Posted on October 18, 2011

Rick Perry Voted Against Sanctions on Apartheid-Era South Africa

Jason Cherkis, Huffington Post, October 14, 2011

Conservatives concerned about Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s Democratic past may have one less reason to worry. From Perry’s past comes a crucial rebellion: a vote against a Democrat’s proposal to sanction Apartheid-era South Africa.

In 1985, another member of Perry’s former party put forth an amendment in the Texas State Legislature that would have outlawed the state’s investments in the South African government. South Africa had been widely condemned for its vicious racial segregation, and economic sanctions were considered a popular–and ultimately successful weapon–against its Apartheid government.

As proposed, the rule was explicit: “Investments of the Permanent University Fund and other funds available for investment may not be invested directly in the Republic of South Africa.”

The amendment was killed, with state Rep. Perry voting with the majority, according to Texas Legislature voting records.

A subsequent bill included a similar amendment to ban state investments in any business incorporated in South Africa. Again, Perry voted against the measure. That measure ultimately passed.


Other incidents in Perry’s past have caused controversy in his home state, whether it was standing up for an underling who was accused of using the n-word during a meeting, or referring to immigrants as “Jose” during a press conference.