Immigration Rally to Drop the Word ‘”Illegal”

Sarah Batista, WBTV (Charlotte), December 20, 2011

A group of students in Charlotte are rallying to convince the community to stop using anti-immigrant language.

They say the word illegal is demeaning and criminalizing.

The United 4 the Dream group is asking the Charlotte Observer to drop the word “illegal” when referring to people in the country illegally.


They prefer the word undocumented over other terms such as illegal alien.

Anti-illegal immigration activists say the word illegal is correct because of the group’s immigration status.

But organizers disagree.

“Not everything about that person is about their immigration status, they’re a person first, so by calling them that it’s using that to make them seem like they are less than human,” said Melissa Siegal, Organizer.


The rally will continue each day outside of the Charlotte’s Observer’s office through Thursday.


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  • Anonymous

    And while we are at it, let’s drop the labels “murderer” and “rapist” because those words might dehumanize those persons who just happened to land in those categories.

  • NBJ

    No doubt that liberal rag Charlotte Observer will do exactly what these ILLEGALS tell them to do. Some pretty funny comments on this article though.

  • Anonymous

    “They say the word illegal is demeaning and criminalizing.”

    Then don’t live here illegally, and you won’t have to feel like the criminal you are.

  • Conrad

    “Group says newspaper shouldn’t use word because it dehumanizes illegal immigrants.”

    This idea is incorrect, here’s why.

    If a wolf crosses the boarder without a visa it is not considered an illegal immigrant because it is not human. Therefore, only a human can be considered an illegal immigrant.

  • Anonymous

    “Illegal” doesn’t “dehumanize” them, it only accurately describes their actions. Too bad these students don’t like it. This is more PC garbage – besides “racist,” “dehumanize” is the new catchphrase used by the left and other moral invertebrates.

  • Question Diversity

    Brush up on your “1984.” Freedom and liberty were wiped off the face of the Earth, because Big Brother and his Newspeak eliminated those concepts from the vocabulary, and therefore, from the minds of human beings.

    What we have here is an Orwellian attempt to enact permanent amnesty not through legislation or even any physical actions, much less and removal of border fortifications. They just want us in true Newspeak fashion to eliminate the concept from our minds.

    I don’t know why these Raza types are asking the mainstream media to do that, when most MSM outlets already have banished “illegal.” In fact, fewer and fewer are using “undocumented,” because they know that we know what that means. The angle now is that they don’t tell us the immigration status of, e.g. a criminal suspect or convict with a Spanish name.

  • Tom S.

    *The United 4 the Dream group is asking the Charlotte Observer to drop the word “illegal” when referring to people in the country illegally.

    Okay we’ll start saying “criminal” alien – how bout that, that better?

    Ya know, reading this comment from the “United 4” makes me think that a lot of people are mentally insane and just don’t realize it. What sane person could make such a stupid comment? In a sane world, these nuts would be rounded up and put in insane asylums!

  • Ivan

    The same thing has been happening here in Australia. The illegal immigrants arriving on boats are called “asylum seekers” not illegals until they are proven to be fraudulently claiming asylum/refugee status. We all know this never happens here since it is next to impossible when they have destroyed every shred of proof of identification and >95% are given permanent residency. Absolutely sickening that national borders now mean nothing in Western countries.

  • HH

    Never mind the “illegal” business – drop the term “immigrant!” These aren’t immigrants, they are INVADERS! An immigrant would come to America legitimately. Alien border-jumping trespassers who sneak into your nation and won’t go home are hardly immigrants.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    Question Diversity, I find myself agreeing with almost everything you say, and your post here is no exception. And I also agree here with HH who reminds us that they are illegal invaders not illegal immigrants.

    QD, we are very close to being a people who have truly forgotten at least the concepts of freedom and liberty. Our children are indoctrinated from age 3, 4, or 5 until they graduate college. As soon as our generation (I speak for Generation X–I was born in 1966) is elderly we can kiss our freedom goodbye. Our very own government is making this occur. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, et al, are spinning in their graves.

  • Ben N Indiana

    Leftist appeal to the altruistic core of White people to manipulate them.

  • CDE

    Marxists know that when you control language, you control thought. It begins innocently enough, such garbage man becomes environmental services engineer. Who wouldn’t want to be an engineer? So we accept it. As the language changes, how we think about certain things changes as well. Its really a subtle form of brainwashing, but its very effective.

  • s

    They have attacked this word before. Pro immigration rallies have for many years all over USA used the slogan ” No human is illegal”.

    And right they are, in that it is not the specie human which is illegal. Which again means their reasoning is dishonest.

    My personal answer to that slogan is

    “No, it is I who LOVE you, YOU give me YOUR wallet.”

  • Kenelm Digby

    As ever, George Orwell with his grave warnings against manipulating language in order to manipulate thought (‘newspeak’, ‘though police’), was dead right.

    ‘Illegal immigrant’ means just what it says – all it is a clear declaration and description of the facts.Nothing more, nothing less.A person who enters a foreign nation is an ‘immigrant’, literally ‘one who moves in’ – an ancient and universally accepted word.’Illegal’ simply means violating the law of the state in which the offence was committed.By definition immigrants who did not follow the correct legal procedures of entry and settlement in the USA have broken a whole raft of laws and therefore their immigration and settlement was ‘illegal’ under the laws of the sovereign and independent USA, laws passed by congress.

    Similarly, a person who drives a car without undergoing the necessary licencing (to comply with ‘driving laws’ passed by congress), is described as an ‘illegal driver’.

    What is so hard to understand about this? – Why are simple, descriptive truths about legality, sovereignty and enforcement perverted so much?

  • Anonymous

    What is dehumanizing about the word illegal? As was said in the article, it is an accurate term. You should be called what you are. Illegals should not be made to “feel” better about being here illegally.

    Nobody forces anyone to enter this country illegally. But if you do, then stop whining and accept the name. Better yet, just leave the country. You don’t have the right to complain about anything. You are not a citizen, you do not have permission to be here. You have invaded a sovereign nation.

    Deal with it.

  • Fer de Lance

    In a sane world, these nuts would be rounded up and put in insane asylums!

    Instead, these “nuts” are setting domestic and foreign policy. They are not insane, they know exactly what they are doing.

    So, a group of unintelligent, holier-than-thou nonwhite students gets to tell a private business what it can and can’t say? If they win, I suggest every white subscriber to the Charlotte Disturber cancel his subscription immediately to “send a message” as it would instantly render the paper out of business.

    Come to think of it, Charlottes whites should cancel their subscriptions anyway.

    What we have here is an Orwellian attempt to enact permanent amnesty not through legislation or even any physical actions,

    Nobama has already enacted a permanent amnesty through a no deportation order. Coming hate speech codes will prevent any use of the words illegal alien.

    Fer de Lance

    Dallas, TX

  • Bo

    This rally should give the diverse white Americans some ideas for our own rallying. We should be rallying against being labeled racist, goyim, nativist, gringo, typical white person, acting white, and so on by bullies and supremacists claiming the right to name us in dehumanizing ways that strip us of our diversity and nationality.

    These labeling campaigns are about a lot more than one dehumanizing name, they are calls to unite co-demographics into a shared effort.

    Let’s return the favor and rally against the dehumanizing hate labels imposed on us by bullies and supremacists.

  • Fr. John+

    “Group says newspaper shouldn’t use word because it dehumanizes illegal immigrants.”

    Yes, but the word ‘xenos’ is Greek, and so it doesn’t translate. Same idea, different era.

    Illegals SHOULD be ‘dehumanized’ for, just as combattants in a war are dehumanized for propaganda purposes, so, too do we need to NOT see them as humans, if they are invading our land. War is war, no matter whether it’s declared or not….

  • Anonymous

    Like a rose by any other name still being a rose it makes no difference what they are called since the public knows what they are. Call them “undocumented” and in time the PC crowd will find that name offensive and want to change it again. Pick your fights.

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox

    When will Americans especially White folk understand that news papers are against them. You can hit back at them by not buying them. When their circulation goes down,they lose advertising= [loss of money]= lefty Journalist paid off=standard of content goes ever more left=lose of more advertising= lose of more money= more lefty Journalist paid off,= circulation ever down,= not viable as a news paper,= :closure: economic Boycott the answer. When Whites stop buying news papers, Blacks don’t take up the slack. If only Whites appreciated the economic power they have and exercised it they would not have to put up with half the nonsense thrown at them.

  • NeoconsNailed

    Question Diversity’s comment ties it all together. I quoted it elsewhere online and need to hear from him or her.

  • Anonymous

    I actually agree that we should cease using the word illegal to describe aliens that have broken our immigration laws. We should use the word criminal instead.

  • June

    Let’s continue to address illegal aliens as just what they are. They are here unlawfully, so that corresponds to illegal. They are not citizens, so they are aliens ( foreigners). I think we should also call the traitors who hire them…illegal employers.

  • GenX ANZAC

    Does this group think that by forcing others to drop the ‘illegal’ prefix that it somehow makes this group of illegal invaders legitimate and legal?

    That’s a very infantile way of viewing how the world works, it’s like saying “when I took the goods without paying for them, it wasn’t stealing or theft, because I really wanted or needed them”.

    This seems to be a reoccurring theme with these types of stories involving low IQ minorities who have the cargo cult mentality of only thinking one step ahead, and thinking of only “me, me, me” with no thought for where wealth comes from, or with no consideration for the fact that if you take beauty for yourself, that you’re actually destroying it (such as with miscegenation).

    These types of minorities seem to think that Whites found the proverbial goldmine and have been selfishly hoarding it to ourselves, like all prosperity is inevitable but somehow through some external injustice they’ve been denied this prosperity, with no consideration given to what has been developed and built and by whom.

    So instead of having lots of people coming to contribute to the West, we have lots of people coming to tear a little piece of the prosperity off for themselves, and increasingly so are Whites joining in with this cynical corrosive attitude, because what is the point being a giver when everyone else in the community is just taking?

    If we were all truly equal, diversity would be positive, but looking at the West’s collective social and moral decline since the mid 1960’s, evidently it is not a positive and on our current trajectory it’s not looking like it’s going to get any better anytime soon.

    Diversity is simply corrosive, it corrupts and it destroys trust.

  • Anonymous

    “When will Americans especially White folk understand that news papers are against them. You can hit back at them by not buying them.”

    The LA times is dying, and MSNBC has about half has many viewers as Fox. Other publications follow similar patterns. They still survive though. There are still enough white liberals to prop them up. Normal people follow these news sources as well, due to lack of alternatives. Fox is not an alternative, by the way. They are almost as liberal as the other MSM’s.

  • John Engelman

    Perhaps we should coin a less demeaning term for criminal. How about “legally challenged?”

  • Ian P. Wood

    I was born and raised in Charlotte, in fact, I heard about Amren through a news report after the mayor discouraged local hotels from allowing this wonderful organization to lodge for an event last winter. Sad that it happened but many people heard of Amren through that experience. My parents subscribe to the Observer, if that publication grants this asinine request I will be sure to encourage them to cancel the subscription. I was forced to go to inner city schools in Charlotte through what is called the “magnet program” which is really just forced integration. I endured TRUE racism. Blacks violently attacking me physically and verbally without cause on an appallingly consistent basis. Needless to say these people were almost never punished. Blacks have certain physical aptitudes which make them well suited for the plains and jungles of Africa. It seems, however, that they lack the discipline, intellect and social graces to function properly in western civilization.

  • Andrew Neather

    Well, I guess we should start describing rapists as ‘non-consented sexual partners’ in order to avoid hurting their feelings, though I doubt the feministas who run the left would be happy about that.

    While we’re at it, how about some other invented PC euphemisms replacing our good ol’ fashioned Anglo-Saxon words.

    Thief = Unconventional shopper

    Murderer = Non governmental punisher

    Shoplifter = Resource liberator

    You get the general idea.

  • Periapsis

    Then how about we refer to them using the following terms? Invaders, genocidists, drug fiends, terrorists, insurgents, breeders, disease incubators, free loaders, criminals, seditionists, thugs, rabble, thieves, hostile invasive aliens are just a few that come to mind from the top for me. As far as I am not concerned, I do not see them as people, I regard them as murderous invaders who will at the first chance they get kill native born white Americans and take over. If their are offended they are called illegal aliens too bad, because they and their feelings mean nothing to me.

  • Jason Robertson

    6,12 & 14 – yes, read the Newspeak appendix to Orwell’s 1984 – a PC instruction manual!

    Illegals are now “undocumented” work-seekers; the USA, Canada, Australia & “Aotearoa” are now “settler states”; anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, Zionism is racism, & anti-Semitism is racism; “we” (i.e. you and I) are all guilty; war is peace (from Serbia to Somalia).

    In Britain (Orwell’s “Airstrip One”) we now have the criminal offence of a “racially aggravated public order incident”, i.e. saying the wrong thing about people who do not happen to be English “whites”. The Captain of the “English” Football Team faces trial for this.

    Another footballer (by no means “a racist”) has had to apologise for thoughtlessly calling “black” players “coloured”, though what would have happened if he had described them more accurately as “dark brown” (or a football “round” instead of “spherical”) is anyone’s guess. Maybe there will be a new “chromatically aggravated public order offence” just in case.

    In this “free country” you have not only to watch your tongue but gradually to censor your thoughts, or you could be “collared” at 4 o’clock in the morning. Watch people look sideways quickly if you say “Enoch [Powell] was right”.

    Don’t risk losing free speech in the US – our last bastion.

  • Anonymous

    More and more PC nonsense. It is not dehumanising to refer to an immigrant who is in a foreign country illegally as an ‘illegal immigrant’. Undocumented? Foreigners are either in a foreign country legally, or illegally. Instead of wasting their time debating over the terminology, maybe they should do something to deport those and their families who came to their country illegally.

  • I refere to em as illegal enemy invaders, which they are