Posted on July 8, 2016

The Dallas Killings Were Inevitable

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, July 8 2016

Yesterday in Dallas, Texas, Micah Johnson–and perhaps several others–opened fire on police during a Black Lives Matter demonstration. Five officers were killed and seven were wounded. Two bystanders were also hit. Johnson told a police negotiator during a standoff that he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers, because he was angry about police killings of blacks. Johnson, who was later blown up by a police robot bomb, fought in Afghanistan but “went all Black Panther” when he returned to the United States.

Johnson said he acted alone but a group called the Black Power Political Organization claimed it was behind the police killings and promised “more will be assassinated in the coming days!” Some blacks in Dallas celebrated with they heard that police had been killed.

These murders were entirely predictable. They are the logical–even inevitable–result of hatred for the police whipped up by black activists and encouraged by politicians and the media. These killings will not be the last.

Nor were they the first. In December 2014 BLM demonstrators marched through Manhattan shouting: “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now.” Exactly one week later a black named Ismaaiyl Brinsley ambushed two police officers in a patrol car in Brooklyn, shooting them both in the head. In an Internet posting that day he said he wanted to kill police as vengeance for the deaths of blacks. A local man who walked up to the crime scene later said that “a lot of people were clapping and laughing,” saying “serves them right.”

The deaths of these two officers–who probably never even saw Brinsley before he killed them–do not appear to have softened anyone’s language. The next summer, a BLM protest marched through the Minnesota State Fair, chanting “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.” The local BLM organizer, Rashad Turner, later said he stood by the slogan, saying it was justified.

Two weeks before the Dallas killings, Gray’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams got wild applause when he accused white police of a drive by shooting in the death of Tamir Rice. This was in his acceptance speech for the “Humanitarian Award” at the 2016 BET Awards ceremony. The New York Daily News article about the speech began with the words: “Preach, brother.”

The day before the Dallas killings, Hillary Clinton said that “something is profoundly wrong when so many Americans have reason to believe that our country doesn’t consider them as precious as others because of the color of their skin.”

The same day the lawyer representing the family of Alton Sterling, who was shot by police in Baton Rouge on Tuesday, went a little further: “He [Sterling] is not looked at as a human being, but as some type of animal.” A local activist called the shooting “murder, plain and simple.” A black woman in Baton Rouge claimed to be “the mother of an endangered species.”

Earlier on the very day of the Dallas shootings, President Obama warned that police shootings “are not isolated incidents” but are part of “racial disparities that appear across the system year after year,” and that “all Americans should be deeply troubled.”

BLM protests were held in several cities yesterday, not just in Dallas. The demonstrators were, indeed, deeply troubled. In Oakland, they spray painted “Fuck the pigs” and “Fuck the OPD (Oakland Police Department)” on concrete barriers. They splattered red paint on the door of the police building, and spray painted “Fuck the police murderers” on its walls. They also shot fireworks at the police building.

In New York City, white people held up signs saying “The slaughter of black people must be stopped.”


Someone drew an “Island of White Privilege,” surrounded by a sea of names including Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, and “everybody else.”

It is dogma in BLM circles that “the slaughter of black people” is the work of whites. In the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore, three of the six officers charged were black, and they were the ones accused of the most serious crimes, but it didn’t matter. Blacks are still the victims of white racism.

The same was true in the case of Philando Castile, who was shot in his car in St. Paul on Wednesday as his girlfriend coolly streamed video to Facebook. The officer who fired the shots, Jeronimo Yanez, is not white; a white officer who was with him did not shoot.

Demonstrators still held up signs reading “White supremacy kills,” and “Let’s hold the next funeral for white supremacy.”



Governor Mark Dayton of Minnesota is convinced it was all racism. “Would this have happened if the driver were white, if the passengers were white?” he asked, adding, “I think all of us in Minnesota are forced to confront that this kind of racism exists.” Maybe he hadn’t yet heard that the officer who killed Castile isn’t white.

Reactions to the Dallas shooting have run the predictable gamut. Former Congressman Joe Walsh, who is now a radio talk-show host, tweeted: “Obama says Cops are racist so 2 uneducated black thugs shoot 10 Dallas Cops tonight, killing 4. Wake up silent majority. Stand w our Cops.”

Jesse Benn, who writes for the Huffington Post, tweeted:

A joint statement by the chairman of the DNC Debbie Wasserman Schultz and DNC Black Caucus Chairman Virgie Rollins was especially edifying. In a 313-word statement, only 35 words were about Dallas. Most of the statement was a virtual justification for the shootings. After describing the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile cases, Miss Wasserman Schultz and Mr. Rollins worried that “similar incidents have been and continue to be a serious problem in our nation, and they expose a larger issue plaguing our criminal justice system.” Don’t plagues and serious problems require vigorous action?

This was the only mention of Dallas: “And while most protesters have made their voices heard peacefully, tonight’s shooting of officers in Dallas is unacceptable and a reminder that the time to address these tensions and find common ground is long overdue.” It’s nice to know they think murdering police officers is “unacceptable,” but we must first “address these tensions.”

The country has got itself into this murderous fix because its eyes are firmly closed. President Obama mourns that “black folks are more vulnerable to these kinds of [police shooting] incidents.” Now why is that?

Is it because in Pittsburgh blacks are 27 times more like than whites to be arrested for murder and because in Milwaukee they are 25 times more likely to be suspects in non-fatal shootings? Is it because in San Francisco they are up to 10 times more likely than whites to resist arrest? Is it because blacks are five times more likely than non-blacks to kill a police officer? Or is it because a black person is 19 times more likely to kill a police officer than an officer is to kill an unarmed black?

Mr. Obama says that we must “reduce the appearance . . . of racial bias in law enforcement.” So does Miss Wasserman Schultz. Sorry, but that’s impossible. So long as blacks commit crime at vastly higher rates than anyone else, simply stopping and arresting criminals will look like racial bias to them.

Ironically, they are now getting their way. Aggressive policing is what catches crooks and stops crime, but Miss Wasserman Schultz and Mr. Obama don’t want aggressive policing. So be it. Under intense pressure, the Chicago police cut their pedestrian stops by 90 percent and murders are up 60 percent. When the Baltimore police virtually stopped making drug arrests after the Freddie Gray riots, murders shot up by 63 percent. They are up 54 percent in Washington, DC, and 65 percent in Milwaukee. If no blacks at all are arrested there will be no appearance of bias. Is that what Mr. Obama wants?

Blacks and white mooncalves insist that “the slaughter of blacks must be stopped,” but who’s slaughtering them? Not the police. A total of 6,095 blacks were killed in 2015. Of that number, only 4.2 percent were killed by police and 85 percent of them were armed with a deadly weapon. Over 90 percent of the rest were killed by other blacks. From 1980 to 2008, 93 percent of black murder victims were killed by other blacks. That’s about 140,000 black corpses.

So what can we look forward to? The police will keep backing off. Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute is one of the few writers who report what cops say.

“In my 19 years in law enforcement, I haven’t seen this kind of hatred towards the police,” a Chicago cop who works on the tough South Side tells me. “People want to fight you. ‘F— the police. We don’t have to listen,’ they say.” A police officer in Los Angeles reports: “Several years ago I could use a reasonable and justified amount of force and not be cursed and jeered at. Now our officers are getting surrounded every time they put handcuffs on someone.” Resistance to arrest is up, cops across the country say, and officers are getting injured.

Today, the day after the Dallas shootings, there was a rash of attacks on the police.

In Ballwin, Missouri, a black shot a white officer  in the neck during a routine traffic stop. It had been nearly 30 years since an officer was shot in Ballwin. In Roswell, Georgia, a tattooed off-white named Victor Alonzo Mejia Nunez tried a drive-by shooting of a white police officer but missed. In Valdosta, Georgia, a white police officer was shot several times in what may have been an ambush. Moments after the officer arrived to investigate a vehicle break-in report, an Asian man opened fire.

The day before the Dallas killings, a black 37-year-old named Lakeem Scott shot at white people driving by on the highway in Bristol, Tennessee. He killed one and wounded three others, including a police officer. He said he was angry about police violence against blacks. He would have doubtless agreed with this tweet:

There is an ironic detail to the Dallas killings that explains a great deal. The demonstrators were chanting “hands up, don’t shoot” as the shots rang out. This phrase caught on when it was widely reported that Michael Brown, who was shot by a white officer in Ferguson, Missouri, had his hands up and was saying “don’t shoot” as he tried to surrender. The Department of Justice’s exhaustive report determined that Michael Brown attacked Officer Darren Wilson, who then acted in accord with police protocol. Why do protesters continue to claim that Brown was “shot like an animal” as he tried to surrender?

Because the facts make no difference to them. Michael Brown has joined the black pantheon, along with Trayvon Martin, and will never be dislodged. They were innocent blacks slaughtered by racist whites. Black Congressman Hank Johnson says “it feels like open season on black men in America.” Judith Butler at UC Berkeley says blacks are “targeted and hunted by a police force that is becoming increasingly emboldened to wage its race war.”

These idiots have it completely backwards. There has not been a single case of a white policeman attacking an innocent black civilian. It was the Dallas police who were shot like animals. It was the Brooklyn officers who were “targeted and hunted.” It was Micah Johnson in Dallas and Lakeem Scott in Bristol who want a race war.

Many blacks and some whites are so blinded by anti-white animus they cannot see the truth. The police will disengage. Black criminals will get more violent. They will kill more of each other and they will kill more of us. It will be a long, hot summer.