Posted on May 5, 2010

Arizona’s New Law: Who’s Calling Whom “Racist”?

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, May 5, 2010

The current whooping about Arizona’s new immigration law is the clearest possible proof that virtually every Hispanic organization and elected official believes the United States has no right to enforce immigration law if that means keeping out Hispanics. Enforcing the law would outrage their deep sense of racial loyalty, so the law must be ignored, subverted, and denounced, but certainly not enforced. Racial solidarity comes before the law; the law doesn’t even come close.

The irony is that although it is Hispanics who have worked themselves into a frenzy of race loyalty, it is they who accuse their opponents of “racism.” The Arizona law ignores race, of course; it only criminalizes actions. But welcome to what is now considered normal: Anyone who thinks the United States has a say in whom it may admit into its territory is called a racist by people who are obsessed with race.

As many people have pointed out, the new law does not “regulate immigration;” it merely adds state penalties for what are already federal crimes. It means the state of Arizona can actually do something about the estimated 500,000 illegal aliens the feds have let sneak into their state. This is called “concurrent enforcement” and happens all the time: There are both state and federal crimes against drug dealing, human trafficking, kidnapping, and a host of other things.

Hispanics refuse to see it that way. The possibility that even just one state out of 50 might throw up an obstacle to their demographic takeover has them howling about “racism” and “racial profiling.” The National Council of La Raza says the Arizona law reflects “the rhetoric of hate groups, nativists, and vigilantes,” and “encourages–in no uncertain terms–racial profiling.” MALDEF (the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund) says the law “launches Arizona into a spiral of pervasive fear,” and “is an open invitation to racial discrimination.” Dolores Huerta, that ancient farm-worker agitator, says, “What we are witnessing today is the blatant targeting of an entire American population, Latinos.” The Educational Fund of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials says Arizona’s new law will have “disastrous consequences for Arizona,” and will “subject Arizona’s Latinos and newcomers to discrimination.” The president of LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens), Rosa Rosales, says it is a “racist law.” The Congressional Hispanic Caucus official says it will “open the door to discrimination and racial profiling.”

MEChA, which is the group that wants to kick whites out of the Southwest and establish the “bronze continent” of Aztlan, was a little more creative. It said the law “is indistinguishable from the Jim Crow laws of the 19th and early 20th century” and “will legalize state violence and harassment in communities of color.” Someone with a sense of humor smeared refried beans in the shape of swastikas on the Arizona state capitol’s windows. And Emilio Almodovar of Phoenix, who is said to be 13 years old and an American citizen, shows how love for America takes root early in the hearts of the young. “We can’t walk to school any more,” he says. “We can’t be in the streets anymore without the pigs thinking we’re illegal immigrants.” Note the word “pigs,” not “police.”

All of this, of course, is an open admission of what everyone knows: that the overwhelming majority of those 500,000 illegals–95 percent? 98 percent?–are Hispanic. If the Arizona police start enforcing the law, the people being turned over to the feds will not be black or white.

All this bellyaching is therefore the most transparent, shameless race-based special pleading. Hispanics want to ignore the law because most of the law-breakers are Hispanic, and they want the country to become as Hispanic as possible. They have some nerve calling the Arizona legislature racist. If most illegals were Poles or Germans, Hispanics would be happy with the law, but because most border hoppers are fellow members of la raza, it’s the law that is “racist,” not them.

What we have here is the old, old story of non-whites calling any rule they can’t follow “racist.” Are more blacks than whites barred from voting when felons are disfranchised? The rules are racist. Do blacks and Hispanics fail the promotion exam for police sergeant? The exam is racist. Do blacks and Hispanics violate the University of Virginia honor code more often than whites? The honor code is racist. Do they get expelled from school more often? Teachers are racist. Do they have low IQs? The tests are racist. Are Hispanics most likely to be deported if the law is enforced? The law is racist.

This is how a country that was part of Western Civilization becomes detached from its moorings. When enough people show up for whom the old standards are alien–for whom the country itself is alien–all that can be swept aside. Hispanics are just 15 percent of the population. Imagine how they will behave if they get their way and become 25 or 40 percent or more.

Their pals south of the border are howling just as loudly. “Police in Arizona already treat migrants worse than animals,” says Francisco Loureiro, who runs a flophouse for border hoppers in Nogales, Mexico. “Now it will be open season under the cover of a law.” The mayor of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard, said he would join efforts to overturn Arizona’s law, stating that it is “apartheid against Mexicans.” Guatemala’s Foreign Relations Department said the law “threatens basic notions of justice.”

That about sums it up. If Americans try to control their borders–in ways that are far milder than those practiced by Mexico and Guatemala–this is “apartheid” and a “threat to justice.” Why not just be honest and say that Americans–at least whites Americans–have no say over who lives in their country, and that any Mexican or Guatemalan has the right to come any time and enjoy the rights of citizens?

Why can’t American Hispanics be honest and say the same thing, too? Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, who has never repudiated anything from his MEChA days, says he wants the city to boycott Arizona. He was joined in this by two city council members, Jose Huizar and Ed Reyes. Even one of Arizona’s own congressmen, Democrat Raul Grijalva supports a boycott–of his own state. Anything that keeps Hispanics from flooding the state is “racist” and must be stopped at all costs.

The white politicians of Arizona are, of course, whimpering and apologizing and promising there will be no “racial profiling.” I’d like know why not. The illegal problem is a Hispanic problem and everyone knows it. Many news stories about the law quoted illegals who were worried about being deported. How did the reporters find these people? They used racial profiling, of course, but the police are supposed think old white ladies are just as likely to be border hoppers as young Mexicans?

Welcome to 21st century America, where it is “racism” to control the border but not for Hispanics to help other Hispanics break the law, where it is “racism” for Americans to care about who might be here illegally, but not for Mexicans to want to fill the country up with people exactly like themselves. Hispanics are doing themselves no favors with their naked chauvinism. Even if our “leaders” don’t understand what is going on, ordinary voters do, and come election time, they will be in a mood to teach some lessons.