Posted on May 27, 2011

Lottery Winner in Court on Aussie’s Murder

Sydney Morning Herald, May 27, 2011

The millionaire US lottery winner accused of shooting dead Australian property developer Greg McNicol warned “watch your mouth” before firing the fatal bullet, a Detroit court has heard.

The evidence was part of chilling testimony presented at a hearing for 62-year-old Freddie Young on Thursday.

Young was part of a syndicate in Michigan that shared $US46.5 million in a Mega Millions jackpot lottery in February, but the court was told he was upset at the way Mr McNicol, formerly from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, had treated his daughter, Ayana Young.

Ayana, 20, was living in an apartment complex in Detroit that Mr McNicol bought earlier in the year, however, she was two months behind on rent and was threatened with eviction.

Tenants testified Mr McNicol, on May 7, the day of his death, became involved in a heated argument at the complex with a group of women, including Young’s granddaughter.

The granddaughter phoned Young, the court heard.

The Detroit News newspaper reported after the phone call the granddaughter allegedly told the other members of the group her grandfather was going to come and “kill the dude”.

Witness, 14-year-old Mayakala Bell-Brown, testified Ayana first arrived at the apartment complex, punched Mr McNicol in the face and said: “I’m tired of you white people”.

Young then pulled up in a black vehicle, had a gun in his hand and confronted the Australian, the court heard.

“The man said, ‘Watch your mouth.’ Greg said he wanted them out of my house,” another tenant, Leola Brown, said, according to the Detroit News.

“Then he shot him.”

Detroit police believe the bullet severed a major artery near Mr McNicol’s groin.

Mr McNicol’s property manager Karen Rucker testified she and Mr McNicol had confronted Ayana about loud music and unauthorised occupants in her apartment.

Ms Rucker also said Young called her two weeks earlier and said “he didn’t want anyone disrespecting his daughter”.

Young was arrested almost a week after the shooting and has remained in custody.

He appeared in the 36th District courtroom on Thursday in handcuffs and dressed in a prisoner’s uniform.

At the end of the hearing Judge Patricia Jefferson ordered him to stand trial for first-degree premeditated murder and the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

He was remanded to the Wayne County Jail ahead of a June 2 arraignment.

If guilty of the murder charge Young faces a mandatory life sentence without parole.

22 responses to “Lottery Winner in Court on Aussie’s Murder”

  1. Up to my neck in CA. says:

    This happened in the US and only a Ozzie newspaper is reporting it? More media black-out on out of control black people. no mention of this story out here in CA. Just look to Deadtroit for America’s future. No hate crimes will be charged, and Mr. Nichol will be labeled a racist for not allowing sweet Ayana to live without discrimination.

  2. Sam Spade says:

    So, two questions:

    1. The murderer won millions in the lottery, but his daughter was still two months behind in the rent. Why?

    2. The daughter has not been charged with anything even though she is the one that telephoned the murderer and apparently by her own admission knew that he was coming to kill the victim. Why?

  3. John says:

    This was on the news here in Melbourne Australia and I read a story about this in the local paper about the life and death of Mr Mc Nicol. Firstly sincere condolences to his family concerning this.

    But what the hell was he doing buying and renovating apartments in the urban hell hole of Detroit?

    Did he really think he was going to succeed in rejuvenating a neighborhood like that and also make a quick buck out of it?

    There have been quite a few property seminars here where Local investors have been urged to invest in the declining US market where some property prices are extremely cheap and the Aussie dollar has rapidly appreciated. But guess where nearly all those bargain basement properties are? There was even an article by a financial commentator here last week warning investors of the risks and pitfalls of the US market echoing my concerns of buying a home an inner city ghetto or hell hole although the language the commentator used was much milder and the ethnicity/demographics of people who livein these hellholes was of course not mentioned.

    Its a pity a few more of these get rich quick Aussies don’t have a quick racial and financial reality check If they don’t have time to read an issue of Amren at least have a good look with your own eyes at the area you want to invest your hard earned money. You might be in for a big shock.

    Lastly a guy that won a 46 million dollar lottery who thinks its better to shoot the landlord than offer to help pay the measly rent of his beloved granddaughter tells you a lot about the mentality of black folk over there. No wonder so many whites have left Detroit.

  4. Jerry says:

    Well it’s a very good thing this man didn’t have a gun himself to DEFEND himself because being dead is probably easier than serving 40 years in some all black prison for a HATE crime had he defended himself?

    Whites are only seeing the tip of the iceberg on this vicious black conduct. It will get worse, much worse, but don’t worry keep watching Oprah buying all those black records, paying them millions to toss a ball or run and it will be all better soon?

  5. White, Jewish, and Proud says:

    “Ms Rucker also said Young called her two weeks earlier and said “he didn’t want anyone disrespecting his daughter”.

    I can’t tell you how many times when dealing with blacks or overhearing their conversations I hear them insist on –no, demand — “respect,” as if it were an entitlement.

    Living as I have in and near the wilds of Philadelphia for a long time, it not uncommon to hear of murder by blacks because somebody was “disrespected.”

    With black people the rationale is I exist, therefore, I am owed respect. With White people its what have you done to earn it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Here is probably the longest story with the most details about the victim. He had a lot of energy, enterprise and determination.

    His murder is appalling and very sad.

    From an Australian site, it even has a photo of the building.

  7. Mr.White says:

    This story proves once more it’s not a money issue with blacks, but rather the inability to function as a respectable human being in society; because of a low IQ combined with their hostilities and outright hatred of whitey. A deadly combination for any white man who has the misfortune of putting himself in their path.

    This story was confusing at first, given it was being reported by a Sydney newspaper while occurring as it turns out in Detroit. Ironic, how we now have to go around the world to read of a white man being murdered in our own country by a black, simply because the man was white.


    The epidemic of black-on-White crime is due to black poverty and lack of job opportunities?

    Then how does one explain a black millionaire with tenure at the US Postal Service going on a hate-whitey shooting spree?

  9. d says:

    This story was quite widely reported in Australia. I don’t feel much sympathy, neither does anyone with whom I discussed it. No person in his right mind would invest in property in Detroit. Now his wife claims that she’ll carry on his dream – from a safe distance no doubt.

    I can only assume that he didnt research the history of Detroit and similar hellholes ruined by blacks.

    On the bright side, the daughter will get to spend daddy’s money while he spends the rest of his life in a cell.

  10. olewhitelady says:

    As for the nouveau-riche daddy not paying the rent: he’s probably already frittered the money away! It doesn’t take low-class blacks long to spend even millions on cars, clothes, and investment in rap companies!

  11. Jeddermann. says:

    “Local investors have been urged to invest in the declining US market where some property prices are extremely cheap and the Aussie dollar has rapidly appreciated. But guess where nearly all those bargain basement properties are?”

    JOHN – – tell everyone you know NOT to invest in these “properties”. VERY dangerous just to be near those areas if you must collect rent, travel through the area, etc.

    And confrontations with a “tenant” can turn very bad quickly. In the proverbial heartbeat.

    The REASON why these properties are so cheap is because they are in such bad areas populated by persons willing to kill in a second for the least provocation or maybe no provocation.

  12. Risorgimento II says:

    Here is a photo of both the dead and the living; Greg McNicol and Freddie Young:

    I would like to thank AmRen for posting this story. Though I was born and raised in the once great city of Detroit, and now live in it’s suburbs, I have pretty much stopped watching the local Detroit news programs because when ever I do, it’s wall to wall reports of crime, such as murders, violent assaults, rapes, and robberies, peppered with frequent fatal car accidents. My stomach can only take so much. Hence I was unaware of this crime.

    This murder is a classic example of MSM censorship when it comes to black on white interracial violence.

    Notice that the vast majority of American news reports refuse to publish a photo of the white victim. Just as they refuse to inform the reader that the white victim suffered an assault and racial intimidation by the black woman, Ayana Young, before being killed in cold blood by her father:

    According to a witness, “…Ayana first arrived at the apartment complex, punched Mr McNicol in the face and said: “I’m tired of you white people”.

    No mention of any hate crime charges:

    Notice also, in the American news articles, not only is this not reported, but there is no mention of what charges, if any, have been brought against the daughter of the killer, despite her having known of her father’s homicidal intentions against him, her racist verbal attack, and her violent physical assault upon his person before he was killed.

    If the witness testimony is true, this was clearly a violent racist hate crime against a white person, and the US media apparently made an intentional effort to hide that information from the majority population. Something they would not have done had the races been reversed.

    In order for social engineers in the liberal media to establish, promote, and preserve victimization within a minority group so as to elicit guilt, sympathy, miscegenation, and financial aid from the majority group; officially designated victims must not be shown to have victims of their own, especially when their victims are often members of the majority group from whom the guilt, sympathy, miscegenation, and tax money are elicited.

    Whether the family of Greg McNicol receives justice has yet to be seen as black jury nullification is a very real possibility.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The military have returned to using the tourniquet in SWA and everyone learns how to apply them as part of deployment training.

    It saves lives, especially in the wake of IED or rocket (explosive warhead) attack.

    There is nothing that ‘bandages’ can do if you have a femoral bleed (I have to wonder at ambulance response times, if one was even called) but provided the artery hasn’t slipped up inside the pelvis, a tourniquet is a sure way to save a man and we can do truly wondrous things even with limbs that have been ‘down’ an hour or so in terms of rejuvenating tissues.

    There but for a pair of shoe laces and an IQ over 87.

    Welcome to darkness.

  14. John says:

    From Jeddarman 11..JOHN – – tell everyone you know NOT to invest in these “properties”. VERY dangerous just to be near those areas if you must collect rent, travel through the area, etc……

    No worries mate! I can only reach a few but I am am sure this

    is a salutary lesson despite the tragic circumstances.

    Considering the mans apparent talent and drive for hard work it seems such a waste.I am sure he could have done well here in Australia or somehwere else in the USA.

    At the end of the day it doesn`t matter how much money you have made/can make if your good self and your loved ones are not in a safe environment to start of with.

    For me all the money in the world cant buy peace of mind and

    good health.(without a bullet hole or knife wound etc)

  15. Honey says:

    John – No. 3

    In Australia we are generally told that white Americans are very racist and the inference is that if you aren’t racist and treat people equally and with respect than other ethnic groups will reciprocate. This is probably why he thought that he could buy an apartment in a black ghetto and be a success story. He was obviously a very benign character who wanted to do good.

    Unfortunately people will learn the hard way that ‘not being racist and respecting others’ isn’t a sure fire formula of not being attacked by them.

  16. Justin says:

    My sympathies go out to his family. As an Australian, the poor guy probably had minimal interaction with American Blacks in his lifetime. His only exposure to them was probably through the Australian MSM, which I’d imagine portrays them in the most sympathetic light imaginable. Kind of like the idealized version of Australian Aboriginals we get here in the US.

  17. Alan D says:

    Honey – No. 15

    I agree with you completely. Most people here in Australia have been taught that white Americans are very racist against blacks, and that any problems experienced by black people are ultimately caused by this racism. It is not surprising that they believe this, because the only news that they hear originates in the main stream media in the US and is passed on by our own MSM. This news is not contradicted by everyday experiences such as trying to find a decent school in the US.

  18. AM says:

    As a white American I can tell you that whites are the LEAST racist towards blacks. American Indians, hispanics, orientals are much more overt in their attitudes towards blacks. Many orientals consider blacks to be something like sub-human.

  19. ATBOTL says:

    Europeans and Australians don’t understand the level of violence among blacks in America. They are far, far more dangerous than their own crime prone minorities.

  20. Sardonicus says:

    Mr. Young could have easily paid off his daughter’s debt and yet he chose to kill Mr. McNicol. It was a stupid and senseless act of violence that could have been avoided with little effort on the part of the accused. It seems like the level of racial violence and hatred has not changed after the election of our first Black President. As far as I can tell, this crime was not reported in our controlled media.

  21. diversity=adversity says:

    Too bad the Australian thought the problems with blacks were due to White racist treatment, when really it is the racist attidude and tribalism of blacks themselves, and he thought he could fix it by being himself “non-racist”.

    For if a bunch of AmReners did buy old factories and apartment buildings in detroit, then we could reclaim it. They call it Gentrification when Whites do it, and “diversity” when non whites invade White settlements.

    if I had the money, I would buy a few blocks of detroit and rebuild it into a gated area. I would hire young White men for armed patrol.

    Too bad I am poor, I would remake the world.

  22. Anonymous says:

    She was behind two months rent? Why?

    If this Freddie Young is a multi-millionaire lottery winner, then why was his daughter paying ANY rent at all? He could have bought up the whole dang apartment complex!!! What did he do with all that money?

    Incidentally, shooting Mr. McNichol in the groin seems particularly vicious.