Rev. Al Sharpton Joins President Obama’s Immigration Reform Effort

Thomas M. Defrank, New York Daily News, April 20, 2011


Participants at a White House meeting with Obama on Tuesday reported he’s determined to keep the issue alive–and asked for help forging a bipartisan consensus behind reforming an immigration policy he often calls “broken.”

The Rev. Al Sharpton called the session “a very healthy beginning” and suggested proponents and opponents join together in “unlikely pairs” to “give a central message: Immigration reform is something America needs and something that America must do together.”

“Immigration reform must be a priority,” he said.

Sharpton urged the country to unite behind “a humane policy but a legal policy that does not threaten American citizens nor violate American law but at the same time deals with the basic need of building this country.”



Obama and Sharpton earlier this month.

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  • Question Diversity

    Al Sharpton may be loonier than a toon, but the people who listen to his rinky dink radio show have a little bit of sense. Last spring, when SB 1070 heated up in Arizona, Sharpton railed against it on his show, and most of his (black) callers rapped his knuckles for doing so, noting the intense black-Hispanic competition for jobs in certain segments of the economy.

    As for the Obama immigration effort, he says he wants all sides of the political spectrum represented here. I think he’s right — Both far left and extreme left will be represented.

    AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumpka is also part of this confab. Maybe someone should send him this link:

    Even though the American Federal government in the 1920s was heavily Republican at all levels, two constituencies that were then noted for being aligned with Democrats, the unions and the K-people, were able to push immigration restrictions through Congress and into law. However, it is a mistake to think that every Republican in the 1920s was a big business open borders type — Many, if not most of them, were foreign policy isolationists (Remember the “Normalcy” promise of the 1920 campaign season, coming off the globalist Woodrow Wilson and WWI), and for isolationists, immigration restriction is philosophically and logically a good fit.

  • Eric

    What pathetic theater this man’s presidency is. Since he will receive much less support from whites this go round he is doubling down on the racial identity politics as evidenced by his sudden trotting out of Sharpton at every opportunity. Sharpton couldn’t tell you the states that border Mexico much less add any constructive thoughts on immigration reform.

  • Anon

    What the heck does Al Sharpton know about immigration?

    Sharpton knows that immigration brings in more colored votes, which means more white wealth will be transfered to coloreds.

  • Anonymous

    “Sharpton urged the country to unite behind “a humane policy but a legal policy that does not threaten American citizens nor violate American law but at the same time deals with the basic need of building this country.”

    “The basic needs of building this country”? It’s already been built for quite a while, you buffoon. And it was built with very little help from people like you. I’m even tempted to say, it was built DESPITE people like you.

    Not that I care what happens to people like you, Rev, but I hope you realize that letting in millions of Mexicans will NOT be good for blacks OR for whites. They will not treat you well like we whites have been trying to do for the past half-century. The hispanics will not indulge you or cater to you like we have. They will simply relegate blacks to the bottom of society, same as they do in Latin America.

    White-hating black agitators like Sharpton — and for that matter Obama — think by browning the country, they’re getting over on Whitey; but in their malevolent ignorance they are signing their own death warrant as well as ours.

  • Conrad

    “What the heck does Al Sharpton know about immigration?”

    He knows that it is displacing or bringing about the genocide of whites in all white countries.

    “…at the same time deals with the basic need of building this country.”

    For those that might be thinking that the country has already been built, he is referring to the building of a country without white people.

  • Anonymous

    Immigrants, especially those lesser educated, are the biggest economic and civil threat to blacks in the US. There has been, and will be continue displacement by those willing to work. But for awhile blacks and lower educated immigrants will vote democratic as they are on the receiving end of the tax dole. But blacks are doomed, not by whites but by the growing masses of immigrants who will out work them and care not a wit for the legacy of slavery excuses. When was the last time you saw a black in a commercial kitchen? Doing lawn care?

  • Anonymous

    “What the heck does Al Sharpton know about immigration”?

    He knows immigrants are another group who can join him in hating on white men. I suppose it makes them feel better. Germans felt better hating on Jews, also.

  • John AZ

    Here’s an idea for immigration reform. Shut the border down cold. Bring our troops home from Korea where we pointlessly defend their border and leave ours open to invasion.

    Of course the imposter Obama and the clown Sharpton want amnesty for non-white illegals. I believe Obama’s greatest goal is to break the white power structure forever, and the best and most permanent way to do it is to import millions of fecund non-whites, who will, of course be dependent on the Government and therefore will vote for Democratics.

    What he apparently can’t grasp is that Hispanics do not like blacks, and blacks will fare far worse under a Hispanic majority, so breaking the white power structure (aka the Golden Goose) is a Pyrrhic victory of the worst sort for blacks.

  • Anonymous

    What the heck does Al Sharpton know about immigration?

    More than John Feinblatt, who was quoted in the article as follows,

    ‘”It was a good discussion,” Bloomberg’s chief policy adviser John Feinblatt told the Daily News. “We need an immigration policy that attracts the best, brightest and hardest-working to our shores to help create jobs and spur growth.”‘

    Apparently to Bloomberg and associates there are still too many middle income white men in America.

  • Tim in Indiana

    When it comes to race hustlers, Sharpton is about the lowest of the low. Obama’s aligning of himself with Sharpton shows just how “post-racial” he really is.

  • Chicagoan

    I guess Obama has to buttress his black base of support since some of the other parts of his coalition have become disillusioned and may not be around next election. Perhaps he’ll bring back Rev. Wright from exile. Everything he does seems to be calculated in one way or another, and this seems to be part of his strategy. Why any white would vote for a person who spits on them is just beyond my understanding.

  • noneknown

    So, the guy who instigated the Tawana Brawley deal is now shaking hands with the prez! Is this a great country or what? I’ll go with the “or what”. If you don’t know about “the Tawana Brawley deal”, I strongly suggest that you do a search and read about it.

  • Tom S.

    I think that Obama joining with $harpton is a GOOD thing, I hope he does more of it. Then the Rep. nominee can play back all the remarks $harpton has said over the years ( like with the N.Y. “wilding” incident when a White woman that was severly beaten and raped by black thugs in Central park, $harpton said – “what was the b – – – – doing in the park?”) and the remarks of his ‘Rev’ Wright over 20 yrs. and say “do you want to vote for a man thats good friends with the likes of these racists?” Now if we can only get him to buddy up with Farrakhan that would be icing on the cake. Of course McCain could’ve brought all this up too, but he didn’t want to be seen as a “racisss”. Sofar the only one that I can see probably doing this is Trump, the other ones are too polite and p.c..

  • olewhitelady

    I have to wonder if the rev has seen the writing on the wall and figures that race hustling for Hispanics is more profitable than doing so for blacks. On a recent MSNBC show “The Black Agenda” he sat placidly while a film played in which he often looked like a buffoon. In it, he stated that he sometimes let vanity get ahead of sanity. He must think that a change of image of some sort is necessary for him to make a transition to full-time immigration advocacy. Certainly, as other commenters have noted, the majority of blacks see no advantage in an onslaught of illegals who take their jobs, deplete welfare, overcrowd schools, and wage gang warfare on the ghetto. They know full well that Hispanics will turn their backs on blacks if they no longer need their votes. I wonder how many blacks will abandon the Dem Party once Obama is no longer Prez. Many, no doubt, will feel profound disappointment and will no longer be politically involved.

  • ice

    “Sharpton urged the country to unite behind “a humane policy but a legal policy that does not threaten American citizens nor violate American law but at the same time deals with the basic need of building this country.”

    Yeah, sure, they’re thinking of “the country,” even though every black push has been SOLELY involving blacks as a race everywhere in the world and to hell wih non-blacks and the betterment of the nation.

    Of course the motivation behind this is the same as every motivation coming from this ignorant black racist president and that is he wants to do everything and anything to weaken the white population in this country. Flooding the country with non-whites will accomplish that goal nicely.

    But does he know that mestizos are taking mostly black jobs and straining the social benefits, which affect mostly blacks too? Of course he does, but he doesn’t care right now. His over riding desire for the present is to weaken whitey and worry about the consequences later. He probably thinks once whites are out blacks will slide smoothly into the professions and high technology, because the only thing holding them back was whitey.

    But what about their dismal academic records, their deplorable incompetence on tests, revealing their norm to be the worst of all the races in the country? Like most dense blacks, he probably thinks tests are just a nuisance anyway and should be discontinued and that experience and on the job training will qualify pharmacists and doctors, and the like, even though they couldn’t grasp the course material during training.

    This is a very dark period in white history. Making it even worse are leftist fools who inundate the media and academia. They are by far our worst enemies, along with do-gooder whites who are no more than fools of the highest order.

    But, don’t give the messiah too much credit for smarts. Like all other arrogant blacks he thinks blacks will have a larger slice of the American pie if the country is mongrelized with incompetents. Wouldn’t he rather compete with mestizos than whites? Absolutely.

    But the fool can see no part of the truth staring him in the face in Africa. No black run country can even feed itself let alone compete in a high tech world. He thinks blacks somehow will do better if they can weasel their incompetent ways into jobs and he’s too arrogant to understand that putting them there will eventually cause the economy to collapse of its own moronic weight. Didn’t he appoint a black to NASA who thinks his job is to reach out to Muslims, rather than run a space program?

    So, step one in his pro-black, community organizing agenda is the same as it has been for twenty years in Chicago: His aim is to do what he can to weaken the white power structure and that means watering down the white population, and that is exactly the reason behind these meetings with other racist blacks like him and his disgusting wife.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how much Sharpton is -paid- for his advocacy. By the crime gangs who undertake the drug trade. By the Republicans who -still- want an NAU. By the immigration enablling industry who get rich destroying our nation.

    I also wonder if he is really as stupid as some of his quotes make him sound or if he is aware that, in Mexico, the ‘color continuum’ consists of very dark Indians in the South with next to nothing (this despite the fact that they instigated the revolution which made Mexico it’s own state), ‘well tanned’ Mestizos trumping each other for paleness as job qualification and SES improvement in the highly corrupt and racially conscious middle classes (still barely equivalent to our lower working classes in SES) and the top 10% of the country so interbred with blondes that they could pass for white.

    The latter are the ones whose _leadership model_ (monopolizing the massive oil, telecoms and tourism sectors) will be what a Latinized U.S. looks like. The 40% of civil service jobs blacks now have will vanish and their participation in national government will _disappear_.

    The ultimate irony here that I doubt most AmReners get is that this is likely _very personal_ greed because it’s obvious to these men, via the powerful white men they associate with on a daily basis, that the only by making it ‘all about me’ (selling out anyone and anything) can one get ahead.

    Diversity as interbreeding is, sociologically and genetically a way to avoid genetic depression and cultural stagnation. But if you look at it from their perspective, these blacks and their _exactly similar_ whites are only doing this for themselves and their families. i.e. They are creating microcosms of single families as representative of their entire culture and gene line inheritance.

    Such arrogance is impossible for us to conceive of, but it may well be true.

    Which is to say that they think the modern world _ending_ will still leave them rich enough to be able to ‘buy their way out’ for their own as the sole propagators of their genetic interests in the third world aftermath.

    Well get a clue you fools.

    1. If the U.S. regresses to a Mexican level economy, every dollar you own will be worth ten cents ON the dollar.

    2. If we are at peak oil _now_ (instead of 2025 as promised) with China only beginning to rise up, ‘continuing to build this country’ and ‘economic growth’ are all PAST TENSE EVENTS ANYWAY.

    That is the ultimate in-joke here. Without oil as both energy and raw materials, this electric blue plastic boogaloo will NOT continue and we should be scaling BACK our economic growth efforts. Along with the populations that breed like rabbits to support it.

    Idiots and their civilizations, soon parted…

  • Frank Jones

    One thing I admire about this site is that at least you can post comments and not get kicked off for commenting about the New World Order, which brings me to my point.

    Both people like Sharpton and Hannity serve at the behest of the NWO. Sharpton was a former FBI stoolie and Hannity makes millions by towing the corporate NWO line. So of course Reverend Al wants more immigration even though it hurts the African American community.

    At present our workforce is composed of about 17% (probably higher)immigrants.

  • Cid Campeador

    “What he apparently can’t grasp is that Hispanics do not like blacks, and blacks will fare far worse under a Hispanic majority, so breaking the white power structure (aka the Golden Goose) is a Pyrrhic victory of the worst sort for blacks.”

    May it be as you say!

    As a teacher I would ofted see the Black males hitting on the pretty ( and there were a lot of them) Hispanic girls. I guess they perceived them as being almost like White girls. The Hispanic boys generally were not happy with those antics.

  • Fritz

    Al knows how to play the race baiting game in a manner that he doen’t need to worry about HIS retirement.

    By The Way:

    Does anyone on the Planet Earth know which mailorder school Ole Al got his ministry degree from?

    Maybe he has friends from Kenya who helped him out?

  • Marty

    I just love that picture of the two finest black minds on the planet together and shaking hands.

    I wonder if they are speaking in everyday English or if they prefer to use Ebonics as they speak?

  • Voter

    “Certainly, as other commenters have noted, the majority of blacks see no advantage in an onslaught of illegals who take their jobs, deplete welfare, overcrowd schools, and wage gang warfare on the ghetto. They know full well that Hispanics will turn their backs on blacks…”


    Certainly? What’s so certain about it? I’m not at all so sure as you are that “the majority ofr blacks” are able to foresee the end results of Hispanic immigration, nor that Hispanics will turn their backs on them. They tend to live on wishful thinking.

    Actually, most blacks don’t plan that far ahead in the game. Most blacks just take life day by day. All they do know and care about is weakening Whitey right now. And they’ll welcome any help they can get. They’ll cross the other bridges when when they come to them. You’re giving them too much credit by assuming they are so foresighted. Personally, I think they’ll be in for a big surprise.