Posted on December 2, 2021

Verified Hate: The End of An Era

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, December 2, 2021

American Renaissance and Jared Taylor are not allowed on Twitter. Neither our organization nor our founder ever violated the platform’s rules. Unfortunately, our lawsuit to reclaim our account failed. Mr. Taylor decided on a strategic retreat because another plaintiff would have a better chance of winning in the politically biased courts.

Nonetheless, we will probably look back on Jack Dorsey’s tenure at Twitter with fond nostalgia. The founder is leaving Twitter and will be replaced by Chief Technology Officer Parag Agrawal. While Mr. Dorsey once considered himself part of the “free speech wing of the free speech party” (at least jokingly), his replacement has no such scruples. “Our role is not to be bound by the First Amendment,” Mr. Agrawal has said, “but our role is to serve a healthy public conversation and our moves are reflective of things that we believe lead to a healthier public conversation.” The “times have changed,” he said. Mr. Agrawal also tweeted a quote from the left-wing “Daily Show” in 2010 which suggests that he isn’t too fond of white people.

Admittedly, the quote above is satire. Yet soon after Mr. Agrawal took over, Twitter introduced a change to its “private information policy.” “When we are notified by individuals depicted, or by an authorized representative, that they did not consent to having their private image or video shared, we will remove it.” However, Twitter also said it will “assess the context in which the content is shared” and in certain cases may allow unauthorized video and photographs to remain on Twitter.

Furthermore, “we would take into consideration whether the image is publicly available and/or is being covered by mainstream/traditional media.” This could lead to the mainstream media having a de facto monopoly over the way news is reported on the platform. Independent video that captures rioting or looting could be removed, while biased journalists who work for “mainstream” sites could craft their narratives without fear. All we can do is wait and see.

For now, let’s examine what is presumably the “healthy public conversation” that Twitter blesses on its platform.

A bluecheck “racial justice advocate”:

From a conversation on Twitter Spaces, and I quote: “I am for the white genocide, I am for the total erasure of the white race, you don’t have to chop this up, yes, I am for all of you white bitches dying like flies.”

Another conversation in which a black speaker says that he attended a protest to “f**k up some white people.”

Somehow, I can’t get myself worked up about this one. Instructive nonetheless:

Here’s a non-white claiming she’s “hexing” white people.

We need to be on guard against bad juju.

A jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse, which prompted a liberal meltdown. It is still going on. At a recent rally at Arizona Statue University, a non-white student called Mr. Rittenhouse a “white supremacist killer” and a “descendent of white Americans who killed black and brown people.”

That’s what affirmative action gets you.

For most Americans, Thanksgiving is a time for prayer and celebration. For our opponents, it’s something else:

Again, the underlying premise behind all this is that it would’ve been better if whites had never come to America. Really, this is simply another way of saying that it would be better if America never existed.

In Waukesha, Wisconsin, a black man drove into a Christmas parade, killing at least six people. Suspect Darrell Brooks Jr. has a long history of promoting hatred against white people. Nonetheless, he says he feels “demonized” and his mother says that he was failed by a broken system. Waukesha police have already ruled out terrorism. Prosecutors have not filed hate-crime charges, something that the National Justice Party protested last week.

In Charlottesville, James Fields killed one person during a chaotic situation enabled by state and local authorities. It has become a historic event and was supposedly the reason Joe Biden decided he needed to run for president. In contrast, the Waukesha massacre, which seems far more straightforward and inexcusable, has already faded into the background. On social media, mainstream media outlets frame the attack like it was an accident, or that the car itself was to blame.

The Washington Post initially tweeted that it was a “tragedy caused by an SUV.”

The Chicago Tribune called it simply a “crash,” a far different line than it took in 2017.

Other media organizations also simply called it a “crash.” Of course, some independent journalists might find more information about the suspect and his long history of anti-white hatred.

However, under Twitter’s new regime, posting it might cost someone his account.