Posted on October 18, 2011

High School Coach Badly Beaten by Opposing Players

George Mathis, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, October 17, 2011

The beating of its high school football coach has prompted the superintendent of Warren County schools to seek the state’s assistance in obtaining a “complete investigation” of the Friday attack.

Warren County Superintendent Dr. Jean Carey said the school system has asked the Georgia attorney general’s office to request a GBI investigation into the after-game fight that seriously injured head football coach David Daniels. No arrests have been made.

Carey said Daniels was attacked after Friday night’s 21-2 victory in Hancock County.

Carey, who witnessed the incident, said Warren County players were locked out of the visiting locker room after the Sparta school’s homecoming game.

A group of more than 30 Hancock players attacked Warren players, said Carey.


Daniels tried to intervene and was “smashed in the face with a helmet,” said Carey.

Daniels was hospitalized with head injuries and has undergone major reconstructive surgery to his face, including crushed bones above and below his eye.


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  1. (AWG) Average White Guy says:

    Recall the Jena Six footballer Mychal Bell was a respected athlete. His fellow thugs were honored by the Black Entertainment Network and thousands of blacks rallied in their support.

    I suspect these thugs will receive similar honors and support.

    What they won’t receive is condemnation for the mainstream media.

  2. Sincerely Concerned says:

    I am from Georgia. I am ashamed of my state that this has happened. We have fought (excuse the use of the word) long and hard to show that black and white relations in Georgia were and are good and have been for a hundred years, or at least fifty. I am embarrassed and I truly hope that some good will come out of this somehow. These two counties are rural and it has ALWAYS been my experience that rural areas have better race relations than urban or suburban areas because everyone is fairly equal in what they have with regard to housing, jobs, and shared chores such as farming. There is NO excuse for this attack, in my view, and I hope to learn more about why it happened and what sort of punishment the players will receive.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A group beating? The players, who likely are the ones who actually deserved a beating, if anyone did, must have felt justified in their anger in carrying out such a group/mob attack.

    Perhaps AmRen offers an antidote to their moral certainty, although most likely it just offers greater ‘moral certainty’ to those who are white.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve read several articles about this incident.

    The Warren county players planned to escape quickly because of the danger of staying around win or lose. The locker room doors were locked and the Hancock players were lying in wait. I doubt the high school boys had the keys. It must have been a Hancock

    school employee (black of course)who had keys who locked the door.

    So this was premediated. The blacks will excuse it as an uncontrolled out break of teen age boy hormones. So will liberal Whites. Poor babies, the legacy of slavery made them unable to control their feelings. They were hurt and humiliated.

    The coach of the opposite team is named Keavious. We all know who names their kids Keavious. Who had the keys to lock the doors?

    The school superintendent accompanied the team to the game. That seems unusual. It wasn’t the state play offs. Why was she there? Was it because she and the coach expected trouble?

    The superintendent has demanded that the Georgia State police investigate. The local sheriff has refused to involve the state police. This being Georgia it is reasonable to assume the local sheriff is black and will hold on to the investigation.

    He or she will of course be unable to find anyone who hit the coach.

    Coaches don’t wear helmets. Players do. The attackers knew to hit him on the head so as to cause serious injury.

    It was obvious the whole thing was planned and at least one black Hancock school employee locked the doors. The black coach was probably also involved.

  5. Eurobeing says:

    This goes hand in glove with blacks not being able to take things when the chips don’t fall their way. I am assuming and I could be wrong that the attacking team was the one that lost the gam and went on a rampage.

    What did the other team look like? Were their any white players? My guess is that though they had an athletic group of young players they probably lacked some fundamental dicipline and thinking skills which utimately cost them the game.

    Blacks left to their own always destroy everything. They revert back to African traits of selfishness and deciet. That’s why they fail at everything unless whites intervene.

  6. margaret says:

    Here is a more complete article. Note that the local sheriff is trying to avoid bringing in state investigators. The assistant coach who took over from Daniels is also White. Glad I’m not him. With this triumph who knows what will happen.

    Warren County coach recovering as inquiry continuesBy Wayne Staats

    Staff Writer

    Monday, Oct. 17, 2011

    A postgame altercation involving two high school football teams left Warren County coach David Daniel with severe injuries and a swirl of questions surrounding the incident.

    Warren County Schools Superintendent Carole Jean Carey said Daniel had surgery after bones in his face were “crushed” after the Screaming Devils’ 21-2 victory Friday night at Hancock Central in Sparta, Ga. Assistant coach Jim Turner will be the acting head coach while Daniel is out.

    Daniel’s wife, Rochelle, said Monday the injuries are on the right side of Daniel’s face, adding she was told there is no brain damage. But she said there are severe fractures around his eye, cheek and nose, which required major reconstructive surgery.

    “We’re just taking it one day at a time,” she said. “I don’t want to blame anybody. It’s one of those things where everybody wants to know what’s going on, what’s happened.”

    A request by Carey to have the Georgia Bureau of Investigation look into the matter was denied by the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department.

    “They wouldn’t listen to anything I had to say,” Carey said of the sheriff’s department.

    Hancock County Sheriff Tomlyn Primus, when reached at home Monday night, refused to say whether his office was investigating. Other media sources have reported that the sheriff’s department is investigating.

    Tom Davis, the special agent in charge at the GBI’s Milledgeville office, said the agency can get involved only if a request comes from the district attorney, sheriff of the county, chief of police or Superior Court judge with area jurisdiction.

    Davis said the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department has a right to work without requesting GBI involvement.

    Carey said she might call the district attorney – who does have jurisdiction – today.

    The incident occurred, Carey said, as she was walking with Daniel after the game. After the Screaming Devils reached their locked locker room, they were “caught off guard,” she said.

    Carey said Daniel saw a Hancock Central player hit a Warren County player from behind with a helmet. According to Carey, Daniel stepped in and said something to the effect of “What are you doing?” The Hancock Central player, who has not been identified, then struck Daniel with a helmet.

    Daniel was released from the Medical College of Georgia Hospital on Sunday night but will go back as doctors decide what’s next.

    “He wants to come back to school and focus on (this Friday’s) game right now,” Carey said. “But he’s got to take care of himself first. All of Warrenton is just real upset.”

    Ralph Swearngin, the executive director of the Georgia High School Association, said his organization has secondary involvement right now.

    The GHSA has asked both schools to give accounts of what transpired, including what security measures were taken.

    Swearngin, who added he’s waiting on a police report, said it will take a few days to get all the reports. Carey said Warren County has already sent its report to the GHSA.

    “It’s a matter of trying to enforce our bylaws in regard to sportsmanship,” Swearngin said.

    Hancock Central defensive coordinator Marleau Blount resigned in August from Warren County before serving his third season as head coach after several players practiced before completing physical examinations.

    After Friday night’s game, Blount spoke with former players, students and teachers. He said he didn’t see what instigated the matter and which players might be involved.

    “It was real unfortunate. I’m upset at everything,” said Blount, who is unsure what punishment will be handed out to those involved.

    Carey said Daniel would have been coaching at Monday’s practice if he had things his way. In fact, Warren County High School Principal Kaveous Preston half-jokingly said he looked around to make sure Daniel wasn’t watching Monday’s practice from somewhere in the woods.

    Carey also said she spoke with Washington-Wilkes officials and said “we’re all good to go” regarding Friday night’s game in Warrenton. The team is 6-1, with three games left including Friday’s.

    Lincoln County coach Larry Campbell, whose team defeated Hancock Central 28-15 on Sept. 30, said he hasn’t had any issues with the program through the years. He has also never heard of a coach getting struck with a helmet.

    “Never in my 42 years have I ever seen anything like that happen. Nothing close to it,” Campbell said. “I don’t know everything that happened, but I know a coach shouldn’t get hit under any circumstances.”

    Like Campbell, Aquinas coach Matt LeZotte said he has never had any postgame issues as a former high school and college quarterback or in three years coaching.

    “It just blew my mind. We never have any problems,” said LeZotte, who said the Daniel incident was random. “We’re also not 10 miles down the road from our rival like Warren County and Hancock (Central). Also, our rivalries are competitive and not personal.”

    Campbell said he believes the GHSA will probably be “extremely tough” on the program. He added he’ll take extra on-field precautions, starting with Friday’s home game against Aquinas.

    “I’ve seen enough of it,” Campbell said, “that we’ll have security from now on until we get both teams off the field.”


    “security measures” shackles? Snipers on the top tier of the bleachers? Some of the worst prisons in America have games, including guards vs immates and nothing like this happens.

    And the players and coach of the Hancock central player who hit Daniels have no idea of who did it.

    So much for sports and activities to keep the ferals busy and out of trouble.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Funny… I followed the link to the original article and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution doesn’t share the photos.

  8. Blaak Obongo says:

    “The beating of its high school football coach has prompted the superintendent of Warren County schools to seek the state’s assistance in obtaining a “complete investigation” of the Friday attack.”

    Putting on my fortune-teller’s hat, I predict that if–and it’s a big if–this investigation ever happens, it will find the following:

    1: This was not, and never could possibly have been, a “hate crime.” Impossible. Out of the question.

    2: The poor, innocent students who sent Coach Daniels to the surgeon will be found to have been Victims of Systemic Racism. Their school will demand and receive greater funding to deal with this terrible problem.

    In addition, I predict:

    1: The media will take the side of the African thugs–er, student athletes–and decide that “racial epithets” drove them to their actions.

    2: No punishment will be given to the Youths, all of whom are Good Kids; brilliant scholars who were struggling against Racism to turn their lives around and become rap stars or theoretical physicists.

    3: No Whites will stand up for Coach Daniels, for fear of being called Racist.

    4: If Coach Daniels is foolish enough to want to keep his job after this attack, he will be required to ostentatiously “forgive” the violent criminals and make all possible excuses for them.

    Bets, anyone?

  9. BO_Bill says:

    I watched several fascinating episodes of a MTV2 show last night called ‘Bully Beatdown’. The episodes I saw typically had some big black guy confronted by an apparently thin white guy named ‘Mayhem’ (really an MMF fighter). The black guy invariably would talk trash, and then be challenged by the white guy to fight in the ring against a MMA fighter, who in each case was white.

    And then the white guy with loud approval of the studio audience would beat the living stuff out of the black guy, making him look pathetic. MTV is a Sumner Redstone (Jewish) organization, and this show makes one wonder if there is might be something going on behind the scenes in the Grievance Industry. This show is popular enough, or being promoted enough, to be run back-to-back all night long on MTV2.

    Personally, I think that those who control our messages are setting up black Americans to be the 21st Century scapegoat.

    ‘Bully Beatdown’:

  10. GreatNorthWoods says:

    Holy smokes!

    Not even a white quarterback on that Hancock team.

    This is exactly why I sent my son & daughter to a private school when I lived in both Georgia & South Carolina. Unless you go into the Appalachian Mountains, you just can’t get away from all that blackness living down there without taking purposeful steps.


  11. tightwad says:

    Kind of reminds me of 19th century photos of the Zulu who annihilated the Europeans at Isandlwana in 1879.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Maybe #9 did it?

  13. Jeddermann. says:

    This is murderous intent. Use of a weapon, disparity of force, numbers, physical ability, etc. To have to suffer such severe injuries calls for more than just an investigation. Calls for some strong prison time for the perps.

    And yes, they may lost their scholarships. That too.

  14. Jeddermann. says:

    “said three minutes before the conclusion of the game she’d checked with Warren County school resource officers to make sure the team had a ‘quick escape plan.'”

    It was realized even before the game was over that trouble was brewing. May I suggest that these TWO TEAMS NEVER PLAY AGAIN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, NO MATTER WHAT!

  15. neanderthalDNA says:

    Yeah, remember years ago when Jesse Jackson went charging into some school district protesting the expulsion of some poor black kids who turned the football game into a war zone?

    Thank God for the video!

    Who, in their right mind would want to subject themselves to that kind of danger attending a black on black sporting event? Or any sporting event at one of these out of control black schools?

    I tried to attend as few as I possibly could and not be seen as a not properly participating in school activities. Truth was I treasured every moment I was away from that place and those people.

    Home school if you can, white people stuck in anything vaguely resembling these school districts.

    And wealthy white people with a shred of decency and dignity – ever think of putting your money where your hearts and minds are and offering to help a poor white kid by endowing a scholarship to a nice private or parochial school? Or help a poor white family so they can home school?

    Doesn’t have to be a big public thing, you know?

  16. Johnny says:

    White people should never try to intercede in tribal warfare, either small scale such as this or larger scale such as the ones in Africa. It’s like trying to teach an elephant to tap dance. It wastes your time and only annoys the elephant.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Another one!? Seems like the africans have moved on from flash robs to a new pastime. That pic caption should read “Future Inmates.”

  18. rb says:

    This article fails to outline the Hancock Sheriffs refusal to call in outside jurisdictions/GBI to investigate and bring a resolution to this matter. The state Atty.Generals office should send the Sheriff an ultimatum,get off your hands and bring the feral Criminals to justice,or face impeachment for failure of carrying out a sworn oath. Look at the demographics of Hancock Co.and you will understand the lack of qualified,functional law enforcement.

  19. Grob Hahn says:

    Unfortunately high school rivalries have been allowed to go unchecked for too long. For decades the other side has been seen as the “enemy”. I remember a time when a visiting team was hosted by families of the home team and had dinner the night before the game. All of that stopped when all-black high school teams started popping up with their 3-year seniors and ghetto attitudes. This entire team should be sanctioned and forbidden from competing until ALL of them have been replaced by lower classmen. Do these losers think the NFL wants this? And what college wants these kinds of sore losers and troublemakers? Here’s a hint for the local law enforcement; lock them ALL up and see who starts talking first. These thugs have no honor so it shouldn’t take very long for the truth to be told. Doing it the way you are now makes it seem like you condone this and plan to sweep it under the rug. Good luck with that you rac|st fool.


  20. Deirdre says:

    I guess it couldn’t possibly be racial.

  21. Awakened says:

    The photo says it all.

  22. patthemick says:

    well that’s assault with a deadly weapon charge. What are they thinking or are they capable of thinking at all? There is no why to the attack and did they just attack them for fun and games or what?

  23. Agneon says:

    I guess they don’t like the number 9.

  24. bonnie blue says:

    What does anyone expect. I am a native Georgian and have seen the rural counties here turn into “ghetto” counties over the past 30 years. I knew when I first heard this story on local Atlanta news I knew who the perps were. Time to get away from “spoats”. “Spoats” are not real life. Southern high school football teams are predominantly black. White students move on to productive lives for the most part. I do not waste my time watching a bunch of blacks run around on a football field. Or on a basketball court. Someone tell me why I should.

  25. Loo says:

    Ahh, the “benefits” of playing inter-racial “ball” in the land of state sponsored dysgenics!

  26. Tom says:

    Why does this not surprise me?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Ahhh….a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

  28. Bob13 says:

    Look at the photos, nothing much else needs to be said, africans are seriously lacking in the impulse control department, just another great reason for staying as far away as possible.

  29. Karen says:

    Wow, no one could have seen that coming. lol.

  30. friend of AR says:

    Looks like the Hancock team can’t even count to ten with that front row lineup.

  31. lamont says:

    blacks are just too violent and uncivilized to be in society.

  32. rockman says:

    I am sure that Holder will act to prevent this race motivated attack on his people

  33. fred says:

    Amren’s excerpts left out the most telling parts. From the original article.

    Carey said she asked Hancock County Sheriff Tomlyn Primus to bring the GBI into the investigation, but he declined.

    Sheriff Primus confirmed Monday afternoon that no arrests have been made.

    “It’s still under investigation,” said Primus. “Until we have all the facts we are not going to make any arrests.”

    He said he declined Carey’s request to bring in the GBI because it is “my responsibility to investigate any incident that has taken place, and [Carey] has not given me opportunity to do so.”

    “Apparently Warren County has all the facts and we don’t,” said Primus, “but not all of what they say happened is true.”

    As dark as the Hanconck Central football team is would you care to guess the background of their Sheriff Primus? I looked all over the internet and finally found a photo on page 7 of the following pdf.

    My suspicions were confirmed.

  34. Anonymous says:

    -Followup report :

    Racism was found to be the direct cause of the loss, since we all know, black athletes are far superior in every way to whites. So the school system will be investigating how to avoid this in the future- possibly by giving these cultured teams a 21 point lead in every athletic match.

    imagine how many in this lineup are going directly to jail ! They are certainly showing their desire to get there ASAP.

  35. (AWG) Average White Guy says:

    This is why schools were segregated in the South.

    It had nothing to do with hair texture or skin tone. It had everything to do with protecting White students and school staff members from black crime and violence.

    Such violence is common in the black community.

    Consider Phoenix, Arizona; 1942.

    Black soldiers went on a ‘beat Whitey’ rampage through the streets of Phoenix after a White box defeated his black opponent.

    In an unusually unbiased report, we read the following from Wikipedia:

    “On Thanksgiving night 1942, an illegal prize fight between a champion boxer of a black regiment and a white boxer of another army regiment degenerated into a melee between competing camps. Subsequently, the black regiment left their barracks en masse and began attacking whites and rioting into downtown. Unable to contain the spreading violence by the black soldiers, local police called in the military. The rioters were met by several military police units who attempted to arrest the rioters. Instead, the rest of the black soldiers based nearby joined the rioters with firearms. The Army quickly responded to the mutiny and surrounded the area with armored personnel carriers and machine guns and ordering soldiers to use full military force against the mutineers resulting in dozens of fatalities. The Colonel of Luke Field who had oversight of the city, soon declared Army personnel banned from Phoenix.”

  36. Sonya says:

    Our local paper covered this story. People are saying Hancock Sheriff’s department are going to try and cover this up. They have REFUSED to let the GBI investigate the case.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Bully beatdown.

    I think there is no real racial aspect to the “casting” of the show. It is a real mix of people. But this is one sport that white men do well at because of the strength and endurance aspect. In boxing, blacks dominate because they have longer arms and are quicker.

    If you look up “worlds strongest men” on the web you will notice that almost all….or maybe even all are white.

  38. rjp says:

    How long do you think it took them to line up in numerical order?

    Do you think they ever noticed number 9 was missing? Or has the number 9 been retired in homage to the 9mm?

  39. Anonymous says:

    The Hancock Sheriff who is trying to cover it up is also black.

  40. Jack in Chicago says:

    We’ve had this discussion before on – the situation in the South where the college and now high school football teams are all Black, but the coaches and fans very White. I just came back from Nashville where my alma mater Vanderbilt lost a close game to a virtually all Black University of Georgia team. There were tens of thousands of White U of Georgia fans dressed in red Georgia Bull Dog colors having a good time and spending lots of tourist $ in Nashville. I got on well with them.

    But this racial situation in the South with football will not work. If the football players are going to be all Black, the coaches need to also be Black, cheer leaders also Black – so Blacks will be responsible for the conduct of their own people. Otherwise, there will be constant terrible racial attacks like this against Whites.

    I noted with great joy that Nashville now has an NHL hockey team down town – the players are all White as are the fans. The South takes well to White hockey and we should encourage our Southern good ol boys to support HS and college hockey like in the Big Ten.

  41. Auntie Em says:

    The initial concept of sports – sound mind in a sound body – and its promotion of learning to win or lose with grace has been co-opted.

    There is nothing health-supporting today in what we call “sports.”

  42. Rocky Mountain says:

    The guy that hosts “Bully Beatdown” admitted that the whole thing is fake.

  43. Rocky Mountain says:

    The guy that hosts “Bully Beatdown” admitted that the whole thing is fake.

  44. Rocky Mountain says:

    The guy that hosts “Bully Beatdown” admitted that the whole thing is fake.

  45. Anonymous says:

    2 — Sincerely Concerned wrote at 5:19 PM on October 18:

    I am from Georgia. I am ashamed of my state that this has happened. We have fought (excuse the use of the word) long and hard to show that black and white relations in Georgia were and are good and have been for a hundred years, or at least fifty. I am embarrassed and I truly hope that some good will come out of this somehow. These two counties are rural and it has ALWAYS been my experience that rural areas have better race relations than urban or suburban areas because everyone is fairly equal in what they have with regard to housing, jobs, and shared chores such as farming. There is NO excuse for this attack, in my view, and I hope to learn more about why it happened and what sort of punishment the players will receive.


    I have to question your assertion that black and white relations in Georgia are well and good…I sure hope not. But most of your posts seem to be more on the idealistic side rather than the hard fact side.

    Obviously that is your (White) problem right there. I thought southerners had more sense than to beat that drum, “We all get along just fine” and have been for eons..Maybe you can get Rodney King to be a spokesperson for black/white relations….have you no concept of race at all? I don’t care if you have black friends or whatever but the reality is those nice black folk will split from you in a heartbeat when it comes to their racial interests.

  46. Beat and Release says:

    As a retired cop I try to get all the facts before making a judgement, even though the obvious clues are there. The name of the Hancock Sheriff, Tomlyn Terrell Primus, and his refusal to involve another LE agency with a decent reputation, led me to believe he was black. I searched the internet for photos of the sheriff. I found it curious there was no campaign site I could find and news sites did not even have photos of him. I finally found his Facebook page, under the name Terrell Primus, and was able to confirm what I suspected.

    He is a member of Omega Psi Phi, a black fraternity whose members brand themselves. He also has a degree in business administration, which really isn’t that helpful when it comes to a career in law enforcement. He seems to be the typical administrative pogue so common in the upper echelon of police departments. He also appears to be a black racist who is willing to gloss over a serious crime committed by fellow blacks. After all, these young men are playing football in an effort to get out of economically depressed and racist Hancock County, Ga. Besides, that white team should have let the black team win that game. The white man owes it to that black team to let them win.

    It will be interesting to see how this turns out. I wonder if the Justice Department will be brought in due to the obvious violation of the visiting team’s civil rights. (snort)

  47. Anonymous says:

    FWIW, they’re are no white students at Hancock Co, the coach at Hancock was fired from Warren Co. this summer. The entire county admin. is as crooked as a snake . Both counties have private schools that white students attend, for good reason. Hancock Co. has the highest % of transplanted Africans in the entire state. Hancock is the poorest county in the state. Surprised?…..I didn’t think so.

  48. BEBE says:

    2 — Sincerely Concerned wrote at 5:19 PM on October 18:

    I am from Georgia. I am ashamed of my state that this has happened.


    That statement alone makes me wonder about you. Why are you ashamed of your state? Should you not be ashamed of the BLACK players?

    You go on to say how great black/white relations are in Georgia and have been for years and years. Maybe THAT is your problem. You cannot face racial realities. Race matters. I wouldn’t want to live in your idealistic/fantasy world.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Hancock sure has some “creative” names on their football roster:

    Montkevious, Tamarcus, Dequante, Ja’lan, Quanterious, Jaquantay, etc.

  50. Anonymous says:

    “I watched several fascinating episodes of a MTV2 show last night called ‘Bully Beatdown’. The episodes I saw typically had some big black guy confronted by an apparently thin white guy named ‘Mayhem’ (really an MMF fighter). The black guy invariably would talk trash, and then be challenged by the white guy to fight in the ring against a MMA fighter, who in each case was white.”

    This is an interesting concept. I encourage white youths to forget about playing football, basketball, baseball, etc.. Those are no longer white sports nor American pastimes. Learn mixed martial arts (or similar), marxmanship, and combat techniques. The future will be full of extreme violence and white dispossession. Chasing a ball around the field will not train you to protect your future wife and children from home invasion and rape. Drinking beer and watching the game is a way for the media to make you forget about your dispossession. “Relax, catch a buzz, enjoy the game.” I say dump your beer down the toilet, turn off the stupid game, and start learning how to fight back. And it doesn’t matter if you’re “old”. Elderly women are successfully shooting and killing home invaders. With training and organization, anyone can win a fight against low IQ cowards. The sooner we start fighting, the easier it will be to take our futures back. Don’t wait until times are even more desperate.

  51. Legal Eagle says:

    Hancock County is the blackest county in Georgia, with Africans making up about 80% of the population. Not surprisingly, it is also the poorest county in the State. Anyone who drives through the place feels as though they have been transported 80 years into the past. Hancock County is famous in local circles for the corruption of its black politicians.

    Warren County is slightly less demographically-challenged, being “only” about 60% black. However, there is just enough of a White presence that some semblance of civilization can persist.

  52. Lauren says:

    Here in Mississippi, there is a substantial contingent among the young Cognitive Elite, who hate Football with an intensity I would not have imagined. The sport ruined my own private school, when a scary goon was hired as Principal/Coach, in order that they might hire away a competing school’s prize Football Coach (such priorities…). Today, I hear one of the dumbest kids to ever graduate our school is now Principal, primarily because he was a ‘Football Standout’. And they wonder why so few graduates of that, one of the top schools in our state, become Physicians, MBAs, or Attorneys. Priorities….

    Anyway, that’s why I have my own hatred for the sport, which I considered extreme. But my feelings pale beside the hatred felt by our Kids and their friends. This article gives me an inkling why that might be. Though my offspring have been in private schools from Pre-K on, they surely grew up hearing rumors of what was going on at public schools. The incident described here is probably only one of the more extreme. Here, of course, we always have the example of Luke Woodham, a ‘Football Boy’ who shot-up nearby Pearl High, when my kids were tots. And the recent ‘Gena 6’ circus surely helped. Plus, the ‘Football Crowd’, even at private schools, is considered to be an unwholesome lot. Steroids, drugs, Date-rape, drunken driving, out-of-control parties, bullying…all are considered to be signature aspects of that ‘scene’.

    It would be so wise, if Whites could simply turn their backs on this minority-infested Sport of Choice for Bullies and Psychos, and concentrate, as my own kids have done, on Strength Training and Advanced Self-defense. Both disciplines, hopefully, will help them cope with what lies ahead.

  53. john says:

    First, the heavyweight champion of the WORLD is a white man;he is also a PhD .In a scientific field,not,say, Womens Studies or Black Studies. A real PhD. NO ONE but a white man could do that! Second,I thought athletics was a REFUGE for the good black youths ,who wish to escape the “wrong crowd” by playing sports. Now it seems the athletes are the real brutes and the thugs are looking better and better! Future mother :I want my son to join a gang and run with the thugs—to escape that bad element in the schools!

  54. Jesse says:


    Hmm, what?

    Blacks dominate boxing?

    They did that back in the day when boxers were all Americans. There was a string of successful ones from the 60s to the 90s.

    Then something happened. The Soviet Union fell. And boxing got a little bigger as a sport, with more pro-level competitors.

    The current heavyweight boxing world champion is Vitali Klitschko from Ukraine.

    With 45 fights, 40 wins by KO and only 2 losses (one from a TKO due to a bleeding cut above his eye, one loss due to an injured shoulder, in both fights, he was ahead on points when the fight was stopped).

    He has never in his career been knocked down and he has the highest knockout ratio of any heavyweight champion.

    Muhammed Ali would not have been able to stand up to him, no matter how much boxing commentators praise him as the best ever.

    Oh yeah, Vitali is also the first professional boxing world champion to hold a Ph.D…..

  55. One of a few says:

    I live in Hancock County. Population around 9000. 55th poorest county in the nation. 85% black. The other 15% are whites that live on Lake Sinclair east shore. Our taxes are insane. The BOE spends $8000 per student. The student- teacher ratio 11-1. They can’t score 600 on the SAT. Not one white student in the entire system. No whites hold any county govt jobs. Why the state does send some auditors down and close this nest of snakes, I can’t understand.

  56. Anonymous says:

    “Such violence is common in the black community.

    “Consider Phoenix, Arizona; 1942. Black soldiers went on a ‘beat Whitey’ rampage through the streets of Phoenix after a White box defeated his black opponent. ”

    Similiar to the Brownsville TX riot in 1918? It was during World War 1. This one was planned in advance, not instigated by a sports event. The black soldiers raided the armory and pillaged Brownsville. The army contained the riot and herded the blacks back to their corrals.

    It’s in your children’s history books as an evil racist K attack on innocent black soldiers quietly playing checkers and reading the bible in their barracks.

  57. Anonymous says:

    “1: The media will take the side of the African thugs—er, student athletes—and decide that “racial epithets” drove them to their actions.”

    From the website, the Warren school whose coach was attacked is mostly black. The coach and superintendent are White. They must either have used a racial epithets or their subliminal sub conscious racism caused these poor victims of slavery and injustice to break out in rightious rage.

    Has ADL and SPLC weighed in? Or are they scamming their naive

    donors to raise funds for defense lawyers?

  58. Anonymous says:

    This is a workmen’s comp injury BTW. All teacher and school staff injuries are workmen’s comp. Maybe the WC insurance companies will try to contain costs by imposing safety regulations on schools. The first would be to expel all thugs permanently.

  59. Anonymous says:

    This is Georgia. Aren’t the GBI, states attorney’s office and every other goverment office filled with black affirmative action hires who hate Whites?

    When the Supreme Court, Johnson, Nixon, Kennedy and Humphrey came up with affirmative action they knew what they were doing.

    American Revolution, French Revolution, Russian Revolution, replacement of non nazis with nazi party members in Germany, the first step is to fill the government with party members to exterminate the dissidents.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Lauren wrote “It would be so wise, if Whites could simply turn their backs on this minority-infested Sport of Choice for Bullies and Psychos,”

    What if they had a super bowl and no one watched? This must be why so many Whites have their kids into soccer.

  61. Jolly says:

    Lauren #50

    If we don’t watch football on tv or go to high school, college or professional games, then it will disappear from sight.

  62. Alan Andrews says:

    As I read the article Margaret posted and noted the sheriff’s response to the suggestion that he call in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, I wondered to myself, “I wonder if….”

  63. Anonymous says:

    i tried to escape blacks but they are everywhere like a pestilence. i spend over 2000 a year in gas just driving to stores where there are no blacks.

  64. OZLYON says:

    Wait until Obama loses the next election. Blacks will absolutely lose their minds. Trust me, the mere thought of such an outcome is stoking the hateful embers of black thought all across America. You will see racially motivated beatings and confrontations from sea to shining sea.

    And oh yes, if Cain does not get the GOP nomination, he too will blame institutionalized racism for his shortcomings. God I wish that white folks would wake up.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Is Hancock Central High based in Ga USA, or is there a Georgia Zaire or something?

  66. Jesse says:

    Lauren #50

    Go for white sports instead.

    Like Ice Hockey.

    Ad don’t care if people start calling you a canadian or something….

    The main nations in the world when it comes to Hockey is USA, Canada, Russia, Czech republic, Sweden and Finland.

    Not many non-whites in that sport. And all the secondary nations are also white.

    Although I think Japan has a somewhat decent 2nd rate team, but I think a few japanese aren’t that bad, compared to some other population groups….

  67. Sonya says:

    Sincerely Concerned wrote at 5:19 PM on October 18: I am from Georgia. I am ashamed of my state that this has happened.

    I agree with the other posters, these statements seem very odd.

    I live in middle Georgia just one county away from Hancock (fortunately my county is predominantely White). Many Whites southerners in this area are openly racist, the comments in the local newspaper ( online) are typically very very racist. The White folks are darn sick of the increasing black crime and are not shy about saying so.

    Methinks this “Sincerely Concerned” poster is either a liberal transplant or a person of color.

  68. Anonymous says:

    The only place this story is being seen here in Central Illinois is on the web at the Drudge Report. I had to GOOGLE this web site to see if I was right about the race factor, which is not being reported, even by Drudge. I was not surprised. These kids are being taught at home, by the “left, and by the mainstream media that they are the victims of the white race, and that they have no chance in this world thanks to the white race. The “left”, on a national level, does nothing to condemn these race based attacks as it benefits their political party and the big money funding of so called anti-hate organizations to keep the hate alive. I feel sorry the coach, but also for the kids that attacked him and his team. They are victims of not just plain old fashion hate, but the liberals, the left, the democrats, and the mainstream media. This country deserves better.

  69. Anonymous says:

    This “high school” needs to be permanently banned from participating in any Georgia High School Association activities.

    Any other course of action is unacceptable.

  70. pawcatch says:

    Why are so many here inferring that the other team is white?

    I belong to a hunting club about two counties away from Hancock (Georgia counties are smaller than most) and even though the county is about 43% black the local football is nearly all black.

    It seems many here want to play the victim card.

  71. Fred says:

    Hancock county was in my territory in my former job. The census data says it’s 80% black but that 20% is some really old white people that are too old to move. Once they die out, it’ll be 100% black because all the younger whites leave ASAP.

    That place is like going to Africa. There are no jobs, no businesses of note, nothing. It is the poorest county in Georgia. It has the highest rate of births to unwed mothers in Georgia.

    Nearly everyone there lives on welfare and food stamps in the most deplorable conditions you can imagine to exist in the US.

    It’s like a third-world country.

    The attitude of everyone there is just apathy. I hated going there.

    Warren county is not much better. I was shocked that the coach is white. I’ll bet none of the players are.

  72. George Milton says:

    Roman Colosseum sports for the uneducated animalistic and barbaric. Keep the animals entertained. Give the talented animals hope that they too can be rich if they play well enough. Unfortunately when they lose games you aren’t just telling them they lost a game you are telling them they fail at life and will never be rich and this is how they respond. Like dogs fighting over a bone.

    Nice game teaches good values. Ought to be banned.

  73. Anonymous says:

    I knew it all along, when the story first broke, that there was a racial element…. even without knowing anything about the 2 counties, or the skin complexion of the football teams. Then I started researching…. MAN I love it when I’m right!

    Thanks to all the previous postings… you tell it like it is. Now lets see if the liberal media has the guts to do the same.

    Just another example of this “culture of violence” and the “you owe me” attitude that exists in the black world. A black president is not enough? Maybe Obama will step in and offer to “have a beer” with the Warren County coach

  74. Anonymous says:

    High schoolers are not the only blacks who brawl at games.

    wildcats ♦ embree ♦ ucla bruins

    During the UCLA Bruins vs. Arizona Wildcats game last night, a fan dressed as a referee came running onto the field and stopped the game at a crucial moment right before half time, then ran away.

    It was apparently enough provocation to spark a fight between Bruins receiver Taylor Embree and Wildcat Shaquille Richardson, and once they started swinging, both teams cleared the benches.

    Embree and Richardson were quickly ejected from the game, and Arizona went on to win by a score of 48-12. It’s not clear what became of the fake referee.

  75. ATBOTL says:

    I though blacks only do this stuff in liberal Northern states?

  76. margaret says:

    No Race Riots Here

    – October 26, 2011

    Not to worry: The recent beating of a white football coach by 30 black people in Georgia was not a race riot. The Associated Press called it an “ambush.” A local TV station said a “fight broke out:” Maybe the coach attacked the mob, instead of the other way around.

    Whatever. The attack left the coach with several broken bones in his face.

    We know it was not a race riot because we would have read about that in the newspapers.

    An almost identical incident last year in Florida was not a race riot either. Anyone who notices race is an organizing factor in in a growing number of robberies and assaults has problems, says an editor at the biggest newspaper in Chicago.

    These non-race riots are not happening more often, in more parts of the country.

    Just a few days ago, 30 black people surrounded a mobile beverage cart in Minneapolis and robbed its white occupants. That was not a race riot. I know that because the police chief in Wisconsin says crime is color blind.

    If this were a race riot, we would have read about it.

    A few days before that in Philadelphia, 30-50 black people stormed a house chasing two white teenagers. The teenagers may or may not have laughed at someone who fell off a bike at a nearby park. There was a gun. Later, another crowd of 30 black people returned, threatening the white homeowners with violence if they testify in court.

    In the last two years, in hundreds of episodes in more than 50 cities, non-racial groups of black people — sometimes in the thousands — have been stealing, beating, threatening, even raping and killing. The victims are usually white.

    If you don’t go to YouTube and search black mob violence, you will not see video news stories of hundreds of these non-race riots. So who are you going to believe: The media? Or your lying video tapes?

    In Atlanta last summer, hundreds of black people beat and robbed and marauded through downtown during Screen on the Green night. Many of the victims of this non-race riot were gay — as is often the case in other non-race riots.

    Local news stations did not notice. Local gay people and other residents did — all on YouTube.

    And of course lets not forget the non-race riot on the Atlanta’s Marta line, where in the Spring, dozens of black people assaulted two flight attendants and terrorized the rest of the train.

    In Philadelphia, Ground Zero for the new non-race riots, a liberal newspaper editor was hospitalized with a severely broken leg after 30 black people chased her and her friends into an alley and beat and robbed them. These 30 assailants were part of a crowd of more than a thousand black people on the streets creating mayhem.

    As you can see, I am running out of ways to describe beating, robbing, looting, and other non-riot-like behavior.

    For the next few days, the editor blogged that, despite the fact that the mob was black, race had nothing to do with the crime. And anyone who thought differently was creepy, she said.

    After two years of denying that a tsunami of beatings and robberies in Philadelphia had anything to do with race, the black mayor of Philadelphia recently blasted the black rioters because they “damaged their own race.”

    Standing next to him was the head of Philadelphia Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, who said the mayor said what had to be said. The crimes were racial. The black web site Grio said the Mayor said what black people were thinking, but were afraid to say.

    America is the most race conscious country in the world. That is easy to see every day in the newspapers with stories about black caucuses, black leaders, black unions, black teachers groups, black student groups, black awards.

    Everything except hundreds and hundreds of cases of recent black mob violence — often targeted at women, gays and Asian immigrants.

    Some of the biggest non-race riots happen in Miami Beach during Black Beach Week, in Indianapolis during the Black Expo, and in South Carolina during Black Bike Week.

    Meanwhile, in El Paso, police are investigating white students for a hate crime after an eighth grade black classmate accused them of bullying. I know that was a crime of racial violence: I read it in the newspaper.