Posted on September 13, 2011

GOP Congressman Wants Hearing on Amnesty for Obama’s “Drunken Uncle Omar”

Stand with Arizona, September 12, 2011

GOP Rep. Steve King (R-IA)–a stalwart opponent of illegal alien amnesty, came out with a strong response to Barack Obama’s “Uncle Omar”–the 20-year fugitive from justice busted for DUI in Massachussetts 2 weeks ago, who was then summarily released by ICE a few days ago. This follows the outrage of Obama’s Aunt Zeituni mooching off welfare and public housing for years in Boston, before being outed–and then getting asylum in an unprecedented closed immigration hearing.

As Judiciary Chariman Lamar Smith said Friday, “It appears there is a double standard–one for President Obama’s family and one for everyone else.”

Pulling no punches, King demands hearings on Obama’s “drunken Uncle Omar”…


14 responses to “GOP Congressman Wants Hearing on Amnesty for Obama’s “Drunken Uncle Omar””

  1. Tony Soprano says:

    Why didn’t he send Aunt Zeituni – mentioned 28 times in his book – a couple of bucks from time to time so she didn’t have to live off the public dole (while Michelle’s Mom lives in the White House)?……………….Could be that Barack Obama knows his father is not Barack Obama senior . That his Aunt and Uncle are not any kind of Blood relation.He knows that someday everyone will know his real father is Frank Marshall Davis.

  2. anonymous says:

    Thank God there is at least one honest man in Congress!

    This selective law enforcement drags us all down. We are either

    a nation of laws are we aren’t.

    Right now we seem to have an unbalanced form of anarchy favoring thieves and some minorities.

    Thanks to Steve King for standing up to it!!

  3. Deirdre says:

    Special treatment for the president’s family? I’m shocked. For God’s sake, black people are all being treated with kid gloves nowadays anyway. And any calls for sanity will be met with accusations of (sigh) racism and who knows what other libtard fantasy. This time the USA really scraped the bottom of the barrel in electing this guy.

    Sometimes I wonder if we are all part of some mad science experiment in which the goal is to cause thinking human beings to reject what they see with their own eyes in favor of an opinion constructed for them by brainwashing. Because in most cases it seems to be working.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good for Congressman Steve King! Glad someone is asking questions. First question to the President: Did you know your uncle was here illegally? If the answer is yes, then he helped harbor and aid a fugitive. No doubt uncle will get asylum anyway.

  5. Matt says:

    I don’t know what will come out of this BUT this King is one great American on all levels.

  6. Question Diversity says:

    Prediction: Obama will throw Uncle Omar under the bus in order to appear to “moderate” on the immigration issue. I am confident in my prediction, because I am now getting around to reading “The Obama Diaries” by Laura Ingraham. Obama himself shows no sympathy for Aunt Zetuni, and bemoans his (“many, too numerous to count”) relatives in both Kenya and America trying to cash in on his name.

    Steve King should focus on these two things:

    1. Administrative amnesty, the amnesty by non-enforcement scheme.

    2. He should hook up with Darrel Issa over at Oversight and see if Operation Fast and Furious was designed to affect the immigration debate. With each passing week, and each new leak, it becomes more and more obvious that top White House officials, maybe Obama himself, not only knew about F&F, but signed off on it to affect 2nd Amendment politics. One of the angles in F&F that needs more air time is if it was also designed to affect immigration — It would go something like this: “How can you right wing bigots be against amnesty because of Mexican crime when it’s your guns causing all their problems?” The obvious retort is that “our guns” seem to behave themselves rather well when in the hand of “our people” but have a hard time behaving when they get into the hands of Mexicans (not to mention domestic blacks).

  7. Tom in Illinois says:

    I’m probably one of the many who sent this story in and i can bet i wasnt the first. If this whole thing about Obama Letting off his own people being illegals…all the illegals and minorities will rejoice in the next election.

  8. Mr.White says:

    I’m pleased to see someone had the integrity to stand up and say enough is enough with this garbage. Lets hope something tangible comes of Steve King’s (R-IA) efforts.

    This country can no longer afford these leeches!

  9. Bill R says:

    Congressman, you are wrong. Obama isn’t showing favoritism to his extended family. He refuses to deport ANYBODY who is here illegally. Particularly those he hopes and can expect to be a replacement voting block pulling the lever for Democrat – always.

    Blacks and Hispanics.

  10. (AWG) Average White Guy says:

    I notice that Obama’s bad relative all happen to be on his father’s side of the family. We hear nothing bad about his White relatives.

    I’m amazed that the liberal media hasn’t attempted to dig up dirt on Obama’s White side of the family. Then, again, maybe they have tried . . . and came up empty-handed.

  11. SKIP says:

    “Pulling no punches, King demands hearings on Obama’s “drunken Uncle Omar”…

    NOT gonna happen!

  12. GW says:

    On one hand, I want to agree that Obama is consciously seeking to undermine and destroy the United States while on the other hand he seems pretty damn stupid. How easy would it be to (quietly) grant amnesty for and legalize your illegal alien relatives if president? It is a no-brainer politically.

  13. SKIP says:

    “Pulling no punches, King demands hearings on Obama’s “drunken Uncle Omar”…

    NOT gonna happen! Uncle Omar is quadruply protected…he is BLACK, he is ILLEGAL, he is A MUSLIM he is related to the POTUS! e.g. NOTHING will happen to him except a get out of jail card will be issued, a new RACE card will be issued, a new ISLAM card will be issued and a free ride home.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ref. Post 10

    You seem to be suggesting that in regarding a relationship web, we ought not be blind to white skin. I agree, but the MSM appears not to:

    From about the time President Obama hit the radar with his 2004 speech, his maternal grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, became

    incommunicado to the media–although such complete restraint was out of character for her. His maternal grandfather’s brother,

    now in his 90’s reportedly, lives somewhere in the D. C. region but is not accessible. He is Stan Dunham’s brother. The President’s mother appears to have had wide mood swings. Little

    is known about her elective social relationships after her second divorce.