Posted on October 11, 2011

Senate Measure Regrets 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act

Carolyn Lochhead, San Francisco Chronicle, October 11, 2011

As it prepares to pass a bill this week to punish China for undervaluing its currency, the U.S. Senate has passed a resolution expressing regret for the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act and subsequent laws that banned most Chinese immigrants from the United States and denied them citizenship.

The resolution, SR201, was sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and Scott Brown, R-Mass. It passed unanimously by voice vote Thursday. {snip}

Large-scale Chinese immigration began with the California Gold Rush in 1848. After the federal government authorized and supported construction of the first transcontinental railroad during the Civil War, railroad companies recruited Chinese laborers to build the Pacific portions of the track and predominantly Irish laborers to construct the line from the East.

{snip} The resolution said the Chinese railroad workers “faced grueling hours and extremely harsh conditions in order to lay hundreds of miles of track and were paid substandard wages,” and that without their work, construction would have been “seriously impeded.”

The Senate resolution acknowledged that the laws targeting Chinese immigrants were incompatible “with the basic founding principles recognized in the Declaration of Independence that all persons are created equal,” and with “the spirit” of the Constitution. It said the United States “deeply regrets passing six decades of legislation directly targeting the Chinese people for physical and political exclusion and the wrongs committed against Chinese and American citizens of Chinese descent who suffered under these discriminatory laws.”


The 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act was the first ban on immigration to the United States. Until then, U.S. borders were open.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Senate resolution acknowledged that the laws targeting Chinese immigrants were incompatible “with the basic founding principles recognized in the Declaration of Independence that all persons are created equal,” and with “the spirit” of the Constitution. It said the United States “deeply regrets passing six decades of legislation directly targeting the Chinese people for physical and political exclusion and the wrongs committed against Chinese and American citizens of Chinese descent who suffered under these discriminatory laws.”


    Typical. As I have said a million times, no nonwhite should have ever been brought here in the first place. The enemies within were alive and well even back in the days of our Founders and pushed for the enemy to enter our land. Just as they are still doing.

    NO, ALL men are NOT created equal by OUR God. The Chinese, blacks, mexicans, arabs, etc. all have their own “gods”, which is NOT our God, who by the way gave US our freedoms. Their gods did not.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Much the same nonsense as occured in Canada over the so-called “head tax”. Why should we apologize? For what? What for? There is no Chinese “right” to immigrate to America, or anywhere else. Immigration is a privilege, not a “right”.

  3. Miss Whitey says:

    When are the Chinese people and government going to apologize for preventing mass immigration of different races and ethnic groups into THEIR country?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, keeping whitey from working at your Asian owned business in 2011, that’s just good business.

  5. SS says:

    Without reading the Bill, I’m betting there’s something in there that gives those ever so “intelligent” asians something. Money, education, housing, interest free “forgivable” loans, asian history month, something. I’m sure of it.

    Try I do, I really really do, I do try to talk myself down from my Segregation Soapbox but every time I turn around, non-whites and their sorry white race traitors do something to not only reinforce my Segregation Stand but cements it.

  6. Hirsch says:

    I’m a 19th century history buff, and you would be amazed what kind of politically-incorrect tidbits one comes across when they toss the school text out the window and research for themselves.

    The schoolbook tells you that Asian railroad workers were dilligent enough to outperform their white counterparts by twice. And they were. But they also introduced a brutal form of prostitution and sex slavery, as well as literally selling off spouses and controlling women with the hard opiates they trafficked.

    Contrary to the PC racial canard that there are white people on one hand, and everyone else on the other, both the Chinese and Indians owned black slaves.

  7. Anonymous says:

    All future apologies are null and void until the SPLC-ADL-NAACP apologizes for the murder of Eve Carson, etc.

  8. Anonymous says:

    what a crock. The Chinese scammed the immigration system for decades and decades and they still are. Our exclusion act just made them more covert. People need to read more about history. Asians have had absolutely no problem with criminal behavior and disrespect for American laws from the get-go.

  9. Jupiter7 says:

    Apologize for what? The Chinese Exclusion Act was a wonderfull piece of legislation that protected the racial interests of the Native Born White American Majority at the time. We can thank an American Jew and Socialist-Samuel Gompers-and an Irish Immigrant for the passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act. Since the Chinese Exclusion Act has been repealed, the Asian population has grown massively, and Asians in our America are actively participating in the destruction of who knows how many centuries of Native Born White American engineerig,technological and medical experience-future generations that will not be developed included..this is in the realm of genocide.

    When the Chinese Exclusion Act was the law of the land-and as I mentioned previously, it was a wonderfull law-Native Born White America managed to put 12 alpha Native Born White American Males on the moon..NASA was 99.9 percent White at the time and America was 90 percent White. How did Native Born White America ever manage when the Asians were not here? Apparently very well thank you. This apparently also bothers the Asians in our America.

    Bring back the Chinese Exclusion Act as soon as possible.

    Have any of yu seen the new science show on the Discovery Channel called “Rocket City Rednecks”? The show features two Native Born White American Alabama Males and their father. All three have PHDs in rocket science. The father was one of Werner Von Braun’s rocket scientists at the NASA Huntsville Alabama rocket research center.

    And don’t forget this about the Asians in our America:they are directly responsible for introducing several species of the vicious apex pedator the asian snakehead fish into Virgina’s river ecosystems. Virginia’s riparian ecosystems are in the process right now of being ecologically destabilized by the different species of snakehead fish..including the really vicious giant snakehead fish…count your toes after your next dip into the Potomac River. We need this nonesense? What is the justification for it? Only one:the race-replacement of the Native Born White American Majority street-by street,town by town,city by city,state by state by a hostile and heavly armed Asian majority within the borders of “America”.

  10. NBJ says:

    Perhaps every member of congress of European decent should just apologize for ever having set foot in North America and building a once great nation, and be done with it.

  11. (AWG) Average White Guy says:

    I’m wondering: Are the Chinese apologizing for the Boxer Rebellion (1898 and 1901)?

    To my knowledge, few if any Chinese were murdered in America for being unwanted foreigners.

    Yet, in China, forty-four foreigners (including women and children) from missionary families were killed in the Taiyuan Massacre.

    The total number of missionaries killed in Shanxi was 189 Protestants, including 53 children, and 47 Catholic priests and nuns.

    Given the anti-foreigner sentiment in China during the 19th century, the ban on Chinese immigration was justified.

  12. Anonymous says:

    While we’re at it, I would personally like to apologize to all Chinese because when the local delivery boy brought my Happy Sunshine Million Dollar Gold Special Stir-Fry Combo Platter to my door last night, I only had enough to pay him but not enough to give him a tip.

    For this unintentional stiffing of a hardworking Asian immigrant, I am deeply regretful. I confess to the world my empathetic awareness that Chinese-food delivery boys face grueling hours and extremely harsh conditions in 15-year-old Nissan Sentras with dubious brakes and steering, no A/C, and crank-windows, all to bring their tasty-if-not-particularly-healthful delights from the Mysterious East to the ungrateful round-eyed likes of me. I pledge to atone for my sins against my Chinese-food delivery boy by tipping him double next time.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yes, we had no business keeping the Chinese and their opium dens out of America. Oh wait, we didn’t. San Francisco, Sacramento, and just about everywhere else in the West with an old town history knows about the widespread use of Opium in the Chinese communities in the 19th and even early 20th centuries. I remember when urban renewal began in Sacramento. The excavation for the Macy’s building exposed the subterranean complexes of old Sacramento with opium dens galore. The Chinese Exclusion Act was not just a racial move (and why should China get a second nation, when it is a sole Chinese/Asian country?), it was a major move against the opium trade in the U.S.

  14. Anonymous says:

    “The resolution said the Chinese railroad workers “faced grueling hours and extremely harsh conditions in order to lay hundreds of miles of track and were paid substandard wages,” and that without their work, construction would have been “seriously impeded.””

    I doubt it. If you read the details of the building of the railroad, the Chinese replaced workers who were let go because the Chinese worked cheaper and were also willing to take ridiculous risks, which often got them killed. That might leave some sort of culpability to the owners, but the conditions faced by the typical industrial worker in the East (mill, coal mining) at the time was just as, or even more horrendous. At least the railroad workers got out of doors, miners and mill-workers hardly ever saw sunlight, and were simply dismissed when they got injured, even gravely.

    No nation is obligated to give homes to temporary workers. We have become so deluded (the West) that even lawmakers can’t think things out. Likely the three sponsors of this bill never learned the actual history of the period, or have simply ignored it in order to go on with their Marxist agenda.

  15. E Pluribus Pluribus says:

    What is the truth about the Chinese Exclusion Act? Thomas Muncy Keith Professor at University of Delaware Professor Raymond Wolters explains in his superb review of Driven Out: The Forgotten War Against Chinese Americans by Jean Phaelzer. Excerpting:

    “Between 1849 and 1882, some 282,000 Chinese entered the United States, but an additional two million Chinese laborers left their homeland to work in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Caribbean, South America, and Australia. ‘No wonder California became alarmed!’ wrote Robert G. Cleland. If something were not done to restrict immigration, the Chinese in California might turn out to be the vanguard of an army of millions. According to John W. Caughey, ‘the common people of California . . . saw themselves about to be crushed between the upper millstone of big business and the nether millstone of coolie labor. That they struck out somewhat blindly and with passion is not surprising.’

    “Prominent labor historians also sympathized with the working whites of California. John R. Commons endorsed the statement of a workers’ convention of 1870: that ‘the present system of the immigration of . . . coolie labour in these United States is ruinous to the life principles of our Republic, destroying the system of free labour which is the basis of a republican form of government.’ Philip Taft concluded that there was ‘no doubt’ that the competition of Chinese workers in California ‘undercut native and other immigrant workers, and that their living standards and demands were lower than [those of] white workers.’ According to Selig Perlman, ‘The anti-Chinese agitation in California, culminating as it did in the Exclusion Law passed by Congress in 1882, was doubtless the most important single factor in the history of American labor, for without it the entire country might have been overrun by Mongolian labor and the labor movement might have become a conflict of races instead of one of classes.'” (“Race War on the Pacific Coast,” a review by Raymond Wolters of Driven Out, 2007, by Jean Pfaelzer, The Occidental Quarterly, pp 91-92, Spring 2008)

    With typical Wolters clarity, this little known but profoundly important epoch in our history comes to life. Find the time to read Wolter’s wonderful account. Take the time to marvel at the depravity of a United States Senate of 2011, the depths to which our Senate has sunk, that it would cravenly apologize for this nation-saving legislation.

  16. sbuffalonative says:

    “…the laws targeting Chinese immigrants were incompatible “with the basic founding principles recognized in the Declaration of Independence that all persons are created equal,” and with “the spirit” of the Constitution.”

    I was listening to a local black call-in show today and the topic of immigration came up.

    One man called to say anyone should be allowed to live anywhere they want and that the US, in particular, should let everyone in who wants to come here.

    What blacks never seem to grasp is that these immigrants guarantee that blacks will remain at the bottom of the pecking order.

  17. Istvan says:

    The resolution, S. Res. 201, was sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. and Scott Brown, R-Mass. The tribe and the neocon work hand in hand to exterminate us. If we ever survive we must never forget those who did and are doing this to us.

  18. Gerald Martin says:

    Jupiter 7 nailed it. If not for the Chinese Exclusion Act, the Chinese would have swarmed us in the 19th century and everything west of the Mississippi would be majority Asian today. The idea that Chinese were superior railroad workers is a crock. The Central Pacific just wanted workers who would work dirt cheap. First they fired the native born American workers b/c they wanted too much money. Then they fired the Irish immigrant workers b/c they wanted too much money. That is, more money than the RR would pay. They finally hired the Chinese who would work for “slave wages,” almost literally.

    Today north of Dallas the Asians are taking over the Plano school district, one of the “white flight” suburban districts which grew because of white refugees from integration and other whites coming to Texas from the “rust belt” back in the 70s and 80s. Asians have also come close to taking over several of the elite private schools in the area. The idiot whites in Plano, who always denied they were fleeing blacks and have always welcomed Asian immigrants, are being displaced and replaced and are starting to complain, but they still can’t admit that mass non-white immigration is the culprit and they can’t dare say anything that would cause the slightest suspicion of “racism,” because “racism” is something only traditional Southerners and other types of rednecks are guilty of, not them. Well, it’s too late for Plano. Where you gonna run to now, diversity loving white folks?

  19. Jennifer says:

    I am a white racial realist and I have nothing but RESPECT for the Chinese- they are a hard-working intelligent bunch. I am a teacher at a school that’s 70 percent Asian; about two-thirds of our Asians are of Chinese heritage and they routinely put white students to shame with their diligent study habits and their near-perfect behavior. They are totally as far opposite of Africans as you can get- (Read Rushton’s works on this one).

    If we were to replace all of our ‘African Americans’ with Chinese immigrants tomorrow, America would become a near paradise with no crime and a much, much lower tax rate. Chinese take care of their elderly rather than depending on social security as multi-generational households are the norm in their culture.

    Bring on the Chinese immigrants (along with the Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, and any other group from the Asian continent).

    They excel in family values, math, science, and contributing far more than they take.

  20. Anonymous says:


    “To my knowledge, few if any Chinese were murdered in America for being unwanted foreigners.”

    Did you even read the article itself?

    “The resolution highlights numerous incidents of racial hostility, including the 1887 Snake River Massacre in Oregon where 31 Chinese miners were killed, and attacks on Chinese in San Francisco and Los Angeles.”

    Also, the foreigners in China were not in China to become Chinese. The Chinese-Americans in the US were subject to US laws, whereas the British, French, etc. in China were not subject to Chinese laws. Therefore there is no equivalence between the two situations: one is immigration, the other is colonialism. This is a difference which most people here seem to miss.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The Chinese hauled down the British flag in Hong Kong and never even considered giving non-Orientals there the rights of ‘Chinese’.

    Chinese in America are expats, allowed to live here at our pleasure. The have no blood rights to this land.

  22. ghw says:

    “railroad companies recruited Chinese laborers to build the Pacific portions of the track and predominantly Irish laborers to construct the line from the East.

    The resolution said the Chinese railroad workers “faced grueling hours and extremely harsh conditions in order to lay hundreds of miles of track and were paid substandard wages,” and that without their work, construction would have been “seriously impeded.”


    Was not the same true of the Irish? It is admitted that the Irish crews constructed well more than half the track. When are the Irish going to get their apology?

  23. Anonymoose says:

    Just a thought. I learned recently that Brooklyn College of the City College of New York has produced more Noble Prize winners than any undergraduate college in the world. Several public high school in New York City are in the top ten of preparatory institutions worldwide in the number of Nobel Prize winners produced. All or almost all of these awardees are Jewish American.

    Almost all of these were born and went to school before 1970. There are still a lot of Jewish people in New York City. Many still excel in science and mathematics, but you don’t see the same drive to achieve anymore to judge by the results.

    What has changed in America, since 1970? Well, for one thing, in a bizarre form of social triage, America gave up developing the people who had proven themselves over literally a millennium of striving the most able in every art and science. It would be nice to say that as a result, we are reaping the whirlwind. But that is not exactly the point. The object of all of this is, in the end, no more “we”.

  24. Sylvie says:

    …railroad companies recruited Chinese laborers to build the Pacific portions of the track and predominantly Irish laborers to construct the line from the East.

    The resolution said the Chinese railroad workers “faced grueling hours and extremely harsh conditions in order to lay hundreds of miles of track and were paid substandard wages,”

    And the Irish labourers were not?

  25. ATBOTL says:

    “The schoolbook tells you that Asian railroad workers were dilligent enough to outperform their white counterparts by twice.”

    This is undoubtedly a lie that the capitalists made up to justify the importation of Chinese workers.

  26. fred says:

    I’m not down on Asians. But I don’t want a billion Chinese to immigrate. Who wants to become a minority because their country was swamped by foreigners? Not to mention having one’s wages cut in half. The Chinese Exclusion Act was good immigration policy.

    In 50 years the senate will no doubt vote to apologize to Mexico for even having immigration laws.

  27. Jupiter7 says:

    It is one minute before midnight demographically within the borders of America for Native Born White Americans. I can assure you that the Chinese and other Asian ethnic groups within the borders of America understand this obvious fact..and you can be absolutely certain that they smell blood!!! The attempt to discredit the legitimacy of the 1888 Chinese Exclusion Act by post-1965 Asians in America should be seen in the larger context of a full-blown war of racial aggression against the Native Born White American Majority being waged by Asians in our America.

    The intent behind the movement to discredit the legitimacy of the 1888 Chinese Exclusion Act is to 1)rapidly reduce the Native Born White American Majority to a very small and violently persecuted racial minority within the borders of America and 2) implement an Asian only National Origins Immigration policy that will completely exclude Europeans. Obviously, there is a double standard going on here that millions of Native Born White Americans are expected to tolerate:race-based National Origins Immigration policy for Asians..very good…race-based National Origins Immigration Policy for Native Born White Americans..very bad. And the Asians flaunt this double standard in a very public way with the enthusiastic support of political liberals and “conservative” free market corporatists in the treasonous Republican Party.

    Native Born White Americans are under no obligation to commit racial suicide within the borders of the nation they founded and created because the Asian invaders demand it..I mean, it is really outrageous.

    I hope Pat Buchanan’s new book contains the high quality of analysis and strong outrage that can be found in the comments in this thread…unfortunately, I have great doubts about this..but it is this high level of commentary and righteous outrage that is the very thing needed to ignite a revolt against race-replacement at the hands of the high-fertility Asian Invader. Instead, we get a wonkish policy recommendation to implement a temporary time-out on Asian immigration for a few years…this is what the moratorium is all about. I am opposed to the moratorium..I want a permanent shut down of all Asian immigration, and I want the Asian fifth column – which is large and rapidly growing-deported out of Native Born White America.

  28. Buridan says:

    Jennifer (#19) is in favor of chinese immigration.

    As a French, I have the same position for my country. With chinese immigrants, we will have efficient people, bilingual (who can learn chinese ? and are we going to talk to the Chinese in English ?), opposed to affirmative action, who will help us to diminish the relative weight of the black and arab among us.

  29. Alexandra says:

    Oh, here we go again, Jennifer.

    I don’t think many people here would deny that East Asians are smart. I’ve found them to be intelligent and respectful myself, from my personal experience.

    But that doesn’t mean we have to share our country with them. Why can’t they use their talents in their OWN country, and let us whites have OUR own nation(s)? Can’t we EVER have anything to ourselves?

    Oh, I’m sorry, that would be racist, wouldn’t it?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Anon. #1: When we read that, “All men are created equal” they never qualify that statement with the original intent which was that all men (White men)were created equal before the law; not in all things, and between all people.

    If that were the case then all things in Nature would be created equal. Is a butterfly equal to a tiger? I’ll let you answer that one.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Miss Whitey #3: The Communist Chinese government will apologize for the lack of non-Han Chinese immigration into China, right after they apologize for the murder of 77 million people under that bloodthirsty Tryrant, Mao tse-tung, and the murder of the Student Protesters in Tianamin Square, in 1989.

    Don’t hold your breath for that.

  32. WR the elder says:

    So when is the Chinese government going to apologize for the Cultural Revolution that resulted in the starvation of 20 million Chinese? I think that was a wee bit worse than restricting immigration from China to America.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Ironic because today the Chinese are colonizing Tibet and Xinjiang, two areas they have no claim too. Believe me there will never be any Chinese apology for this.

  34. Gerald Martin says:

    #19 Jennifer: Please read my #18 & Alexandra’s #29. I agree that the Chinese are intelligent, industrious and have many other fine qualities, and that most white students today don’t work as hard, in part because of the collapse in standards our society has experienced over the past 50 years.

    But the Chinese are far from perfect. They have no sense of honor like Westerners have. And no sense of fair play. Cheating is a perfectly legitimate strategy as long as they don’t get caught. (I’ve seen this among Asians in general at the public schools where I’ve taught, and in Army training schools I attended as a student.) They also fight furiously to prevent tests like the SAT from testing higher thinking skills that combine abstract reasoning (which they’re good at) with creativity (which they’re not so good at, and whites are better at).

    And then there is their intense ethno-centrism (aka, racism). It’s not so bad when Asian numbers are small – individually many Asians are wonderful people – but if you teach large numbers of Asians they look down on you as inferior. And they reject Western concepts like individualism for themselves and their own societies while exploiting the opportunities it gives them to reach high positions in what was once OUR society.

    I don’t blame Asians for being ethno-centric, btw. I blame us for not reacting to it in the appropriate way, like our ancestors did with the Chinese Exclusion Act.

  35. Jupiter7 says:

    Jennifer, you basically don’t mind that the Chinese and other Asian ethnic groups are stealing jobs and wages from Native Born White Americans…and that’s a fact. The H-1 and L-1 visa programs are job and wage theft programs. And your claim that Asians are not a tax burden is patently false. The moment an Asian family arrives in America they put their elderly parents on the dole. Moreover, when Asians flood into a school system, the property tax goes through the room…to the point that for thousands of Native Born White American families, the property tax becomes unpayable, and they pack up and leave…or face the very real possibility of losing their home in a tax lien sale to a predatory Asian.

    Larger point:Why aren’t you in favor of developing Native Born White American youth for careers in science,medicine and technology? Why the prefeence for Asians? How did Native Born White American ever manage to 12 alpha Native Born White American Males on the Moon at time when NASA was 99.9 percent Native Born White American and America was 90 percent Native Born White American? Since you have a prefence for Asians, you should pack up and leave our America and go live in China..don’t impose China on the rest of us…I’m very serious.

    Jennifer’s post is just another example of why I am very hostile to the race-realism movement and the IQ test score enthusiasts..very often it leads to a preference for flooding our America with Asians. What I do believe in is Racial Tribalism-Native Born White American variety.

    Every one here should watch “Rocket City” Rednecks on History Channel2. What these two brothers and father represent was the scientific and technolgical demographic norm in America for many decades.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Average White Guy #11: You can add to these murderous statistics the murder of America Army Air Corp Captain John Birch, who was sent by the US Army to meet the Communists and ascertain what their intentions would be after the Japanese surrender.

    John Birch was fluent in Chinese, and was a Baptist Missionary in China, before becoming an Intelligence Officer with the American Volunteer Group, also known as the “Flying Tigers”, which was then transfered to the US Army Air Corps after Pearl Harbor.

    Of course, most people don’t know that this man, along with a Chinese Nationalist Officer, would be shot and bayonetted by the Chinese Communists.

    John Birch, alone, was bayonetted over 87 times. His driver who was also shot and thrown into a ditch, survived, and then crawled to a nearby Village, where the peasants went back for Captain Birch, and then carried him through the jungle, to the American sector.

    This illustrates what we are dealing with on all fronts, and why I ask the readers to avaoid all things made in China, as best as you can. Stop putting money in these murderers’ pockets.

    Please read the book, “The Life of John Birch” by Robert H.W. Welch, Jr.

  37. Frank says:

    Perhaps we can ask the Chinese to apologize for the killing of Americans during the Korean War and the support of the NVA in the Vietnam War?

  38. Anonymous says:


    “I am very hostile to the race-realism movement and the IQ test score enthusiasts..very often it leads to a preference for flooding our America with Asians.”

    In short, you are upset that realism doesn’t produce the reality you wanted it to produce. How does this make you different from Al Sharpton?

    People like John Engelman, Jennifer and a few others are the only true realists here. The rest pretend to be realists when it gives them a chance to bash blacks, but then forget all of that when it comes to Asians.

  39. Courtney from Alabama says:

    Jennifer’s comments are not just beside the point, but they are also false. It is quite a stretch to jump from saying you want Chinese people here to you want “all Asians here”, which is basically what she said. All Asians? Really? She is talking about a wide range of IQ and civilizational level there, out of which only the Koreans, Japanese and Chinese have higher IQs than whites (only by a small margin).

    Apart from that, whites have created far more than Asians have in science, and as Jupiter pointed out, did we need them here to put a man on the moon?

    This is all beside the point anyways. The bottom line is that whites should have their own countries just like Asians do.

  40. ATBOTL says:

    “Race realism” is a stupid term and needs to be dropped. We are pro-white or white nationalists.

  41. Jupiter7 says:

    Anon at 8.32

    You comment has no merit. It assumes that if Native Born White American Patriots do not go on an MSM venue and blather on about IQ test scores,race-and the natural intellectual superiority of the Chinese in America, the race-replacement of the Native Born White American Majority can not be reversed. As I have argued over the past five years here, and several other places, this is patently false. With 100 percent certainty, every time the IQ score and race issue is raised in a MSM venue-debate, the race-replacement issue will be sidetracked completely..strategically, the issue is a big-time loser…it is 100 percent irrelevant to the race-replacement issue. What I am advocating is Native Born White American Racial opposed to AL Sharpton’s black racial tibalism…We do not need the blessing and scientific approval of some very boring academic psychometrician for our tribal racial preference.

  42. Jupiter7 says:

    Frank and others

    Vietnam and North Korea posed zero threat to the United States. There was no legitimate national security reason for invading these nations. And in invading Vietnam and North Korea the most powerful military on the planet was only a few miles from the Chinese border. What would the US have done if China had invaded and occupied Mexico and had their only a few miles south of El-Paso Texas? You and I both know the obvious answer..the US would have nuked China. We now know that McCarthur wanted to nuke the Chinese and plans were well under way in the Nixon administration to nuke North Vietnam. Were the Chinese suppose to tolerate this? The Chinese do not have to apologize for anything during the Vietnam and Korean wars.

    The race-replacement the Native Born White American Majority went hand-in-hand with the Cold War US invasions..they are inseparable. The fossilized Cold War ideology that you and other people who post here have bought into is monumental foolishness..and very dangerous because of its lethal race-replacement consequences. The US invasion of Korea has had the consequence of 1) forcing Native Born White Americans to compete with the Korean gene line for the scarce resources of America in 2011 and 2) forcing millions of Native Born White Americans to subsidize the Chinese Veterans of the Korean War on the dole within the borders of America and force Native Born White American Youth to compete with the grandchildren of these US White Tax Payer subsidized Chinese Korean War I wrote:the foolishness is monumental.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I’m a native San Franciscan descended from sum ancestors who were here before the Gold Rush.

    If you look at San Francisco now, you can very well see why Geary, Kearney and the other heroes who forced through the Chinese exclusion acts.

    Away from the tourist areas, the city is a gigantic slum. 1,000 sq ft 4 room houses atop a 1,000 sq ft garage. 20 or more people live in the house. The garage is either an illegal food processing or other sweatshop operation. If not an illegal factory, the garage is an illegal boarding house with 20 more people living in it.

    The back yards are often filled with ramshackle additions built without any kind of permit or inspection.

    Those garages are the place where the restaurant owners have their illegal immigrant slaves do the prep work. By prep work I mean slaughtering and cutting up live chickens. Butchering half a pig. Cutting and slicing hundred of pounds of vegetable a day.

    I have seen emaciated Chinese slaves squatting on the floors of the garages killing and cutting up chickens. The vegetables are cut up in those garages as well. This is Richmond district close to all those Chinese restaurants on Clement St.

    It is of course a violation of numerous FDA and health and safety codes to slaughter and cut up chickens on the floor of a single family home residence.

    Look for a single family home to buy in San Francisco. The realtor will take you to house after house where there are 6 sets of triple bunks in the living room. The bedrooms will have both a bed and several sleeping bags. These 11 by 12 bedrooms are the living quarters of married couples with kids. The bunks in the living room are rented out to boarders.

    Google Wa Ching Joe Boys Chinese gangs of San Francisco for information on penal code crimes. Chinese businesses are nothing more than criminal enterprises disguised as businesses.

    Englemann and others should go to live among the Chinese and Koreans of San Francisco. They might learn what the rest of us learned about Chinese.

    Question: If their IQs are so high why is every Chinatown and Chinese city in America nothing more than a White collar criminal enterprise zoning and health code violation, tax evading, slave holding slum?

  44. Anonymous says:

    The average Chinese IQ is 105, therefore Chinese are superior to Whites and should occupy every college place and every professional and skilled job. That is the reasoning of Taylor, Rushton, Englemann, Sailor and others.

    Well, my IQ, my husbands, all our siblings, our children, grandchildren and nieces and nephews all are in the 120 to 130 range. So should we not be entitled to IQ preference in college admission and professional and skilled jobs? If not why not?

    I’ll tell you, vicious discrimination against Whites by our own goverment, most of all the judiciary.

    My husband and I were stuck in mid career by affirmative action. Our children were badly affected by affirmative action.

    Our grand childre will be out of the system completely. We’re planning to buy them subway or other fast food franchises when they are 18. We’ll hire a manager. The kids will take business administration classes at the local community college.

    No anti White propaganda wasting 4 young adult years. No starting out life with $100,000 worth of student loans and no job prospects because of affirmative action.

  45. Gerald Martin says:

    #44 (Anonymous): WHERE did Jared Taylor or Steve Sailor EVER say ANYTHING like Chinese, because they have a higher average IQ than whites, should hold every “college place and every professional and skilled job?” That’s the most tortured and flawed interpretation of their remarks I’ve ever heard. It’s just plain wrong. The whole point of everything Taylor has said for 20 years about the Chinese has been, essentially, this: The Chinese – no matter how high their IQ and achievements – did NOT create this country, did NOT conquer and settle North America, and – generally speaking – did NOT build this country to greatness. It was the whites who did all that. Just because several tens of thousands of Chinese helped build the western railroads does NOT give them some kind of moral right to emigrate to this country, or impose on whites the obligation to permit such emigration. The opposite in fact: whites have the abosolute right and the moral obligation to their descendents to keep this country predominantly white, and this includes ending all non-white immigration, including Chinese, into the United States.

  46. Courtney from Alabama says:

    Gerald, you are one of my friends on here and I respect you a lot. You are a very smart person who is enthusiastic about our cause and I love that.

    However, I will have to defend anonymous poster 44 here. Rushton, Taylor, and Sailor have all said things that make me question their stances on Asian immigration. I know that Taylor has said clearly that he DOES NOT support Asian immigration no matter how talented Asians are, but then on the other hand I have seen certain writings from him and heard certain talks from him where he must not have been using the best wording because he really had me confused.

    Sailor, on the other hand, very blatantly supports immigration from nonwhite countries just as long as we are bringing in high IQ-ed individuals from those countries. At least that is how he was the last time I tuned into his website, but to be fair, he may have changed his stance over the years.

    As for me, my main pet peeve with all three of them (Rushton, Sailor, and Taylor), is that they go a little over board when discussing the talents of Asians. I went to a conference and heard Ruston speak in person (as have you I presume), and he seems to like to assume that just because Asians have slightly higher IQs than whites, that that means that they have the potential to outperform us in innovations and creativity when this has never been proven before, and so far, up to this point, whites have dominated by a long shot in discovery, inventing and so forth.

    People such as Rushton love to hypothesize about the future, almost guaranteeing that Asians will dominate us, and this is only based on his knowledge of their slightly higher IQs as well as this false history about China somehow being superior to the West until 1500 AD, when the fact of the matter is that I can count on one hand the inventions that came out of China during all that time. Shall we discuss what Greece alone invented in classical times?

    I agree with you in that we need to be careful about what we accuse people of on here and taking what they say out of context (I have been guilty of that many times). However, at the same time, I can fully understand how someone would be suspicious of Taylor’s REAL thoughts on Asians immigrating to this country. He, Rushton, and Sailor, sure do spend a little too much time talking about all the virtues of that race when the fact of the matter is there ARE things that whites outperform them in such as innovation and discovery (by a long shot). It is to the point to where I wonder why we even make such a big fuss over their high IQs like we do when comparing them to ourselves. I find it offensive, quite frankly.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Chinese are always Chinese first even after many generations also this thing about their high IQ maybe true technically, however their creativity is close to zilch. Over the last two thousand years the Chinese were at least a third of the whole world’s population, yet their inventions are almost nil.

    Unlike Jews in the West who after they were given equal rights made great strides in Physics, Chemistry, medicine etc. The Chinese have had their own country for 5000 years yet have contributed little to progress compared to the West.

    My prediction is we will rue the day we let them have our technology and know how. The world cannot support another 1billion consumers. There will be WWIII over the fight for resources etc.this is not going to work out good. Like everything else wrong with America we can blame our Plutocratic class. The only Thing that may make my prediction untrue, is that America may fall apart so soon we will not even be competing for a lot of resources.