Posted on October 27, 2011

Latino Groups Urge White House Official to ‘Return to Her Roots,’ Push for Better Immigration System

Albor Ruiz, NY Daily News, October 26, 2011

The next couple of months are bound to be difficult ones for Cecilia Muñoz, the White House director of Intergovernmental Affairs.

Several Latino groups are demanding she tell the truth about Secure Communities, the Obama administration’s controversial deportation program.

With that in mind, they have launched a nationwide online petition asking Muñoz “to return to her roots and to fight for the rights of Latinos caught in a reckless immigration system that pulls families apart and has deported record numbers.”

The fact that Muñoz, former vice-president of the National Council of La Raza, the country’s largest Latino advocacy group and a former passionate defender of immigrant rights, has morphed into the main White House official publicly trying to justify its harsh tactics is particularly galling for advocates. They feel betrayed.


“As long as Congress gives us the money to deport 400,000 people a year that’s what the administration is going to do. Even broken laws have to be enforced,” a seemingly annoyed Muñoz told correspondent María Hinojosa.

“When you were appointed the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs of the Obama Administration, we applauded,” the petition reads. “When we heard the announcement that you’d been appointed the President’s right-hand person on immigration policy, we thought that was a positive step.

“However, . . . it has become clear that your true role at the White House is to serve as the chief Latina defender of immigration policies that have devastated our community. It has left us confused and heartbroken,” the petition continues.


Felipe Matos, of, had this message for Muñoz:

“It is time for [her] to come home to her community . . . It is time to tell the truth and stop defending the indefensible.”

7 responses to “Latino Groups Urge White House Official to ‘Return to Her Roots,’ Push for Better Immigration System”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Latinos need not get too excited about deportations, it’s no secret that Obama and Napolitano are cooking the books and double and triple counting the numbers being deported. This is typical scam by the Obamaites and I’m sure Cecilia Muñoz knows all about it.

  2. Question Diversity says:

    has deported record numbers

    What deportation?

    has morphed into the main White House official publicly trying to justify its harsh tactics

    What harsh tactics?

    I smell a rope-a-dope, a deliberate false flag on the part of the Razatard types to “denounce” the “harsh” immigration enforcement of the Obama White House, to make Obama appear “moderate” ahead of 2012. When in reality, he has pretty much stopped immigration enforcement.

  3. rockman says:

    what ever happened to white back bone?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Rest easy, Latinos. senora Munez knows full well your demands and is working around the clock to see that they are answered. She knows what you want:

  5. Anonymous says:

    Muñoz sure looks White to me, definitely not your typical Bolivian. I will never understand why someone like her would identify with “la Raza”. Unless she just wants their votes, like so many other White politicians with Spanish surnames.

  6. Georgia Resident. says:

    “Deportation” is government-speak for “turning illegal immigrants away at the border”. This, in a saner age, would have been known as the Border Patrol actually doing its job occasionally. Although, considering that the border patrol is disproportionately Hispanic, their unwillingness to actually do their job without being cajoled is unsurprising.

    Can we at least get rid of the idea that the majority of Hispanics citizens are primarily loyal to the US?

  7. Periapsis says:

    If these La Raza terrorists think this Latina is not radical enough, they’ve yet to see how radical the hatred among whites towards them will become. It will be the sort of hatred that will lead to total war in the U.S., with no mercy shown to them or the ruling elites who are their enablers.