Posted on October 27, 2011

Is There ‘White Flight’ from US Nursing Homes?

Onome Akpogheneta, The Grio, October 25, 2011

Minority elders are more frequently becoming nursing home residents compared to whites, a new study reveals.

Available nursing home spots in the United States decreased over 6 percent between 1999 and 2008, while still having to accommodate 1.2 million people.

A disproportionate number of residents are black, Latino and Asian, the study finds. And, compared to 1999, fewer residents are white. The study, published in Health Affairs, focuses on the top 10 metropolitan areas for each minority group.

While nursing home admissions fell by 10 percent for white elders, admissions are up 11 percent for blacks, and even more for Hispanics and Asians–over 50 percent.

This increase might suggest better access to nursing home care for minorities, but lead researcher, Dr. Zhanlian Feng, of Brown University, explains that it may be the opposite. The higher rates are actually due to a lack of access to more desirable care options for elders of ethnic minority groups, he says.


Researchers found differences within ethnic groups based on location as well. For example, there was an increase in nursing home residence of 22 percent for elder blacks in New York, but only 1 percent in the Los Angeles and Long Beach areas.


“Ultimately, poor minority elders may be increasingly relegated to nursing homes, while whites with more financial resources are able to use various home and community-based alternatives,” Feng says.

[Editor’s Note: The full report is available here.]

39 responses to “Is There ‘White Flight’ from US Nursing Homes?”

  1. (AWG) Average White Guy / Indianapolis says:

    The first thing an elderly person ‘loses’ after enrolling in a nursing home is his/her hearing aid.

    Such items are routinely stolen and sold for a fraction of the original costs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    LIAR! Most of us elderly Whites have only social security to survive on after working 30 to 40 years and we are NOT rich! Most of us HAVE to go into these nursing homes if there is no family to care for us and that is my big nightmare.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It was never a problem when poor and middle-class Whites had to put their elderly family members into nursing homes, but now that so-called “minorities” have to, all of a sudden we have a national crisis caused by “income disparity”.

    I truly, truly hate what has become of this country!

  4. Carl Tunnsman says:

    Whites now know that entrusting a frail, elderly parent to the care of an angry, unqualified black staff can be lethal. Out of LOVE, they are once again stepping up and caring for their own.

    As they well should.

    Sadly, many of these caregivers won’t have any kids to care for them. Even more critical during the phase in of mandated, death panel Gov’t health care. Trust me, you won’t like it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This sounds like a plea for government money to get black life long welfare recipients into those $4,000 per month luxury assisted living homes.

  6. White Mom says:

    A disproportionate number of residents are black, Latino and Asian, the study finds.

    I’ve had liberals tell me that Asian and Hispanic “family values” were far superior to Whites because they don’t “abandon their Grandma’s” in nursing homes. They told me Whites are uniquely cold, disrespectful and uncaring to their elders. Whoops, yet another anti-White myth busted…

  7. Anonymous says:

    The reason is not that whites have more access to other arrangements, since they don’t. Whites have less options to explore, and less funds to do it with. But however liberal they may claim to be, they don’t want their elderly loved ones left to the mercy of non-whites who have no compassion for frail, helpless, elderly whites. Non-whites don’t have the empathy to care for those weaker than themselves, whether it be small children or the elderly. God knows, they can’t or won’t even care for their own properly.

  8. Harry says:

    My recent on and off 10 year experience with nursing homes has convinced me that I will make every effort not to survive if that is my alternative at the end of my days.

    My living environment is not luxurious but it is clean without abuses.

    Nursing homes are the opposite. The moral decay that we are witnessing in this country is worse in a confined nursing home where there is no oversight and patients are afraid to be witnesses to abuse of other patients.

  9. Tim in Indiana says:

    Since whites are becoming a minority in their own country, how is this surprising?

    Also note that many whites are caring for their elderly at considerable hardship to themselves. Many have to sacrifice careers to do so, or are spending all their disposable income on in-home care.

    But of course the problems of whites aren’t worthy of consideration.

  10. Bill R says:

    In other words, whites care more for their elderly and do what they can not to have to consign them to “nursing homes”. Blacks victimize their elderly on a routine basis, knowing when the welfare and social security checks come out. And slam them in to nursing homes (or the social workers do) at the earliest opportunity.

  11. Anonymous says:

    So the white population is rapidly falling in the country, while the non-white population is booming, and so there are fewer whites entering nursing homes? Well DUH! But see how they try to spin this natural coorelation into some “White geezers are racist!” slant.

    The mention of elder asians and latinos entering the ‘system’ makes me mad, because you know most of them are the grandmothers brought over in the last ten years by younger families to babysit. When they don’t need them anymore, they foist them off on our taxpayer dime. Smart move on their part, of course.

    Both me and my wife have resolved never to go into a nursing home if we can help it. Why? Here are the reasons.

    1. Nearly EVERY worker at any nursing home we’ve seen is Haitian, Jamaican, Indian, black or something else. Same goes true for home attendants and nurses around here. The rough way they treat the frail old geezers (and we have seen this plenty) is truly, deeply sad. I don’t want to spend my last few years being pushed around in a wheelchair by an angry woman from south India or Jamaica who can’t stop talking on her cell phone (in her language) and giving me dirty looks!

    2. The rising tide of elder abuse in these homes is terrifying, probably due to a rise in what number one above notes.

    3. My grandma was put in a nursing home, and it was a horrible place filled with death and uncaring people.

  12. Istvan says:

    1) Maybe there are more old people of color. Most of the Indian and Chinese immigrants bring their wizened mothers in with them.

    2) A black woman at work told me, when my grandmother was in a nursing home for her last 6 months or so (dementia), “we don’t put our old folks in homes, we take care of at home”. So where are the black nursing home residents coming from?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Our white elders are put in a very dangerous situation once they’re placed in a nursing home. White numbers are dropping in these places because of the justifiable fear of something really awful happening to them.

    When you have a staff made up largely of low-IQ blacks and Mestizos, nothing but trouble can be on the horizon for defenseless whites. These non-whites often rape, rob, assault and steal from our folk in these places. And throw in just general overall incompetence when it comes to doing the job from these DIE-versity hires and you have a big-time recipe for disaster.

    Our white seniors should be allowed to live out their twilight years in relative peace and comfort and not always having to wonder if Jamaal, Sha’ Niqua, Lita or Jose is going to try and commit some sort of felony against their person or foul up their medical care in some fashion.

    Bottom line: We need racially segregated hospitals, rehab facilities, nursing homes, retirement homes and prisons right here in America. White Gentiles take care of White Gentiles; Asians take care of Asians; Blacks take care of Blacks; Mestizos take care of Mestizos; Jews take care of Jews, etc. That would solve our racial problems in these institutions.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Posters 11 and 12 are so right. The number of elderly Asians in my part of Queens is unbelievable. They get it all, SSI, medicaid, food stamps, free transportation, free legal, senior housing, home health care aides. And when the time comes, medicaid will give them free nursing home care. They’ve never contributed a penny to our country and became huge tax eaters upon arrival. In northeast Queens these people are very well off but they make sure their elderly get every benefit there is. The hispanics, hindus, arabs, persians, jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Iran, Israel, etc. are right up there too. It’s infuriating.

  15. Tab Numlock says:

    Forced intergeneration to the bitter end. Why not give the old folks an exemption and have their own segregated homes?

  16. Anonymous says:

    White flight from nursing homes is part of the plan, just like White flight from the cities.

    How much White family wealth is spent on hellish commutes, expensive private school tuitions, and community club dues? All that money could be compounding for White families to pass down to their White children. Instead, the money is spent while trying to flee blacks.

    Same for nursing homes. The Whites will spend their children’s inheritances on better nursing homes, leaving nothing to the children, thus equalizing Whites with blacks who leave nothing to their children.

    All expenses we incur for White Humanity’s sake are losses in the long run. We are being oppressed down to the level of blacks.

    The future is Horror. The horror, the horror…

    Blacks are a corrosive to any nation that keeps them. The Diversity Curse isn’t temporary- it’s permanent and fatal.

    We did it to ourselves. Suffer the Satanic African Voodoo.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I think there is more to this phenomena…..

    I work for a law enforcement agency and have to check up on a few invalid parolees who have care issues beyond the corrections system. (55 yr old man with kidney dialysis was the DX for my most recent one) The nursing staff stated that a large percentage of one entire floor was sick people with criminal sentences.

    They had even uncovered a heroin dealing operation involving some of the criminally sentenced residents!

    Judging from what I saw, that the US government, state and county are all throwing money at these places to house people that would require even more expensive care in a government institution.

  18. Howard W. Campbell says:

    Where do you have mostly white employees at a nursing home outside of rural areas? Thank God that my parents never had to spend one minute in a nursing home. These places are more depressing than a funeral home. At least there is a sense of finality when you meet with the undertaker.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if the do-gooder whites who forced busing on the rest of us have to spend their last years in an integrated nursing home with an almost all minority staff. I wonder what screwball legal logic will be used to force our elders into these places so that we can have diversity? That will be a future undertaking for one of the death panels.

  19. Sonya says:

    Years ago in a parking lot I saw how black “caregivers” treat older whites clients. A car pulled up with two black females and an older white male in the back seat. The older man was probably in his mid sixties but stared and did not speak, possibly the victim of a stroke or maybe Alzheimers.

    As the black women got out to go into an ice cream shop they yelled at the man in a most degrading way (the man just stared blankly) telling him he better NOT get out of that car, or move; they peppered their speech with various obscenities to stress their point. It was horrible and degrading; it made one wonder what they did to him behind closed doors. Blacks should never be entrusted to care for the helpless, and that includes pets as well as the elderly.

  20. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    “It was a horrible place filled with death and uncaring people” I was lucky. My Dad had enough money to get a top facility and I was able to check on him twice a day going and coming on my business for the day. In an earlier post I told how “Visits” were the coin of the realm in nursing homes. Some elderly had kids who “loved them” but hadn`t bothered to drop in except twice a year… Unacceptable. As for the filled with death part, I have to agree. Dad would tell me every week about who had checked in and “checked out”…He jokingly told me once, “Never let me go to the third floor! They never come back from the third floor…” After his final unsuccessful surgery I had to tell him gently, “Dad, Your on the third floor” It was as good a way as any to tell him to get his mind right and make peace.

  21. kingfish says:

    My dad was in a home for about 6 months before his recent death. The reason we had to take him in and out, and while out we had to do the diaper changing and feeding ourselves was that it cost the blacks ooooo and us $190 PER DAY plus medications… How many people can afford that,, we couldnt. He was not rich or poor, but like most of us owned a house. If you own a house even if its a dump you cannot get the guvmint to pay. So,, we found out that there is a few days after a hospital stay that medicare will pay for, and when his free days were up we had no choice but to take him home until he had to be hospitilized again . Probably 75% of the residents were black,, its free for them. We will all face this someday and its a disgrace to us all who work and try to do right. Might as well give up and try to get on the welfare dole when still able to work, we will be better off in the end. KF

  22. Anonymous says:

    I know one thing for certain. These blacks and assorted minorities who do NOT put their elders in nursing homes want those SSA checks so they keep them in their own homes and abuse them just for the MONEY. How many times have we read of this happening. How many times have we read where the elder person had died in the home and they just kept receiving those SSA checks that the family member kept cashing?

    As for these nursing homes and the kind of help they hire is a crime. Why aren’t these places shut down and investigated? Most of the help are uncaring, abusive people of color. Heaven help any White elderly person that has to be placed in those hell holes.

  23. olewhitelady says:

    Could it be that more non-whites are living longer, due to increased access to modern health care? I worked in health care for decades, both in rural white areas and in big OH cities. I found that many blacks appear to be suspicious of the system and apparently believe that whitey will let them die at the first opportunity. They want everything done to keep family members alive, even if it means vegetation on a ventilator for years. Ghetto blacks, moreover, are used to the welfare system caring for them and thus will continue to avail themselves of every freebie the system provides. Their thinking is, “I want the same thing white people get!” even if it’s a less-than-optimal life in a nursing home.

    Another matter that probably puts blacks and Hispanics in nursing homes is their failure to maintain their health as well as possible. If they’re grossly overweight, have debilitating strokes, lose limbs to disease, etc. it’s more difficult, if not impossible, for the oldsters themselves or family members to care for them at home. If they didn’t have adequete insurance, they can’t pay for round-the-clock caregivers–and thus have only nursing homes as options.

  24. rjp says:

    12 — Istvan:2) A black woman at work told me, when my grandmother was in a nursing home for her last 6 months or so (dementia), “we don’t put our old folks in homes, we take care of at home”.

    What she meant was “we be gettin’ da check, and we spends it.”

  25. Fed Up says:

    I left Houston and moved to a geographic area which has a virtually ALL-WHITE population. Blacks and Latinos making at the most a percentage point or two of the total population. No surprise, therefore, that crime (factored as incidents of reported crime vs. total population) is very noticeably less than in Houston or any other “culturally diverse” city. But you don’t have to have a law enforcement career to be aware that the great majority of local criminals invariably happen to be Blacks or Latinos.

  26. anywho says:

    Anticipating this problem among many others, my brothers and I purchased acreage in southwestern Missouri 15 years ago. A well, tornado shelter, insulted cabin (800 sq. ft.), and electricity were installed; a pole barn was erected. Our parents moved out there several years ago. No mortgage payment or rent for them, just taxes and insurance. And they’ve been able to set aside quite a bit of money. In less than five years my wife and I will join them. Several of my children and their cousins have relocated to the area. There will be no nursing home for my parents.

  27. ghw says:

    6 — White Mom wrote:

    I’ve had liberals tell me that Asian and Hispanic “family values” were far superior to Whites because they don’t “abandon their Grandma’s” in nursing homes. They told me Whites are uniquely cold, disrespectful and uncaring to their elders.


    Does that explain why they have so many abandoned and fatherless children?

  28. Scarecrow says:

    Ten years ago, my uncle had to go into a nursing home which was in the city of Detroit. When we admitted him there, they advised us to chain his portable TV down to the table because theft was common there. In the two years he had been in that nursing home, he got his cell phone stolen and numerous articles of clothing. We got him out of there and moved him to a suburban nursing home and the problems didn’t totally go away but diminished quite a bit. He passed away shortly thereafter. I think I would rather be dead than be in a nursing home.

  29. Zach Sowers says:

    Blacks treat nursing homes the same as they do public transport, it exist to serve them alone. Any unfortunate white charges are fair game for ‘revenge for slavery.’ White staff should be on the lookout for this payback. CCTV should be installed in every room in the facility and recorded. Tapes should be archived.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I believe AARP has insurance for round the clock home health care. If you don’t want a nursing home, but it when you turn 60.

    It will mean joining AARP a leftist organization, but it will save you from abuse by blacks. I have been in 4 nursing homes for 2 weeks after surgery. I found the hispanics and filippinos to be fine. Lucky me, almost all nursing home providers from Mds to dishwashers in my area are hispanic and filipino.

    The blacks are well, black.

    Be sure and take 4 days worth of your medicine with you if you are scheduled to go into a nursing home for any reason. Generally it is not delivered for 2 or 3 days. After surgery you will need blood thinners and perhaps antibiotics.

    Ask your Drs for prescriptions and get the meds before you get go into surgery or nursing home. Absolutely do not tell anyone you have the meds. Hide them in a purse or bag. Take them out of the prescription bottles and put them in a small bottle. Memorize or write down what the dosages, times and what they look like.

    Best place to keep the bottle is in a White sock. Ask the nurse’s aide for your purse or bag and take them when in privacy.

    You might want to split them into 2 bottles in case one is found.

    Bring a cell phone, charger, extension cord and tape to secure the charger to the bed table.

    By law nursing homes are required to have phones for the patients. In reality it is 2 cordless phones for 80 to 99 patients. One is always charging, so only one is avaliable.

    Do not tell your Dr. you are bringing your own meds.

    This specially important if you have cancer. I have heard cancer patients screaming in pain for 2 days because the meds have not yet been delivered. If you have heart problems and clogged arteries you will really need the coumadin blood thinner.

    If you have to wait 3 days for it you risk a heart attack.

    Any problem, do not hesitate to call 911 and request both an ambulance and police.

    Touching anyone, including a patient without consent is assault and battery.

    Drs practice defensive medicine to avoid law suits and complaints to the board. Patients need to practice definsive patienting.

    Consensus in the medical community is that 20 to 30 percent of nursing home workers are working with false credentials. They are not all nurse’s aides. Some have RN, LVN and therapist false credentials.

  31. Alexandra says:

    When my maternal grandparents were in a Detroit-area nursing home, my dad made sure to engrave “On loan to (grandparent’s name) on their electronics.

    Looking back, I think my late father was a realist.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Anon #2: That is a problem for elderly White Americans. How about AmRen readers contribute to, and then break ground on building several Assisted Living-Nursing Homes, around the country?

    This would reflect our desire to take care of ourselves and our parents,or grandparents, separate from the Instutions that abuse their patients, on a daily basis, today.

  33. Poster 30 says:

    30 — Anonymous wrote at 7:59 PM on October 28:

    “I believe AARP has insurance for round the clock home health care. If you don’t want a nursing home, but it when you turn 60.

    Be sure and take 4 days worth of your medicine with you if you are scheduled to go into a nursing home for any reason. Generally it is not delivered for 2 or 3 days. After surgery you will need blood thinners and perhaps antibiotics.”

    I forgot to add that always bring a notebook and pens with you. Write down the names and occupation of everyone who deals with you. The occupations are those initials after the name on the ID tag. CNA nurse aid, RPT therapist etc.

    Don’t write the names down when they are there. Do it in private. Many don’t wear their name tags although required by law to do so. Ask someone else in a friendly way. “I forget her name and it is not polite to keep asking people their names.” So many have fake credentials that they don’t want their names known.

    Get business cards from the administrators office and nurses stations. You will need all this if you want to complain to the useless regulator agencies or your insurance company which will do nothing.

    Many nursing home employees don’t work for the nursing homes, they are from agencies and in an out. Many nursing homes are big chains that keep transferring their staff around.

    So you will have to find out the names and occupations while you are there. Write down the bad things that happen. You will need documentation for regulatory complaint or a lawsuit.

    If you are over a certain age remember elder abuse. It is a very elastic term that covers many things that do not constitute malpractice.

    Make friends with the non black nurse’s aides. Because they are “point of contact”, they are burdened with all sorts of extra chores. They are your best help. If you do get a black nurse’s aid, well remember she is only there for 8 hours.

    Your insurance cards have 800 numbers on them. Call them and complain while you are there.

    If things go badly, just fall out of bed and demand to be taken to the hospital.

  34. Anonymous says:

    That’s why SS is broke…They bring their seniors here who get SS and Medicaid and never worked…Here in NY it’s the worst…

  35. Anonymous says:

    32 — Anonymous wrote at 1:21 PM on October 29:

    Anon #2: That is a problem for elderly White Americans. How about AmRen readers contribute to, and then break ground on building several Assisted Living-Nursing Homes, around the country?

    This would reflect our desire to take care of ourselves and our parents,or grandparents, separate from the Instutions that abuse their patients, on a daily basis, today.


    Problem is that they will still have to HIRE nonwhite staff. We have NOTHING in this country for Whites alone. Thanks to the traitors in the 40’s,50′ and 60’s and from there ever after.

  36. patthemick says:

    All I know from working security at nursing homes is the help is horribly underpaid and steals whatever isn’t nailed down. I want to cry for the poor elderly who end up in one.

  37. Anonymous says:

    There is a nursing home near me that is run by Mennonites. Much of the staff consists of young Mennonites doing a year or two of church service. As far as I can tell, the nursing home is either all-white or virtually all white. They don’t allow patients to have TV sets, although they do show movies for the patients, and I assume that the patients could watch movies on a personal computer, etc. Maybe outlawing TV sets discourages minority admissions.

    I have had a couple of lengthy hospital stays, and one of the black hospital employees was really great at his job, and very caring. Some blacks DO have a gift for helping the helpless, but I think that when the staff gets to a certain percentage of blackness, there will be huge problems with abuse and thieving.

    I think that if I had to put a loved one in a nursing home for Alzheimer’s, I would choose to put them in the Mennonite home, or something similar, even if I didn’t live nearby. The patients are ALWAYS going to be treated better if loved ones are showing up unannounced at frequent intervals, but if you can only be there an hour or so per day, and the place is staffed by angry minorities, I think that the out-of-town all-white place is the superior option. But if the loved one still knew who I was, it would be a tougher call. I would probably use a nursing home close to me, and try to prevent abuse and thieving as best I could.

    People who say that they would NEVER put a relative into a nursing home are JERKS. Just like the women who can’t shut up about breastfeeding, or homeschooling, or whatever. Each patient is different, each family situation is unique. People have to try to do whatever will work best for them, and other people should think before they blurt out uninformed judgmental comments.

  38. Anonymous says:

    #35: Well, the Staff should be hired directly through AmRen or

    We will not advertise “openings” for any jobs. They will be filled by those who read AmRen, or related sites. There are more than enough Doctors, Nurses, Pharamcits, and Technicians that would like to work in this environment, and also place their elderly relatives in such Homes.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Poster #33: I suggest stopping by the Nursing Home, unannounced, and visit your relative there, to see what the conditions are really like, other than on “Family Day”.

    I would also hire a Private Investigator to do a visit on a relative who may be in a Home, in another part of the State, or Country.

    Provide him with a Notarized statement from you, that he can show the Administrative Staff, when he shows up at their counter to check on Mom or Dad.

    Photographs, and a thorough written Inspection log should be taken, and interviews with other patients conducted, to obtain all the pertinent information about patient care at that Facility.

    Having an independent Investigator look into the matter would bring more clout to a case of abuse, or mistreatment, as well.