Posted on November 11, 2011

The IQ Question

Henry Wolff, American Renaissance, November 11, 2011

I once had a conversation with a well-known conservative political commentator. At one point, she confessed that she had read Jared Taylor’s Paved With Good Intentions and disagreed with little, but said that while she understood there are racial differences in intelligence, she did not understand why Mr. Taylor insists on bringing them up. “I don’t think anything can be gained by pointing that out,” she explained.

The taboo topic came up again when I was talking with a lawyer active in Republican politics. “Everybody knows this stuff,” he claimed, “why bother talking about it?” This excerpt from a recent Washington Post article explains why:

Among local [D.C. area] school systems, Prince William County’s [in Virginia] has taken perhaps the most aggressive policy on diversity in gifted classes. It mandates that the demographic composition of the gifted program reflect the overall racial and ethnic makeup of the school system. To do that, Prince William has amended its identification process to ensure that it finds gifted students from a variety of backgrounds.

Prince William County schools are 35.8 percent white, 28.4 percent Hispanic, 20.4 percent black, 7.6 percent Asian, and 7.2 percent “mixed.” Because of the county’s racial quota system, only just over a third of the students in the gifted classes are white.

Nearby Alexandria, Virginia, does not have a quota system and uses traditional selection methods. Though only 25 percent of the students are white, they account for 61 percent of the students in honors classes. Prince Williams County’s policy of pretending race differences in IQ do not exist is short-changing white students.

There are other ways of short-changing whites. Two years ago, the School Governance Council of Berkley High School in Berkeley, California, said it would eliminate all science labs and the five teachers who ran them because the labs were seen as “largely classes for white students.” The council wanted to spend the money on narrowing the district’s “dismal racial achievement gap.”

In Chicago’s Evanston High School, freshmen who scored above the 95th percentile on eighth-grade achievement tests used to be put in a combined English and history honors course. The school is only 43 percent white, but whites were the vast majority in this class. In 2010, the school board voted unanimously to abolish the class because so few minorities qualified. Honors biology is on the chopping block for the 2012-2013 school year. District Superintendent Eric Witherspoon welcomes the changes: “I’m excited about moving away from racially segregated classes,” he said.

The Washington Post article about Prince William County schools explains why the gifted program is filled by quota: “In nearly every local system, white students are disproportionately represented, even though most gifted programs explicitly target students with natural talents and aptitude, which are spread evenly across racial groups and social classes.”

The Republican lawyer I mentioned earlier claimed that “everyone knows” about race and IQ. However, even if everyone knows, if everyone pretends not to know, it as if no one knows. Those who know must say so, and only when they do will anything change.

Imagine a school board meeting during which someone points out the racial disparities in honors classes. One board member starts to talk about the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow, but a mother in the audience politely interrupts and says, “Of course there are more whites and Asians in honors classes. On average, those groups have the highest IQs.” The room goes silent for a moment while her words sink in. “Right then, moving on” says the board chairman, as the other members murmur in agreement.

This is what we are working for. Until that day comes, qualified whites (and Asians) will be kept out of advanced classes, and many blacks and Hispanics will be thrown in over their heads.

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  1. Eileen says:

    “Prince Williams County’s policy of pretending race differences in IQ do not exist is short-changing white students.”

    It will also short-change some of the minority students since at least some of them won’t be able to keep up.

    Unless, of course, they dumb-down the gifted classes….

  2. Dave says:

    I think the author missed a big point: deterioration of quality.

    With so many unqualified students in these classes, the quality of the education will diminish in an effort to pass them.

    I’ve noted a similar effect in college. There has been a serious deterioration in quality of education over the last few decades in order for the schools to be more accommodating to the increasingly “diverse” student body.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why is it important to admit that races differ in average IQ?

    Because all truths are related. Lying distorts other truths, and leads to bad decisions, with really bad results.

    It is much, much better to base important social decisions on truth than on falsehoods.

    Here is the main problem from not telling the truth (The BIG LIE): If all races have equal IQ, then differences in academic achievement, careers, wealth, crime, and social pathologies, are all due to environment. As such, we can eliminate racial disparities by spending Trillions of Dollars to improve the environment of low-IQ races.

    But, if it is actually true that some races have low average IQ, then improving the “environment” for Blacks & Hispanics will not help. It does little good. It just wastes money, and the problem will reoccur each generation. Also, it frustrates Africans and Amerindians when they fail to meet our higher standards. They turn bitter and angry.

    The USA has spent about 4 Trillion Dollars in the last 60 yrs trying to equalize racial accomplishments, with no improvement.

    This is because we can’t solve a problem, if we treat the WRONG symptoms.

    Our Nation needs a different approach, based on truth and reality. What would work? Well, for one, not trying to force Low-IQ people into high-IQ challenges. Most important is to bringing back from overseas low-skilled manufacturing jobs, so that low-IQ people can earn a good living. Stop importing wage-slaves from Mexico, and salaries for low-skilled work will rise.

    Importing low-IQ people into the USA will only create a massive underclass that will never be employed, and will always be unhappy and angry.

    How many low-IQ and High-IQ people do we need? Just enough to fill the available jobs. Right now we have few jobs for low-IQ, low-skilled people.

  4. Don says:

    Re-hashing the IQ question interminably does not lead to a wise white woman making such a statement as you describe. The dervishes would howl her down and, in any case, re-hashing the IQ question does not point to any realistic action step.

    Until the nation gets wiser and can hear a white voice in a white-centric context (as you postulate), we need to bend our energies into helping to create after-hours tutoring centers just as Asian-Americans have successfully done for their kids all over the West Coast. That kind of planning and discussion might do some good to real people in real situations.

  5. Mark says:

    Blacks seem to be blissfully unaware of their shortcomings; blacks will continue to be under achievers until all Europeans recognize that black people simply lack the intellectual capacity to compete, if we Europeans fail to edify the blacks to their cultural and intellectual disparity their struggle will be even more pronounced. “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.” — Aristotle

  6. Je suis paganisme says:

    IQ is nothing if it is not grounded in reality.

    Ashkenazi Jews in America voted for Obama, something like 84%.

    To me that is incredible stupidity. They might, MIGHT, have an IQ a few points above native Europeans, but so what if they do not know human nature? Especially if their few points of IQ comes from verbal skils, words–which are a symbol of reality, a symbol which can easily take flight from the reality that they are supposed to represent.

    The same for Orientals. They might, MIGHT, have an IQ a few points above native Europeans, but so what if they have no creativity, or the sense of the absurd that goes with creativity?

    No, my money is on the people of native European stock. They will come through this Kali Yuga, chastened and wiser.

  7. anonymous says:

    Don at 7:20 PM on November 11:

    The simple problem with your solution is the fact that Asians will provide an after school situation for their kids and monitor, get there/get home, and follow up……….. but 99.9% of black parents will NOT do that…….

  8. Anonymous says:

    One cannot solve a problem if one treats the wrong CAUSE.

    Low achievment by Africans is not due to environment, but to low average IQ. Hence, trying to fix Africans by improving their environment, leads to failure.

    Unfortunately, the true reason for African failure is genetic — low IQ, which cannot be fixed.

    However, we can structure society to provide appropriate opportunities for our low-IQ, low-skilled citizens of all races. This is accomplished by job-training in high school (trades, work ethic, responsibility, etc.), and by having lots of good-paying jobs for low-IQ people. There is honor in all work.

    But to do that, we need to 1) stop trying to pretend that Africans are going to go to college. 2) bring back manufacturing to the USA. 3) Stop importing millions of low-IQ Third Worlders, who will only compete with our African citizens.

    The best way to help our Africans is to admit the true cause of the problem, and then devise workable strategies from there. However, trying to force a square peg into a round hole is fruitless.

  9. John Engelman says:

    I have two theories for the reluctance of many Republicans to agree with books like “The Bell Curve.”

    The first, and most obvious reason, is that they do not want to be seen as racist.

    The second, is that they want to believe that there is moral significance to the distribution of wealth. In truth the significance is fairly limited. Hard work, honesty, and common decency will keep one out of prison. They will probably keep one off of welfare. They will not make one rich. Many rich people exhibit none of those qualities.

    No one deserves a high IQ, or a low one, but IQ matters more than anything else in determining rewards in life.

  10. Roy says:

    Why do we ever need to justify telling the truth? What kind of sick society punishes truth tellers and rewards liars?

    Admitting IQ differences between the races can be social or academic suicide, as Professor James Watson found out. Not even a Nobel prize will protect you.

    One good reason for stopping the spread of lies about IQ is that they ulitmately vilify white people. If you say that black failure is down to white racism and not IQ then you’re unfairly slandering whites.

  11. Anonymous says:

    5 — Mark wrote at 7:48 PM on November 11:

    Blacks seem to be blissfully unaware of their shortcomings; blacks will continue to be under achievers until all Europeans recognize that black people simply lack the intellectual capacity to compete, if we Europeans fail to edify the blacks to their cultural and intellectual disparity their struggle will be even more pronounced. “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.” — Aristotle


    Mark, your post reminded me of something I saw on TV maybe 10 years ago. I think it was on CNN. As I recall, there was some brouhaha at a university in California about the achievement gap between Blacks and Whites. The White newscaster back in the newsroom asked the Black reporter at the scene what the Black students thought about it and he said something like, “Well, a lot of them say that Whites are just smarter.” I almost fell off my chair. Gotta watch out for that live reporting! Anyway, it quickly went down the memory hole, never heard it mentioned again.

  12. Anonymous says:

    ““everyone knows” about race and IQ. However, even if everyone knows, if everyone pretends not to know, it as if no one knows. Those who know must say so, and only when they do will anything change”.

    After accepting this ‘IQ gap’ what then? One result of race realism and ‘accepting the gap’ would be to at least consider affirmative action type programs to address it or deal with the ‘inequality’. Of course the pampered groups would prefer to have their ‘affirmative action’ programs anyway without any of the guilt and to add to it put forth the idea whites are the bad guys and the ones discriminating.

  13. RationalObservationist says:

    @Je suis peganisme: Not “might”. It is an absolute fact that Ashkenazi Jews have more than just a few IQ points, on average, over regular European Caucasoids(100 vs 115= 1.0 standard standard deviation of difference). And, also, it isn’t just their verbal abilities that are superior to Europoid Gentiles, they have higher mathematical scores, as well. It’s the Jew’s visual-spatial abilities that are slightly lower. East Asians score 5 IQ points higher, have larger brains and perform better academically/economically. The “creativity” argument is baseless. It was, actually, Rushton himself who published a study finding a correlation between creativity and intelligence.

    @8 — Anonymous: I whole-heartedly agree with your solutions to the problems, and, to a certain extent, your statements concerning the problem’s cause. However, you failed to give all solutions. African cognitive deficit is, in fact, largely due to environment. Malnutrition stunting proper brain development, infectious disease causing the body to utilize its energy to fight off the infection decreasing its use for cognitive development, no intellectual stimulation to promote neuronal growth and connections established in early years, etc etc. U.S. Blacks… not NEARLY as much as Africans, but adoption studies show there are noticeable cognitive benefits to improved environment. And Black genetic deficit can be cured, by positive eugenics and, ultimately, genetic engineering. That will truly fix our problems. I, as a 24 year-old Black man, do appreciate your compassion, though.

    @ John Engelman:”No one deserves a high IQ, or a low one, but IQ matters more than anything else in determining rewards in life.” I have to disagree. If we, as a society, agree that there are universal, objective moral values–one of which is reducing human suffering as much as possible–and a high IQ is, without a doubt, the most significant factor or predictor of a high-quality life, then humans, objectively, deserve high IQ which would virtually insure the absence of their suffering(i.e. academic failure, poverty, crime, illegitimacy, poor health, early death). This would be achieved by genetic engineering.

  14. Anonymous says:

    When I went to high school, Catholic, all girls, we were divided up without a word being said. As time went by, I observed that I was always with all the same kids in all my classes. It dawned on me at some point what was going on. This went on for all four years, and there was never one word said about it.

    Why do they have to use words like gifted and honor? Of course in our new society, everybody wants to be those things and has a ‘right’ to be. Maybe if they created ‘regular’ and ‘intense’

    classes, that would separate the students appropriately.

  15. Peter K says:

    Because of the internet, the knowledge about IQ differences has become more widespread. Even so, many don’t want to openly admit these differences because the consequences are so severe. If we all openly accepted that different races have differing average IQs, then where would that lead us? Our whole post civil rights society would be shown to be a hopeless failure. Once we understand that these differences in intelligence are real, how can anyone believe that integration was a good idea? The friction and problems that arise from mixing unequal groups can never be solved by ignoring our differences, but that’s exactly what we do, because most people can’t stomach the social upheaval that would come about once we actually started accepting that we aren’t all equal.

  16. Keep Honkin I'm Reloding says:

    “Unless, of course, they dumb-down the gifted classes….”

    Which is precisely what they have been doing since NCLB.

  17. HH says:

    I know so many people who fit into the category of those mentioned in the beginning of this article – self-described “conservatives” who clearly DO see and/or even acknowledge (in private, of course) differences in the races but cannot, for various reasons, seem to understand why this knowledge is important! Thus, they seem to hover in a sort of racial semi-consciousness, wherein they see the realities of race, but do not or cannot see why this is important, why it is problematic, and why it has created so MANY issues for the White race!

  18. Elitist says:

    In principle, it would be possible for society to fund programs to placate blacks, for public officials to speak in euphemisms about black achievements, for schools to create fake gifted programs for minorities (which would run in parallel with the real ones), etc.

    But this system would function only if two conditions were fulfilled:

    the white power elite would have to realize that it has entered into a hypocritical compromise, but to nurture no illusions at all about black (or Hispanic) intelligence.

    Blacks would have to accept the compromise without making impossible demands, i.e. elimination of programs for genuinely gifted children, admission to Harvard Medical School, parity among engineers, pilots, etc. – none of this playacting should be allowed to endanger lives.

    This arrangement – expensive windowdressing to spare the feelings of blacks and to boost their incomes – is no longer viable because whites have forgotten that they’re lying, and blacks seem to have forgotten it too, seem to have succumbed to white propaganda about their “wasted potential,” etc.

    Paradoxical though it may sound, a hypocritical and fraudulent race spoils system should be based on the honest recognition of black mental inferiority.

    It is a choice between honest, sensible hypocrisy, or destructive, dangerous illusions.

  19. Jason Robertson says:

    A society that promotes and admires its intelligent people benefits everyone in the long run including stupid people.

    A society that cripples and denigrates its intelligent people injures everyone almost immediately including stupid people.

  20. Question Diversity says:

    “I don’t think anything can be gained by pointing that out,” she explained. The taboo topic came up again when I was talking with a lawyer active in Republican politics. “Everybody knows this stuff,” he claimed, “why bother talking about it?”

    Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps the trillions of dollars we have spent both publicly and privately as a direct result of deluding ourselves, not to mention, as Paul Kersey puts it, the perhaps quadrillions in opportunity cost of our wasting that money and those resources.

  21. Southern Hoosier says:

    In his book Pat Buchanan’s Suicide of a Superpower, he points out how the rest of the world has failed to close the IQ gap as well. Worldwide Whites and Asians out perform Blacks and Hispanics.

    Contrary to what we are being told, Pat also points out the success of the American school system. White Americans out perform all other students, except Iceland. Asians Americans out perform all other Asian except Singapore. American Blacks out perform all Blacks worldwide. American Hispanic students out perform all Hispanic students worldwide.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Henry Wolff says we should work for the day when someone at a school board meeting can politely interrupt proceedings and say, “Of course there are more whites and Asians in honors classes. On average, those groups have the highest IQs” and everyone in attendance will nod in agreement.

    Sooner or later society may be forced to confront the reality that there is an unequal distrubution of IQ related genes between racial groups. James Watson in his book “Avoid boring people” recalled a meeting he had with Harvard’s then-president Dereck Bok where the subject of genes and IQ came up. Bok wanted to know how long it would be before the “key genes” for intelligence would be isolated. Watson gave him a rough estimate of “15 years” but in his book he admits that he’d be surprised if 10 years were to pass. I often wonder what would happen if tommorow morning the lead news story was that the key genes for IQ had been isolated and there were indeed racial inequities. How would this affect race relations is one thing I’ve certainly contemplated. How we as a society would go forward after such a discovery is another. Truth be told, it would fatally undercut the liberal agruments for Affirmative Action and mass Third World immigration and the left is very well aware of this. That’s why they work so feverishly to supress any discussion over race, genetics and intelligence.

  23. highduke says:

    Should Ashkenazi Jews be our masters because of their IQ? And why isn’t their IQ helping them from losing power worldwide to low IQ Arab Islamists? Why are almost all high IQ Westerners liberals and not nationalists? Ahhhh the pitfals of self-deluded elitism! It happens when you make idols out of numbers.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Probably 80% of our scientific, technical, and medical breakthroughs are produced by the cognitive elite — i.e., the top 5%. The bottom 1/3 contribute virtually nothing, intellectually.

    Our civilization runs on technology. For our civilization and economy to advance, we need to identify the brightest kids of all races, early, and provide them with hyper-accelerated education.

    But, we do just the opposite. We focus the majority of our educational resources on the bottom 50% of the IQ range. We spend Trillions of Dollars so that Africans can read at a 8th grade level instead of a 6th grade level. If we spent half that amount on our brightest kids, we could cure cancer, save the Earth, fix the economy, etc.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Look, it’s really not that hard. Just take a deep breath and say it: Diversity exists! There, was that not so difficult.

    Each race evolved a unique combination of traits — some races are tall, others short, fat, skinny, dark, light, athletic, less athletic, highly intellegent, less intellegent. –That’s Diversity, and we should Celebrate it, not deny its existence.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Dear Rational (Post # 13),

    Please give me your thoughts on the following: USA inner cities are filled with jobless, hopeless African-Americans, who have no skills, did poorly in high school, or didn’t even graduate. Yet, these kids, are physically healthy and strong, and would work, IF given a chance.

    The problem is, there simply are no jobs for them. Suppose America had tens of millions of jobs for low-skilled, less-educated citizens. Suppose those jobs paid a livable wage, such that one worker could support a family of 4, with a modest car and home. Suppose America valued work, such that ALL work was honorable, from picking fruit to pushing a broom to waiting tables. Imagine, a hundred million African-Americans with steady employment, stable families, paying taxes, and buying into the system.

    How to accomplish that? 1) Bring back manufacturing. 2) Stop importing wage-thieves from Mexico.

    The resulting Nation-wide economic benefits of moving 50 million people from unemployment and dispare to lifetime employment would outweigh the costs. True, many USA companies could not compete globally, but, the USA is large enough to support our own manufacturing – i.e., reduce import of low-cost goods from China, because we can never, never compete with 1 billion workers who will work for $1/hr. It would be a downward spiral. So why try? Put Americans to work. Put African-Americans to work. Illegal immigration is economic genocide against African-Americans.

  27. Detroit WASP says:

    No not everyone knows. My cousin was a high ranking administrator in a rural southern school district where the population is only 5% black.

    The subject of blacks came up and my cousin trotted out the old “we are all the same” union, Democrat controlled nonsense she learned from 40 years of being in a teachers’ union.

    I told her to name a black run, majority black city in America that wasn’t a disaster. She named Chicago. I just laughed at her. That really happened.

    I went on to tell her that HER students in that poverty stricken area where the average House Hold Income (HHI) was $16,000 scored higher on the SAT than the black kids in Detroit who’s HHI was $26,000. I told her she had drank the Kool aid and I had not.

  28. Jupiter7 says:


    You are wasting your time with this IQ score nonsense…completely. The IQ score stuff is 100 percent irrelevant to the race-replacement actually takes all focus off the race-replacement issue. Who cares if Asian youth are being kept out of gifted programs? Why are you linking the fate of Native Born White Americans with Asians?

    Post-1965 immigration policy has transformed pre-existing social problems that were of a much smaller tractability scale into long term,unsolvable catastrophes…it all has to do with the race-replacement of Native Born White Americans.

    Jupiter7s uncertainty principle: start a discussion of IQ and race and the race-replacement issue gets locked away in a room somewhere as if it didn’t exist anymore.

  29. je suis paganisme says:

    RationalObservationist (“Observationist”?):

    “Some studies have found IQ scores amongst Ashkenazi Jews to be a fifth to one full standard deviation above average. A 2004 review of data found many such studies to have used SAMPLE SIZES WHICH WERE TOO SMALL to give reliable results, and notes that THERE ALSO EXIST STUDIES WHICH HAVE FOUND ASHKENAZI GROUPS TO BE BELOW AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE.

    However, using vocabulary size as a measure, the review cites two findings which supports the view that there may be a reliable advantage to Ashkenazi Jews of around 7.5 IQ points (half a standard deviation), SPECIFICALLY RELATED TO VERBAL INTELLIGENCE.” (capitalization mine)

  30. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 8:49PM, you put your finger on the essence of the problem! As long as we keep building blacks up and telling them they can all make “A”s in Calculus, and telling them that it is the white man’s fault if they don’t do well, we are setting ourselves up for disaster. Once we lower our own and their expectations we can begin to solve the problems that afflict us.

    The big problem is that the racial agitators thrive on the equalitarian lie. As long as we all believe it is dat ol debbil, de white man keeping them down and not their own native stupidity and shiftlessness, we will keep given free money and jobs to the brightest blacks to try to make them equal. Once we accept their own native limitations, we will no longer give out full scholarships, jobs, and unearned promotions to the black elite. And THAT, my friend, is precisely why the black elite, the Talented Tenth, will fight to their dying breath to keep the borders open and to keep affirmative action alive.

    If your last name is Rodriguez and you are of above-average Mexican intelligence (but nowhere near white average intelligence) you LOVE it when America is flooded by stupid Oaxacan Indian illegals! Why? They will never be smart enough to get through high school, so for every three or four of them sneaking over the border, the white folks will desperately seek out a couple middling-smart Hispanics to give free college educations and jobs to in order to equalize the racial percentages. And that means Mr. Rodriguez gets a promotion at work and his kids get free scholarships for being nothing more that a half-way intelligent Mexican.

  31. john says:

    Clearly, all medical schools should have these same criteria, not only for admission, but for graduation. Neurosurgeons should be graduated at a rate proportional only with their percentage of the population.

    I for one would be morally comforted on meeting my doctor and being greeted with, “Mawnin’, how you be feelin’ today? Ah gwine open yo’ haid and see whut been ailin’ you.”

  32. elitist says:

    The issue of “race replacement” – of the colonization by invitation of historically white countries by nonwhites – is inseparable from the issue of cognitive ability, and from issues of racial differences in psychology generally.

    Whites have been brainwashed to believe that if we were all replaced by Africans, for example, nothing will have changed, because there are no differences between the races beyond superficial ones.

    Denying racial differences in psychology – including but not restricted to IQ – makes it impossible to argue rationally against race replacement.

    It is NOT!!!! Just a question of IQ:

    Caucasians are fundamentally different in terms of personality, temperament, attitude: our psychology is different in countless ways.

    I certainly agree that Caucasians should simply claim the right of all indigenous peoples to maintain their way of life as they see fit without interference from other races.

    But we should also inform themselves about racial differences in psychology, including IQ differences, and refer to these differences when they argue in favor of the singularity of the Caucasian subspecies of Homo sapiens.

  33. Anonymous says:

    “To me that is incredible stupidity. They might, MIGHT, have an IQ a few points above native Europeans, but so what if they do not know human nature? Especially if their few points of IQ comes from verbal skils, words—which are a symbol of reality, a symbol which can easily take flight from the reality that they are supposed to represent.”

    I think the few points you refer to is 115 to 100. That is the same differences between us White Gentiles and Blacks. And it is not only verbal. Jews are over represented in Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, are 90% of the top chess players etc etc

    Now to your point about voting for Obama. I looked it up it was about 70%. so I agree with your premise that there is something more than IQ. Something that cannot be tested An intangible quality. Maybe someday we will be able to measure it. With all that said, to you really believe John McCain would have been any better. He just said he would have a war with Iran. Is that what you want? Maybe them Jews are not as dumb as you think? By the way to you know how Asians vote?