Posted on November 16, 2011

Starkey: ‘Britain Is a White Mono-Culture and Schools Should Focus on Our Own History’

Tom Kelly, Daily Mail (London), November 16, 2011

David Starkey has provoked more controversy by claiming that most of Britain is a ‘mono-culture’ and that immigrants should assimilate.

The TV historian rejected claims by other academics that it is a diverse country, describing it as ‘absolutely and unmitigatingly white’ outside of London.

His outburst comes three months after he blamed ‘black culture’ for the summer riots and claimed that parts of Enoch Powell’s ‘rivers of blood’ speech had been right.

He made his latest comments during a historians conference discussing Education Secretary Michael Gove’s announcement that he wanted to put ‘our island story’ at the heart of Britain’s national curriculum.

Dr Starkey told the meeting that the National Curriculum should involve ‘a serious focus on your own culture’.

Cambridge University historian Joya Chatterji asked him to explain what he meant, arguing that contemporary Britain was ‘rather diverse’.

But Dr Starkey cut in, telling her: ‘No it’s not. Most of Britain is a mono-culture. You think London is Britain. It isn’t.

‘Where I’ve come from in Yorkshire, where I’ve come from in Westmorland [in Cumbria], where I largely live in Kent, where I holiday much in the South West, it is absolutely and unmitigatingly white.

‘You have such a series of assumptions. It is a kind of Ken Livingstone-esque view of rainbow Britain.

‘Bits of Britain are rainbow and jolly interesting but to read out from those to everything else is profoundly misleading.’

Dr Starkey added: ‘Successful immigrants assimilate or become bi-cultural.’

Trevor Phillips, Chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said he did not believe Dr Starkey was racist but was saddened that he ‘feels that he must occasionally utter nonsense that may give comfort to racists.’

Lee Jasper, Chairman of the London Race and Criminal Justice Consortium, tweeted: ‘Starkey the racist academic strikes again.’

Former prison chaplain the Reverend Pam Smith jokingly questioned on Twitter whether Dr Starkey ‘can’t see people who aren’t white’ given the racial diversity of many towns outside the capital.

Richard Evans, Regius Professor of Modern History at Cambridge, criticised Mr Gove and Dr Starkey for advocating ‘myth and memory rote-learning’ to feed children ‘self-congratulatory narrow myths of history’.

Dr Evans said school history teachers were right to reflect Britain’s multi-ethnic make up in lessons.

Dr Starkey had been accused of racism by more than 100 viewers of Newsnight in August when he claimed that ‘whites have become black’.

He added: ‘A particular sort of violent, destructive, nihilistic gangster culture has become the fashion.’

But Ofcom ruled that the Newsnight discussion had been balanced by other speakers who did not share the outspoken historian’s views.

Acid-tongued Dr Starkey has been dubbed the ‘rudest man in Britain’.

He once described the Queen as a housewife who ‘lacks a serious education’ and called Scotland, Wales and Ireland ‘feeble little countries’.

14 responses to “Starkey: ‘Britain Is a White Mono-Culture and Schools Should Focus on Our Own History’”

  1. paul rim says:

    Most English cities have large non white minorities, a number now have non white majorities amongst schoolchildren. The white monocultures are now in smaller towns or in the remoter areas. Britain is quickly catching up with the USA. Starkey as an historian is looking backwards, fast forward and the picture is grim indeed. There is literally ten years to save GB & with the fall of Griffin into irrelevance there is currently no saviour in sight.

  2. Anonymous says:

    UK race composition: white 92.1%, black 2%, Indian 1.8%, Pakistani 1.3%, mixed 1.2%, other 1.6%. That’s 2001 census. Since than number of whites has increased because of strong immigration from Poland and other places in eastern EU.

  3. cajunrebel87 says:

    Dr. Starkey is right. British schools should focus on the unique culture of Britian! Diversity sucks, it brought the volent, destructive, nihilistic gangster fashion.

  4. kgb says:

    Dr. Starkey is a very brave man. Hopefully he has tenure.

    And like many of us, I have nothing but contempt for WIGGERS. ( The W stands for white…) They need an awakening.

  5. Anonymous says:

    All white countries, especially Britain could easily return to being near 100% white within a few months by making only one simple change.

    Dismantle welfare completely. Or, if you are assertive enough, embrace racism and specifically right laws that make welfare for whites only.

  6. C says:

    Once again, anyone who wants to preserve a hint of white European culture is racist.

    If those who came from other countries wish their children to learn a thorough history of their native countries… perhaps they should stay in said countries. It’s not Britain’s job (nor the US, nor Australia, etc.) to teach all the world’s children their own heritage.

  7. Playing Roots Backwards says:

    Too late, Davey. Old Blighty was doomed the minute you guys let the lefties give Enoch Powell the boot.

  8. Seek says:

    Dr. Starkey is an admirable man. And if he is related by blood to Ringo Starr (aka Richard Starkey), I must buy more of his records.

  9. Franklin Ryckaert says:

    Mr.Starkey said:”Successful immigrants assimilate or become bi-cultural”.Mr.Starkey still thinks in terms of ASSIMILATION as a solution to the immigrant problem.In reality assimilation will eventually lead to RACIAL SUICIDE of White Britons.The real solution of course is REPATRIATION.If Mr.Starkey is so courageous to make “controversial” statements from time to time let him go all the way and proclaim the REAL SOLUTION.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wikipedia says

    ENGLAND (not entire UK of course)

    Ethnic groups (2009)

    87.5% White,

    6.0% South Asian,

    2.9% Black,

    1.9% Mixed race,

    0.8% Chinese,

    0.8% Other

  11. Anonymous says:

    — Anonymous wrote at 10:24 PM on November 16:

    UK race composition: white 92.1%, black 2%, Indian 1.8%, Pakistani 1.3%, mixed 1.2%, other 1.6%. That’s 2001 census. Since than number of whites has increased because of strong immigration from Poland and other places in eastern EU.

    I’ve heard your comments on here before.I’m sure you’re some anti racist/excuse making, lefty. The influx of immigrants are from third world countries.The great Eastern European influx is a much repeated myth. Stop lying. I’m British and I get around different cities as well as being a reader of real news.

  12. Jason Robertson says:

    The media response, such as it was, to Dr Starkey has been illuminating. The Times (now Murdoch-owned and dumbed-down) printed two letters, one reiterating the national “benefits” of immigration, and the other setting Starkey up as an Aunt Sally, who wants “our island story” to exclude the Anglo-Saxon invasion, the Empire, and our role in two world wars, &c!!

    The current nonsense that parliament and other institutions, including education, should “reflect” the population rather than competence is a nonsense, even numerically. We recently had a Labour councillor who graduated from the Oxford college, Balliol, complaining that everyone at a student re-union at this world-leading college was “white” like himself, and this did not “represent”, as it should “society” at large!

    The case for resuming English cultural hegemony in English state schools is overwhelming on present population figures, though these are rapidly changing; and in any case cohesion requires an English consensus based on our common language (Wales is officially bi-lingual), historical sites, art and music heritage,&c. (Ethnic groups of immigrant-origin can enjoy their own cultures in their private sphere, unless and until they return to their own cultural homelands.)

    But anti-racist and multi-cultural “education” goes back over 40 years to left-wing revolutionary infiltration of London education authorities; then it spread gradually outwards, and upwards to the Conservative government’s own National Curriculum Council. The full story has yet to be told within the covers of the same book.

    Starkey gaily put his head above the parapet, but needs other scholars of similar experience and assured reputation to join him. Otherwise these outspoken “heroes” from ex-Minister Enoch Powell to ex-Headmaster Ray Honeyford tend to get picked off one by one.

    Telling truth to power is a revolutionary act in benighted Britain.

  13. rjf101 says:

    “Acid-tongued Dr Starkey has been dubbed the ‘rudest man in Britain.’”

    Or rather, the most honest man in Britain.

  14. A Swain says:

    I notice two examples of glaring deception in the comment section of that newspaper.

    Poster 1,

    “….. fathers family has been in the UK for generations (tracked to 1800’s) and I’m full black with a lot of white mixes in my family. I have a shared history and understand that all history relates to me and why I’m here. I often find I’m more genetically english than many of my counterparts who are mainly white and middle class but are of western european descent”

    This illustrates the degree of lying and deliberate misinformation propagating both non-White interlopers and their self-loathing White sympathisers are being permitted to get away with all over the media.

    Having non-White ancestry in an indigenous White homeland does not confer indigenous status or entitlement to that territory. Indigenous White people have inhabited the British Isles for 12,000 years, not a mere couple of hundred or even a thousand or two. They were here long before non-Whites and are still here.

    One cannot be ‘more genetically English’ than a non mixed-race White native if one is, in fact, full black even with snippets of White genetic input here and there along the way.

    What one imagines to be true or would like to be true as a way of salving one’s notion of personal identity entitlement(s), has no connection with proven facts.

    Furthermore, non-Whites up until 65 odd years ago, were present only in very small numbers compared with the indigenous population and the bulk of these were mainly concentrated around a few dockland areas where they were employed as sailors and/or soldiers. Again, they were brought in by White employers, mainly Jews and/or their non-Jewish agents/associates, and a century or two prior by White slave owners again, mostly Jews and/or their non-Jewish agents/associates. The very circumstances of their being in the British Isles in the first place, ie, as a result of slavery or cheap labour, in itself disqualifies them from any territorial entitlement.

    Whites have been in East, West and South, Africa for three hundred odd years and far longer if one includes Egyptian history, but were one to invite the opinion of the native man in-the-street, he would vehemently disagree that Whites belong in Africa let alone hold claims to any part of African territory. I know, I’ve been to three different parts of Africa over the years and enquired this very point out of curiosity.

    She goes on further to declare

    “I know for sure that I have white relatives in the south west who probably don’t realise that they have a black great grandmother and would agree with DS. DS purports many untruths in the way he sits British history, because British history is far from white …….,”

    The woman confuses ‘history’ with indigenous standing.

    Let me illustrate the point again for the benefit of intellectually-challenged and rationally-challenged, in other words, totally ignorant people like her.

    African history is far from black

    Indian history is far from brown

    East Asian history is far from yellow


    the above continents have also been inhabited by White peoples at some point in their respective histories and some still are so Does this mean these territories also belong to Whites?

    I highly doubt if the majority of their indigenous inhabitants would agree with such a suggestion.

    Poster 2

    “…. Jamaican Patios is not even the African man in Jamaicans natural culture. Its a mainly medley of European languages mixed together.”

    Again, a further example of complete ignorance and misinformation.

    Source quote

    1. “….. Jamaican Patois displays similarities to the pidgin and creole languages of West Africa, due to their common descent from the blending of African substrate languages with European languages”

    2. “……. is an English-lexified creole language with West African influences spoken primarily in Jamaica and the Jamaican diaspora”

    To clarify, therefore,

    Jamaican Patois is a language consisting of the blending of West African substrate Creole languages and a few European languages (chiefly French), and is most certainly not solely

    Quote by poster 2 –

    “Its a mainly medley of European languages mixed together.”

    in which he/she tries to subtract the African influence altogether.