E-Verify Catches Over 200,000 Illegal Immigrants This Year

Melanie Tubbs, KEPRTV, December 19, 2011

No social, no passport, no job. A controversial program to check your citizenship status is making hundreds of thousands of matches in Washington and people may be deported because of it. {snip}

Jane Ganebin is in charge of making sure names and social security numbers add up for the city of Richland. Many government agencies use e-Verify or programs like it to assure they are hiring people legally allowed to work in the U.S.


e-Verify is more than just your regular background check, it goes all the way back to your birth. And if you get flagged by the system, you’re not only out of a job, but you could be out of the country. It depends on the hiring agency using the system as to what the result could be. Richland would immediately call Immigration and Customs Enforcement and a person could be deported. This is what has made e-Verify a controversial system.


In fact, last year alone, more than 220,000 people were reported with mismatched names and social security numbers in Washington state. In 2011, a little fewer than 200,000 have been caught. But just since October, there have been almost 45,000. These people aren’t always deported, but leave more jobs open for hire.

It might be hard to visualize now, but with over 600,000 businesses and agencies using e-verify, some are worried that the future could hold repercussions like a lack of potential employees.



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  • Question Diversity

    Just waiting for open borders lib to haul out this opprobrium:

    You right wingers always say there are more than 10 million undocumented saints, but if you extrapolate 220,000 undocumented saints over Washington State’s 6.6 million people to a national ratio of 305 million people, that means there are only really 10 million undocumented saints in the country.

    The problem is, not every illegal alien in the country will ever be compelled to use E-Verify. The only time which E-Verify is hauled out is if you’re applying for an above board job. Just guessing out loud here, (and I could use some help here if you know more than I do), but I would guess that in a given population, including children, half the individuals would seek above board employment. Now, with the Hispanic community, many who would actually don’t try to apply for legit work because they know they’re here illegally and they would be had, so many of them work below ground, cash under the table, day laborer, camp out in front of Homespanic Depot, etc. So it might be that among a large enough Hispanic population, a third would try to seek legit work. This would mean that 660,000 illegals are in Washington State, 10% of its population, meaning 30 million or so illegals in the whole country.

  • Anonymous

    E-Verify identified 200,000 illegals in one state alone. Multiply that by 50 states, and you get 10 million illegals. And those are the ones in jobs that use e-Verify, many of the illegals work under-the-radar jobs that e-verify doesn’t reach.

    We can argue whether they belong here or not, or whether they are productive or not, but where is the government in protecting our borders and providing a viable system to assure those that are allowed in are the productive ones?

  • Anonymous

    My own neighborhood in relatively affluent Plano, TX is being slowly destroyed by illegal aliens from Mexico. They move into a nearby apartment complex and their children now exceed 40% of the elementary school population. As a result, potential homeowners with children decide against buying a house in my neighborhood. If present trends continue, the invasion will tip my neighborhood from owner occupied to rental.

  • Nate

    Ill tell you what I live in WA st. Seattle the land of the liberal most employers don’t even use e-verify. I’m a small business owner a painting contractor what the illegals do is there is one legal that starts a business and then he hires all his illegal cousins or buddies to work for him dropping the wages way way down. Iv’e been barley able to stay afloat not only in the construction trades but you cant even find a second job at a jack in the box to make ends meet. Not only that all the land lords that rent to these people dont due checks either my apartment building went from 90% white to the point where barley n e one speaks english and there are 4-8 people living in tiny one bedroom apartments!! God help us all

  • Jack Krak

    “…some are worried that the future could hold repercussions like a lack of potential employees”

    That “some” would be Democrats, who are really worried about a “lack of potential voters”.

  • jdavis

    According to research done concerning numbers/names and suspicious matches our illustrious president is suspect. He now uses a ssn from and eastern state he never set foot in when the number was implemented.

    I doubt anything is substantiated, after all he is our affirmative action multi-racial messiah.

  • rjp

    3 — Anonymous ….. get out now if you can afford to as the damage has already been done.

  • Anonymous

    Until now, nobody has seemed to noticed that Washington state is being overrun by illegal immigrants of the Hispanic flavor. Many are Mexicans, but there are also many from the lower reaches of Central America and South America. Colombians, Guatemalans, El Salvadoreans, etc. They all come here to Eastern Washington for the field and orchard work, then they stay and put their children in the schools and collect welfare and all the attendant free luxuries of taxpayer subsidized living. Why shouldn’t they? Papa works under the table, the kids get free schooling, and mama collects a paycheck. The whole family lives in subsidized section 8 housing, they get free food, free clothing, free medical and dental care, free school lunches, free after-school and sports programs. They all drive new or very late model cars (without licenses or insurance costs) and in general live the life of Riley at no or very little cost to themselves. Meanwhile the rest of us pay and pay and pay, do without, scrimp and save, and drive old cars, and work 2 jobs each to try and support ourselves and them too. White families have 2-3 children. Hispanic families have an average of 6-13 children.

    Their vibrant diversity is enriching us right out of the middle class into a third-world hell of drive by shootings, drunk drivers, and Spanish Language signs everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a born-and-bred American White man who would be flagged by E-Verify because back when I was 4 years old and my mother remarried she wanted me to have my step father’s last name. The end result was a lousy compromise that hyphenated my last name between my father’s and my step father’s. Nobody asked me of course, and even as a child I refused to use this double-barreled name because I didn’t want to be different from my siblings.

    Fast forward to today. This legal name appears only on my Social Security and Selective Service documents. Everything else, EVERYTHING, has just my stepfather’s name on it. Drivers license, marriage license, deed to my home, you name it. It was never a problem to just use the latter half of my hyphenated last name. Most people had brains enough to understand that John Smith-Rogers and John Rogers were the same person because the SS# provided and the address all matched. But because of the false excuse of illegals being used to increasingly snoop and meddle in the lives of real Americans, what was not a problem for 25 years suddenly overnight led me to constantly have to extract the IRS from my posterior. I cannot get a passport. I have to go to court to have my name legally changed to what already appears on every official document I’ve ever had EXCEPT for the two the federal government leaves me no choice but to hold.

    I’ll bet dollars to pesos that I get more heat over this than do Juan, Enrique, and Jesus who jumped the border. I feel this is not by accident. Unfortunately it seems in their fervor for the powers that be to “do something” White Americans have once again been given more than enough rope to hang themselves. Mark my words, E-Verify is going to end up being just another tool of the police state being enacted to strangle free and prosperous Whites who just want to mind their own business. This need to know who everyone is cannot be a good development for freedom and liberty.

  • Detroit WASP

    South Park did an interesting take-off on this issue. So many illegals left that U.S. businesses began to fail and the job of the border patrol became to keep the illegals from going back to Mexico. They were stopping and search cars for Mexicans trying to go back to Mexico. It was pretty funny.

  • Tom in Illinois

    Imagine the number if it were California…

  • Anonymous

    To #9 Anonymous:

    In a truly free, non-diverse country with secure borders, there would be no overwhelming “need to know who everybody is,” as you put it.

    As it is, you are in an uncomfortable position, but a name change, or what would be in your case actually a name amendment, is not terribly expensive, and would make your life a lot simpler. I would suggest doing it sooner rather than later, because if you are not already there, retirement and pensions and Social Security and Medicare are going to be a nightmare of Biblical proportions for you.