Posted on December 3, 2021

The Battle Lines Grow Clearer

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, December 3, 2021

This is adapted from remarks given at the 18th American Renaissance conference on November 13, 2021.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re here today because our country is dying. It’s hard to say exactly when it fell sick. Was it in the 1960s? Maybe the 1860s? Was it infected from the start?

One thing is certain: On May 25 last year, the patient took a serious turn for the worse. A white man kept his knee on the neck of a black man for just a few minutes too long, and the country went insane. Of course, if a single act could set off the worst looting and arson in American history, it means anything could have set it off. The madness was already deeply embedded in our circumstances.

These were a new kind of riot. Blacks didn’t just burn down their own neighborhoods as they always have. They sacked the most fashionable retail districts in the country: The Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Fifth Avenue in New York.

Magnificent Mile Shattered Glass

August 10, 2020, Chicago: Shattered windows by looters at Timberland at Michigan Avenue. Hundreds of people swept through the Magnificent Mile and other parts of downtown Chicago smashing windows, looting stores. At least 13 police officers were injured, 2 people shot and more than 100 arrested. (Credit Image: © Antonio Perez/TNS via ZUMA Wire)

And never has mob violence been so richly rewarded. American corporations — many of them victims themselves of millions of dollars from looting and arson — poured billions of dollars into BLM organizations. Countless rioters had charges dropped. It was as if the January 6 rioters had got blanket amnesty, an apology, and Donald Trump got a second term.

Almost everything about the George Floyd riots was wrong or vicious or stupid, but the most ominous was the apparently widespread belief that black anger should be appeased by taking down statues of Christopher Columbus. Thirty statues and memorials were either torn down by mobs or taken away by terrified city fathers who were afraid their darlings might get hurt if they tried to tear them down themselves.

What on earth did Columbus have to do with what happened in Minneapolis on May 25? At the time of the race riots of ’60s, no one — and I mean no one — would have dreamed of a connection between Columbus and black mayhem. But in the half century since then, many people began to believe that every single white person is personally, individually, and forever responsible for every form of black or brown failure and degeneracy. That’s what the slogan white silence is violence means. Every moment you aren’t bellowing “Black Lives Matter,” you are committing violence. Even in your sleep, so far as I can gather.

All whites are guilty. Of what? Of being white. And Columbus is the origin of this evil because he was the first to bring this plague of whiteness to the entire Western Hemisphere. And that is why everything we have done since 1492 to this very day is a list of crimes for which each one of us is guilty.

"Landing of Columbus" by John Vanderlyn

“Landing of Columbus” by John Vanderlyn, 1847.

Those riots — and the indulgent, even loving way they were treated by the media — were the outward manifestation of something that had been building for decades: The conviction that the only thing really wrong with the United States — is white people.

It is true that even in the 1960s, there were some very far-sighted people, who already had us pegged. In 1967, the author Susan Sontag wrote that “the white race is the cancer of human history.” She was way ahead of her time. And she was considered a freak. Today, we must honor her as a prophet. And because she was a prophet, her vicious little idea — that ugly duckling — grew up into the beautiful swan of Critical Race Theory. And so it is that today, everyone from white fourth graders and white corporate executives are made to stand up in front of everyone and confess — almost in so many words — that they are the cancer of human history. That they are the inherent and hereditary oppressors of blacks, Indians, women, homosexuals, handicapped people, fat people, homely people, foreigners, Muslims, BIPOCs of all kinds, transsexuals — and in case I have left anyone out, that while they’re oppressing every other human being on earth, they are also raping the planet. Calling us cancer is an insult to leukemia and myeloma.

The same people who revile us also tell us we are swathed in countless downy layers of undeserved privilege and live in a country structurally designed to waft us effortlessly to the top. The school district of Edina, Minnesota — a city that is 88 percent white — puts its white bus drivers and janitors through anti-racism training with a simple mathematical formula: White Privilege plus White Supremacy = Whiteness. It’s as simple as 2+2=4. As they drive a bus or mop the floors, they are spreading the venom of white supremacy.

We all know the story of the emperor’s new clothes. The emperor falls into the hands of flimflam artists — probably direct ancestors of Susan Sontag and Robin DiAngelo — who claim they can weave him beautiful clothes that are visible only to intelligent people. They present him with these magnificent — and of course imaginary — new clothes and he parades through town, proud as peacock, dressed in his drawers. Everyone goes along with the foolishness until a child blurts out, “Hey. He’s in his underwear.” The spell is broken, and everyone comes to his senses.

If only it were that easy! Our entire ruling class is walking around in underwear. Some of them are buck naked. You can shout yourself hoarse — but it makes no difference. You point out one huge mound of baloney, and they’ll feed you an even bigger mound. You explain patiently, data in hand, that blacks and Hispanics don’t do as well as whites or Asians because there is this little problem of race differences in IQ, and our rulers — glorying in their nakedness — shoot back: “There’s no such thing as race.” What? If there’s no such thing as race, how do we know who has white privilege? How do we know whom to hire so we can increase diversity? And they come back with: “People don’t have race. They are racialized.” And then you know it: You’re dealing with madmen. This stuff is so crazy and wrong that only white people could possibly have come up with it. Can you imagine any black person telling the Black Legislative Caucus, “Calm down fellas. Race is a myth.”

Or some guy running around in his underwear rages about the terrible racism of assigning so many police officers to the black part of town. And you patiently explain that it’s because that is where there is the most crime. He then tells you you’ve got it completely backward. Black people commit crime because the police officers we send in bewitch black people and make them break the law, and the solution is to abolish the police. You have to credit them with imagination.

We like to think of ourselves as a rational race, but the truth is, white people are old hands at crazy, crazy stuff. Catholics and Protestants used to slaughter each other. The church burned heretics and astronomers. We had the French revolution — and the Russian revolution. We even gave 18-year-olds the vote. But none of these absurdities was a war against us, declared by us, because we are us.

This is new-fangled, potentially fatal stuff. We have set forces in motion that — unless we stop them — guarantee oblivion for us. And the worst of the racial craziness started right here in the United States. All the nutty ideas that have culminated in what I call The Adoration of the Negro were made in the USA. Other white people all around the world have lapped up these poisons, but we were the first to brew them in industrial strength and by the boatload.

Historically, it is not what you would expect. Our country got off to a good start, and not all that long ago we were the admiration of the world. That’s ending quickly. There are still plenty of people who want our handouts, to suckle at the American teat, but admire us? Ha.

As for how we got started, just compare the way the United States began to what happened in Latin America. If George Washington had ended up like Simón Bolívar, he would have had to put down a rebel army led by Alexander Hamilton. Georgia and Massachusetts would have immediately left the union, he would have been driven out of office after three assassination attempts, banished from his native Virginia, and died in poverty. Unlike Washington, at the end of his life, Bolívar thought everything he had done was folly. Some of his last words are said to have been: “The three greatest fools of history have been Jesus Christ, Don Quixote — and I!” He also said, “All who have served the Revolution have plowed the sea.” How sad and how unlike our Founders, who went to their graves honored, beloved, and with a sense of achievement and duty well done. Ours was a blessed beginning.

We also had the good sense to start out with the best possible citizenship policy. When the United States was brand new, at the time of the very first Congress, it had to decide who was going to be American. For the Founders it was simple: Only free white persons of good character could become Americans. Imagine a United States that had remained faithful to the Founders’ ideals.

How did we go wrong? There are many answers to that question, but the race problem was always there. Of course, there were Indians here from the beginning. And, falling prey, as the white man always seems to do, to the temptation of what he thinks is going to be cheap labor — we imported a completely insane and avoidable second race problem by bringing in Africans. And not content with two race problems, in 1965, we completely upended our immigration policies and imported every possible race problem on earth.

Slave sale, Charleston, South Carolina, 1856

Slave sale, Charleston, South Carolina, 1856

And, the story of America changed.

The story used to be that we discovered the continent, tamed it, built a nation, gave it is institutions, and made it great. We built monuments to our heroes and felt pretty good about ourselves. And then — generously and foolishly — we let in people from all over the world to a successful country they could never have built. And the story today? The complete opposite of what it was. We’re the problem. We’re the only real problem. All our heroes were actually criminals. And every white man, woman, child, and newborn baby is a criminal. From birth.

What’s more, the country we thought was great and that attracted people from everywhere was actually a pest hole. We were too stupid to know it, but America was a cesspool of xenophobia, male chauvinism, homophobia, and racism. So now, when we think of all the Third-Worlders who poured in by the millions, we weren’t doing them a favor. They did us a favor. We were choking to death on our own miserable, bigoted homogeneity until they brought us diversity. They brought us America’s greatest strength. And the more alien, incomprehensible, and unassimilable they are, the greater the strength they bring. They rescued us from that horrible almost-all-white country our ancestors had built.

Now, I bet some you would have a little trouble finding Bhutan on the map, but the Bhutanese can sure find you. We now have 100,000 of them. In Clarkston, in Dekalb County, Georgia, Bhutanese are 12 percent of the population. What in heaven’s name are Bhutanese doing there?

I’ll tell you what they’re doing. And if any of them have been to college — no doubt on scholarship — they’ll tell you what they’re doing. They bring the fruits of diversity. Which means it’s fine if they can’t speak English, don’t have jobs, and live on welfare. They are saving us from the suffocating sameness that makes being in this very room so horrible.

There’s not much that makes me angrier than when some immigrant from India tells me how glad we white people should be because people like him showed up! They act as if we should get on our knees and kiss their feet gratitude. “Thank you, thank you for diversity.”

Can you imagine going to China and telling the Chinese: “Not a bad country you’ve got here. But you know what’s wrong with it? Too damn many Chinese. You need to liven the place up with — well, really — anything but you lot. Africans, Muslims, Zapotec Indians, Eskimos, New Guineans with feathers in their hair. They’ll really get this place going. Can you imagine? But that is what we encourage the whole world to tell us.

We haven’t gone horribly wrong only on race. Every ancient distinction that gives life meaning is now a vile prejudice. Men and women are interchangeable. Every religion is equally true, every culture is equally beautiful, and every child can become a physicist. Disagree, and you’re a bigot.

One of the distinctions that has been smashed, of course, is the distinction of being American. One of the greatest insults is that anyone can be an American because this is a proposition nation and being American is just an idea. No less an authority than Joe Biden assures us that this is so.

Well, if that’s so, what is that idea? Seriously. What is the idea that makes you an American? If it’s just an idea, a Mongolian in his yurt who’s never been here can be just as American as anyone in this room. All he needs is the right idea.

I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of naturalization ceremonies. All those people from all over the world with their little American flags that the goofy Daughters of the American Revolution put into their hands. What do they think America means? It means a place where they can live better than back home in Bhutan or Haiti. And what fun it must be to learn that it’s a place where you can get ahead by spitting on the people who built the country. That the natives are like beaten dogs; the harder you kick them the harder they wag their tails.

Do these newcomers love America? How can they possibly love a country where the natives themselves tell them it’s been a criminal enterprise since the beginning?

Now we have the spectacle of people from Somalia or Palestine, or Puerto Rico getting themselves elected to Congress and telling us what it means to be American. One, in particular, distinguished herself by saying that people trying to hop the border are more American than anyone who wants them to stay home.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Congress

Credit Image: © Michael Brochstein/ZUMA Wire

Well, some of us are more American than others. And she has the nerve to tell me I’m supposed to think that a Guatemalan climbing the fence is more American than I am?

We are supposed to believe incredible things: Anyone can be American, women can be men and vice versa, diversity is a strength, and that way out there at the end of the rainbow, is a beautiful, multi-colored pot full of 160-IQ black and brown people. And at the dark end — you know a rainbow has a dark end, don’t you? — there is a huge black pot full of diabolical white supremacists who secretly run the country.

So, what should America mean to us? It gives me no pleasure to say this, but the Potomac Regime, as Greg Hood calls it, has become the greatest enemy of white people anywhere in the world. The first Taylor came to North America in 1635. We fought in every war, voted in every election. This land is stuffed with our bones, drenched in our blood. But the regime doesn’t speak for me. It doesn’t speak for any of us. Our president appointed a black woman as Ambassador to the United Nations to go tell the General Assembly that in America racism is — in her words — a cancer, a scourge. That we’re the problem.

Our government opposes any person, organization, or even sovereign nation that explicitly — or even implicitly — defends the interests of the race that built the United States.

And who even dares to defend those interests?

Our country prides itself on freedom of speech. The First Amendment. The marketplace of ideas. What a colossal joke!

Do any of you remember when Tony Wang, a Twitter general manager said: “Our general council and CEO like to say that we are the free speech wing of the free speech party.” That was in 2012, just nine years ago. It took only a few years for free speech to become, well, intolerable. The free speech wing must have gone lame. Your servant — along with many others — was silenced.

Tony Wang

Twitter UK General Manager Tony Wang, delivers his speech during the opening of the conferences ‘Talking About Twitter’, at the Sciences Park in Granada, southern Spain, 20 June 2013. (Credit Image: © Miguel Ángel  Molina / EFE /

If you go all the way back 2010, Amazon refused to remove a book called The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure. Preying on underage children is still a crime in every state, by the way, but Amazon said that banning the book would be censorship and it refused to be a censor. Well, Amazon, you’ve come a long way, baby. My books were banned in 2019.

Facebook banned me years ago. Just last year YouTube blew up our channel and its 130,000 subscribers.

I have just one question for these people: What are you afraid of? If what we say is so stupid and wrong, surely any C-average high school kid can see right through.

I guess not. All those brainy people on the Left, all those millionaires in Silicon Valley — not even they can figure out how to explain why we’re wrong. Why can’t they? Because we’re right. And so, we have to be smothered.

All we want is something everyone should have. A place of our own, where we can be ourselves. I guess that idea is so immensely hateful it can’t be refuted.

Speaking of hateful ideas, you probably heard about Brittney Cooper, a professor of Africana studies at Rutgers University. Last month she got a flicker of attention — though certainly not from NPR or the New York Times — when she attended an on-line conference put on by the black website, “The Root.” Its motto is: “The blacker the content, the sweeter the truth.” Professor Cooper was talking about how awful white people are and she said — let me make sure I’m quoting her precisely — she said, “We need to take those motherfuckers out.” Extermination.

Brittney Cooper

Brittney Cooper (Credit Image: New America via Wikimedia)

Nothing so strange here, really. What I want to emphasize instead is that in the entire blacker-the-content lineup up speakers, there was one lonely white man. But not just any white man. It was the president of the United States.

He apologized for 400 years of systemic racism, bragged that he had worked racial equity into every government policy, and said, “The work that happens at the Root is so important because it reminds us that black culture is American culture, black history is American history, and black stories are the core of the ongoing story of America.”

What did Root readers think of the President blessing their conference? Were they happy? I read all the online comments. Here is the kindest one: “Thank you Joe Biden, for a lot of the same shit that Trump was doing but with nice words instead of mean ones.” One was in Ebonics, apparently: “Fuck that rasclot.” And another, “He gives zero fucks about Black people.” And another, “Of course, he gives zero fucks about black people.” And, naturally, just plain, “Fuck Joe Biden.” And, finally: “I’m really disappointed The Root is not calling him out on this hypocrisy but making space for his pasty azz.” Clever stuff.

You see, when Brittney says they have to take us white motherfuckers out, her fans are not making an exception for Joe Biden and his pasty ass. Brittney Cooper is wise in ways that whites are not, and I thank her for expressing herself so clearly. We’re white, and that’s what matters. Non-white people understand race. White people have done everything possible not to understand it at all. Blacks draw clear, bright lines. The lines they draw are so bright they should dazzle even whites who are deliberately blind.

And so, our job, ladies and gentlemen, is to open the eyes of our brothers and sisters. This multiracial experiment has failed. We separate or face oblivion. Or worse. As Bishop Talbert Swan, graduate of Harvard Divinity School, tells his congregation of thousands, “Black people deserve reparations. White people deserve repercussions.” This is really a declaration of war. We don’t want war. But we cannot come to terms with these people. We must go our own way.

Bishop Talbert Swan

Bishop Talbert Swan (Credit Image: Mjones3927 via Wikimedia)

And yet, it is an enormous struggle simply to assert the right to go our own way, much less actually do so.

And I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this mission we have chosen is more noble and more worthy than the vast majority of causes for which white men have laid down their lives.

White men have willingly — too willingly — died in countless wars killing each other. And when we look back and ask: For what? That answer, so often, is, “For vanity.” I won’t even talk about the Peloponnesian wars that destroyed Greece, or the terrible 30 Years War or the Napoleonic Wars that slaughtered millions. What about our own wars, brass bands playing, men marching proudly? The War of 1812, the Spanish-American War, First World War? For what? Not to mention our absurd wars in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Mountains of dead — for what?

Now, I do not doubt the bravery or the faithfulness or the sacrifice of these soldiers, but I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, our cause, to prevail in this silent, life-and-death struggle for the survival of our people is more noble and worthy.

And yet, white people, who have marched time and again into the mouth of the cannon, refuse to rise to a cause that truly matters. Why? Partly, it is because they refuse to see the lines that Brittney Cooper has drawn so clearly. Partly, because the fight is not with weapons but with words and ideas. And partly — and this is the great, agonizing tragedy of our struggle — because so many who oppose us are our own brothers and sisters. White people easily have the power to take their destiny back into their own hands and choose to live rather than die.

They lack understanding. They lack resolve. We will give them understanding and we will show them resolve.

Ladies and gentlemen, you live in a wonderful time. It is wonderful to live at a time when you see the gigantic forces contending for the future of our people and to be among those who see what is at stake, and to know where your duty lies. Few people in history have the opportunity you do, to be part of a cause that is not only just and moral but crucial to the survival of everything we love. Why can’t I be 40 years younger so I can fight 40 years longer? In this struggle, some will be great. Choose to be great!

Choose to be like the countless white heroes who have laid down their lives in glorious causes. The Greeks who fought the Persians at Thermopylae. The Franks who crushed the Moors at Poitiers. Jan Sobieski and his men who saved Europe at the gates of Vienna. The Boers who fought at Blood River. Those men died for us.

You — every one of you — have the blood of those heroes in your veins. Just as they fought, so do we fight. It is my honor to fight at your side, and like our courageous ancestors, we will be victorious.