Posted on January 6, 2005

Rally Planned to Oppose Day Laborers

Dawnya Pring, Beach Reporter (Redondo Beach, Cal.), Jan. 6

A rally supporting Redondo Beach Police for arresting day laborers illegally soliciting work on public land is being planned.

“We are coming to Redondo Beach in response to the judge’s restriction on the Police Department and city officials,” stated a member of the Save Our State organization that is planning the rally. “The Police Department was responding to complaints by business owners being harassed by these day laborers. We need to show we support the Police Department in their efforts, and send a visible message to the government that we will not be ignored, we will not be overrun.”

Save Our State is a grass-roots political group that does not feel the government is doing enough to curb illegal immigration, states their literature. This upcoming rally is in response to a recent lawsuit filed against Redondo Beach by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. MALDEF filed the suit for a group of laborers that had been arrested during an undercover sting operation by Redondo Beach Police.

After logging numerous complaints from residents and business owners about men loitering, littering and urinating on their property while they wait to be selected for a day of work by contractors or private individuals, city officials decided something needed to be done about it, City Prosecutor Mike Webb said in a previous interview.