Posted on December 6, 2011

Girl Gang Who Kicked Woman in the Head While Yelling ‘Kill the White Slag’ Freed After Judge Hears ‘They Weren’t Used to Drinking Because They’re Muslims’

Rob Cooper, Daily Mail (London), December 6, 2011

A gang of Muslim girls who repeatedly kicked a young woman in the head walked free from court after a judge heard they were ‘not used to being drunk’ because of their religion.

The group screamed ‘kill the white slag’ while kicks raining in on 22-year-old Rhea Page as she lay motionless on the ground, the court heard.

The attackers–three sisters and their cousin–were told by a judge that normally they would have been sent to jail.

However, he handed the girls–all Somalian Muslims–suspended sentences after hearing that they were not used to alcohol because their religion does not allow it.

Their victim was left with a bald patch after they pulled a chunk out of her hair during the attack on the High Street, Leicester.

Ambaro and Hibo Maxamed, both 24, their sister Ayan, 28, and cousin Ifrah Nur, 28, attacked Rhea, a care worker, as she walked to a taxi rank with her boyfriend after a night out.

The victim, a support worker, was left so traumatised that she lost her job following repeated absences with stress and flashbacks, Leciester Crown Court was told.

The charge–assault occasioning actual bodily harm–carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

James Bide-Thomas, prosecuting, said Ambaro Maxamed, who started the violence, had called Miss Page a ‘white bitch’ during the incident.

The women, who are all Somalian Muslims, were not charged with racial aggravation.

Victim Miss Page said: ‘I had gone for a drink after work and then I met my boyfriend for a couple more before heading home.

‘We didn’t want to stay out too late so we went to get a taxi and all of a sudden I heard these women shouting abuse at me.

‘We were just minding our own business but they kept shouting “white bitch” and “white slag” at me.

‘When I turned around one of them grabbed my hair–she literally wrapped her fingers in my hair–then threw me on the ground. That’s when they started kicking me.

‘They were taking turns to kick me in the head and back over and over. I was lying on the ground the whole time, crying and screaming. It was terrifying. I thought they were going to kill me.

‘Eventually the police came but it felt like ages. Afterwards I was covered in blood and hair.

‘I had a bald patch on my head where they had yanked my hair out and I was black and blue all over.

‘I honestly think they attacked me just because I was white. I can’t think of any other reason.’

She suffered bruises and grazes to her head, back, legs and arms, and had clumps of hair pulled out.

Gary Short, mitigating for Ambaro Maxamed, said the attack was down to alcohol.

He said: ‘Although Miss Page’s partner used violence, it doesn’t justify their behaviour. They’re Somalian Muslims and alcohol or drugs isn’t something they’re used to.’

Seventeen months on from the attack, she is still undergoing counselling and suffers from panic attacks and flashbacks.

The group all admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and received six month suspended sentences.

Judge Robert Brown told them: ‘This was ugly and reflects very badly on all four of you.

‘Those who knock someone to the floor and kick them in the head can expect to go inside, but I’m going to suspend the sentence.’

He said he accepted the women may have felt they were the victims of unreasonable force from Rhea’s partner Lewis Moore, 23, who tried to defend her from the attack.

As well as the suspended sentence, Hibo Maxamed, who needs dialysis three times a week for a kidney complaint, received a four-month curfew between 9pm and 6am.

The others were ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work.

Rhea said after the hearing: ‘It should have been immediate custody after what happened. It’s not sending out the right message about street violence.

‘They were kicking me in the head right up to the minute the police arrived.

‘Even after the police came and they all ran away, one of them came running back to kick me in the head one last time while I was lying unconscious on the ground.’

Rhea, a support worker who helps care for people with autism and learning difficulties, said the sentence was ‘disgusting’.

‘It’s no punishment at all and sends out a message that it’s okay to do that to someone,’ she said.

‘And for them to say they did it because they were not used to alcohol is not an excuse. If they were not supposed to be drinking then they shouldn’t have been out in bars at that time of night.

‘The attack has had a devastating effect on my life and they have just been allowed to get away with it.’

53 responses to “Girl Gang Who Kicked Woman in the Head While Yelling ‘Kill the White Slag’ Freed After Judge Hears ‘They Weren’t Used to Drinking Because They’re Muslims’”

  1. Englishman says:

    What can we say? Yet another typical injustice. The Somalians are among the worst of all.

    All these things should be carefully catalogued. More on their way in Clegg’s “steel fist” Britain.

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    “He said he accepted the women may have felt they were the victims of unreasonable force from Rhea’s partner Lewis Moore, 23, who tried to defend her from the attack.”

    Is this judge being serious? I cannot believe that for a second. What was Lewis meant to do, sit around and let them beat his girl friend up some more?

    Wow, beat up White people, it’s the right thing to do and you won’t get jail time. Ain’t diversity wonderful?! Thank you judge Robert Brown!

    This judge needs to be removed and the Somali’s deported for some good Sharia law treatment back in their own country. Hell, I don’t like Sharia law myself but if Western judges are as pathetic as this…Then maybe a good dose of Sharia will go a long way to correcting this pathetic excuse of injustice happening again.

    Maybe the judge can do a “diversity of punishment” visit by going to Somalia and observing a double amputation. I’m sure he will get a thrill observing diversity in action!

  3. AmericaFirst says:

    More black racist violence, this time by sub-Saharan Africans imported into Britain for incomprehensible purposes. And the judge slaps them on the wrist. If the real Brits don’t start fighting back – and hard, and violently – they are doomed. Where is the anger at this injustice?

  4. Stiv says:

    I’m glad I don’t live in England. I think it’s the sickest nation in the world when a man protecting his girlfriend is called “unreasonable force”. This attitude seems to be more prevalent there than any nation I can think of. I don’t get it.

    If he had killed them in the act of self-defense against an unprovoked attack it would be reasonable and justified to me.I don’t think that anything less than extreme force would work against someone from that pit called Somalia.

  5. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    Ignorance of the Lager is no excuse…

  6. Anonymous says:

    For whatever unfathomable reason, white judges take pity on Somalis, even when they commit ‘swarming’ attacks on whites.

    “No jail for Somali woman who admits swarmings – Ottawa,December 2008”

    “Court heard that Ms. Omer was among a group of six young women of Somali descent who attacked Chanel Marcotte as she sat on a bench in the mall, punching, kicking and pulling her hair”

    “According to a summary of the facts read into court, the second robbery was part of a plan hatched by Ms. Omer and the other women to target a “white girl” from Orléans “because they were rich.”

  7. Anonymous says:

    The only thing that is going to stop this violence, is more violence. These 4 Somalian thugs are not the only people involved in this incident who need to have violence visited upon them. If you understand my meaning.

  8. Anonymous says:

    At this late stage of the game it is not productive to even run these kinds of stories about GB. The country is lost to whites, and they have done it to themselves. It is a “warning” to us in America, however I’m very afraid that we are also pretty much lost as a country. We certainly can’t count on Obama and the Dems for relief, but if the alternative is Newt Gingrich and the Republicans, then it would be best to start looking for a new country altogether.

  9. Awakened says:

    What’s really sad is a man’s failure to defend his girlfriend against 3 drunk women. I saw the video. Almost half of the time he was standing there doing nothing. The other half of the time he put forth some sort of pathetic half-hearted effort. Pull them off one by one and give each a good sock, then get between them and your girlfriend. I’ve never seen such pathetic helplessness on the part of a race of people!!! A man who can’t even defend his girlfriend against 3 drunk girls!!! It boggles the mind!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The officials who are enablers shoud be arrested, tried, and encarcerated for hate crimes and violations of human rights!

  11. RJS says:

    Amazing, a bunch of feral somalis viciously attack a white woman and some marxist judge lets them go.

    Yet a white women simply states that she doesn’t like non-white foreigners on a bus and it is a national witchhunt and scandal for days on end.

    Thanks to the ADL and other pressure groups, England is worse off than the US because they actually have “hate speech” laws that only apply to Whitey. Now the citizens cannot even discuss legitimate problems that are destroying their country.

    No matter how truthful, this white couple had better be careful about what they say.

    For merely voicing an opinion about the motivations or the viciousness of these attackers, they could get arrested if they run afoul of the thought police in England.

    Western Civilization has gone senile.

  12. Vito says:

    Is that judge a white Brit? If he is he should be thrown off the bench for mental illness. Nothing against the mentally ill, but they shouldn’t be judges, that’s all.

  13. Ben N Indiana (AWG) says:

    Enoch Powell’s 1968 prophetic warning remains unheeded.

    He said, “That tragic and intractable phenomenon which we watch with horror on the other side of the Atlantic but which there is interwoven with the history and existence of the States itself, is coming upon us here by our own volition and our own neglect. Indeed, it has all but come. In numerical terms, it will be of American proportions long before the end of the century.”

  14. Michelle says:

    It’s only “Racist” and a “hate crime” if the victim is non-White.

  15. generalquagmyer says:

    That iron-fist-against-racism thing doesn’t seem to be working out very well…

  16. Bill R says:

    If judges refuse to do their job, then perhaps vigilantism needs to make a come back.

    England is totally lost. The English citizen is betrayed on all fronts. Only the English citizens themselves can – as a unified group – set things right again and eject both the non-English AND the betrayers from their country. Else wise, all of England will become Detroit and Kabul.

  17. Conrad says:

    As long as white people are going to act the part of cowards and weaklings this is the way it will be. And it’s the way that it should be.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is why Lawrence Auster, the brilliant “View from the Right” blogger, terms Britain the Dead Island.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I won’t even bother w/the unjust judge — that is just too obvious. I won’t even bother w/the Brits for not voting out the judges (if they can), or for not voting out the politicians who appointed such people to be judges (and who probably voted to allow those “women” immigrate into the UK). Rather, I’ll point out the foolish behavior of the whites, something easily within their control.

    The “boyfriend” was virtually useless in the fight. How many times did the black women get back to attacking the white woman? He never got the clue to take those women out of the fight permanently (knock out, break arm/knee, etc — not necessarily kill). Physically, he’s not a small guy, either in height or weight, yet he was unable to fight off 3, and then 4 women? There weren’t even any black guys coming to their aid, so he really has no excuse.

    Was he intoxicated? If so, what kind of fool gets intoxicated in public??? I know. The kind that gets his girlfriend’s head kicked in.

    What kind of foolish white woman goes out w/such a foolish white guy? The average, “head in the clouds” white woman….

    Physical prudence is especially necessary when around blacks/Latinos. Too bad this white couple had to learn the hard way such an obvious lesson of life.

  20. Johnny says:

    So the gist of the story is that these innocent, young, observant Muslim ladies had never, ever drank alcoholic beverages before that night. Obviously, some nasty White man tricked them into drinking it. Then, the demon rum made them attack that snooty White slag. And during this unprovoked attack, brought on by the alcohol imbibed by these poor darlings, her boyfriend used “unreasonable force” whilst attempting to prevent the possible death or permenant injury to his lady friend. Just how much force is “unreasonable” when trying to prevent your loved one from being killed or maimed by a drunken mob? They may have felt they were the victims? Truly, we have entered into the realm of the surreal. My defintion of reasonable force? In America, as many rounds of .45 ACP as it takes. Too bad the Brits have been castrated by political correctness run amok.

  21. GM (Australia) says:

    It is interesting to notice that the next post is about a white English women who has gone to prison for a bit alleged verbal abuse to some of Britain’s unwanted coloured immigrants.

    These Somalis should have been deported on the spot, an English gaol would be too good for them. The only concession should be to give a medical referal to the Somali health authorities so that Ms Maxamed will get full and proper treatment for her kidney as soon as she gets back to Mogadishu.

    If they can not be sent back to Somalia perhaps these young ladies can be referred to the local Islamic authorities in the UK for a good dose of Sharia law re their alcohol problem!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Sadly, in ten years, this is ALL of our futures. The police will arrest us, and not those who attack us.

  23. Madison Grant says:

    Somalians may be the world’s worst immigrants:

    Blacks + Islam = Violence

  24. Eric says:

    Not surprising in the least. It will take an overthrow of the entire ruling class in Britain to bring it back to some sort of rationality.

    Good for Mr. Moore for getting some good licks in on those colorful immigrants.

  25. Deirdre says:

    Whites are second-class citizens now. It’s outrageous that Emma West was JAILED and these four animals are allowed to walk free. I wonder if the judge was afraid of African riots or Muslim attacks? There’s simply no excuse for this cowardice. White people like this judge will be the absolute death of us.

  26. HH says:

    The hatred the British ruling “elites” have for their own people(what’s left of them) is like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life. THIS is real hate!!!

  27. CDE says:

    I could only watch about a minute before I wanted to punch the boyfriend myself. WHAT A COWARD!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH BRITISH MEN? Those Somali animals had nice long hair, perfect for hurling them into a nice hard brick wall.

  28. Jim says:

    We all know what would have happened if the attacker was white and used alcohol as an excuse.

  29. Dewey says:

    “He said he accepted the women may have felt they were the victims of unreasonable force from Rhea’s partner Lewis Moore, 23, who tried to defend her from the attack”

    White men need to start getting battle ready. All across America and Britian, every white man must learn to fight with enemy immobilizing force. Fortunately, in America men can still have guns.

    What are the chances Great Britain, the nanny police state, will finally let their men have guns? Does anyone know if the riots have changed this intolerable gun control situation in Britain?

  30. Anthony says:

    While the fact that these blacks have been given a free pass while whites get locked up for swearing, is definitely troubling, it’s what I’ve come to expect. What I didn’t expect is for our ‘men’ to not do all that is necessary to defend their women. Blacks simply take advantage of our weakness, and weakness is what this poor excuse for a man has in spades.

  31. Frank says:

    It seems that “Anonymous” condones violence. That is, responding to violence with more violence. And not to do this is “foolish behavior”. I beg to differ.

  32. Sylvie says:


    It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it.

    Their ‘religion’ doesn’t allow it? Then why were they drunk in the first place?

  33. Cliff Yablonski says:

    I have some experience with Somalian refugees, my city is a dumping ground for them.

    They all brag of their muslim religion, but they are shockingly stupid and prone to thievery,violence, and sexual assaults. That is why Somalia is the way it is, that is why Africa is the way it is. There was a time when WE KNEW that, but we have been brainwashed by a liberal media and education system. Relearning it will be a slow and painful process, with many casualties along the way.

  34. Zapp Branigan says:

    This is ANOTHER violent black on white assault in the news where the assailants were released with a warning, yet a white mother compalaining on a train about black behaviour is put in jail and held before trial?

    It appears that in England the inmates are running the asylum.

  35. cpascal says:

    When I saw the words “girl gang” in the headline, I thought that these would be a gang of teenagers, and that would have been bad enough. But the girls turned out to be adult women in their 20s.

    It’s obvious that this gang has a jealous hatred towards white women, and in this case, a white woman’s life was ruined by people whom she didn’t even know. Somalians, and other Africans, haven’t created civilizations in their native homelands. They haven’t led civilized lives in any time or place in history. Bringing large numbers of Africans to the West has only done tremendous damage to the countries they arrived in, and the politicians who decided to bring them should have seen that this would happen.

  36. Anonymous says:

    @Sylvie “Their ‘religion’ doesn’t allow it? Then why were they drunk in the first place?”

    Exactly. Hey, maybe turn them over to the “Muslim community”, and maybe they can be stoned to death for getting drunk.

  37. Pat says:

    Nos. 9, 12 and 13 – as there was no sound track on this video I feel you are judging the boyfriend too harshly. His girlfriend obviously needed attending to. He was trying to defend and tend at the same time in my opinion. Secondly in a civilised society men are not ‘programmed’ to hit women – whatever race.

    You can bet your life that had he caused serious assault to these people he would be the one in the dock…he is the right colour after all. You will notice the Police weren’t exactly over zealous with them either. The world we live in…

  38. BerekHalfhand says:


    “What are the chances Great Britain, the nanny police state, will finally let their men have guns? Does anyone know if the riots have changed this intolerable gun control situation in Britain?”

    The answers, respectively, are “none at all”, and “no”.

  39. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    AS a professional bartender I ntoiced that the women who were unused to drinking alcohol all had quite a bit of makeup on in the pics from the original article. From that I would posit that you don`t slather it on to go to mosque but to a nightclub. And you don`t go to a nightclub to not get intoxicated. They seemed adept at making them selves up. Therefore the assertion that they were unused to drinking is a lie…

  40. Seek says:

    In theory, the white boyfriend should have defended his lady. But I’ll tell you, if he did act decisively, he would have been charged with a “hate crime” for beating up those poor Muslim women. And if he’d gone to jail, he would have been dead meat in the eyes of black or Islamic prisoners.

    Law, as it has been rewritten and reinterpreted, is the real problem. It inhibits healthy instincts from rising to the occasion.

  41. Anonymous says:

    8 — Anonymous wrote at 7:14 PM on December 6:

    “At this late stage of the game it is not productive to even run these kinds of stories about GB. The country is lost to whites, and they have done it to themselves. It is a “warning” to us in America, however I’m very afraid that we are also pretty much lost as a country. We certainly can’t count on Obama and the Dems for relief, but if the alternative is Newt Gingrich and the Republicans, then it would be best to start looking for a new country altogether.”

    You are wrong, and tragically so. Amren should run these stories, and more like them, until men like YOU and ME grow a pair and begin to act, demand, demonstrate, and if all else fails, FIGHT directly against this sort of public attack and courtroom dysfunction.

    In my neck of the woods a few of us have gotten together. We are looking into the legal responsibilities and permissions available to us as we will soon be seeking to interfere with underage prostitution/pimping. We’re going to spread flyers at truck stops, talk to drivers, and maybe even find a way to physically rescue girls from the scenes.

    We are just in the early stages of our plans, but I for one have reached a point that I cannot go on aware of these abuses and just post and whine on blogs like Amren.

    It’s time to consider giving up your football weekends, etc., to do a real man’s job in a society in trouble. It’s time for white men to get busy protecting our children, and yes, even the women, who whether they know it or not, need some male assistance. We will soon find our hands as tied as the Englishman’s if we do not begin to exercise some rights now.

    Advice to any who think this is a good idea; get with your local sheriff department; they often have extended neighborhood watch plans that support citizens roving parking lots and such at night looking to spot criminal activity. Do it legally, know your rights and limitations. But ACT!

  42. Paleface 6 says:

    31 — Frank wrote at 4:35 AM on December 7:

    It seems that “Anonymous” condones violence. That is, responding to violence with more violence. And not to do this is “foolish behavior”. I beg to differ.

    Do you think they would have stopped beating his companion if he’d kissed them?

    And as for working class Whites in Not So Great Britain, I have three words – EJECT EJECT EJECT!

  43. GM (Australia) says:

    To #23 Maddison. You have said it all, Black & Muslim, worst type of invader, bogus refugee, illegal or even legal immigrant that any country could conceivably accept. They are certainly bad news here in Sydney. Welfare dependance, robbery, rape and terrorist related activities seem to be the norm for their community here.

    Some time ago a former minister for immigration wanted to stop taking any further arrivals from that part of the world because they simply just do NOT fit into Australian society. But no, cries of racism could be “heard from the rooftops”. They are still arriving, apparently we have obligations under some UN treaty to accept them.

  44. Madison Grant says:

    To #43 (GM):

    And the Somalis who don’t make it to the West are also making the news as pirates of the high seas.

  45. Murd says:

    I have unusual experience and background that gives me perspective on this, and other situations, in the USA AND UK.

    I grew up white in the USA, in a Milwaukee neighborhood that became majority black in the mid 70s, and was a warzone by the early 80s. I started martial arts starting at age six because I NEEDED to know martial arts. By high school, I was carrying a pepper spray and pistol. I worked three jobs to pay for a private high school to stay out of the public schools, where my location and skin color would have seen me sentenced to the worst schools in the city in the name of “racial balance.” Having my father as a highly decorated firefighter, and an uncle as a highly decorated police officer in Milwaukee, I was very, very aware, first hand by experience, through the news, and through their reports of the racial nature of crime in the city.

    I am also now living in the UK, in London area (I married a British woman, we moved back to UK to be near family), and am shocked, just shocked, at how badly the UK kow tows to the insanity of other cultures and other races, AND how it punishes defending oneself. The police and courts are FAR more likely to punish someone like a criminal for using force against an assailant than they are to punish the assailant. Just like in the USA, there seems to be a concerted effort in the media, and by authorities, to censor the race of darker skinned attackers. Controlling for crime, removing Pakistani Asians, native born UK blacks, and African immigrants, would remove the vast majority of crime, far out of disproportion to numbers.

    The long lived Labour government of Blair went nuts disassembling immigration controls, bringing in masses of immigrants, giving welfare benefits, not deporting the mass of immigrant criminals, etc. It has led to a rapid, and unprecedented demographic change in Britain, one that has altered what it means to be Britain profoundly.

    It is hard to know whether this is the product of conspiracy to demographically destroy Britain as a majority white nation, or whether the political leadership could be that blindly stupid. The Brits are NOT used to this kind of crime. In 1997 they adopted total gun control (something I hate with a passion), and of course, violent crime and gun crime exploded. The huge numbers of blacks brought in this country by illegal immigration, asylum laws, etc., and the bootstrapping (once in, bringing whole families from the Dark Continent and Pakistanis from Pakistan, etc.) means that what was a problem in the 60s and 70s, a growing one in the 80s and 90s, is a crisis now, and will be of horrific proportions within a generation. The UK mentality cannot deal with crime. They do not build more prisons, they punish victims. It is easier (and the British mentality takes the path of least resistance, has a real cannot do mentality as well) than addressing the problems. They Brits just collapse in the face of being called racists.

    What I have observed in the time since I first came to the UK and married my wife, then when we returned to the USA, then came back here was stunning. What has happened in the last six years is even more surreal. If I stayed here, I would want to move to some area that is all white and isolated, but that is a temporary solution in a numbers game democracy, where the cities vote themselves the wealth and support, and benefits (welfare) are passed out to entire classes of people who never have contributed to the nation, to a degree that would stun ANY American.

    But when I look to move back to the USA, the same thing applies. It bothers me. I served in the US Military from age 17, the day after I graduated high school. I have a number of (educated, civilized, intelligent) black friends, the godfather of my daughter is a black man. The problem is, anywhere I have been, any place I study or observe, is the concentration. Black neighborhoods = ruins. Black cities (Detroit) = warzones supported only by massive influxes of state and federal funds, directly and via welfare, programs, etc. Black nations are basket cases. Everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE, blacks move into cities and places built by whites, drive whites out, and destroy the place, moving on. They do not build, they do not contribute. Take away set aside programs like affirmative action and they have trouble clawing their way into the middle class on merits.

    I DO NOT mean as individuals, but in numbers. Individuals can do and be anything, but as groups, and in groups, what I wrote above holds true EVERYWHERE. The problem is, whites coerce other whites into opening the doors, ignoring their intuition and better judgement, and this problem expands and gets worse, and wherever there is a large black presence, there is a pattern. Taxes go up to account for needing more police, crime goes up, schools quit performing. All kinds of contortions occur to excuse disproportionate performance, explain it away. So, as costs rise, quality of life, safety, livability decrease. Whites move out, property values fall, this attracts more blacks, eventually there are no whites, most of the blacks get a lot of their income from some government program, and when you look at taxes generated vs. tax dollars consumed, any black area is a massive negative, drawing on the wealth generated. In time, the white suburbs get coerced into letting blacks into their schools, and white flight triggers further, and the rot spreads, and the whole metroplex degenerates.

    The extent of the problem is hidden by the massive cash infusions from State and Federal Coffers, but as the demographic balance shifts, the whole process accelerates, and worse, it seems whites never learn.

    Of course, I am NOT a racist. I have been observing this process in numerous places since I was a child, and it is uglier now than ever, and crime against whites is endemic, racially motivated crime, but almost wholly unreported, to keep whites stupid and easily self deceptive.

    I have my black friends, and they mostly choose to get the hell out of black neighborhoods too. They are hard working, educated, have little in common with the masses of blacks I refer to, but the reality stands. If you want to live in a place with lower taxes, higher quality of living, you move to an all white or mostly white place, and the smaller the balance of blacks, and to a lesser degree, the fewer immigrant Hispanics, the safer, the better a place it is to live, and until there is an infusion of blacks, then the cycle of deterioration starts. My choices as a middle aged family man are now dictated by reality, NOT wishful thinking, and the reality is, by and large, you can safely walk in any white neighborhood, whatever your color, but it is a danger in a black neighborhood, and suicidal if white, especially at night, and that is true here in the UK almost as much as it is in the USA, especially with the police and courts in the UK unable and unwilling to punish criminals, even those who are careerists. That just accelerates the whole problem.

  46. Nate says:

    All I can say is that if I was in that guys shoes and drinking the world would be 4 somalis lighter and I would probably be the one in jail I detest them with a passion male and female the ones they dump in my neck of the woods are so arrogant because they usually only travel in feral packs that I stare them down with a stank eye hoping they will try to start some mess and give me a reason.

    I had to get that off my chest this video really got to me Its past time white men wake up to whats going on in this country. You can either be a victim or a victor and I wasn’t raised to lose!!!

  47. Robert says:

    After watching the video, it seems to me that Page and Moore were as drunk as their attackers, which would possibly explain the erratic defence of his girlfriend by Moore. I have to give him credit for at least attempting to do something protective, but it was obviously nowhere near enough.

    The basic problem as I see it, is that we are conditioned by media, corrupt church teaching, politically correct politicians, etc, not to fight back, without necessarily being told not to do so. I have lately heard fellow Christians praise the fact that we are a multicultural country (Australia). This, of course, means that this is a better way to be than monocultural, or more correctly, monoracial. The signal is logically sent that to criticise or critique in anyway the presence or behaviour of the foreigner is wrong, and that we as white people do not, and cannot have equal value.

    Our acceptance in society depends on our deference to the other, usually non-white, non-Christain, non-hetero, non-male. The assertion of the excellence and uniqueness of “whiteness”, Christlikeness, heterosexuality, or masculinity is forbidden, without being actually set in law.

    It all seems to be done through nuance, inference, condemnation by the accusation of being a racist, a homophobe, a religious bigot, or being “poisoned by testosterone”. This last charge is very destructive, because we cannot change being male or masculine. It is our very person that is condemned for actually existing. We can change our viewpoints or behaviour, if it is not acceptable (right), but not our being. We can then only be permanently guilty with no possibility of forgiveness and release.

    When the crunch comes as it did to Moore and Lewis, there is an almost impossible internal conditioning to overcome, in the process of staying alive, unharmed, or not to end up as a vegetable through head injury. No one can fight back, or even fight effectively if this issue of cowardice conditioning is not recognised and conquered.

    Not only are we not taught how to fight rightfully and well, we are being conditioned not even to be able or even willing to defend ourselves. But no one else is.

    I can acknowledge being afraid of Aborigines when very young, for reasons I still don’t understand (maybe it was the aggression that I saw) but this is no longer the case, since becoming a Christian. The Apostle Paul writes, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7. God continually tells His people and anyone who will listen, “Fear not…be of good courage etc”, 365 times in Scripture, I believe.

    It is this Spirit that has been the means of setting me free from this grovelling that is all too evident in the world. While some of your correspondents exhibit some animosity or misunderstanding towards Christians, Scripture and the person of Christ, it has, and is His Spirit that is making a man of me. No one was meant to grovel to anyone, or to stupidly take part in the extinction of their own people, tribe, sex or nation.

    However, my main point is that this feeble or non-existent self-defence mode that is so exasperating, must have a cause, and that cause must be identified. We are prisoners of self-hating and self-destructive concepts in our minds, more than any external human male or female threat that may standing in front of us. This is the bondage that every one of us must break free of.

    So I encourage you all to continue to resist, to understand what is happening and why, and to fight on for that which is worthwhile and just. To live well, we need to living for something or Someone, not be against something as our reason for living. Don’t make that mistake, it will hinder your cause, and dissatisfy your heart.

    Robert from Australia.

  48. Pat says:

    No. 45 – Murd Really interesting to read the views of someone who has seen both sides of the Atlantic. I live in an area of Britain which is still mostly white, but last weekend was spent in the Manchester area so can quite agree on your comment ‘unprecedented demographic change’. Some suburbs up there are no longer British it is as simple as that. How anyone can imagine that multiple cultures can live together with no friction and no assimilation on the incomers part is totally beyond me. No one ever puts human nature into the equation.

  49. Laager says:

    Could someone on this thread please explain to me what “racist” is.

    I grew up as a white caucasian in a small country village in the province of Natal, South Africa alongside a rural black [Zulu] area which would be described as a reservation in Canada and the USA, and I’m unsure of the term used in Australia. In South Africa they were first called Native Reserves, then Bantustans and finally Homelands. In short this was the land they had always occupied and white people were not permitted to reside or own property in these areas.

    There was no reason for white people to enter these areas either, for this is where black people spoke their own language and were totally free to live according to their own customs, traditions and superstitions practicing their subsistence farming lifestyle.

    Probably the only white people who entered the reserves were government officials:

    Agricultural extension officers teaching modern farming methods, police tracing a criminal or the health service collecting a patient to be taken to hospital.

    The village existed as a support centre for the farming community in the district. Besides the farm implement sales and agricultural services there was a post office, town board, library, police station, magistrates court, prison, bakery, butcher, chemist [drug store], grocery store, 2 hotels, railway station, junior school, churches and a number of other retail businesses.

    All these businesses and government services were owned and staffed by whites as were all the farms in the districts. Blacks were free to come to the village to seek employment in support staff and manual labouring capacities.

    Virtually all the whites were fluent in Zulu which was the primary language used when conversing with the Zulus. They were not enslaved – as the left wing political radicals would have you believe. They were free to sell their labour for the best price on the open market. They were not coerced into working in any white business or Govt department. At the end of the working day they returned to their area – about a 1/2 hour walk away. Some white people provided free accommodation on their premises for their black domestic employees. There was a curfew that all blacks had to be off the streets by – I think 10.00pm – but there was no need to enforce it as no one was out and about at that time of night.

    As I recall all white people were polite and respectful towards the Zulus and they reciprocated in turn. Race relations were very cordial. Our homes were never locked during the day and there was no need for burglar bars. The village was our playground. As long as we were home for dinner our parents did not worry where we were. As kids we were taught to be polite and civil to all people especially elders regardless of whether they were black or white. There was minor petty crime of theft but any violent crime was black on black.

    Moving into the cities later in life we maintained our childhood values regarding race relations. In the cities blacks did have a more difficult time as they had to comply with pass laws and curfews. Public transport was segregated as were amenities such as the beaches, which were adjacent to one another. Same sea, sand and sun.

    Freedom of religion was respected – Christian (Protestant and Catholic), Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and black African faiths.

    In short we grew up in a multi-cultural society as a minority and got along with one another in peace – White, Black, Asian (Indian) and Mulatto. There was no need to walk about armed

    Post 1994 race relations have taken a nose dive now that all segregationist laws have been repealed and a black majority rule the country. As Murd 45 points out all administrative standards are in the process of collapse and violent crime is on the increase with 300,000 blacks and 40,000 whites having perished since “freedom from oppression” in 1994.

    Whites have been forced to turn their homes into fortresses and their children no longer play in their streets nor do they commute to school or walk to the homes of their friends unaccompanied. Attitudes towards, and distrust of blacks has hardened. It really is no different to what the UK political parties the BNP and UKIP – “Since When Is Patriotism A Dirty Word” – now propose.

    Yet in spite of building houses, schools, hospitals and public transport systems for blacks and creating millions of jobs for them within a system of Separate Development (= Apartheid in Afrikaans) where they could exercise their new found education, white South Africans were labelled as “racist” and “white supremacists”

    So please explain how white South African attitudes were “racist” compared to what we see written on this blog – which is apparently not racist.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Why was S.A. racist? In this ‘separate development’, how many diamond mines, gold & uranium deposits or even decent yr-round water supplies for farms? That’s why Bantustans were racist. It’s why apartheid was unacceptable. The Boers were too greedy, as the Israelis are now, for separatism without sacrifice.

  51. Laager says:

    Anon No 50

    Do some homework

    Follow the shareholdings of the mines you list and you will discover they are not owned by the Boers but mainly off shore investors – particularly the UK

    The Bantustans are located in the highest rainfall areas in South Africa

    You will find no black settlements in the west – the majority of SA. Too dry; like Arizona and Nevada. The blacks were in the east where they could grow crops and graze cattle

    The Boers settled in the dry lands and in the west and created one of the largest merino wool industries in the world.

    Bantustans racist?

    Just like the Indian reservations in the USA and Canada – not so?

    Boers greedy – No.

    Just wanted to be left alone in their own territory

    It was the British who were greedy and were prepared to wipe out 27,000 Boer women and children in their lust to gain control of the Witwatersrand goldfields.

    They then created the Union of South Africa in order to have a captive market of cheap manual black labour to work in their mines.

    This was followed by a very slick propaganda campaign blaming the Boers for the status quo when in fact they were the creators of it.

    Check it out on:

    O’Malley – “The Heart of Hope – South Africa’s Transition from Apartheid to Democracy”.

    The whole discriminatory legislative trail is there.

  52. Englishman says:

    AmRen blogs now seem to provide an anti-British scribble-sheet for revanchist Afrikaners. The Randlords behind the Boer War, still being fought it seems, were not really English folk. For decades Britain supported the racial discrimination the Afrikaners wanted, and post-war Conservative governments fought a rearguard action when “Americans” agreed to bring down “racism” in South Africa and Rhodesia.

    Modern South Africa was governed by Afrikaners – Smuts, Strijdom, Verwoerd, Vorster, Botha, de Klerk – primarily responsible for internal policies, good or bad, towards the Xhosas, Zulus and other Bantu nations. The real problem in hitherto white-run southern Africa has been the exploding black population combined with the democratic fallacy of majority rule (winner takes all); I think the Afrikaans expression was “schwarz gefaar”. South Africa’s fate is a foretaste of things to come elsewhere, if we persist in racial fratricide. Afrikaner “refugees” (notably doctors, dentists and nurses) have been welcome in England, and it behoves white people not to refight old wars but to build together a larger Laager.

  53. flojj says:

    A disgrace for the non service of British Police. If this happened in USA, the local police would have had handcuffs on the muslim women and taken them all to jail including the abused couple..people have said that the english police did not seem strict at all.

    As someone said the muslim women were drunk..and their religion restricts them from drinking alcoholic drinks.

    Is there no quota in England for how many people can come into England from AFRICA ? Those muslim girls should have gotten jail time. IMO