20 responses to “‘My Tram Experience’ – Brutal Assault on 96 Yr Old British Vet, Gets No Jail!”

  1. Englishman says:

    The “offender” treated? Treated to a “reformative” holiday in the Caribbean – to go by previous experience.

    This made BBC TV only because the elderly victim wasn’t white.

  2. cajunrebel87 says:

    It’s obvious who the ruling classes believe to be important and unimportant.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Gun Control works!

    Just ask Stalin, Hitler, Mao……

  4. Anonymous says:

    Even the police and judges are afraid of africans or afraid of the future crimes they may commit. As far as the tie in to the other recent story where a woman was giving jail time for using ‘offensive’ languge (no doubt it wasn’t swearing!). I think that woman is lucky she got jail time instead of being ‘treated’ as a response to her crimes.

  5. GWS says:

    Just what were the reasons the Brits fought WWII?

    Any disillusionment there now?

  6. neanderthalDNA says:

    Wow. Did you notice the charming little display of triumph as he waltzed out?

    BNP – that’s me.


    Free Emma West!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate the officials as criminals against humanity and for hate crimes! They hate whites!

  8. Bud says:

    Hate laws are classic laws of colonialism, they’re not about stopping ethnic conflict, the left spends much of it time doing everything it can to aggravate racial hatred of whites. The goals of these laws are to hold down the native population while they are being conquered and displaced. Seen in their proper perspective as colonialist laws, it makes perfect sense that whites are jailed for speech and non-whites are freed after assaulting whites. The laws are working as they were intended to.

  9. Conrad says:

    As long as white people are going to act the part of cowards and weaklings this is the way it will be. And it’s the way that it should be.

    Isn’t this person part of that generation that dropped bombs on Dresden?

  10. SS says:

    I will not sit/stand idly by while some non-white hits a White Person no matter their age but especially an Elder.

    What I mean is, I won’t just chase and hold them down while waiting for the police; I’ll beat them within an inch of their pathetic little non-white life.

    As a few others have noted, it won’t end until we decide to make it end. When we start giving back what they’re giving, they’ll stop.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Get rid of this judge! People stand up and get rid of this judge! This is completely disgusting. Look at that laughing animal as he left the courthouse. That 96 year old veteran fought for you, now fight for him.

  12. Uptown says:

    This ugly scenario includes other contributing causes not identified in the news report.

    First, his family let the elderly man travel unescorted. Second, no one on the tram offered him a seat, even though his distress must have been apparent. Third, the tram operator did not anticipate the situation, or offer to hold the doors.

    Note that all the persons waiting for the tram in the video appear to be immigrants. One can infer that many on the tram at the time of the incident were immigrants as well.

    After everyone on this website stops ranting about the silly “sentence” handed out in court, and the rank lack of remorse revealed in Mr. Gordon’s “Look, Ma, no hands,” grin, understand that there is no effective response available to the UK judiciary for this kind of vicious act, or unrepentant criminal. It is simply beyond the competence of civil government. To claim to protect the public in this situation is farcical.

    Compare the situation of Emma West, 34, of New Addington, London, who announced to one and all her distaste for immigrants in a crowded London tube in late November. For these statements, which contained no threats or incitements to violence, she remains incarcerated, and separated from her child, for the reason that to release her would be to kill her, given the credible threats against her, presumably from persons of Mr. Gordon’s ilk. There are many abusive UTube responses to the “tram lady,” one by a Mr. Gordon look a like, suggesting that Ms. West needs some “black dick.”

    Needless to say, I will not be traveling across the pond anytime soon, as these incendiary and racist comments would certainly merit the most severe of jail sentences.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Oh my, it’s lovely Croydon again. Things seem quite ‘vibrant’ thereabouts.


    East Croydon the most dangerous tram stop, figures reveal

    Wednesday, December 07, 2011

    VIOLENT crimes at tram stops have increased by 20 per cent according to figures obtained by the Advertiser.

    These reveal the number of violent incidents, robberies and sex crimes has risen from 102 to 122 in the past 12 months.

    And our stats reveal East Croydon to be by far the most the dangerous stop on the network – despite its busy location and high level of CCTV coverage.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Apparently the assault left the 96 year-old man blind in one eye. Old people are traumatised by such attacks and are left troubled for the rest of their lives. The stress of such attacks often results in the premature death of the unfortunate victim. The Court, as expected, have been very lenient on Steven Gordon. He smiles broadly and poses proudly as he is freed by the Court. Although Steven is described as being “of no fixed abode”, he’s clearly identifiable. Hopefully local Englishmen will recognise the repulsive little thug and get an opportunity to express their displeasure at his bestial behaviour.

  15. gary says:

    Once great Albion, what have you become. Half of a small island yet the whole world speaks your language. Have you been reduced to this?

  16. Anonymous says:

    The british police who discourage white girls from reporting rapes and assualts by blacks, who can’t find a gang of muslims who beat up a priest, and when the do find thugs like this, the judges let them walk.. meanwhile, they put out a dragnet for a woman who cursed and was angry about the displacement of her people in her own country.

    How much clearer does it have to be?

  17. Michael C. Scott says:

    In Chicago recently, a diversitoid thug named Medina tried to rob a man at gunpoint. The victim turned out to be an Ultimate Fighting champion, and proceeded to beat the daylights out of his attacker (who also managed to shoot himself in his own ankle).

    These creeps don’t always get away with this behavior.

  18. Sardonicus says:

    It’s good to see the “racist criminal” Emma West is still imprisoned for her “hate crime”; while the poor “disadvantaged youth” is given a stern warning for his vicious assault on an elderly man. I’m glad formerly Great Britain punishes despicable racists, rather than helpless minorities. This is why the vet helped defeat Fascism?

  19. Jack in Chicago says:

    Our side needs to get much better and “personalizing” these terrible individual atrocities against our people. The anti White forces are much, much better at this than we are – they make some NW victim a household name – Emmet Till, Steven Lawrence. even out and out hoaxes like Tawana Brawley – the anti side has a huge propaganda machinery that effectively gets massive publicity for some alleged wrong against their innocent victims and our evil, White people.

    Our side needs to personalize this – have heart warming photos of this 97 year old Brit veterans life, his service to his country in war and peace. We need to have photos, paintings, songs, poetry of the evil young thug who did this horrible attack and the pathetic, cowardly judge who let the thug go.

    We need names, faces, personal contact information of this judge, so his neighbors can shun him and shun his family. All up and down the United Kingdom, regular Whites need to know the name of this traitor judge. New legislation should be introduced giving the public ways to remove corrupt, terrible judges and the laws should be named after this judge.

    We have to do so much more than just whining that all powerful, impersonal forces are to blame for the horrors we face.

  20. Up to the neck in CA. says:

    To a 96 year old Vet!

    Listen closely to the lyrics.