connection is very slow at best and non-existent some days at worst.

    About a year ago when I moved here and inquired of three separate cable/internet companies about service, one told me they cannot provide service to my address because of their past experience of having the majority of customers at my apartment address plus the entire street steal services either by wiring themselves into the line at the street or by never paying their bills.   Another told me that they were not set up in our neighborhood yet their box is on the side of my building and their plate and wires are in the sidewalk directly in from of my driveway.  The wires, though, were cut about half way up the utility pole.  I can’t say I blame the providers for refusing service here but it keeps honest people like myself from receiving what I have always received and paid for in a timely manner. 

  • Anonymous

    It is a lose/lose situation for the drivers, not only is it very dangerous but most of those blacks don’t tip either (unless it is dealer or other shady type that likes to flash their bling).

  • Greg West

    It ain’t robbin’, it’s reparations!

  • Southern Man

    We have a historically black university in our capital city of Florida.  You may remember it as the former mayor of Detroit told how he scammed the welfare system and got free tuition and party money to attend the Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University.  No one will deliver much of anything to the surrounding neighborhoods.  If perhaps you have a Marine platoon available to make a pizza delivery it may happen.  Anyway, a few years back some students and a professor decided to create a stir about the quarantine on deliveries.  A national pizza firm was goaded into restoring delivery service.  On the second night a call came from the dorms and what do you think happened when the pizza man got out of his car?  Yep, he was robbed, right on campus within sight of the campus police station.

  • La Santa Hermandad

    A guy was killed delivering pizza in West Philadelphia last night. The thieves or youths, teens, young people got away with only ‘a few dollars”. He was lured to the place of his death only to be robbed shot over a few dollars. Some resident’s being interviewed said stuff like , “Dis is crazy. Killin’ someone ovah a pizza”.  
    I suppose if it had been a pair of Nike Airs it would’ve been worth it. These creatures just don’t get it.