Posted on September 13, 2011

Black Teacher Calls Student ‘White Boy’

Jenee Desmond-Harris, The Root, September 9, 2011

A Florida teacher was suspended without pay for one day last month after making inappropriate racial comments to his second-graders, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports.

Sixty-year-old Billy C. Miles, who is black, reportedly told the class he didn’t want the “black people” misbehaving in public and said to the only white child in the class: “Excuse me, white boy.”

According to the child, Miles often called him “white boy” and sometimes made jokes about white people in class. A classmate said Miles sometimes told that boy to “get your white tail over here.”

The teacher provided a written statement to investigators in which he admitted addressing the children in terms of black and white but denied that his comments were racial in nature.


28 responses to “Black Teacher Calls Student ‘White Boy’”

  1. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    For a moment I thought ,Good!! Then I saw the part about suspended for ONE day. If it had been a … Well you know the story…

  2. Len says:

    Sounds like it happened in Milwaukee , Wisc.

  3. Miss Whitey says:

    I have no sympathy for this teacher.

    1)He should make a public apology to all White people for his racist comments.

    2)He should be fired.

    This would happen to a White teacher if she called a Black kid a “black boy.”

  4. RJS says:

    Let’s do the “what if” test on this…

    What if the races were reversed?

    The teacher would be “permanately” suspended and never allowed to teach anywhere again…not to mention the controlled media creatures would throw gasoline and matches on this story.

  5. Education = the 3 R's says:

    I have been teaching college English for more than twenty years. I’ll bet this “teacher” hasn’t mastered the basic 3 R’s. His behavior illustrates a mind of shallow depths. I am sure that he can’t teach basic grammar, and I am sure that he cannot comprehend King Lear.

    When I was growing up in California, I was the only White kid in a classfull of Hispanics. The teacher was a grossly overweight, incompetent racist churl. She never called me by my name. She called me by racist epithets and otherwise demeaning nicknames. Many, many times after school I was jumped by countless Hispanic boys who had been worked up by that “teacher” and her “education.”

    George Orwell said it all in “Politics and the English Language”: sooner break any of the rules of grammar before you say anything “outright barbarous.”

    Singling children out for race is despicable, and we all know well that those children are not being taught how to read, write, do math, and THINK. Aren’t the Tea Partyers interested in dismantling the “Department of Education”? This so-called “teacher” is just a union-protected thug, and I am positive he “earned” a degree in “education” and that he cannot “educate” anybody about anything other than politically correct nonsense.

  6. Nick says:

    Wow, I wonder what the uproar would be like if a white teacher had called the only black kid in class “black boy,” or said “get your brown little bottom over here.” I suspect that it wouldn’t have stopped at a one day suspension. But that’s ok, the teacher was black, and therefore fully justified in singling the white student out for demeaning treatment because of his race. This is because the white student almost certainly has slave-owner ancestors (most white Americans are descended from immigrants who came to the US after the Civil War, but that doesn’t matter, we’re all still descended from slave owners, right?) and is therefore culpable for the mistreatment of blacks during the slavery era, and is therefore fair game to be the target of black on white racism, just like we all are. It makes perfect sense and I’m so glad that Morris Dees was able to explain it to me.

  7. Anonymous says:

    To a certain extent the teacher is right. In some areas it’s common practice to address whites as ‘white boy’. Whereas the ‘N’ word must never be spoken by someone white, the word ‘redneck’ it’s nearest corollary, is used by the ‘educated’ in an effort to show everyone else how enlightened they are.

  8. Spartan24 says:

    I feel sorry for this poor kid being the only white kid! I wonder what kind of parents this kid has- they have to be either hare-brained liberals who want their kid to experience diversity or they are too broke to move.

  9. PAT L. says:

    What strange, undiscovered circle of hell is this story being reported from?

  10. Tom says:

    I am surprised that he was suspended. I would have thought that the school system would have rushed to his defense, saying that he was merely expressing his “righteous rage” over years of discrimination.

    I hope that we see more actions like this in the future.

  11. Tom S. says:

    Wow, they suspended him for one whole day – without pay at that! That’ll teach him! And I bet he spent that day off at the NAACP to get a ghetto lottery lawsuit going.

    If the races were reversed his teaching career would be over!

  12. fred says:

    A Florida teacher was suspended without pay for one day…

    That’s ok. He probably had a dentist appointment that day anyway.

  13. Reformed says:

    Is this one of those cases where a Black can’t be racist because Blacks have no power in this country? I suspect so. If a white man had been accused of speaking that way, much less admitted in writing to calling the only black student in class a black boy, he’d be out of a job and possibly in jail.

    I’m really happy that this wasn’t racism though.

  14. White Minority says:

    Only White kid in the class?? His Parents should be brought up on Child Abuse charges!

  15. (AWG) Average White Guy says:

    Did this teacher not take a diversity training course?

    He probably did.

    Diversity training is designed to brainwash White people; not black folks.

  16. Anonymous says:

    You know that had that been a white teacher and black student, the teacher would have been fired, and not just suspended. Altho, I am shocked that they punished him at all.

  17. Howard W. Campbell says:

    The first question I would ask is: Why is this child attending what is probably an all black school? Do his parents not have the ability to pull him out of there? I had a few classes in high school where I was one of a few white students, but not the only one. One of those was a government class taught by “Coach Jackson” and he was actually a fairly decent teacher. If he hated white people, he kept it under wraps.

    I suspect that this occurs more often than we think in predominantly black schools.

  18. Anonymous says:

    All white racial epithets are used merely out of jealously and self-race-loathing. No matter what derogatory descriptive they come up with whites will never be offended because we know as a race and culture of people that we are good and have thousands of years of achievement and accomplishment to bear it out. Additionally whenever blacks seek to denigrate whites they always seem to make fun of how dorky, nerdy or otherwise not cool they think we are which speaks to their lack of material.

  19. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    Reminds me of the scene from “How Green Was My Valley” where the Welsh boy Roddy Mc Dowell takes undeserved beatings from the English teacher. His two coal miner uncles come unannounced into the classroom for a demonstation on the correct technique of “Boxing” using the effeminate and sadistic teacher as a punching bag…. The look on the students faces as their teacher gets a grade A beat-down in his own classroom is pretty priceless.

  20. Cousin Charlie from TN says:

    Scoffing at the idiotic “insults” from “blacks” is a skill my generation learned firsthand through school bussing. Like water dripping off an umbrella.

  21. cpascal says:

    The teacher was only suspended for one day without pay. If it had been a white teacher making racial slurs towards a black student, he would have permanently lost his job, and had serious problems finding another. If this was the only white child in a classroom full of blacks, hopefully the parents have pulled him out by now.

  22. Marc B says:

    The racial group most uptight about the use of the word “boy” are so very comfortable using it as a descriptive term for white males often well into adulthood.

  23. Anonymous says:

    There was a White teacher who called a Black student the N-word in Ohio. He received a two year probation.

  24. O'malley says:

    Who cares? Old black men are harmless. They are the ones that have created the generation of young black men we have now, so the real question is ‘Why in the hell would you have your kid in their classroom in the first place?’ Calling the kid ‘white boy’ is no where near as damaging as the misinformation and jaded account of reality that this guy has been teaching for the last 20 years.

    Focus on the ‘separate’ part of ‘separate, but equal’ and you will be better off.

  25. WASP says:

    Many non-whites view themselves, on some level consciously or unconsciously, at war with whites. So we often see this behavior from them when they find themselves in a position of power and/or auhority over whites such as in this situation. Sometimes, they really don’t understand what they are doing is wrong (they either feel justified or never reverse the situation and view it as if a white person was doing it to them) while other times they do know what they are doing.

    Trying to ingrate yourself in with them simply makes you the lowest dog in the pack order, which if you know anything about pack behavior; that is not the position to be in.

  26. Anonymous says:

    One black boy in an all white school practically gets his behind kissed.

    One white boy in an all black school gets his behind kicked,-literally.

    Two opposite ends of the spectrum.

  27. Anonymous says:

    As others have noted, I also am wondering about what kind of liberal, pie-in-the-sky, clueless, masochistic parents this poor white boy has.

    I work in a school that is 100% non-white of the darker variety. The students are crass, vulgar (really vulgar), violent, and promote bad values amongst each other. They’re oversexed, they aspire to be gangbangers and welfare mommas, and they have no concern whatsoever for books, learning, reading or education of any kind.

    Every day is a circus of trouble, fights, cheating and blatant self-promotion of the most base kind. I would never dream of putting my or any other white child among them, unless I hated my child and wanted to ruin his life and have him or her get beaten up and humiliated every single day!

  28. Amber says:

    At first I thought the above mentiond comments were taking place in South Africa,the situations are so similar. I always thought everything is ok in the USA. In SA we every day read in the papers how the ruling party’s youth league (the Government is keeping quiet of course) wants to kill all whites because they are criminals. Blacks are very brutal, arrogant and aggressive. We in South Africa expect riots any moment. The situation is a ticking time bomb, it can explode any minute