Posted on October 27, 2011

Parents Storm Building After Brawl Breaks Out at Mckinley Middle School

Dan Armstrong, MI NBC News, October 27, 2011

Police arrest 15 to 20 middle school students after a brawl at McKinley Foundation Academy in Flint.


Once the fight broke out, students began calling and texting their parents.

Some of the parents became irate when they were not allowed inside the building.

Parents packed the front entrance demanding answers. They had heard about a fight possibly involving weapons and did not know if their children were safe.

One parent kicked the front door while another shouted “Kick it down!”


Another parent called school officials on the phone and said, “Guess what? You guys are getting sued. We want out kids out now!”

School leaders called Flint City police for assistance.


School leaders locked the building down for a couple hours to restore order leaving the parents outside.


[Editor’s Note: The student body at Mckinley Middle School is 72.7 percent black and 23 percent white.]