Posted on July 21, 2011

Arizona Officials, Fed Up With U.S. Efforts, Seek Donations to Build Border Fence

Marc Lacey, New York Times, July 19, 2011

Americans upset about illegal immigration have a new outlet for their rage: a fund set up by the State of Arizona that will use private donations to build a border wall.

{snip} But organizers in the State Legislature, which created the fund, say it will allow everyday people fed up with the inability of Congress to address the problem of illegal immigration to contribute personally to a solution.

{snip} The congressionally approved construction effort is winding up, but about 82 miles of Arizona’s 388 miles of border remain without a barrier, federal officials say.


“We are getting e-mails, calls and letters from all over the country,” said State Senator Steve Smith, a Republican who came up with the idea. “We had a business owner from California and individuals from Indiana. People want to do their part to help this country.”


4 responses to “Arizona Officials, Fed Up With U.S. Efforts, Seek Donations to Build Border Fence”

  1. fred says:

    I think the money would be better spent funding lobbying efforts to make E-verify mandatory for employers and expanding it to landlords, loans, etc.

  2. Mrs. Victoria says:

    I proudly sent a fairly large donation to Arizona. I hope that it will be used for the border wall, but if my donation only serves to get my name on some kind of a “watch” list compiled by liberals, all the better.

    Only 82 miles without a border? The entire Berlin Wall was longer than that, constructed very quickly, and historians still remark on it’s effectiveness in deterring border crossings.

    If the Arizona State government really wants to finish the wall, nothing should be stopping them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Build ONE mile of fence how it should be built. A double fence, solid concrete with razor wire, with a middle path lined with vibration sensors. And high speed helicopters armed with rail guns located every 20 miles to investigate disturbances.

    The only problem with building fences… is the way america is going… they are going to be used to KEEP US IN!

  4. rockman says:

    Wire defenses do not work unless watched. Is anyone going to watch the fence? Will they arrest the illegals or tell them where the bus stop is?