Posted on August 9, 2011

Billions Spent on Australia’s Aborigines Yield ‘Dismal’ Results

Bonnie Malkin, Telegraph (London), August 8, 2011

Australia spends an average of AU$3.5bn (£2.1bn) each year on policies intended to improve indigenous health, education, housing and welfare, but was getting “dismal” results, the review concluded.

It found “a huge gap between policy intent and policy execution”, which meant that for many of the country’s impoverished Aborigines, opportunities had not improved in four decades. The main reasons for the lack of results were too much red tape and too many confusing and complex policies with unclear objectives.

Australia’s 460,000 Aborigines make up about two per cent of the population.

They suffer higher rates of unemployment, substance abuse and domestic violence than other Australians and have an average life expectancy of 17 years less than the rest of the country.

Despite the glaring problems faced by indigenous Australians, policies devised by successive governments to build better housing, improve infrastructure and boost community safety have had little success.

The report, which was commissioned when Kevin Rudd was prime minister, took into account the progress of the government’s Northern Territory emergency intervention programme, brought in by John Howard in 2007 amid great controversy.

Under the plan, thousands of troops and police were sent into Outback Aboriginal communities to stamp out child abuse, alcoholism and domestic violence fuelled by “rivers of grog”. The policy is still in effect in several communities.

But the review found that “past approaches to remedying indigenous disadvantage have clearly failed and new approaches are needed for the future”.

It went on: “policy outcomes are disappointing at best and appalling at worst”.

The review, which had been kept secret by the government since it was completed, was obtained by the Seven television network after a freedom of information request.

Dr Neil Johnston, who compiled the review, wrote that the country’s approach to indigenous policy was “largely a story of good intentions, flawed policies, unrealistic assumptions, poor implementation, unintended consequences and dashed hopes.”

He recommended ceasing or restructuring a total of 25 programmes.

Jenny Macklin, indigenous affairs minister, said that the report had praised the government’s push to close the gap in education, employment and health between white and black Australia.

“Before the significant reform and investment agenda put in place by the government, services and infrastructure for indigenous Australians had faced decades of underinvestment and neglect,” she said.

23 responses to “Billions Spent on Australia’s Aborigines Yield ‘Dismal’ Results”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    Why should Australia spend as much as A$3.5, much less a billion times that, on a group of people who, in spite of warning after warning, years on end, still insist on sleeping on the bottoms of dry river beds in spite of the well known and obvious danger that dry river beds sometimes become real rivers? And a group of people that couldn’t figure out on their own that human sexuality and pregnancy in women are related?

  2. Howard W. Campbell says:

    “Billions of dollars of spending on programmes to improve the lives of Australia’s Aborigines have failed to make any difference, with many stuck in the same hopeless situation they faced in the 1970s, a review commissioned by the government has found.”

    This sounds like the “War on Poverty” in the US. Most of the blacks who had the ability to get out of poverty did so prior to the era of LBJ. At least the average black here has an 85 IQ as opposed to one in the 50’s. Why not just pay these people to live out in the sticks (away from whites) and dole out large sums for tubal ligation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pay to send them to Africa, then forget them. Either that, or accept a perpetual burden. But at the least, put it to a vote.

  4. Some Comments from Australia says:

    In addition to the money supplied by taxpayers many aboriginals get substantial royaly payments from mining companies, even that does not help.

    Aboriginals can get free education to university level. Most can not be educated. This education money is often (mis)used by persons with just a little bit of aboriginal blood.

    Aboriginals can get free health care and special healthcare programs. As one politician said. “You would get better results to go out to their camps and simply give then some soap and water and shoot all the stray dogs.”

    In the late 60s Aboriginals were given the right to cosume alcohol and receive welfare payments.This has absolutely destroyed them as a race. When they can’t afford alcohol they just steal petrol and sniff it. Tragic.

    Give them houses, they usually get destroyed.Give them welfare and they waste it often on alcohol and junk food.

    “Let us have our traditional lands back they say, we were happy then!” Sorry, but they were grossly malnourished and destroying themselves with in-breeding and constant tribal fighting.

    In outback towns whites live in fear of aboriginals, they just want to attack and destroy anything that is “white”. In towns such as Bourke, Moree and Walgett the streets are no-go areas after dark. Businesses put up the shutters at sunset.(I have seen all this first hand when I lived in these areas)

    The picture in this post is quite accurate and says it all. They are stone age hunter-gatherers. They could survive out in the outback whereas we would die there within days. For better or worse this is the 21st century and somehow they do need to adapt. (But as I have said previously they have no trouble using an ATM, a cell phone or eating KFC)

    Australians genuinely appluad Aboriginal people who do make a success of their lives. very often this is on the sporting field, sometimes in the world of art & entertainment or even in public life. Sadly the success stories are a tiny minority.

  5. Cliff Yablonski says:

    They appear to be straight out of the stone age.

    How can a race that went to the moon expect them to assimilate into their society?

  6. Istvan says:

    Did they ever stop to think that perhaps the natives should be LEFT ALONE to live like natives? Didn’t Brazil not too long ago pass a law keep scientists from invading the natives preserves because of all the heartache that ensues when stone age people are brought into the 21st century? Good intentions but terrible results. Leave them to their own devices. Give them their own territory with a large buffer zone and troops to keep modern people out. It really is cruel to expect these poor people to function in our world.

    A white Australia and an Aboriginal Australia and throw everyone else out.

  7. Jeddermann. says:

    Rivers of grog. There is the problem in a nutshell, as they say? Perhaps the Aborigine has that genetic disorder where they crave alcohol as it satisfies a lack of a certain chemical in their body?

    In their own outback culture they do quite well? Nomadic hunter gatherers living off nature and doing very good. But when in contact with whitey, mixing with and absorbing whitey culture, the whole thing goes bad fast. For whatever reason not adaptable to live among whitey and behave as whitey.

    There is something too in Aborigine belief system that precludes a successful transition to the whitey world? To the Aborigine this world is not actually reality? The “dream time” is the real world and is not of this place? Something like that. Perhaps an Aussie will read this and respond?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Liberals look at the pic above and think they are merely doctors and engineers in the making, if only they had a ‘level’ playing field.

    I look at that pic and wonder how anyone can ever think that ANY amount of money or opportunity would drag them out of the stone age, hunter-gatherer mentality. The aboriginals were not an advanced civilization before the Europeans arrived. I know the Europeans treated the aboriginals like dirt, yet reparations are not going to change their basic culture, which is thousands of years old.

  9. Poe says:

    What is it with us white people?

    When if ever will we get it into our heads that all the world doesn’t want to live the way we do?

    Leave these people alone, don’t feed them and try to educate them They Don’t Want it. Whites need to start taking care of their own kind and quit sticking our nose into other peoples business and the evidence of what we will get for these intrusions is what we see going on in London and in America too.

  10. Anonymous says:

    A total waste of money. IQ studies indicate that the Aboriginals

    have very low IQ levels as compared to other racial groups.( see Lynn Race Differences in Intelligence).We see similar waste of money in the USA . ie educating people with limited intelligence.

    Donald Kiernan (retired college instruetor)

  11. Anon says:

    Last time I saw the figures, Australia’s aborigines have the lowest IQs of all. Australia has a lot of desert, let the aborigines have it. Take them off the welfare rolls and let them wander about earning their living from it like they used to.

  12. Greg in NC says:

    There really is no hope for the Australian Aborigines. There hasn’t been found a more primitive race anywhere.

    Compared to an Aborigine, Sub Saharan Africans are extremely modern humans.

    simply do a google search for Aborigine skulls then Chimp, African,European, and Asian skulls, and the difference is striking.

    although the African skull will appear somewhat more primitive than either the Asian or European skulls, the Aborigine skull resembles the chimp skull much more than any of the three other types of human skulls.

    In fact if you were to put pictures of Asian, European, African, Aborigine, and chimp skulls side by side without labels most people wouldn’t even recognize the Aborigine skulls as human.

    When taking into consideration that Aborigines are also the only race with an average lower IQ than Sub Saharan Africans, it should be perfectly clear there is simply nothing that can be done to raise them up from their natural state.

    Its been said by many that if there were no Africans alive and their bones were found science wouldn’t even classify them as modern humans. If the same scenario were used for Aborigines they very likely wouldn’t even be classified as human.

  13. john says:

    Interesting how Australia’s lack of success in integrating its aboriginal population closely parallels our problem in integrating our black African population.

    The reasons are similar: Both groups suffer from a significant IQ deficit. No amount of special attention, government intervention, preferential treatment, or financial assistance can successfully address that.

    Of course, the aborigines were there first in Australia’s case. We imported our problem, then failed to export it back after our Civil War.

  14. Chris C. says:

    At this point in the game its obvious that unless you’re spending the cash on lobbying to limit NAM birth rates to highly selective breeding of statistical outlier abnormally high IQ NAMs, its going to be money down the drain if its spent on an effort to ‘reduce the gap’. Why the taxpayer should keep being on the hook for leftist elite unwillingness to accept reality is beyond me. Particularly since they are the ones with the cash.

  15. Tim in Indiana says:

    It’s hard to look at the face of an Aboriginal child and not to see his humanity–but also not to see a deep sense of differentness and primitiveness. In fact, one wonders how anyone can look at those faces, with their heavy brow ridges and almost simian features, and say “Oh yeah, they’re just like us except for skin color” save for massive brainwashing and a deep, unbridled fear, if not sheer terror, at admitting the truth. If there’s any refutation of the claim that “We’re all alike except for skin color,” it must be surely found in the faces of the Aboriginals.

  16. Anonymous says:

    There’s really nothing that can be done to really help the Aboriginees. All available evidence suggests they have the lowest I.Q. levels in the world, even lower then blacks in Africa. But of course, this is all politically unmentionable in our current age. So more good money will be thrown after bad. I would more or less, cede large areas of the outback to them and let them pretty much be left to themselves.

  17. Anonymous says:

    What are your opinions of how they got to Australia? They don’t seem advanced enough to have sailed there. Who are they related to genetically? They don’t look like sub-saharan africans. Maybe a little bit like the darkest south indians? I find them fascinating for their odd and primitive look.

  18. Deniz says:

    Being less intelligent doesn’t mean that you deserve to be treated badly. Nonetheless. they have right to remain in Australia, unlike 3rd world invaders.

    Just leave them alone in their territory and don’t interfere.. Create a White Australia and an Aboriginal Australia and exclude others, problem solved.

  19. Freyr says:

    They are quite possibly a cross between modern humans that migrated to Australia and the Homo Erectus that they found already there. Some of the Dravidians of India have a similar look though not so pronounced.

  20. Tara D. says:

    To the people who say ‘leave them alone and dont interfere’ – too late for that option. There are two kinds of aboriginals – the ones who live in the remote outback (who are being destroyed by alcohol and purposeless lives) and city/town aboriginals who are no longer capable of surviving as hunter gatherers.

    Many Aussies feel that since aboriginal society was destroyed by white settlement, its our responsibility to help them. So we try. I live in inner Sydney, 10 minutes from a housing commission project full of aboriginals, the kids play cricket in my street, I talk to them on the bus. Some of the kids bear watching, but generally, this is a safe area, unlike many country towns.

    I dont know the answer, but its worth remembering that modern australia has been in existence for just over 200 years, how long did it take for whites to make the jump from hunter-gatherer to farmer, to town dweller.

  21. Anne in Oz says:

    I spent a few years volunteering with a Save-the-Aboriginals group in my former lefty do-gooder days. I eventually gave up when I realised they were a problem with no answer as they desperately wanted to hold on to their culture at all costs, most of which is diametrically opposite to Western culture. Like no private property, community living only, fierce communism, no nuclear family, make no changes to the land, no mining, no agriculture, no dams, no roads, etc etc.

    Once I figured that they already have full citizenship, they get unemployment benefits the same as white people who are not working, free healthcare, and they get lots of access to affirmative action money like scholarships and discount home loans and access to jobs. I couldn’t see any way to help them. So I quit.

    I visited a remote community which was Aboriginal self governed as a local council with the most responsible couple running the place. There were about 20 houses (built by white fellas of course) and I was shocked to see that not only were there metal security doors but metal security frames on all the windows! Even this tiny place was not immune from violence. Plus one of the houses was a dedicated women’s domestic violence shelter. This ‘village’ was around 40 miles from the nearest alcohol shop.

    A private company had chipped in with the government to build a commercial bush tucker garden for gourmet products to create jobs for the village, but after the town residents were all trained in horticulture and how to tend the garden, they were not interested and let everything die.

    I don’t think they want to go back to a fully traditional life as it would be too hard to do without Western creature comforts. Yet they don’t to join our society and play by our rules either.

    I made friends with an Aboriginal girl once and experienced a small taste of their version of “fierce communism” which means if someone gets something nobody else has, they are forced to share or trade whether they like it or not. So nobody can accumulate any wealth, if someone comes into money they are obliged to share it equally with all their relatives until it is all gone, and of course most of it is pissed up against a wall.

    Anyhow this girl would say she liked some possession of mine like a dress or jewellery or something and I was obliged to either negotiate to give it to her in exchange for something of hers I liked, or declare it ‘sentimental value’ which meant I could keep it and she wouldn’t pressure me to trade. She came to my home once with a cousin of hers, and somehow the cousin found my valium tablets in the kitchen and spiked my drink and stole all my jewellery from my bedroom. Needless to say I wasn’t friends with them after that. I just laughed that some of the jewellery was fake gold so she wouldn’t get gold prices at the pawn shop.

    I heard of one Aboriginal man who did well setting up a tourism business but had relatives come out of the woodwork wanting money til it was nearly all gone, he then moved his business a long way away to get away from them but they all moved to be close to the gravy train. So all his hard work got drunk by his relatives and it was impossible for him to keep his business going.

    The government has put in severe restrictions in one state including no alcohol and they are leaving in droves and turning up in all the surrounding interstate towns that still serve them alcohol and causing all sorts of social and violence problems.

    I don’t have the answers and I give up. Nobody has the answers. They want to own the remote land they have title over and they want to government to build and maintain freebie houses on them. But under our laws the government can’t build houses and charge rent out of their dole cheques unless the govt owns the land. Which they won’t sell or lease. I give up and now keep my distance from them as I have had money stolen on two other occasions when I have attempted to make friends. They are on their own as far as I am concerned.

    And don’t get me started on the corruption once they get into a position of running programs for their fellows!! They line their pockets as fast as they can.

  22. Lygeia says:

    The average Aboriginal IQ is 57.

    Human IQ begins at 46.

    Enough said.

  23. Georgia Resident says:

    It’s like the aboriginals get all the benefits that blacks and Amerindians in the US receive, while combining all their worst qualities. It’s certainly a distinction, albeit not a good one.