Posted on August 18, 2011

Gunmen Kill 5 in Mexican Pacific Resort City

Fox News Latino, August 17, 2011

Five men were killed in different places in Acapulco, a resort city on Mexico’s Pacific coast, the Guerrero state Public Safety Secretariat said.

Two men were gunned down Tuesday on Miguel Aleman avenue a short distance from the Magico Mundo Marino children’s entertainment center.

The men were shot dead in broad daylight, the secretariat said.

A man’s head was found on a sidewalk in Acapulco’s Rodrigo de Triana district and his trunk in a sack.

Two legs suspected of belonging to the victim were left hanging off a bridge on the busy Cuauhtemoc avenue, the secretariat said.

Gunmen killed two other men in areas on the outskirts of Acapulco.

One of the victims was identified as Estado Antonio Vargas, a 32-year-old auxiliary state police officer, the secretariat said.


The Cartel Independiente de Acapulco has been battling the Comando del Diablo for control of the illegal drug trade in the port city, police said.


Tourism industry leaders have blamed the drop in visitors to Acapulco on the global economic slowdown, interest in newer destinations like Cancun and the wave of drug-related violence.


11 responses to “Gunmen Kill 5 in Mexican Pacific Resort City”

  1. Krystall Bhall says:

    We all know this will happen in America soon, probably has already and the DHS and DOJ censored it by arresting the reporters who knew.

    But when it does, you will not hear any outrage from 21st century Whiteys.

    We’ve been trained to “value the contributions of all cultures,” except those of Mighty Whitey. If we dwell on Aztec blood lust in America, unless we celebrate it as an authentic and vibrant expression of frustration, we must never say so.

    Whiteys who are horrified by Aztecs acting like Aztecs will use their training to automatically being to “search ourselves for unacknowledged biases, prejudices, and racism that justifies our complicity in ongoing oppression and marginalization of vulnerable and at risk communities of color.”

    White Humanity will never be granted legitimacy when we legitimately and justifiably declare “I TOLD YOU SO!”

    We will be condemned as racist for having told the truth, and then double racists for telling the truth that we told the truth.

    We lose when we win.

    Our only hope is in a massive and terrifying Day of Racial Reckoning, after which nothing is ever the same again and White will come together in unison to condemn citizenship, integration, civil rights, and diversity.

    Chances are, we may be just one violent flash mob beating away from it. All it will take is for an enraged White father to hold protests in front of the NAACP and local CBC member’s office.

    Draw attention to the failures and hold them accountable! Weaken their stranglehold on White America!

    Why transition from Mexicans to Africans? The Diversity problem is global.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Tourism industry leaders have blamed the drop in visitors to Acapulco on the global economic slowdown, interest in newer destinations like Cancun and the wave of drug-related violence.”

    But not in that order.

  3. miss c says:

    It has happened here in the San Francisco bay area. My co-worker’s boyfriend is in a Black motorcycle gang. One of the members was killed by the Mexican mafia. The rumer going around was that the victim was beheaded, had his hands chopped off and also his, er, male part removed. I was curious about this and asked my co-worker about it. She became very indignant and informed me that she hated such silly rumors. “They chopped off his head and hands, she said, but they did not chop off his penis!”

  4. cpascal says:

    Looking at the photo, it seems that the Mexicans could very realistically be worse than the blacks. All the more reason to station the military along the Mexican border.

  5. Shawn (the female) says:

    So when did Fox News Latino come about??? Have I been under a rock?

    As the drug cartels continue to advance further into the U.S. with impunity, expect to see this example of cultural expansion in your neighborhood in the future.

  6. El Cerote Peligroso says:

    I keep telling my friends – anyone who goes to Mexico today for vacation or ANY OTHER reason — is (a) crazy, and (b) deserves what they get. Mexico is no longer safe for non- Mexicans; it isn’t even safe for Mexicans! So spend your tourist dollars elsewhere folks – no more siesta debajo del sol, en las arenas de la playa — forget it. Go to U.S. beaches on either coast. You’ll be a lot safer.

  7. Anonymous says:

    #4 cpascal:

    Mestizos are one rung above Blacks in the savagery department.

    I would never defend them, but no one is worse than blacks.

    PLEASE seek the video of the two Africans being set on fire ALIVE for stealing potatoes.

    Also PLEASE see videos of Africans holding aloft the entrails of slain foes, and bragging that they shall eat them for strength. Add to that FGM, all those Somalis without hands, the joy Africans have for “Necklacing” (utterly horrible), and good’ ole’ machette hackings, raping babies (all too true, see W.H.O), dismembering infants for voodoo, etc.

    Watch these videos…see REALITY. Know your blacks, know what they are capable of , in their own, unfettered nature.

    As for the descendants of the Aztecs? Totally awful, too!

  8. Un-Indoctrinated says:

    I don’t have to see those videos to know that Africans are sick. And the voodoo is practiced for “celebrations” of savagery. But the problem is, in the Africans’ minds, they don’t know these things are horrible, and should be condemned, because they’ve never had anyone over there to show them a civilized side of life. So can you hate them for that? No. But you can be sickened by it, and disturbed by it.

    The problem is when the liberals bring these people over to civilized parts of the world.

  9. rjf101 says:

    My grandparents used to visit Acapulco all the time, and even owned an RCI timeshare there for many years. Last summer, they decided to take me to their former favorite Mexican beach destination. However, having sold the timeshare, we had to stay in a normal hotel. I wanted to stay in the Acapulco Princess, the city’s most prestigious all-inclusive resort. However, my grandmother wanted us to be closer the city center. She said we should be “with the people.” I’ve always been very adventurous and I’ve always found poverty strangely interesting, so I booked us a hotel near the “Zocala,” Acapulco’s old town. It was a huge mistake; the city has deteriorated so much in the past few decades that my grandparents said it was hardly recognizable. All the quaint shops, the pretty little streets, they had become more like typical Mexico. And the worst part was the fact that we were just about the ONLY white people in the entire hotel and city. We saw about ten other white tourists during our week-long trip, and at least two of them were Mexican. I remember taking a cruise, on a ship with at least a hundred other people, and besides us there was ONE COUPLE from California, and no other Americans on board. They were actually going to do the tour in Spanish only, before discovering there were afew American son board. Hardly anyone spoke English, and our obvious American and tourist characteristics meant we were constantly harassed by the poorer locals.

    Just a few weeks after we returned to America, we heard in the news that a whole group of tourists were violented murdered in Acapulco. Its amazing what can happen to a place in twenty years, but at least we all learned from the experience what Mexico is really like.

  10. Anonymous says:

    End the war on drugs before the cartels destroy Mexico.

  11. Michael C. Scott says:

    The cartels are going to destroy Mexico whether we end the drug war or not, Anonymous (10). Does anyone really imagine that these jefes and their gunmen are going to get work picking vegetables once drugs are legalized? No; they’re going to remain the vicious maniacs they already are. They’ve already branched out into many other sorts of crime, like immigrant smuggling, sex-slavery/forced prostitution, kidnapping for ransom, extorting money from legitimate businesses, the list goes on and on.

    For good Mexican food, look up recepies on Wikipedia or in the cookbooks at your local public library, and brush up in your own kitchen. For a good – safe – time at a beach resort, the smart money is on Portugal’s Azores and Madeira islands, Spain’s Canary and Balearic islands, the Greek Aegean islands and Malta. As these places receive tourists from all over Europe, hotel and restaurant staff tend to be quite competant in non-native languages. The food is also marvellous, and you won’t have to worry about whether you will catch hepatitis because your cook didn’t wash his hands after the last time he used the toilet.

    I’d reccomend Hawaii, but as much as the locals dislike us whites, they probably need to figure out how to make a living without the tourists they hate.