Posted on November 11, 2011

Westchester Pact with Feds to Boost Housing Diversity in Upscale Areas Hits Roadblocks

Gerald McKinstry, Lohud, November 6, 2011

The federal government wants Westchester County to be a model for how to provide quality affordable housing for minorities in upscale communities. But when an Obama administration official recently toured new apartments in Rye–part of a controversial housing desegregation settlement–he characterized the site as a “missed opportunity.”

The 18 homes are just yards away from the middle-class and racially diverse community of Port Chester. It doesn’t feel like part of more upscale Rye, said John Trasvina, of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

“For all intents and purposes, you’re in Port Chester,” he said. “We can do better.”

Trasvina’s disappointment illustrates the very different views that the federal government and Westchester County have of their settlement.

Westchester is part of HUD’s “national vision” to provide more affordable housing to minorities. And if a community accepts federal housing dollars, they must deliver on that promise.

The county has five more years to build 750 homes in its more affluent, white communities. It will be a slow process: Two years after the settlement, the county has completed three units, in Pelham.

Construction has begun at three other sites, in Yorktown, Cortlandt and Rye.


To date, all 31 communities have projects at some point in the pipeline, including in Armonk, Briarcliff Manor, Larchmont, Mohegan Lake and others, County Executive Rob Astorino said.

But Astorino, who says Westchester is already diverse, does not want to force communities to take steps they are uncomfortable with. As a result, the feds and the county are at an impasse on many issues, even as towns and villages work on housing plans.


The Astorino administration has reached a roadblock with HUD that could land the matter back in court.

The housing agency, which said the county will serve as a national model, wants Westchester to address “exclusionary” zoning practices that HUD believes have contributed to a dearth of diversity in some areas.

It wants the county to review other laws that discriminate against people who use vouchers to pay rent or mortgages.

Astorino also has concerns that if developers can’t be found to build the 750 homes, the costs could spike, and the obligation would fall to the county and could bankrupt it.


HUD leaders have expressed frustration at Astorino’s reluctance to support a law that bars discrimination against people who use federal Section 8 vouchers to pay for housing. They want him to move forward with diversity and fair housing.


While Astorino has accused the agency of crossing a line in enforcement and using this settlement as a test case, he maintains that Westchester is diverse. New census figures show that more minorities live in the county, and the open market is doing far more than this settlement will ever do, he said.

“We’re getting banged on the head by the federal government,” Astorino said. “HUD made these unreasonable demands. If this has to be fought, I’m willing to fight it.”


HUD is investigating about 18 other communities across the country and working with hundreds of others to ensure compliance as the federal government moves on a goal it says is about promoting opportunity and equity.


40 responses to “Westchester Pact with Feds to Boost Housing Diversity in Upscale Areas Hits Roadblocks”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Westchester County voted overwhelmingly for Obama. Its state reps in Albany consistenty side with the NYC reps, never the upstate rural areas. It is the home of White liberals. Let them reap what they sowed in the cities.

    Mr. Astorino should have a 6 bedroom Section 8 house built right next door to the homes of every Judge who lives in Westchester County.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Armonk, Briarcliff Manor, Larchmont, Mohegan Lake and others, County Executive Rob Astorino said.”

    Sell now. You can build a cabin in the Pennsylvania mountains somewhere and enjoy a 200 mile round trip communte to work every day.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “to provide more affordable housing to minorities.”

    At the expense of people who pay taxes and market prices for accomodation. Guaranteed, the so-called ‘minorities’ will use the leg up as an opportunity to have more children than they can feed.

  4. Robert says:

    Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino knows how important this issue is to the voters of Westchester. The previous executive Andrew Spano lost his job over this very issue. When you property is valved in the millions of dollars, it is natural for people to be concerned with property values. Poverty and crime can only serve to reduce the values of peoples property. Against the power of the Federal government, all the locals have is the vote and the confidence in their elected officials.

  5. Rob says:

    No matter how hard you work so you can live in a decent neighborhood away from the ghetto nonsense, the government is going to step in and say, “no so fast whitey, meet your new neighbor” and of course whitey is expected to pay this neighbors mortgage too through his tax dollars. Not only do we provide section 8 housing, but I guess the tax payers are expected to provide mansions now too. Section 8 housing is another example of a “reparation”.

  6. Question Diversity says:

    Translation: “We’re good Westchester County liberals. We vote Democrat all the time. We’re too good for our own liberal politicians and bureaucrats to do this to us. Let them cruddy rednecks down South in trailer parks get integrated, and pay more in cigarette taxes while they’re at it.”

  7. je suis paganisme says:


    And I suppose that they will get those White Christian slaves from Habitat for Humanity to build these houses for free, while the H4H upper management will rake in the money (after all, it costs a lot to build a house, and the buyers of these houses do indeed pay a good bit each month).

    But a good dose of reality is what many White people need.

    Millennia of waiting out the winters in the ice-caves (and later, the chateaux) of Europe, gave our race quite a capacity for fantasy, I suppose.

    The desolate front yards, devoid of flowers and shrubs, the garish purple houses with yellow trim, the loud “boom, boom, boom” of the bass, the loud shoutings (and shootings) at 4:00 AM, the mysterious disappearance of lawn mowers and other items– OMG, those Yankees will be given a crash course in “Reality, the Requirements of Survival, and the Foundation of Art and Beauty.”

  8. ATBOTL says:

    The problem is that there is no national movement fighting this kind of thing (conservatives and GOP won’t touch this).

    Small groups of local whites are fighting the federal government and a vast array of nationwide leftist and anti-groups all on their own.

  9. Periapsis says:

    The goal of foisting poor non-whites on white neighborhoods is glaringly eevident. That is, HUD is ensuring they drown in the blood of murdered, raped and maimed whites when those very same non-whites carry on the ongoing genocide against us. They are ensuring life for whites is more dangerous, crowded, noisy, stressful, expensive, joyless and fearful. It is to deny us our culture, and freedom of movement and association because we will have to change our lives because of the mere presence of dangerous non-whites who want us dead.

  10. Ken in Fishkill says:

    @ Post #2…. I work in Westchester and know a few people who do as well that have close to 200 mile round trip commute. I have colose to a 100 mile round trip commute.

  11. Ian J. MacAllister says:

    Westchester County voted 63% for Barack H. Obama.

    In other words, Barry Soetero won the county by a LANDSLIDE.

    Let those rich northern liberals get an object lesson in how “diversity is our strength.”

    I say turn on the diversity hose and flood their community.

  12. patriot says:

    You only have to look at Asbury Park NJ for an example of what will happen. Once a summer retreat for wealthy New Yorkers, someone got the brilliant idea that moving a bunch of poor blacks in at government expense would somehow cause the blacks to change their economic situation.

    Well of course, the only change was so the economic situation of the city. It became a dismal ghetto very rapidly as whites stopped vacationing. It wasn’t really a case of white flight, but more like white refusal. Who wants to spend their family vacation in a violent ghetto…

    It is probably one of the best examples of a rapid destruction of a once white city by blacks.

  13. ATBOTL says:

    “Sell now. You can build a cabin in the Pennsylvania mountains somewhere and enjoy a 200 mile round trip communte to work every day.”

    The Poconos have already been enriched.

  14. Kenelm Digby says:

    I’ve always maintained that nothing would benefit the White cause more than forcing integration on to the nation’s most elitist neighborhoods.

    What I’m talking about is forcing the politicians, law-makers etc to live alongside the people they cherish.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone see this? NASCAR is going all out.

  16. nawmansheeeeeeeee says:

    Black beats up old man for fun. Caution, Graphic:

  17. Playing Roots Backwards says:

    I’m all for moving large, female-headed Black families from the darkest ghettos to the richest White neighborhoods. Let’s give the Limo Liberals and the Unaffected Conservatives a taste of what they’ve been shoving, or allowing to be shoved, down the throats of middle-class Americans for the last 50 years.

    When Watts comes to the Platinum Triangle, I’m pretty sure it will affect what we see on movie and television screens.

    Move enough Anacostia bottom feeders to Chevy Chase and I’m pretty sure we’ll see a change in the way politicians view HUD.

  18. Auntie Em says:

    It’s happening here in the Midwest as well. My neighborhood has its first purple house, a stabbing and frequent police visits.

    So far my new neighbors are pleasant enough people and aspire to middle class values. But it is the flotsam and jetsam of the lives they are trying to escape which tags along behind to plague all of us.

    This all happened very quietly. It’s difficult to track its origin through local politics. But one thing is for certain and that is that it isn’t happening to the country club set up on the hill.

    How can we help them enjoy the benefits of the diversity they so enthusiastically promote for the rest of us? When we all live in equality it will be easier to make decisions we can all agree upon, I’m thinking.

  19. Ed says:

    The crime rate will definitely increase dramatically, the streets will be strewn with trash, graffiti will scar once beautiful structures and building, the White residents will be victimized and brutalized, the schools will become less effective, etc., etc.!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I grew up in Rye in the 50s, a very lovely town only 25 miles by train from NYC on Long Island Sound and when I went back in 1987

    it was still the same lovely town. Only two chain businesses even then in the local business district. I can remember seeing Peter Lorre in the local deli in the 50s.

    Port Chester between Rye and Greenwich, Connecticut was a horror

    back then resembling on a smaller scale Bridgeport, Connecticut

    up the road next to Westport and Fairfield.

    Westchester was Republican in those days. Only Port Chester and Yonkers were Democratic plus to some extent heavily Jewish Scarsdale.

    Of course the type of leftist Republicans elected statewide like Nelson Rockefeller and Jacob Javits were hardly an alternative to the ruling New Deal paradigm which continued unabated through Eisenhower.

    We had Section 8 folks move next door to our house here in Oakland, CA and they have been a living nightmare.

    HUD needs to be abolished.

  21. No Way says:

    Avid read, first time post:

    I had a section 8 family move into my neighborhood when a family decided to rent it out. A black family moved in and in a short few months after they moved in the house was hit with a search warrant. Turns out the “man” of the house was trafficking heroin while they paid $110/mo for rent. Keep in my that’s about 10% of what I pay each month.

    These politicians should have the people they support live in their community!

  22. Tab Numlock says:

    “The Poconos have already been enriched.”

    Black NJ state employees and aa beneficiaries bought houses there. Their offspring practice their gangsta skills during the day while their parents are at ‘work’ or commuting.

  23. sbuffalonative says:

    Westchester is part of HUD’s “national vision” to provide more affordable housing to minorities. And if a community accepts federal housing dollars, they must deliver on that promise.

    Do these communities ever stop to think that there might be strings attached to government money?

    A couple years back in a suburb of Buffalo, one of those no-government, do-good agencies working with HUD (either Housing Opportunities Made Equal, or Belmont) wanted to build ‘senior’ apartments. The community was told that it would serve the local community. The town council made the mistake of asking for the zip codes of the residents who would be moving in. Bad move. Apparently that’s not a question you’re allowed to ask. A lawsuit was filed and the town was forced to build the housing.

    These people know how to play the game. The wrote the rules and know how to enforce them.

    My advice to these towns is to politely turn down the 30 pieces of silver. If you take their money, they control you.

  24. Sincerely Concerned says:

    For the past three years I’ve lived in two neighborhoods where Section 8 housing exists and, unfortunately, I’ve had the bad luck of living directly next to the loudest, messiest, druggiest, and most prolific (10 or more people to a house) of the voucher users.

    My current neighborhood is made up of all minorities (Cubans, Haitians, a few Mexicans, and American blacks—I am the only white person) and a few elderly couples who actually own their homes. The owner’s houses are neat, very well landscaped and maintained, and would be desirable in any community. Their occupants are quiet, respectful, and friendly. The quiet speak Spanish to each other on their front porches and English to people that they greet walking by.

    Most other houses are rented by what I know are Section 8 voucher holders (I researched) and they are falling apart through renter abuse. The yards are filled with trash and screaming children during the day and pot-smoking, loud-talking adults by day. Music thumps nearly every night. Arguments break out all day and night and I’ve felt afraid for their lives sometimes. I don’t venture out alone after dark.

    Yet, this is supposed to be good for everyone. One day I plan to own and rent homes. I absolutely will not accept Section 8 vouchers nor any government assistance. Forced integration done this way ruins communities. Maybe the only way to truly understand this and work to make positive changes is to live next to a Section 8-er. We shall see how things wind up going in Westchester.

  25. Charles B. Tiffany says:

    My home town, Binghamton New york had a school system that resembled the finest prep schools. High Schools had indoor swimming pools, Merit Scholars, and the town had one homicide every other year. Except for Scarsdale, they led the state in scores on the infamous Regent`s exam. The place was split by an Inter-state and then awarded status as a refugee friendly city. The place used to provide high school graduates who were smart enough to work for GE or IBM. Today 65% of students are on free lunch and the place resembles DC after sundown.The good folks from Rye should spend a night in my home town and learn what comes from a government which just wants to do good for good for nothings.

    Charles B. Tiffany

    Kissimmee, Florida

  26. Howard W. Campbell says:

    How long before the limousine liberals start getting a taste of the diversity that they are determined to shove down everyone else s throat? Maybe enough doses of this turn these people into modern day Bull Connors.

    This idiocy will not stop until China stops buying our worthless debt and/or you have an “Idiocracy” channel on Cable TV (one step up from youtube) where the section 8 gangstaz have been moved to rural Wyoming (next to the last segregated white man) and they are out tagging Elk & Buffalo.

  27. Rick says:

    Sounds great!! Let’s start with Beverly Hills and Bel Air or some upscale neighborhoods in New York like mayor Bloomberg’s. Basically, wherever a leftist white egalitarian do-gooder Rachael Maddow, Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann loser lives, import them there in all its vibrancy. Let’s see how much they love their cherished diversity when it’s pointing a pistol in their face, or it’s a 15 on 1 beat down, or a 300 person “mahogany mob” is storming the gates of their nice little quiet street. I couldn’t wait for Michael Moore to be a keynote speaker at a future Amren conference, once he recovers from his “5 man stomp your face in” that leads to his awakening.

  28. T says:

    A number of years ago, I was “volunteered” by my employer to participate in a program called “Paint the Town” in Detroit. This program was initially set up to help low-income elderly homeowners by performing minor repairs on their residences. My crew was assigned to paint a house that was occupied by both parents (surprise!) and 3 teenage black “bucks”. The “teenagers” watched my crew paint their house while sitting on the porch smoking “blunts” and drinking their “40’s”. The “man of the house” was “cool” with the color while his “wife” complained aout the color of paint the whole time. Subsequently, I served “notice” to my employer that I would NEVER be a part of such a worthless program again.

    By the way, it is easy to spot where the few remaining elderly white people live–nicely manicured lawns, trimmed shrubbery, freshly painted and nicely kept homes.

  29. The Bobster says:

    The Poconos have already been enriched.


    Yes, for some time. I remember the commercials for Pocono getaway homes on the NYC-area Luche Libre wrestling show some 40 years ago. Yes, 30 Puerto Rican families could get together and buy one of these beauties. I pitied their neighbors after they discovered what had happened. Year-round loud cha-cha parties in the dead of night

  30. Anonymous says:

    In the ’70s sitcom “Maude,” Maude and Walter Findlay are upper-midle-class liberals in Westchester. The Findlays, you may recall, employed a “sassy” (read: mouthy) black maid named Florida.

    Although fictional, the Findlays would have been exactly the kind of rich folks who — like fellow “1%er” Michael Moore — cried tears of joy when they pulled the lever to vote for a black president. Let’s see how much the real-life Maudes and Walters like it when poor blacks aren’t just commuting into Westchester to scrub their floors, but are LIVING NEXT DOOR.

    Watching the elites of Westchester getting a healthy dose of Diversity — that same Diversity that they’ve been inflicting on their less-rich white brothers and sisters for the past half-century — will be sweet revenge. And, as other posters have noted, it might also have the beneficial effect of making rich white liberals WAKE UP to the realities of what they sanctimoniously preach to the rest of us.

  31. Anonymous says:

    So the chickens are coming home to roost in White Liberal Westchester, most of which would scorn AmRen and its readers.

    Can you say “Poetic Justice”? These Liberal idiots need a serious dose of Diverse Vitality to fully understand the damage they have done to this country in the last 50 years.

    #19 Ed: I watched an episode of “Dragnet” at a friend’s house who has it on DVD. I couldn’t get over how L.A. looked as Detectives Bill Gannon and Sgt. Joe Friday drove around the City. What a difference the last 45 years have made.

  32. danjack says:

    agreed…lets integrate the all-white gated communities of the white liberal politicians and news people…..names names,the clintons,frank, dodd schumer, durbin, salzberger, gates olbermann, press,polosi,feinstien,boxer, ried,bloomberg,maddow, odonell, moore,rich, krugman, riesch,schultz,mathews,rattigan,

    cuomo,etc: but most of all the haven of cape cod and the kennedy family,because this guy is responsible for all of the third world diversity we have, by supporting the 1965 hart celler agreement, that has ruined our country. start today and gather the addresses of these poeople and devise a plan for the future to integrate their communities.lets all go to work and push for the elimination of rich liberal politicians, all- white gated communities.

  33. Marc B says:

    Much of NYC’s recent crime reduction can be traced to it’s export of Section 8 tenants to surrounding areas around NYC to make it’s tonier residents more comfortable in their recently gentrified neighborhoods. White Plains, NY has been hit particularly hard with the NYC rejects, but even small towns nearly 100 miles away in Northeastern PA and Central NJ have undergone significant demographic transitions with many recent arrivals from the Big Apple.

  34. SS says:

    This should be used as an example when speaking to Marshmallows (Softy Whitey).

    It’s always easy to “Love” the “Poor” when you ain’t the one living with them and this squawking from the High and Mighty Whitey is a fine example of what the Truth really is.

    Whites, Rich and Poor alike, don’t like being around those not like us. We know, whether we admit it or not, non-whites are utterly opposite of us and no amount of nothing is ever gonna change that.

    Last, since when did it become an American’s Responsibility to pay (subsidize, welfare, blah, blah) for a complete stranger?

    And spare me on any “Law” ’cause anyone here who believes they understand their Founding Fathers’ knows, and quite well I might add, how adamantly against they are about “minority rights”. “We” were built on Majority, not Minority.

  35. Doug says:

    I think it probably will be a cold day in hell before we see any section 8 in the town of Scarsdale NY and similar communities.

    After careful consideration of how “diversity is our strength” I think all of America’s communities must at once be strenghened. I am going to propose that the worst crime ridden , gang and drug infested, community should migrate to Westchester county in particular, and Scarsdale definitely.

  36. GetBackJack says:

    They need to expand this program to specifically include Scarsdale, New City, Riverdale, Great Neck, Fresh Meadows, etc., etc.

  37. fightme in Louisiana says:

    Some people are calling for diversity in rich liberal neighborhoods, rich conservative neighborhoods needs a nice touch of diversity too.They have done just as much damage to our country as has the liberals.They might talk a good game but when you check their voting records they vote just as liberal as the liberals.It makes my day when i read that section 8 housing is moving next door to the white rich who has for years dictated to us bigoted racist Nazi poor whites that we need more diversity in our schools and living right next to us.I absolutely love it.

  38. Anonymous says:

    # 28 T wrote “The “teenagers” watched my crew paint their house while sitting on the porch smoking “blunts” and drinking their “40’s”.”

    A prime example why we need to worry about our own and MAKE them deal with their own lives and problems. It sounds just like everything I read about the aftermath of Katrina, whites work to fix the problem while blacks sit on their butts and complain.

  39. Anonymous says:

    #36 GetBackJack, please not Fresh Meadows! It’s just blocks from where I live! Your point is well taken. Let’s include Douglaston, Manhasset, Pound Ridge and Sean Hannity’s neighborhood in Nassau County. He should help close the “housing gap”. For sure, there is no greater example of the powerlessness of white people than these housing programs. Judge Leonard Sand should have volunteered to have a Section 8 “family” move in next door when he ordered suburban Yonkers to build low-income housing. #33 MarcB is so right about the devious plan to hand out more Section 8 vouchers to get these people out of prime NYC real estate so the wealthy elites could rebuild and move back. Our loss (of Section 8 and public housing people) was the loss of quality of life, and often of life itself, for others.

  40. Eric D says:

    The feds must understand (not that they care one bit) that bringing in low income housing and section 8 housing amongst beautiful million dollar homes will destroy the value of the million dollar homes and their communities. This is regardless of whether the new low income inhabitants are NAMs or poor whites (side note: I once had a family of low income whites with section 8 housing living across from me in Greenwich CT, and they were a truly disfunctional bunch). Unless they are going to build beautiful mansions for the new, diverse, inhabitants to live in, the very fact of lower-end looking houses will ruin the look of the neighborhoods, without even getting into the mismatch of the new inhabitants to the ritzy communities. I think it should be considered an unconstitutional taking (the tremendous diminishment of the owners’ property), and the existing owners should be reimbursed for the financial loss as the value of their $2.5 million homes is sliced to a fraction of that in a short time.

    There are actually places in Westchester County that poor minorities, or poor anyone, can live. White Plains, Port Chester (heavily central American), and a few others come to mind. If you happen to be a wealthy black or central American, then go right ahead and buy that expensive house in Rye. But if you can’t, and you have your heart set on Westchester County, move to a place you can afford like Port Chester. It really should be that simple.