Posted on April 20, 2011

DeKalb Settles Racial Bias Suit With Ex-Parks Employees

Michelle E. Shaw, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, April 18, 2011

DeKalb County has agreed to a $1.3 million settlement with two former parks employees in a 6-year-old racial discrimination case.

According to a filing dated April 14, the previously awarded $1.9 million in legal fees and $185,000 in damages will be replaced by the settlement amount.

The settlement amount brings the county’s tab to well over $4 million since the case was filed in August 2004. By early 2010 the county had already spent more than $2.5 million in legal fees.

The suit alleged that Vernon Jones, when he was DeKalb’s CEO, wanted to get rid of white managers so he could create a “darker administration” that would reflect the county’s racial makeup.


The federal case originally involved four former parks employees who all alleged that Jones discriminated against some white managers.

In April 2010, a jury decided that Jones, his executive assistant, Richard Stogner, and parks director Marilyn Boyd Drew “created and maintained a hostile work environment.” It also found DeKalb to be responsible for racial discrimination. The jury also said Jones, Stogner, Drew and the county were liable for damages.


9 responses to “DeKalb Settles Racial Bias Suit With Ex-Parks Employees”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Many White people are so ignorant when it comes to their own self-interests that I just have to wonder if the plaintiffs voted in the politician(s) who appointed Vernon Jones and if they also voted for Obama. We all know that some white folks just can’t give enough to blacks. Everything for the black race and nothing but ridicule and dispossession for the white race.

  2. sbuffalonative says:

    “…create a “darker administration” that would reflect the county’s racial makeup.”

    What, an institution should reflect its majority makeup?

    Isn’t it the opposite? Isn’t something that’s say, majority white, that must be made non-white to aid minorities and promote diversity?

  3. White Liability, they target us! says:

    DeKalb is becoming unlivable for White Humanity. Good. All those rich race traitors at Emory who hire blacks over Whites in the name of “enriching and transformative Diversity leadership” are suffering from municipal failure. Good. Let them explain why black rule is better making stronger, safer, vibrant communities as their taxes will soar and their security will plummet.

    Rich liberal Whites who are submerged under black rule are the ones we should never allow to escape through White Flight. Let them stay and suffer so we can point to them and tell our White children what happens when Whites resist the natural instinct of the White Nurse Syndrome: “I wasn’t a raciss before I started working here.”

    Let DeKalb burn so everybody else can see the flames and smell the smoke.

  4. Georgia Cracker says:

    This attack was in Fulton Co., but look for DeKalb gangs to catch up with the trend-

  5. Anonymous says:

    The gang of “youths,” soon to be called “troubled teens who need our compassion, understanding, and investment,” attacked in the first hour of April 20. Never will they be called for what they are, except in the privacy of our own White homes.

    April 20 is the 1861 anniversary of Robert E. Lee’s resigning from the U.S. Army to defend his native Virginia from hordes of invading Yankees who just wanted to “save the Union and free a race,” and the anniversary of the 1871 Klu Klux Act that criminalized self-defense in the South.

    Also, AH was born today in 1889.

  6. Tom S. says:

    After SIX YEARS one guy got $105,000 and the other got $80,000 – you call that a win? If they were black, we’d be talking MILLIONS and ‘diversity training’ for all White employees in the county.

    Off subject, but where has John PM gone? I miss his comments.

  7. GB says:

    Jones wasn’t appointed. He was elected. The county CEO is like a mayor.

    He is gone now.

    Notice how much money the lawyers got and how little the plaintiffs got.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Upper class Blacks and Hispanics must have an under the table, city by city, deal for them to be pushing this hard to ‘darken the administration’ in a county when the overall skin tone of Georgia and certainly Atlanta is so rapidly turning from black to brown?

    Here is what irritates me-


    Attorneys for former parks employee John Drake and the estate of former employee Michael Bryant, who died in February 2010, did not return calls for comment.


    Why should they, they are the thieves who STOLE 4 million dollars in taxpayer money from state parks which will never now go to their intended role: preserving a habitat that almost exclusively whites and not other ethnies enjoy. They did it deliberately, pushing a case that should have been mediatored to a fixed-insult reward and an open admission of guilt within WEEKS of being announced. Not six years.


    Speaking on behalf of Jones, attorney Dwight L. Thomas said the settlement is “mutually beneficial to all parties,” but he declined to elaborate.


    Which is the other half of the equation. Jones got a golden parachute. He is probably laughing all the way to the bank if not Caribbean right now.

    He’s black, he knows what he wants, he knows he has nothing to worry about for ‘racial bias’ as social standing and so he says: “Fine, cut me a check for this amount and I’ll walk. Otherwise, keep fighting it until Satan Skates, after all _I’m not paying for it_.”

  9. WASP says:

    Myself and several other white males were discriminated against by a black manager in a very large corporation.

    Everyone knew it was happening. We made a complaint to the EEOC and of course they did nothing. The EEOC does not help healthy white males. You must be a minority or in a wheel chair to get any help at all.

    I eventually quit that job and started my own business. Doing quite well.

    The black manager was transferred and eventually fired for sexual harassment.