10 Most Dangerous Cities in the World in 2011

Urban Titan, January 10, 2012

1. Bogota, Colombia

While security in Colombia has improved significantly in recent years, violence by narco-terrorist groups continues to affect some rural areas as well as the capital city, Bogota. {snip} Some criminal organizations continue to kidnap and hold civilians for ransom or as political bargaining chips. {snip}

2. Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

Ciudad Juárez is one of the world’s fastest growing cities in spite of the fact that it has been called “the most violent zone in the world outside of declared war zones.” Unfortunately, it seems that crime is growing along with the city. There were around 1,400 murders in the city in 2008 and over 2,500 drug-related deaths over the same period in 2010. Public life is almost paralyzed out of fear of being hit by a stray bullet or kidnapped. Over the past 10 years Ciudad Juárez has seen more than 400 women fall victims to sexual homicides.

3. St. Louis, Missouri

According to a latest study analyzing cities based on their FBI statistics for murder, rape, robbery, and assault, St. Louis top the list of the most dangerous city in America, beating Camden, Detroit and New Orleans, last year’s most dangerous cities. {snip}

4. Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Despite the governmental changes that occurred in 2004, Port-au-Prince, the capital and largest city of Haiti, still regularly sees violent outbreaks and demonstrations. There is no real police force that keeps the violence under control in the city and the entire country and many towns in Haiti are controlled by criminals. Furthermore, while a U.N. force has provided assistance to police in the country since 2004, their presence does not guarantee absolute security for visitors or residents. {snip}

5. Mogadishu, Somalia

In August and September of 2010, terrorists launched a military offensive attack against the Transitional Federal Government and African Union. In August, a roadside bomb exploded and damaged three civilian minibuses killing nine people and wounding 25, and in September, two suicide bombers killed themselves in an attack on Mogadishu airport. {snip} Unpredictable armed conflicts among rival militias are prevalent in and around the city. Terrorist attacks, cross-border warring and brutal, violent street crime wrack the country on a daily basis.

6. Caracas, Venezuela

{snip} The murder rate in the capital of Venezuela is said to be among the highest in the world, with much of that violence being related to drug trafficking and resulting from the fact that the country is located between the U.S. and Columbia. {snip}

7. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Crime is a serious concern throughout Port Moresby, capital and largest city of Papua New Guinea. {snip} Visiting unguarded public sites such as golf courses, beaches, parks or cemeteries can be dangerous for visitors. Even public transportation is dangerous, making car rental the safest way to get around the country. {snip}

8. Grozny, Chechnya, Russia

In 2003 the UN called Grozny the ‘Most Destroyed City on Earth.’ The city has undergone very destructive warfare since the 1990s, when the Russian army demolished much of the city. {snip} Organized Crime is rampant. Political and criminal murder, as well as rape rates, are very high and kidnappings are a serious issue. {snip} Many Chechens have fled to places like Dagestan or Azerbaijan, as their native country is not safe.

9. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

If you decide to travel to the Dominican Republic this year, you should strongly consider leaving valuable property at home. Crime continues to be a big problem throughout the Dominican Republic. While mugging and pick pocketing are the most common crimes against tourists, reports of violence against both locals and foreigners are growing and reports of car theft have increased. {snip}

10. Muzaffarabad, Kashmir, Pakistan

Although it is considered a “paradise on earth,” primarily known for its captivating beauty, serene lakes, dazzling rivers, and splendid gardens, Kashmir is thought  by many academics to be the place where the next nuclear holocaust will occur. The region is divided among 3 countries (India, Pakistan and China) in a territorial dispute. These 3 countries are Nuclear armed states, and the tension in Kashmir has resulted in nuclear brinkmanship between Pakistan and India on several occasions. Rallies, demonstrations, and processions occur regularly throughout Pakistan on very short notice. Organized crime in Pakistan include drug trafficking, forged Indian currency printing, extortion, murder for hire and fraud. {snip}

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  • ‘None of them Scandinavian cities’ – just wait until Muslims are the majority in Malmo and Stockholm.

    • Anonymous

      When the fairest of all blondes are being killed and their body parts used for magic charms, they may admit something is amiss in Scandinavia.

  • Gadzooks:  Only one American city is on this list.

    Really, St. Louis is worse than Detroit?  I happen to think that St. Louis is more honest in collecting and tallying and reporting its crime statistics.  Not like it’s paradise — After all, we’re the city which invented the racial hate crime of Knockout Martin Luther King.  BTW, news on that front today locally:


    • Anonymous

      I wonder what would happen if some renecks (I can say redneck because I am one) started a “lets lynch them game” and only lynched convicted black felons who assaulted whites.   Think that would get much play in the media??  I wonder.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not that St. Louis is more honest, it’s that there’s nobody left in Detroit that can count that high.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that black/African countries only made the fourth and fifth spots is proof positive they can’t count or keep written records.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I can think of a number of places I’d rather not be besides St. Louis.

  • Anonymous

    From what I understand murder stats are fast and loose. Some countries don’t care that much for paperwork and won’t bother to write up but a small portion of the dead bodies found,  others only record “murder convictions” and if the perk is not convicted of “murder” but only “manslaughter” it does not make the stats.

  • Anonymous

    “No Scandinavian cities made the list”.
    Not yet but coming soon. America is coming to the world. 

  • Anonymous

    has anybody other than me noticed when you view video of native africans and native muslims how literally animalistic they look? i mean missing half their teeth but their expressions and the crazed look in their eyes is animalistic. there is no way their iqs are above 65 just LOOK  at them

  • Anonymous

    “When the fairest of all blondes are being killed and their body parts used for magic charms, they may admit something is amiss in Scandinavia”.
    Never. They will re-double their efforts at fighting racism. They’ll have to. 

    • Anonymous

      Sad but true. Not sure what went wrong, but something did.

  • PORT MORESBY, NEW GUINIEA ?  Thats and odd one ! who causing trouble there ? when I think of Port Moresby I think of WWII, it was a major landing site and off loading supply point/supply base, and wounded evacuation point, for Australian and later U.S. Troops fighting the Nips in New Guiniea, espcecialy in 1942-43, did’nt think that it was a largly inhabited place even today.

  • Did anyone notice the author of the original article provides two sources and one is Wikipedia?

  • Anonymous

    Calling Chechnya ‘White’ is stretching definitions to the breaking point.
    Basically Chechens are Turks and Arabs.

  • jeffaral

    Grosny white???!!!

  • Anonymous

    In the early Seventies I worked for one of the Big Three automakers in Latin America, traveling extensively throughout Central and South America.  While crime, such as burglary, pickpocketing, and auto-theft were rampant, there was almost no violent crime in those days, save in the British colonies of Guyana and Belize with their high black African populations. In Colombia pickpocketing had been developed to fine art, and we all joked that Bogota had schools devoted to the art of relieving people of their wallets, watches, and jewelry without alerting them to the fact that they’d been robbed.

    These guys were highly skilled artists.  A common mugger is just a loutish thug.

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    Well, if we are not capable of understanding this, why do you take the time to explain it?  You’ll change more minds with honey than vinegar.

  • St. Louis is ahead of Port au Prince, Haiti?  Wow!  

  • And what do all those cities have in common?   

    A significant population of muslims, negroes, or hispanics.

    • America First

      When looking for colleges for my son to attend, we checked out the violent crime index for the cities where the college or university happened to be.  That’s when we found out that there was a statistical correlation between the numbers of blacks and hispanics in any given area and the amount of violent crime.

  • Anonymous

    Rolling Acres Mall in Akron, last I heard, was a dead mall.  Not surprising considering I knew someone that referred to it as “Rolling Afros Mall.”

    • nasedo

      The Mall of America in Bloomigtom, MN is referred to locally as the Mall of Africa on weekend nights.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with this fully!  I am sick of the term caucasian.  Not only do American whites not understand that arabs and Indians are considered “caucasian” , but many Americans, (a lot of them are in this movement), don’t even seem to understand the definition of “white”. 

    They constantly refer to the peoples of the Middle East under one huge umbrella as “white”, when “white” should only mean European or peoples descended from Indo-Europeans, who by the way are a tiny minority in the Middle East.  It seems that the David Duke wing of the movement (the pro-Islam wing of the movement) really enjoys telling the rest of us how Middle Easterners are “white”, and they also refuse to talk about “Muslim” violence in Europe.  Oh no, it is only “nowhite” violence, as if , according to them and their definition of “white”, it is only blacks commiting crimes when the fact of the matter is that Turks and arabs are commiting crimes as well.

    I am sick of this feeling of the need to appease Muslims by many in this movement. It seems to only be Americans in this movement who do this. With all the time David Duke spends in Europe, seeing the results of noble “Middle Eastern enrichment” firsthand, I am disgusted that he STILL continues to do it.

    Shall I also go into all the countless studies by geneticists such as Rushton that claim that the average IQ of the Middle East is in the 80s?

  • Laager

    To Woody Woodpecker.

    “Where is Johannesburg in this list?”This article has been cut and paste from the blog: http://sarahmaidofalbion.blogspot.com/

    It is astonishing to see to what lengths liberals will go to maintain the illusion (lies) that all is well.
    I can only think that the reason for this corresponds with the quote by Deep Throat from the movie All The Presidents Men – “Follow the money”

     Friendly locals welcome a visitor to South Africa 

    Forbes Names World’s Murder and Rape Capital It’s “3rd Most Friendly”

    A woman is raped in South Africa every 17 seconds, as a nation South Africa has the highest rate of homicide per head of population of any country in the world. 200,000 children a year are the victims of child rape. Genocide Watch has upgraded South Africa to Stage Six out of the eight stages of genocide, after some 40,000 whites, including between 3,000 and 4,000 white farmers have been murdered, many following hours of torture, in the last 17 years. 

    As is graphically depicted above, in recent years outbreaks of so called “Xenophobia” have seen foreigners slaughtered in increasingly horrible ways, (renewed attacks have occurred as recently as last October when Zimbabweans were driven out of their homes by local gangs and foreign shops were ransacked)  

    Yet despite all this the prestigious Forbes Magazine have just ranked South Africa as the third most friendly country in the world, ahead of Canada, the USA and The UK. One has to wonder exactly how they are defining the word “friendly” in coming to this decision.

    France languishes at Number 15 on the list, despite the fact that, as in Britain, when people are tortured to death in French hate crimes it tends to be immigrants who do it, not the locals. (Germany, Ireland and many other European Countries do not even make it onto the list, although an increasingly Islamic Turkey and crime ridden Mexico do)

    Forbes appear to have disregarded a significant amount of data when compiling their list, and swept a lot more under the carpet. But Hey this the brave new world of 2012, little matters like the truth, or indeed public safety, can no longer be allowed to interfere with the promotion of yet another politically correct fantasy.

    Crime is Crime 
    Corruption is Corruption 
    Murder is Murder 
    Rape is Rape 
    Facts are Facts