Posted on June 27, 2007

Diversity And Its Prospects

Fred Reed, Fred on Everything, June 24, 2007

From :Wikipedia: “Christian’s parents found her abandoned Toyota 4-Runner two blocks away from the Chipman Street house on Monday, with the help of her mobile phone provider. An envelope recovered from the vehicle yielded fingerprint evidence that led police to Lemaricus Davidson and 2316 Chipman Street. When police went to the address on Tuesday, January 9, they found the home unoccupied and Christian’s body in a trash can in the kitchen. Christian was strangled to death.[5] According to the grand jury presentment, Christian was raped vaginally, orally, and anally, and Newsom was raped anally.[2] Vanessa Coleman told police that “she witnessed Christian’s mouth being cleaned with a bottle of some type of cleaner,” in an attempt to remove DNA evidence.[6] Coleman also said that she had seen “clothes that were stained with blood and smelled of gas being put in the washing machine at the house.”[6] Newsom was shot three times, “his body wrapped in a blanket, set afire and dumped alongside nearby railroad tracks.”

The American media hold a special place in my heart for their faith in diversity. In the recent Duke case, with which I presume everyone is familiar, a lying black whore (she was lying, she was black, and she was a whore: I suppose I should identify her as Snow White’s sister and a pediatric nurse.) accused innocent college kids of raping her, whereupon the entire complex of media and governments piled on, ruining the boys’ lives. The racial aspect got tremendous attention: White racists in the South abusing a poor black girl. This is a favorite template of the media.

Many see the hooker of Duke as just trying to get attention or money. Perhaps she was, but she was also trying to get the white kids put in the slam for many years (where, incidentally, they would almost certainly have become the sex toys of a heavily black population.) This should be a serious crime with heavy penalties. It doesn’t seem to be.

But in the Tennessee case, the crime was real, and hideous. It didn’t fit the template, though, so both the government and the media tried to smother the crime and to conceal the race of the criminals. This is the government to which I’m supposed to be loyal.

Note that in both cases the crimes were racial. The whore in the Duke case knew, had to know, how to work the racial angle. So did the prosecutor, who was perfectly willing to destroy the kids to advance his career, though he got disbarred for it. He ought to be jailed. With respect to the Tennessee case, note that rape is not primarily a sexual crime. Any man who wants to get laid can find a hooker for twenty bucks on a downtown street corner. It’s easy. Men know that it’s easy. Rape? You don’t risk life in jail on a murder charge for a few minutes of lousy sex.

You do it from hatred. If you really hate whites, you make a white girl give you a blow job in front of her boyfriend. It’s a kick. On your knees, bitch…. Then you wash out her mouth with Drano or whatever to destroy the evidence.

Why do the government and the press consciously hide the race of criminals? Part of it is abject cowardice. Part of it is reflex, the journalistic templating that is now almost genetic. Reporters are not thoughtful. White-on-black crime is something you write about. Black-on-white isn’t. Truth doesn’t matter. A reporter wants to keep his job and get along in the news room. You don’t make waves where you work.

The deeper reason, though, is otherwise. If the press reported the extent of black crime, hell could easily break loose. There are limits to forbearance, even federally enforced forbearance. Racial animosity is high in the United States but papered over, with mention of it verboten in the media and punished by heavy penalties, such as losing jobs. Things are not getting better. Blacks burn a city every ten years or so. Los Angeles, Cincinnati, DC, Newark, Watts, what have you. Whites are cowed and submissive but very often quietly hostile. Any white man with a daughter will look at Christian and think, “My kid could be next.”

As for black crime in general, I spent over six years as a police reporter, riding at least weekly in a variety of cities, usually in black sections because that’s where the crime was. There’s a saying that you can bullshit the fans but you can’t bullshit the players. I know what is out there. So does every cop, every prosecutor and most urban reporters, unless they cover runway fashion. None will say it. To tell the truth is a firing offense. It’s another world downtown, troops, nothing like anything most people have ever imagined.

What is out there are very high rates of black crime, much of it targeted at whites, with interracial rape being almost entirely black-on-white. The blacks of the slums hate whites. This isn’t my overactive imagination. Check The Color of Crime. The figures come from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports, and the National Crime Victimization Survey.

If you have any doubts about the attitude of the media, ask your local TV channel to hold a live debate with Jared Taylor, who compiled the figures. If the media could show his numbers to be false, they would crucify him in a heartbeat. But he’s right and they know it. They are unlikely let him near a microphone.

If things were getting better, then holding the lid on, pretending and lying, might make sense: a few more years, one might say, and blacks downtown will assimilate and the whole sordid mess will evaporate. But things are getting, if anything, worse. Few jobs exist for functionally illiterate blacks from the vast sprawling slums that whites never see. Do you know how many are functionally illiterate? When blacks and Latinos compete for jobs, the Latinos invariably win. Latinos are gaining in political power, taking over neighborhoods from black gangs. The bastardy rate among blacks hovers around seventy percent, guaranteeing social disaster. The performance of blacks in the schools is horrible and not improving. A great many whites are sick of affirmative action, sick of Jesse and Al, sick of lying news coverage, and sick of living in fear. Hispanics by the way have not a shred of guilt over the problems of blacks.

Blacks are sometimes (quietly) described as a a failed race in permanent custodial care. This may not apply to those of the middle class. It does apply to those of the slums. They are what they are going to be. Affirmaitve action has indeed produced a middle class, which may have been the best of the available choices, but the underclass is still there, waiting. There you are. I wish it weren’t so, but every indication is that it is so.

For how long will silence work? The feds and the press now control the tension well . Nobody can object . We are all afraid of governmental coercion. . Consequently there exists an edgy stability. As a friend in Phnom Penh described things to me before the final siege, “The situation is hopeless but not critical.” Not yet. But the hatred that fueled the burning of the cities remains, and the imposed calm eliminates any incentive to examine a problem that isn’t admitted to exist. I don’t think the feds quite know how many whites are how angry. Today blacks assume that whites will always back away. The Japanese once thought the same thing.

If there is a solution, we had better find it, instead of closing our eyes and putting our fingers in our ears. One day, as the pressure on blacks from Latinos grows, if the economy begins to drop under Chinese pressure and the special privilege is no longer affordable, things may very well blow—probably between blacks and Hispanics, since they are in direct competition and often in close physical proximity. I hope I’m wrong. Stick around.

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