Posted on January 6, 2005

Morning Drive Ends in Slaying of Orange Man

Pedro Ruz Gutierrez, Orlando Sentinel, Jan. 6

Tommy Brosche needed to get to work early Wednesday, so he gave his high-school son $20 for lunch money, said goodbye to his wife and headed out into the early morning gloom before 7 a.m.

A few minutes later, Brosche was staggering from his sport utility vehicle and bleeding to death from gunshot wounds. Another motorist is suspected of shooting Brosche, perhaps after a confrontation on a nearby road, authorities say.

Late Wednesday, as friends and family members tried to comprehend what happened, police were looking for a man with a history of violence who they think was driving a car that zoomed away after the shooting.


Late Wednesday, authorities sought to locate Noel Rios, a 38-year-old Orlando resident thought to be driving the car that was seen speeding out of the area.

Rios was released from state prison in 2001 for shooting and wounding two Orange County teens in 1990. Officials aren’t calling him a suspect, using the term “person of interest.”

Investigators, lacking any conclusive motive, are leaning toward the possibility of road rage or a confrontation of sorts.