Posted on August 9, 2011

Media Silence Is Anti-White, Volume II

Anti-White Media, August 6, 2011

{snip} Today we meet Delroy Grant, Britain’s most prolific rapist of all time.

He was convicted four months ago, after nearly two decades of raping elderly people in South London.

Police estimate Grant raped about 500 to 600 people over those two decades.

Why did it take so long for the London police to catch this guy?

Perhaps it’s because, though they knew he was black based on the descriptions that victim after victim gave, still they released a white “e-fit” wanted poster (1:36) in order to be Politically “Correct.”

Why doesn’t the BBC draw attention to this disparity? Why don’t they mention that the criminal was black, while the police were asking people in the neighborhood to be on the look out for a white guy?

And why did it take a BNP Freedom of Information request to shed light on what the BBC and other media outlets refused to disclose, namely that Grant’s 600 victims were white?


{snip} When the news media refuses to disclose to whites precisely who or what endangers them, that media ceases to be useful and starts to be Anti-White.


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  1. Peejay in Frisco says: is an excellent website, and it has some really good links, too.Everyone should check it out.

  2. Playing Roots Backwards says:

    I will shed no tears for White victims in any Western Nation. The Limeys in Old Blighty heard and ignored the warnings of Enoch Powell. They still aren’t listening.

    The people of the Netherlands shove their wooden shoes in their ears so they can’t hear the words of Geert Wilders as the foreign hordes overrun their cities.

    Here in America we tolerate news outlets like AP who run articles about violent Black mobs without mentioning race, then accompany the article with pictures of White flash mobs dancing and waving balloons.

    Way too many White people remind me of the doe eyed gazelles that graze and frolic on the grassy plain, unconcerned by the pride and the pack who idle nearby in the shade of the umbrella trees.

    I will protect me and mine, but the only thing that the weak White herd has coming from me is a final resting place in a mass grave. I will do that much for them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My word. I had no idea the British mistreated their blacks into becoming prolific rapists, robbers and killers as we did to them here in the US.

    These former kings and queens of Egypt must have suffered greatly at the hands of racist whites to react this way. London is burning and who would have thought whites were to blame.

    You mean he assaulted 600 people and they all thought he was white when in fact he was a black man?

    I noticed they didn’t mention where young Deroy WORKED for a living. They mentioned he cared for his disabled wife who bore him 4 children from her wheel chair. Breeding never seems to be a problem for these disabled types. If they only would pay these types to be sterilized, these problems could be greatly reduced.

  4. Anonymous says:

    PC clouds investigations more frequently than people realize.

    The Duke-Lacross case was driven by pc and the media loved it until the truth became obvious.

    The DC sniper case where thought to be white supremacists even as evidence suggested otherwise. They stayed with the white supremacist profile even after strong evidence suggested they were black.

    The Atlanta child killings where initially reported as white supremacist even long after the FBI profiled the killer as black.

    The media has its own agenda and bias.

  5. Donald says:

    “When the news media refuses to disclose to whites precisely who or what endangers them, that media ceases to be useful and starts to be Anti-White.”

    More precisely, the dominant media culture has been promoting the Anti-White Narrative since 1973, at least.

    The Anti-White Narrative requires suppression of our good deeds and our victims, and the triumphant expression of the Other’s good deeds and social innocence.

    It is a long term strategy to silence us, not to guilt us as so many suppose. The cure is the small end of the wedge in public presentations, not the large end.

  6. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Yeah, well we aren’t far behind here in Southern California.

    Meet Lonnie Franklin Jr., LA’s “Grim Sleeper Killer.” He was arrested after over three decades of killings!

    Dateline August 2011:

    LAPD expands ‘Grim Sleeper’ probe to 250 cases. Detectives are looking cases dating back as far 1976 that may be tied to the killer, The Los Angeles Times reported.

    The Grim Sleeper pleaded not guilty.

    Oh, and he’s black. No photo or mention of race in the UPI, AP or AOL/HuffPo articles. Surprised?

    The serial killer is BLACK and that’s why there’s very little publicity about this case, including here in LA!!


  7. Jake says:

    This PC outrage is also very prevelent in the US media. Somehow it’s deemed racist to print the race of a criminal if he’s black.


    Refusing to disclose the race of a black man who has raped 600 white victims is clearly the all time Politically Correct winner. However, you can bet that the American media are trying hard to challenge that record.

  8. Jeddermann. says:

    This of course is not the actions of a man seeking “release” for his lust. This is a predator animal stalking his prey as would a predator on the plains of the Serengeti. Chooses the weak, the infirm, the sick, the enfeebled, the old, etc. With pre-meditation or merely responding to stimuli as would a beast with fang and claw, this predator attacks those least able to defend themselves. And does so in this case based upon a racial perception. And they are asking the question, CAN a Bantu act racist? They are ASKING! As if they don’t know! In the book: “Raisin in the Sun”, they speak of the jungle beast. Well, here is one.

  9. Jeddermann. says:

    I have asked this question of a number of persons and no one seems to know the answer. There was the case in LA a number of years ago of Reginald Muldrew. The pillowcase rapist. A Bantu that was reputed to have raped over 200 women over a period of decades. Reg was a Bantu but the race of the victims was never stated. Does anyone know if Reg was also deliberately stalking whitey victims? I ask this of forum members. Thanks.

  10. Jeddermann. says:

    Well, here is a beast [there is no other way to describe him!] you will have to lock away forever. But the English have their legal system now that even for mass murderers is very lenient. So the sentence for this Bantu will be or is? Some English can answer this?

  11. Trent says:

    The fruits of this foolish behaviour is coming to haunt us.

    Look at the world, wherever you find blacks you find higher rates of crime, it’s just that simple, it’s just that verifiable. blacks seem to be a curse on humanity worldwide.

    And they will NOT change of their own volition.

    People need to admit to themselves and to Say It Outloud, ALL PEOPLE ARE NOT THE SAME, THERE ARE MAJOR DIFFERENCES TO BE DEALT WITH.

  12. olewhitelady says:

    A society has sunk completely into the twilight zone when wanted posters are created to disguise the appearance of a dangerous, at-large criminal.

  13. LHathaway says:

    “can black criminals be racist”

    I like how when it comes to ‘ignorance’, just say the word and whites get defensive. Or aggressive, depending upon one’s political persuasion perhaps. . . As if only whites can be ignorant. That seems to be the prevailing view. Why, to even suggest a black person is ignorant would be ‘insensitive’, and it’s almost unthinkable, outside the pages of AmRen I suppose. But it’s Ok everywhere else for whites to be considered ignorant or racist. That’s how things work in the US. . .

    I could point out that, according to the latest IQ tests, whites are far from ignorant.

  14. Anon says:

    From what I’ve read the British police are so infected with political correctness as to make them almost useless for deterring crime or keeping order. If you go to Britain, do everything to avoid minority areas. If you are, God forbid, the victim of a crime there, the police will do little to help you.

  15. Indian American says:

    I have always read that serial killers were white. Generally the media potrayed serial killers/rapists as male, high IQ and white. However, looks like this black guy breaks all records even more than the likes of Ted Bundy & the Zodiac killer. Stories like these give a whole new prespective to this oft held misconception.