Posted on December 6, 2011

New Clamp on Muslim Haters

John Masanauskas, Herald Sun, December 3, 2011

Muslims are being urged to report hate crimes under a special disaster plan to deal with the fallout from terrorist attacks.

Under the Muslim Emergency Management Plan, backed by the state and federal governments, Victorians will be given advice on how to react to anti-Muslim incidents, even if they are considered minor.

Muslim victims of abuse are encouraged to save evidence, take photos and report any incident to police and their local mosque or Islamic organisation.

And in another initiative, Victoria Police is introducing new strategy to deal with violence and threats motivated by prejudice.

It comes amid growing concern over inter-racial tensions in Melbourne’s suburbs and against the backdrop of fears of further terrorist attacks that could strain relations further.

Police are being asked to develop databases on crime motivated by race or religion, so that offenders can be prosecuted.

The “prejudice-motivated crime strategy” focuses on crimes linked to race, religion, sex, age, disability or homelessness.

Muslims told the Herald Sun they faced increasing abuse on the streets because of their religion.

“A lot of women get yelled at and told ‘Go home’, or ‘There’s no place for you here’, especially women wearing the burqa,” a Muslim source said.

“It happens in shopping centres, at the park or just when you are walking along in the street.”

Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria director Ross Barnett said the new police initiative was needed.

He said judges had the power to take into account hate-related issues in sentencing, but police were not equipped to provide the evidence.

“The elements of the strategy include training for officers, capacity to start collecting data so they’ve got a sense of what is happening, how often it happens, and what the extent of it is,” he said.

The Muslim Emergency Management Plan, financed by the state and federal governments, was devised by the Islamic Council of Victoria with support from the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship.

Islamic Council general manager Nail Aykan said there was no doubt Muslims would suffer a backlash in the event of a terrorist attack.

“Hate crimes can originate from a multitude of matters but in the case of, God forbid, a terrorist attack, of course, you end up with repercussions,” Mr Aykan said.

State Multicultural and Citizenship Minister Nick Kotsiras said the emergency plan arose from a deal struck by the former Bracks and Howard governments.

20 responses to “New Clamp on Muslim Haters”

  1. cajunrebel87 says:

    3 muslim girls attacked a White woman, but instead of getting charged with hate crimes, they got suspended sentences.

  2. cajunrebel87 says:

    Here is an idea: why not let people live seperately from muslims, that way we would have fewer terrorist attacks and so called “hate crimes”. Why don’t the muslims go to their own malls in their own country if they don’t wanna hear from people who don’t like them?

    Why not, instead of a “hater” database, create a terrorist database and deal with real actual crimes?

    This is all just to round up White people into databases for the concentration camps.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Islamic Council general manager Nail Aykan said there was no doubt Muslims would suffer a backlash in the event of a terrorist attack.”

    On Sept. 11, 2001, a Muslim terrorist attack on New York killed 3000 innocents between breakfast and lunch. If there was no backlash after that — and there wasn’t — then this Australian Islamist is merely employing PC scare-tactics to intimidate the local kaffirs into further subservience and dhimmitude.

    Some days I think Muslims are the biggest crybabies on the planet; other days I think Africans are. I can’t quite decide, as both teams are such strong contenders for the title.

  4. Duran Dahl says:

    O perfidious Albion: 26K Afrikaners died in your concentration camps and now YOU are in the cannibal’s pot. Two fratricidal wars in one century drained you of your spirit and the genetic stock to protect you. Your leaders are making their deals with the conquerors. Vae Victis!

  5. Question Diversity says:

    Ah yes, the imaginary “backlash” that never materializes when Mohammed Al-Terroristiqua sets off a bomb somewhere and the media, academics, race lobbies and poverty center/defamation league worthies worry more about white people doing something to stop it for good rather than the actual Muslim terrorism.

    When will this “backlash” really start?

  6. Bud says:

    One of these days a Muslim terrorist is going to set off a dirty bomb or tactical nuke in the U.S. or another western country and the FIRST thing the authorities will do is announce “We will not tolerate an anti-Muslim backlash!”

  7. Anonymous says:

    State Multicultural and Citizenship Minister?!!!!!!! What a communist country that is! Talk about a commissar!

    Apparently the crime is to hate Muslims (who have been forced on you against your will by the oh so much more sophisticated, cosmopolitan, and eqitable elites (a.k.a. QUISLINGS). Since the crime is hating Muslims, IT IS THOUHT-CRIME!

    “Now most huns are hard-working, law-abiding citizens-I’m only talking about extremist huns…” The King (by Baloo)

  8. Eric says:

    Islamic takeover of Europe and Australia. Love it, or become an enemy of the state.

  9. Robyn says:

    What a pile of trash. Who invented the ridiculous term “hate crime”??

    I don’t hate Muslims, I am afraid of them and I don’t want to live under their rules.

    Who can be surprised that Muslim people are distrusted seeing as some members of their community have attempted to carry out terrorist attacks on Australian soil and cheered when our citizens were killed and injured in the Bali bombings. Self preservation requires non-Muslims to be suspicious of them.

    Can’t they take the hint and go back home?

    I’m so glad there are not many where I am living.

  10. Un-Indoctrinated says:

    One would think that a retaliation against a group who were guilty of conspiring or at the very least, encouraging the terror attacks would be justified, no? It’s not like the initial action of the attack itself was going to go unnoticed.

    Here in America, there were several reports from all corners of the country in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks, that many ordinary Americans fought with and in some cases killed others who appeared to be Muslim or Middle Eastern in several states. The point is that none of these reactions (either imagined or concrete in nature) occur if the instigation of the initial action does not take place. Remember as a kid out on the playground, and aa argument breaks out, the adult comes over and breaks it up and separates the two. And you say, “he started it” or “she started it”. Back then the adult in charge would have to go with who is more believable. In the case of a terror attack, fortunately for Western authorities, terrorist organizations claim reponsibility, alot like street gangs, so it makes investigating the incidents much easier. Who said there aren’t any honest criminals out there? I guess allowing them to brag about their crimes can really pay off!

  11. Mike Harrigan says:

    Sounds like these politically correct idiots are assuming that if a terrorist attack does occur, that a muslim(s) will be behind it. Why are these bigots not brought up on racism charges? Or maybe fired for profiling or at least forced to undergo Whitey bashing…, I mean diversity training.

    What happens when a non white attacks a White, which is usually the case when a hate crime occurs? I guess Judge Robert Brown has already answered that question for Brits.

  12. Dave says:

    You don’t need to encourage these people. They’re professional born victims. Take it from a Brit kinsmen who has grown up around Blacks, Muslims, and other forms of enrichment for over fifty years. All this will do is make matters worse until you get to the same stage as we in Britain are at.

    You European derived Americans really need to nip this thing in the bud any which you can.

  13. John Engelman says:

    If Moslems want to reduce hate crimes against them they should inform on Islamic terrorists. One single informer could have prevented 9/11.

  14. Periapis says:

    Robyn, if you studied the history of the Russians, Serbians and Ukrainians, you will understand why many of them do not fear Muslims, they hate them with a passion. Yes, I am a Slav, and I have no love for Islam or Muslims in general. Why do you think Russians shoot and kill Muslims terrorists on sight? All you need is look up all the massacres against Russian civilians such as the infamous Beslan massacre to see why Islam is a mortal threat to the white race.

  15. Englishman says:

    4 – Duran Dahl – So Britain deserves its present fate because Afrikaners (and their black “servants”) fell ill in camps, over a century ago, during a war caused by Randlord intrigue? English men and women then exposed, and campaigned against, that insanitary “camp” policy during a misguided conflict against a brave farming folk, some of whom however later supported the UK against Germany.

    Boer brutality towards Bushmen and Bantu, of course, had nothing to do with the international hatred that led to attacks on the RSA, which British friends of white South Africa nevertheless opposed to their best ability, did it? It wasn’t that easy for overseas friends to put Sharpeville in a good light…Rorke’s Drift & Blood River were better memories to share.

    And perhaps Duran Dahl could explain why Afrikaner bosses themselves let down “extremist” politicians (including sons of England) who wanted to maintain apartheid in an improved form, and thereby prevent the theft and bloodletting their folk now experience?

    All the same, it is true that that minor war and two world wars among Europeans gravely depleted the British and other white nations of some of their “finest flower”, handsome high-IQ young officers on both sides often dying without issue. The declaration of war against Germany (but not the USSR) over Poland was a grave mistake at the time, and some courageous patriots like British Union, who had opposed it, were imprisoned without charge and smeared endlessly after the war. But the Nazi leader was also responsible for dysgenic military actions – however prescient his observation that, if Germany lost, the world would become an “eternal Purimfest”. All parties make mistakes and all peoples have faults; the important thing is to learn from them, and these include anti-English and for that matter anti-Jewish generalisations.

    The lesson to draw today is that white people cannot afford yet again to fight each other in words or warfare, raking up old resentments, when the Chinese threaten to impose their supremacy on an entire civilization weakened by alien influence and genes from black Africa. No “offence” to Africans or Chinese as such, because they both already have giant semi-continental heartlands to occupy and cultivate in accord with their own “genius”.

    No decent, well-informed and thoughtful white man should dare to say “Vae victis” over the future fate of any other innocent white folk, not even Anglo-Saxons, especially at the hands of enemies who threaten us all. “Nil desperandum” would be a more creditable saying.

    Divided we fall.

  16. Shawn (the female) says:

    Do Muslims lack the ability to read? Are they banned from watching tv? Because if they’re not, they should kinda sorta have a notion of America’s beliefs, culture and behaviors. Since those beliefs, culture and behaviors are 180 degrees opposite of Muslim beliefs; in fact, are arch-enemies ‘spiritually’, they should have no desire to live among us and should be greatly repulsed by the idea of doing so.

    Thus, it should be common sense that Americans should be suspicious of their being here.

  17. Mr.White says:

    “Under the Muslim Emergency Management Plan, backed by the state and federal governments, Victorians will be given advice on how to react to anti-Muslim incidents, even if they are considered minor.”

    Muslim Emergency Management Plan? So when do you lose your country to these people, before or after an Emergency Muslim plan is implemented; backed by your own federal government?

    Time is running out….

  18. Anonymous says:

    Invading a Christian country and insisting on calling all the shots and raping Christian women is a hate crime.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Reply to #13. There was more than one informant and tip before 9/11. There were an immense number of them and some of them were from FBI agents (the good faction). It is matter of history, these are facts not theories. Look it up. Any one of these tips should have stopped the attacks but did not. Ask Kathleen Rowley. Ask Sible Edmonds. Ask former FBI agnet John O’Neill. Well, I’m sorry to say that you cannot ask John O’Neill. O’Neill was a hero, he was on to OBL and he was hampered by the bureau itself and therefore resigned and died working as head of security in the twin towers.

  20. Sylvie says:

    Muslims told the Herald Sun they faced increasing abuse on the streets because of their religion.

    “A lot of women get yelled at and told ‘Go home’, or ‘There’s no place for you here’, especially women wearing the burqa,” a Muslim source said.

    “It happens in shopping centres, at the park or just when you are walking along in the street.”

    Oh is that all? That’s certainly preferable to what muslim gangs like to do to our young women!