Posted on May 6, 2011

Multicultural Hell Comes to America

Charles A. Roberts, American Renaissance, January 2002

September 11 Attacks

On September 11, 2001, multiculturalism came to America in a firestorm of glass and steel. Air travel shut down, tall buildings were evacuated, the stock market collapsed, and our government briefly went into hiding. Now America is at war. The authorities tell us our enemy Osama bin Laden has terrorist cells in dozens of countries, including the United States. Muslim fanatics plotting the next attack may even be living in your neighborhood right now.

How did this come to pass? When did Americans decide to live in a racial Tower of Babel instead of the House of their Fathers? The beginnings of what we now call multiculturalism go back even before Brown v. Board of Education, but this poisonous thinking took on a particular flavor in the 1990s when the allegedly African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child,” became popular. This was soon shortened to “It takes a village,” not just to raise a child, but presumably to bring about all the other liberal happy endings towards which we are supposed to be working. Most intelligent people thought it a trendy, vacuous expression, and ignored it. But no one understood better than Hillary Clinton that with enough repetition people can be made to take an imbecile idea very seriously indeed.

Mrs. Clinton even wrote a book about the village. Her “village” is the “global village” of the 21st century. It is a happy place, full of mixed religions, mixed races, and mixed cultures. It is a place where everyone belongs to everyone else, and everyone is the same. It is a place where “incorrect thinking” is a psychological disorder or a hate crime, and every Crayola box has only one color: brown. It is a feed-lot vision of humanity, in which the entire human race can be bred, fed, and processed.

The multiculturalist does not see the world as a host of nations, each with its own culture and racial order. He sees it as a sociological problem. Indeed, human reality with all its foibles is abhorrent to the multiculturalist. For the multiculturalist, people are not really equal; they are merely the same. And it is sameness that he seeks to stamp upon the soul of every man. This is why the multiculturalist celebrates the “village” as the highest stage of mankind. Of course, in the real world, the village is filthy, poor and ignorant. It took mankind 10,000 years of tears and sorrow to escape from the village, but Mrs. Clinton wants to send everyone back.

Her approach leads to the disappearance of the white race through amalgamation, a kind of genocide through race immersion, and there is a good chance this will happen. Whites are now perhaps 10 percent of the world’s population, whereas in 1900 they were 40 percent.

Millions of Americans now believe that a multicultural world, full of harmony, euphoria, and brown-skinned dullards is the destiny of mankind — at least for whites. It does not occur to them that black and Asian countries, for example, are not turning brown but staying exactly as they were. This vision of brown-skinned multiculturalism took hold in full force only after the end of the Cold War, when it was widely believed that world conflict had come to an end. A new world order would emerge, in which there would be no more nationalism, racism, or war.

Among the duped were several liberal historians, chief among them Francis Fukuyama. For him, the end of the cold war meant the “end of history.” “We may be witnessing,” he wrote, “the end of history as such: that is, the endpoint of mankind’s ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.” The “end of history” would signal the end of the “war of ideas” particularly those involving race, religion, culture and history. People around the world would no longer care about why they live, but only how well. Prof. Fukuyama, himself, found the prospect of living in such a world rather boring.

But the giddy expectations that followed the collapse of the Berlin Wall were dissipated by the ethnic warfare that erupted all around the world. It was in the post-war period that the now familiar term “ethnic cleansing” was first used, though it described a process as old as tribal warfare. Neo-communist, nationalist, irredentist, fascist, and religious fundamentalist groups began appearing, all apparently bent on keeping history from ending and destroying the new world order that had just been born.

Of particular interest in this regard were the national and religious struggles in the Balkans. Slovenes, Croats, Serbs, Macedonians and Albanians all wanted ethnic purity rather than diversity, and many were prepared to go to war to expand the borders of their ethnic enclaves. NATO and the United Nations were called in to enforce the desired “multicultural paradigm,” but the unsuccessful effort to make disparate peoples live together in harmony grinds on to this day.

Of course, multiculturalism not only raises up murderers abroad; it breeds them at home. Investigators now know that in the weeks preceding the attacks of Sept. 11, four suicide squads crisscrossed the country. They enrolled in flight schools, rented apartments, and bought cars without attracting attention. It appears that none of them feared a “tip-off” to police by any of their accomplices. In a multicultural country, competing loyalties are strong enough to ensure secrecy.

At the same time it is extremely difficult for agents to infiltrate terrorist cells in ethnic enclaves, just as it is difficult to infiltrate Chinese Triads, Jamaican Posses, or Vietnamese “home invasion” gangs. The glaring racial and cultural differences make conventional police work largely ineffective. Suspects often have long, unpronounceable names, and lurk in dense ethnic neighborhoods, where they can mix with large numbers of rootless immigrants like themselves and remain invisible.

Uniquely American racial hysteria adds another obstacle to penetrating ethnic ghettos in search of terrorists. If the police make an arrest, trouble soon follows. Radical civil-liberties lawyers drag entire police departments into court on so-called “profiling” charges. Detaining, questioning, and otherwise “suspecting” people of color is a delicate undertaking in today’s America. Too many law enforcement agencies have already been ravaged by federal lawsuits for so-called “civil rights” violations, so that even in this time of “war,” we must be careful not to hurt the feelings of the communities in which the “enemy” hides. In the current multicultural hell, the police are fighting against almost impossible odds when it comes to crime of this kind.

Apart at the Multicultural Seams

In The Clash of Civilizations, Samuel Huntington concludes that if it does not quickly move to reclaim its Western European (read white, Christian) roots, America will soon become what he calls a “cleft” nation. Cleft nations are riven by chronic internal conflict and disunion. This happens when countries abandon the religious, cultural, racial, and historical structures on which they were founded, and on which their very survival depends.

In the name of multiculturalism, racial minorities and anarcho-liberals have waged war on the historic identity of the United States, and the value of Western culture in general. They have resolutely denied that a common American culture even exists. At the same time they demand a universalist order that would impose their political and racial vision onto the entire world. These groups are supported by other subnational elements that include radical feminists, homosexuals, liberation theologians, and Hispanic groups that are already mapping out large portions of America for annexation. By steadily tearing at the cultural and institutional fabric of the United States, these groups are changing the very moral foundations of the nation. Some of the most obvious examples of decline include:

  1. Open racial violence against whites.
  2. Rejection of normative sexual and social behaviors.
  3. Increased family decay, and the abdication of parental responsibility.
  4. Dramatic decline in the willingness of young people to identify with the United States and to defend its political or cultural ideals.
  5. Unwillingness to defend America’s borders from millions of immigrants.
  6. The increasing division of public choices — whether elections, curriculum choices, budget decisions, jury verdicts, cultural observances — along openly racial lines.

As Prof. Huntington explains, cleft societies lose the power to control their own destinies. They are only as culturally strong as their weakest cultural link. In America, multiculturalism has advanced the power and interests of every subclass — and subrace — over that of the white European, but it is the worst sort of folly to believe that once non-whites have reduced whites to a minority they will usher in the multicultural utopia. Multiculturalism advances always and only at the expense of whites. Non-whites will turn on each other once they have reduced the peoples and culture of the West to the status of one more squabbling minority.

The inauguration of “diversity” as the new doctrine of national conformity was not just a dramatic break with the past; it was a rejection of the past. The Founding Fathers believed diversity lead to faction, disharmony and abuse of the law. Abraham Lincoln hoped to use the occasion of war to persuade all blacks to leave the United States. A half century later, Woodrow Wilson, fearing that too much diversity was arriving on American shores, almost completely shut off immigration. Theodore Roosevelt agreed, saying, “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing as a nation at all would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.”

In the 1950s and 1960s, however, the great wisdom evinced by the founders was set aside, and multiculturalism gradually became America’s new guiding principle. Since then it has eaten away at American ideals and replaced common sense with a whole series of contradictions: We worship non-discrimination, and to achieve it we must discriminate against whites. We worship diversity of race, religion, and culture but despise diversity of opinion. We worship freedom of speech but must never hurt the feelings of non-whites. We worship democracy but ignore the majority’s opposition to immigration, homosexuality, racial preferences, foreign aid, etc. We worship freedom and responsibility but believe the failures of non-whites are all caused by whites. We condemn racial stereotyping but assume that all whites are “racists.”

Astonishingly, as whites dismantle their own institutions, they increasingly try to impose an unworkable and uniquely Western concept of pluralism on the rest of the world. The primary tools for this are economic success — and the envy and prestige this brings — and tremendous media power, but the West is also willing to kill people to teach them to live together in harmony.

Regardless of whatever end-of-history illusions whites have crafted for themselves, in the 21st century, race and culture will determine the fate of nations. Ideology will hardly matter. The failed ideologies of the last era — Marxism, socialism, fascism — were all experiments against reality. Although its proponents are willfully blind to the evidence, multiculturalism is a similarly failed experiment. It is only whites who promote their own dispossession, and because it is only whites who refuse to defend themselves against alien people and cultures, it is only whites who face the prospect of oblivion. In the world that is rapidly taking shape, the races and cultures that prevail will be overwhelmingly non-western. Most will be anti-American. The powerhouses of the new century will be racist, xenophobic, and religiously dogmatic. They will not be multicultural.

In America prevailing dogma flies in the face of this reality. Indeed, the events of September 11 are a chilling testament to the fact that history has not ended, that there are still people willing to die for what they believe. Moreover, these events show the awesome power of unity, of homogeneous peoplehood and vivid conviction. Americans speak of the “heroism” in us that the attacks have brought forth, as if it were somehow praiseworthy not to have let a few terrorists reduce the entire country to quivering helplessness. What if we were really tested? We are now a heterogeneous, conflict-ridden people with competing and incompatible loyalties. What could be more ludicrous than the prospect of such a people, smothered in platitudes about “tolerance,” “inclusion,” “sensitivity,” and “diversity,” trying to fight a real war of mass conscription and tens of thousands of casualties? Men fight for blood and soil, for the deepest of shared convictions, for the very opposite of “tolerance” and “diversity.”

Despite the increasingly clear warnings of dangers ahead, the dark night of multiculturalism continues to envelop America. Given enough time, the acids of multiculturalism will burn out the very soul of America. Other nations in the world, friend and foe alike, will take note of this. In their own quiet way, they are already on the move

12 responses to “Multicultural Hell Comes to America”

  1. Escape Velocity says:

    I disagree with his point number 4 showing evidence of our declining “Dramatic decline in the willingness of young people to identify with the United States and to defend its political or cultural ideals”. Young people are Extremely willing to defend our political and cultural ideals. The basic ideal seems to be ‘white = bad, color = good’ and no absurdity too low to stoop to in order to defend that ideal. The author gets to that in the rest of his very fine article.

    He also writes, “Non-whites will turn on each other once they have reduced the peoples and culture of the West to the status of one more squabbling minority”.

    Now there’s a pipe dream! There has been a precedent set concerning this issue. I don’t believe Germans turned on each after successfully persecuting Jews in their country. They were united in support of their own equally hateful ideology till the very end and Germany’s physical destruction.

  2. Jay says:

    I was thinking about the non-compatability of cultures just today. I was walking in a high school – some non-white students (it’s a 99.99% non-white school, of course) were walking by cursing loudly. Every other word was the “F” curse. A moment later, a couple of girls walked by and one of then was talking loudly about how h–rny she was. (I am not kidding).

    Then I walked to my hallway and saw at least 50-60 students milling about the hall, pushing, play-fighting, necking in every corner AFTER the bell had rung to get to class. It took almost ten minutes for the hall to clear. In the classes very little actual work gets done. Shucking, jiving, emotional problems, outburts… All us teachers complain about it all the time.

    The students are basically all black and latino here. They have their own cultural rythmn. They love music to the point of excess (rap and bachata), they see no difference between telling a lie and telling the truth, they are so over sexualized that they will just talk about it out of nowhere, they are as a rule addicted to internet porn and social media sites, they steal and cheat in the school and don’t even bother to hide it and they revel in their ignorance and wear it like a badge of honor.

    I don’t want my kids to cuss and curse. I don’t want them to think having sex at age 12 or 13 is normal. I don’t want them to take the thug/gang/rapper life as normal. I don’t want them to keep an Ipod in the ear at all times. I don’t want them rapping stupidly or wearing their pants down to their knees or talking ghetto trash or thinking it’s okay to kiss any random girl or guy and worse.

    Am I so wrong for saying I don’t want these things for my children? I know there are some good black and latino parents who don’t want that stuff either, but like it or not those things are DEFINING characteristics of black and latino youth culture these days. No one can tell me any differnetly because 90% of the latino youth I know and 99% of the black youth I know are following those things. Years of teaching has revealed nothing different. I try to keep the faith and influence my students to be something else, but then I realize I am asking them to be more like my white culture, and at the end of the day that’s not THEIR culture.

    I want a liberal to read these words and ask me why I have to sacrifice my culture for something that is so inferior. Do they think latino machismo doesn’t exist here? Do they think latino cultures are so advanced? Do they think that the gangsta’ rap lifestlye is conducive to being a savvy human rights pacifist?

    I want liberals to put their values on the line and take their kids out of private schools and lily white suburbs and throw them in the ghetto grinder. No Sidwell Friends or Country Day schools! They would never do these things though because they’re hypocrites at heart. But I wish they would just admit that they don’t want their kids to become like the ‘youf’ of amerika.

  3. Question Diversity says:

    2 Jay and to other teachers:

    Question, while I’m thinking about something you said that might push this discussion a bit OT: I saw a bunch of high school students on a field trip today, from several St. Louis area high schools, black and white. As I saw them, I thought to myself, who does First Lady Michelle Obama think she’s fooling when she says that all these teenagers are obese so they all have to get out and dance to a Beyonce song? Most of the students I saw are so thin and skinny and emaciated that a good stiff breeze would knock them over…except for the black girls, a majority of whom were obviously overweight, a significant percentage were way overweight.

    I’m starting to think that Michelle Obama is on this “obesity” kick precisely because it’s young black women who are largely obese. If that’s the case, then it’s no surprise, because she is a black woman, therefore she would notice the plight of black women first. From what I saw, though, most of the white men, white women and black men needed a “let’s move” campaign of their own — let’s move to the weight room and get some muscle on our bones before we spontaneously disappear. I know that a teenager isn’t going to weigh as much as an adult in his or her 30s, and an adult man of 34 will generally have much more muscle mass than a teenage boy of 16. But I never remember being that skinny when I was in high school. Very few of the guys in my class or in my high school that matter were so skinny.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe Germans turned on each after successfully persecuting Jews in their country. They were united in support of their own equally hateful ideology till the very end and Germany’s physical destruction.” says poster #1.


    After reading that “equally hateful ideology” as you put it, it sounds so much like what “minorities”, liberals and communists in our own country label US.

    So do you think we will face physical destruction also, more than what we already have?

  5. ciccio says:

    The Germans were as united in their hateful ideology as today’s Englishman is firmly behind the PC multiculturalism. The difference is that the Englishman of today has managed to put a small brake on it, dissenters are so far only ostracized, not as yet punished. On second thoughts a better analogy might be Soviet Russia, an institution hated above all others by the average Russian. The problem is once the party gets into power it has it and will not give it up. Once you have boarded the flight, you have little influence on the pilot even if it is 500 against 1.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good article, but I have to disagree with the comment about the village being poor, dirty etc and how it took us 10,000 years to escape it. In fact, the village, rural traditional European life embodied by the peasant, has been the bedrock of European civilization, the reservoir of traditions and rooted customs. That is why both the communists and the liberal globalists have tried their best to destroy it, to reduce it to insignificance.


  7. Anonymous says:

    One lesson that seems obvious is that it’s easy to repress whatever ‘sub culture’ you find offensive, from the top.

    If you can assure that the best people with the most balanced education get _great salaries_ for being loyal to their own (no ‘campaign contributions’, no vote shopping for in-state programs by Reps or Senators of that state), you can control the destiny of your country.

    Anything else begs a plurality approach to universalism, sweeping the legs out from under the majority by effectively _ignoring it_ in favor of vote-tipper secondary ethnies.

    In this, it’s clear that Democracy doesn’t work because it relies on the considered support of the wealthy classes to enable candidates to reach the voters’ hands at all.

    And they simply make sure that they own both sides of the choice. It’s just two people. It’s _cheap_.

    If all candidates are bought and paid for with secret (traitorous) vs. public (frivolous) platforms that support specific commercial and class interests, so are all votes.


    The Society expanded its political control even further by earning the loyalty of the city’s ever-expanding immigrant community, which functioned as a base of political capital. The Tammany Hall ward boss or ward heeler – “wards” were the city’s smallest political units from 1686 to 1938 – served as the local vote gatherer and provider of patronage. Beginning in late 1845, Tammany power surged with the influx of millions of Irish immigrants to New York. From 1872, Tammany had an Irish “boss,” and in 1928 a Tammany hero, New York Governor Al Smith won the Democratic presidential nomination. However, Tammany Hall also served as an engine for graft and political corruption, perhaps most infamously under William M. “Boss” Tweed in the mid-19th century.


    Multicult is a divide and conquer modification of Tammany Hall politics where the agenda (pro immigrant, ‘anti-racist’ = pro power) is internalized within the institution as an **untouchable** topic that divides the voter base and prevents effective election of opposition.

    But rather than rely on the immigrants via block party alcohol and ward patronage ‘assistance’ (the many morons = the mega bucks = the obvious betrayal) you simply control the few candidates, behind closed doors.

    The Elite always control the most by owning (absolutely) the fewest. They are cheap that way and it limits their exposure-

    To those ‘inside the ring’. Who are just as compromised by it’s actions as their profits.

    We cannot get past this without having a new nation with a new political system. The present one is corrupted, absolutely, by it’s profiteering control over the candidacies.

  8. Cousin Charlie from TN says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article from Jan. 2002. I wish I had been receptive to such clear thinking back then. As a musician (for many decades) I was sort of apolitical, having to deal with so many knee-jerk far-leftists every day & night. That year sort of started my personal turnaround. I listened daily on NPR to the Senate hearings later that year re: Iraq, & told other players at my gigs, “They are definitely going to start a war & take down Saddam”. Blah or no response. Then later when the big “anti-war” rallies started up, the same cats were trying to tell me all about it. The end of my posing as a liberal started in that year. Now the phoniness of it all overwhelms me. I even like Ann Coulter!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I could not agree more with #7’s last statement. A new nation! I often comment to friends and family that we (humanity) is trying to become more advanced than we are ready to accomplish.

    Essentially we are still nomadic and agrarian entities trying to reject our past. Much like a rural youth who moves to the city then lies about where they came from. They are ashamed of their family and past. I understand that it is because of our “wonderful” advances that I am able to communicate with you now, but these advances are not needed as much as a return to our past.



    *Meth kills white families.

  10. Jeff says:

    This is really not intended as a sarcasm BUT I was wondering if the only way a White Person can get any of this Special Handling everyone else seems to get today is to tell people you are a:


  11. Anonymous says:

    Multiculturalism is a tool used by the NWO to break down and destroy Western Civilization which will lead the way for one world government. Same with promoting mass immigration and miscegenation. The populations must first be diluted with foreigners to water down the national character and virtually erase national borders. I believe this massive unfettered immigration of illegals into the US is one stage in this plan. You can’t merge the US, Mexico and Canada into the North American Union unless they all share the same population characteristics. Canada’s immigrant mix is different from the US in that Indians, Chinese and other Asians make up a bigger percentage of their population than in the US. Look for Canada to import more Africans and Mexican immigration while the US will take in more Asians to balance things out. Notice the recent uptick in Indians in America?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Multicultural hell is coming to Ireland also! Celebrating African Day in Limmerick. Does anyone here still think there is not an INTENTIONAL global war on Whites all over the world?

    “Family fun days, an African bazaar, public debates, food-tasting and sports activities are among the events taking place in Dublin, Limerick and Galway over the coming weeks to celebrate Africa Day 2011.

    “Ireland has developed strong connections with Africa over many years, not least those forged by Irish missionaries and non- governmental organisation. More recently, we have seen an increase in trade and business links, while many African communities here are making an invaluable contribution to Irish society,” she said.”